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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#8627 3 years ago

hey guys - just joined the club. Two questions:

1) Mine is the original wood box version and although it has LEDs they might not be the super brights. I went into the service menu and noticed GI brightness was 50. Is that standard? I went to 100 but it didn't seem to make it brighter.

2) Speaker volume compared to my ghostbusters is lower. It has to be up to 45 to really start hearing it. Is that expected?

What have others used to get this thing to look super bright like stock premium or stock MET LED? I like the older version b/c the PF is perfect but would like it to be just as bright.

#8628 3 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Buy a HUO from an early 2013 run. They are out there. That way you can inspect it and know about any issues with it before you buy it. That's the best advice unless you absolutely have to have NIB. NIB does not mean issue free. Buying one that is HUO can be great because many times the issues/bugs are already fixed and you can get a better deal. There have been several for sale recently with mods at good prices.....

I just did this for the same reason. Found one with very low plays. Mint condition.

#8631 3 years ago

so BIG difference after changing music accent (or something like that) in the service menu and now the pin is really rocking with my sub. For some reason this was really low.

#8633 3 years ago

this one?


one other question. When I lose a ball the music stops completely and then comes back a little then full effect for ball 2. I've seen videos where the music continues playing but lower. How do I set that in my machine? Also - what does that GI brightness really do b/c 100 seems no different. Same with music volume. Only thing that really made an impact was the music vs speech settings. going - made it better.

#8636 3 years ago
Quoted from MrDucks:

I think it does that when you tilt of get a warning when it's draining on mine. Does it happen to you every time?

yes everytime. Dead silence! it's very abrupt. Must be a setting to fix that. I would also like to make the sound effects on the game louder too - haven't found a setting either.

EDIT - I figured out what was going on. If you change the music attenuation apparently the software is bugged and will drop out completely after drain. When I changed it back it was fine. The sounds effects were also louder. Weird. I guess I will go back.

As for the orbit - I literally found that setting a second ago and changed it. i like how the ball flows all the way across.

EDIT - I guess with that turned off I'll never go in the pops. hmmm. they should allow you to go in the pops on the right orbit but let you hold it to proceed on the left.

#8639 3 years ago

guys - how do you add a LED strip with alligator clips on this machine? Seems a little diff than my older ones. Machine is 2013 version

Edit I figured it out. Damn this game is surprisingly addicting

#8642 3 years ago

is it just me or are some of the songs volumes lower than others? Example- unforgiven and sad but true. It's like the volume of those were recorded lower than the rest which ends up requiring me to open the door each time to get good volume from the song.

Maybe pinbrowser can be user to replace them with louder versions?

#8644 3 years ago

I do have a sub Polk. The music volume by default for some of the songs sound lower than others no?

#8659 3 years ago

I keep on hearing about lighting kits for metallica pros (and maybe prem and LE). Is this the best one? and does it just work during sparky? Mine already has side art on it.


1 week later
#8672 3 years ago

looking for sparky plastic air ball protector. Anyone still sell one? I tried the guy ref here and he doesn't sell anymore

#8675 3 years ago

thanks bought one. Are you guys putting mylar over the magnet by sparky? Find that the ball sometimes doesn't get caught if I do....

#8681 3 years ago

I don't believe LED has the visual options that LCD does. For example - I like the 8bit look (pixels so old school but touched up a bit) and I don't think LED does this. I believe LED can just do pixel for pixel look.

1 week later
#8727 3 years ago

i just went LCD and really impressed. I wanted more than the dot look and LED doesn't offer that.

#8750 3 years ago

where did you get the mod for the hammer? looks good.

#8760 3 years ago

Anyone know the message section numbers to change the names of your songs using pinbrowser? I updated the code and it sounds good but it repeats a never twice which is incorrect

#8762 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

You need to search keywords for messages. Be careful with the song "One." Make sure you're changing the song title and not the number or the word "none."

Yeah I searched but now I'm finding multiple that have the same name reference. I can keep on trying.

#8769 3 years ago

guys - is your dip switch 7 to the left or right? I think it needs to be to the right

#8784 3 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

That's kind of personal, man. Mine is slightly to the left and feels just fine. I don't think it would be the same if i switched it to the right.

Ha Ha....really though should dip switch 7 be set to the right or left? Can someone confirm?

#8785 3 years ago

btw - after weeks of tweaking sound, I think I found the sweet spot. Required a sub AND pinballpro speakers which really helped with the lack of treble. Still doesn't sound as good as my pinsound (why they went mono with a modern pin is CRAZY) but I think it's the best I can do. No pinsound for this yet right? No way to get stereo sound on this correct? I have the pinbits sub extender which might allow me to connect this to my home speaker system but I don't believe it will help with quality overall b/c source is still mono.

