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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#1890 4 years ago

I just joined the club this weekend I scored this master of puppets LE with very low plays so low the original owner never updated the original code which is awesome for me LOL just updated it I may have to order one of the new magnet boards I don't think Stern will just send me one being a second owner any suggestions from anyone? working on getting my list of mods ordered as money allows I just ordered a shaker snake tongue decal super bands in purple and some new pinballs I need to get the snake fangs but seeing asthere are a few other thing on Mezels site I want I may wait a few weeks and order all at once also have to order mirror voids last night I took some LEDs that I had laying around my workshop and tweaked it a little bit what do you guys think?

image.jpg image-956.jpg
#1892 4 years ago

Got one ready to go

2 weeks later
#2014 4 years ago

They could make four Horsemen mode similar to battle royale in Spiderman where you have to hit Sparky hammer snake and cross a certain number of times to close it I also agree that the cross should do more during multi balls also make all multiballs stackable with each other i.e. snake and cross or Sparky and snake would be pretty awesome although it might unbalance the scoring a bit

2 weeks later
#2185 4 years ago

my buddy J just made this card for my MetLE on his iPad this thing is awesome I'm going to use the le shot map on the other side

image-527.jpg image-720.jpg
2 months later
#2576 4 years ago

I just pulled the trigger on a colorDMD also for my master of puppets from what I understand full color for Metallica should be released sometime this month and I can't wait. I also just pulled the trigger on a set of Metallica laser cut side rails powder coated to match the silver

#2579 4 years ago

I got them from my friend Erik at www.pin-protection.com shoot them an email to see if he has any left I think he said he had 2sets left in black

#2667 4 years ago

I just installed my custom side rails on my LE last night. ColorDMD comes in the mail today and I can't wait

#2671 4 years ago

My friend Erik at pin-protector.com. this was his last set of silver ones and he had 2sets of black ones left I believe. Although I think he sold a set last night to a guy I sent his way who contacted me on Facebook. That are also available in black at pinballcenter.eu but seem to be a bit different (I don't think it says ride the lightning across the upper part of the rail. And I also don't think it includes the mirror insert) pinballcenter also carries Metallica logoed back box hinges also.

#2834 4 years ago
Quoted from bowz:

I think these look fantastic, so I emailed Eric at http://www.pin-protection.com, and he said that if he can sell 10 of these, he'd make another round. I missed the boat the first time, so hopefully 9 other people are interested in getting them...

I was the lucky one to get the last silver set

#2842 4 years ago

Here is Erik's price quote on the Metallica custom side rails on the pinball enthusiasts Facebook page

#2865 4 years ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

I tried emailing and messaged him on facebook but he never replied. I would take a set if he ever got a hold of me. But i want mine raw so i can have them powder coated purple.

He's been very busy with his kids lately. He will get back to you soon I'm sure. It took him a few days to respond to me via text recently and I talk to him all the time lol he is a real good dude and will take care of you for sure

#3025 4 years ago

For some reason my Metallica LE coffin magnet sensor triggers the snake jaw to drop when it should grab the ball. I have ruled out the magnet board by plugging my old magnet board in and it did the same thing. So basically instead of the magnet grabbing the ball and putting it into the coffin it just rolls over the magnet and makes the snake Jaw drop. Has anyone else had this issue? im stumped and it's driving me crazy lol

Here's a link to my other thread for tech help:


And here is the video of the issue:

#3125 4 years ago

Woke up this morning to hear the wonderful news that color DMD support for Metallica has been released I jumped out of bed downloaded it onto my USB drive and installed it.i got to play one game before I went to work. Man this is going to be one long day at work and it looks sweet !!!

#3185 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

He stopped responding to me too. I took it that he ran out of stock

I know last time I talked to him he was very busy with family lately. He also could be out of stock I know I bought the last set of silver ones and he had at the time two sets of black left in stock. I'm really surprised you guys haven't heard back from him he's usually very good with communication he may be checking into cost to have them done again and the timeframe it will take hopefully he can make more they look great. I stood back and looked at my Metallica last night with the rails and the color DMD and it is quite impressive to say the least.

#3201 4 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

What color translucent drop targets should I put in the cemetery?

White with a black cross decal

1 week later
#3393 4 years ago

Just installed bone finger flipper bats on my Metallica Man they look sweet

1 week later
#3545 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I was a hammer hater, but now I like it. But I prefer my version that's smaller.

Any more news on the mass produced hammer version?

#3563 4 years ago

In their Facebook it says they are building more now Metallica sold them out you may be able to preorder one though I'm not sure shoot them an email

1 week later
#3633 4 years ago

Check your trough Opto connectors

3 weeks later
#3885 4 years ago

Well I really lucked out at SFGE this year I picked up a really nice restored JM pin (which I'm loving) from a good buddy of mine in Atlanta. He acquired it in a deal in which he was also getting a METLE but had no room for the JM but in order to get the price he wanted on the METLE he would have to take JM as well so I payed for the JM and part of the agreement included the aurich hammer being removed from his new METLE,included in the sale to me with the JM and the stock hammer reinstalled on his Metallica. So for $2500 I scored a mint JM (new decals installed, mirror blades as well as a brand new unused/uninstalled set of JM ramps) and the aurich METLE hammer mod #25 of 30 so I finally got to put one on my Metallica LE I'd post some pics but pinside pics aren't working for me at the moment

#3902 4 years ago

Scored aurich's hammer mod from a good buddy of mine at SFGE. My METLE is looking badass!!! I also added a backalley creations eyeball pinball as the captive ball image.jpg


#3906 4 years ago

Check your connection up at the top of the soundboard by the big white block looking things LOL mine did that briefly I reseated the connections and it hasn't done it again since

1 week later
#4021 4 years ago

Just finished installing a TFTC eyeball switch in the fuel lane. I think it looks awesome!


2 months later
#4600 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Can anyone with a machine check to see if your clear is chipping at the edge of the drain?
My build is from April 2015, which may be one of the boards with flaking issues? I forgot when that was.
I haven't called stern yet, I know they wear. But this is HOU with maybe 200 ish plays.

20150925_180138.jpg 20150925_180212.jpg

My STLE did the same thing stern sent me a brush and some clear in a jar to fix it with. I think there is a mantis style protector available for that area also

#4617 4 years ago

Yeah, I like the boney bats on mine too they just fit the theme so well


2 months later
#5313 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Whos got the trickest met with all the custom mods ? I wanna see a vid






#5314 3 years ago

I just installed the snake mod last night and I think it looks awesome although for the shorter player it may block the rollover lane inserts but I can see them fine. Lol

#5320 3 years ago

Sounds like a mod for Creech lol

1 month later
#5957 3 years ago

Grammy teaching Rosie to play Metallica.


#5963 3 years ago

Do a switch test and see that all the snake switches are working correctly one may be stuck closed causing the coil to fire

2 weeks later
#6238 3 years ago

Hold the left flipper for skill shot, soft plunge the ball to the upper right roll over lane to the pops with out hitting any other switches for a x4 super skill shot

2 months later
#6954 3 years ago


#6956 3 years ago



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