#8787 3 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

Yeah, no idea on the dipswitch. Just being silly.

I have the Pinnovators PinSub kit for my subwoofer and pioneer coax speakers in the backbox with the resistor removed. Still wish the backbox speakers had more volume, but they're much better than the stock ones.
btw- had a 358M and 348M game last night. Still can't get more than 2 CIUs in a game, but at least got S&D and Blackened on both games.

What do you mean with the resistor removed? I have pinballpro speakers in there. How do I remove the resistor and is it worth it/necessary?

#8798 3 years ago

guys - how do you make the lockdown bar tighter? Old machines there were two screws you could adjust. What abotu with the stern ones like this game?

1 week later
#8860 3 years ago

Maybe dumb but what does the music level option in the system menu do? I'm not referring to the option in the Metallica game mode but overall system menu. It's default is 1 but I don't hear a difference when changing. I have met premium.

#8861 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

You did not mention which model of the game. It makes a difference based on Stern "cost savings" decisions on construction. I don't make assumptions now.
Thicker "beer seal" will immediately make the lockbar tighter. If you want to be cheap and do not want to buy the actual pinball part product, foam weatherstripping from Home Depot. It is more spongy than lockbar mount seal.
If you own an upgraded game model the lockbar mount plate assembly is adjustable on the inside of the game, but requires you to lift the playfield into full maintenance position.

Thanks. I have wood bb and I did use beer seal on the sides to make it very tight.

1 week later
#8939 2 years ago

still waiting for that expected code update. Apparently the bug that exists which causes the music to stop entirely after a drained ball if you increased the music volume will be fixed. where is it? I always put the music up more so it's louder.

#8948 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

That would be great, but I don't see it happening. Stern is going to sell plenty of them without investing another dollar into code.

those are exactly the songs I put into my game already with pinbrowser

2 weeks later
#9014 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I went thru hours of frustration trying to install my last colordmd. I was so set in my ways, I kept naming the file " colordmd.rom" , as I always have. It kept saying something like " no USB recognized", I tried several memory sticks and eventually learned that the newer chroma boards require something else at the end instead of "colordmd.rom". It has to be named Chroma.rom.First try after I changed it and it worked.

I did the same thing - so annoying. Should have been made more clear on the website.

#9030 2 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Thank you guys for the replies! I'll certainly check the data cable.

Where exactly is the data cable everyone is speaking of?

#9052 2 years ago

so my right flipper works perfectly fine - super strong but if I hold the button in, I can hear a sound which must be the EOS being used (or something to keep the flipper powered). Not so much on my left. Normal?

#9054 2 years ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

What does everyone think of the older METs with the wood backbox. Any differences besides LED lights and backbox?

I feel like they're better made. PF for sure as the new ones are ghosting, chipping, not as good quality (at least recently - prob fixed by now though).

1 month later
#9561 2 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Adjust and tighten the coil stop.

Let me know exactly what you guys end up tweaking on the coil stop b/c mine does this too and it's not a big deal but why not remove the sound. Rather not mess anything up though and don't want to tinker around if there is a direct solution someone already found. Mine are on tight too def not lose by the coil stop (which seems like a really big piece of metal).

#9599 2 years ago

Great thanks. I will look at this soon. Any chance I can do this without having to remove the flippers off the table? Hoping I can just tweak by pulling the table up and working under

1 week later
#9794 2 years ago
Quoted from GotAQuestion:

Yeah. I guess it IS a little weird. I have a lot of anxiety and irrational things like changing your initials is a hallmark anxiety behavior

Sorry dudes.

I'm all about privacy and totally understand not posting full names, etc but initials. Damn. That's next level. Have to be a real matlock to leverage a guys initials off a pinball website although I guess it's possible. Funny though that you wanted to share your score via pic when you could of just posted it here and not gone through the trouble of changing initials.

#9919 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

there's no reason not to wax it right out of the box. I would wax it every 100 or 200 plays afterwards if you want to keep the playfield nice and clean and fast. the thin coat of wax will prevent any dirt or other contaminants from being ground into the clear

for someone who has never waxed a playfield - any tips?

8 months later
#12021 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Im loving this color

that is a SICK color. I just need the damn pinball machine!

1 week later
#12080 2 years ago

Rejoining the club.... Went pro this time. Where can I buy the rising cross (for pro) and the three white crosses by pops? Have trouble finding.... Thanks

#12082 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Rising Cross usually is in stock at Marco. You'll need the Total Lightshow mod installed for the cross to rise though.
No idea about those white crosses, but I think it just clutters up the pop area and doesn't really make sense to have crosses there though.

Thanks. I actually found the crosses on pinball life but no luck with rising. Do you have a link by any chance? I have the Total light show mod....

#12084 2 years ago

Yeah great suggestion.... Just bought this morning. It's insane how these mods essentially make a pro a premium. No hammer to block view although there hammer into pf is cool. Just need to figure out easiest way to cut the plastic to accommodate. Don't have dremel.

If anyone knows where to buy rising cross lmk thanks. Prob last thing I need

#12087 2 years ago

Sorry must have missed it. Probably because it's 300! Damn that is expensive for that. Prob hold off for now

#12090 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

"Rent" a dremel from Walmart then return it when you're done.

Interesting suggestion.... ; )

Now I just need a topper. I love toppers

#12103 2 years ago

so back in the club but with a pro this time. Is it just me or does the pro play faster than the premium - it's almost too fast! I checked the pitch and even tried reducing coils. Any thoughts b/c I wasn't expecting it to play that much diff!

#12105 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Practice and enjoy the adrenaline

Yeah I forgot how fast this game plays

#12108 2 years ago
Quoted from jefryan:

Right on Fezmid! I've had mine a couple of weeks but haven't played much between work and installing mods. Tonight I just hooked up the Pinnovators PinSub kit and HOLY SHIT, what a difference that makes! I highly recommend as it is double the enjoyment now.

is this the first time you plugged in a sub or first time using the pinsub kit? If the latter is there really a diff b/c the kit and alligator clips to sub?

#12111 2 years ago

I have a new set of head decals for MET pro - PM if interested.

#12114 2 years ago

Does anyone still sell the CEMETERY ARCH?

#12120 2 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

I just got one. I think it was mezelmods

Says sold out.... : (

#12172 2 years ago

It's too bad that bug still exists that if you increase the music volume in settings, when you drain a ball the music goes out completely. I feel like this game has uneven volume for its songs (sad but true, unforgiven, etc) where they're inherently lower than others. I'm going to try and use pinbrowser to raise the volume of these songs so it's fixed. Wasnt sure if I was the only one who noticed this....

#12188 2 years ago

the music starts a little behind where you drained (maybe 10 seconds or so...)

thank god for pinbrowser btw. I was able to make the softer songs louder (like sad but true) and now it sounds great.

Hate to say it but I snuck in some GnR too. I couldn't help myself but to have Coma and you could be mine was too hard to resist. Sound great too. I know terrible but I had too. Considering the game has a similar layout to the old GnR it works....

#12211 1 year ago

I just installed the spinners from hooked and added the total light show spinner sound board. Wow - what a great mod. Along with the total light show it's a huge difference but I'm also a premium owner previously. Really missed the little things and this really hits home. What a mod.

#12213 1 year ago
Quoted from woody76:

How difficult was the spinner mod to install?

Not that hard although really no instructions on how to do it. Knowing now, the longest part is cutting the plastics and then drilling 2 holes into the PF. I guess b/c it's not part of the PF you see it's not as bad but for me I was still nervous. It came out well and I'm not the best with that type of thing. I would say it took me a solid 2 hours for everything but i was also trying to figure it all out. It's def not an easy thing to do but not hard either. Def worth it though.

2 weeks later
#12304 1 year ago

Anyone else feel like the shots off the targets are coming off crazy fast on pro? I used to own a prem before and feel like pro is playing faster than expected....

1 week later
#12318 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Thanks! You premium guys still get the hammer lock, rising cross and interactive snake. And your spinners are tied into the code unlike mine. It really is one of the best values for a premium in the Stern lineup.
If anybody every wants to upgrade their pro, it’s around $400 and a day’s worth of work to install the light show and spinners.

THIS. This entire statement is correct. I did the same to my pro and couldn't be happier. Still some major savings over the prem. That being said, if you need the hammer, go for the premium. The stock pro vs. stock premium is an easy one for me - stock prem all day. Pro with light show, spinners = best choice b/c you're still saving 1200 or so.

#12343 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

They are all too busy hatin' Star Wars...

That's b/c star wars is the biggest disappointment in some time. Pro is an absolute mess especially.

MET - such a good game! Premium or pro with light show and spinners.

#12345 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Well, that's just like, your opinion man
Mine has been, and continues to be, the most played game in my collection!

yep - def my opinion only. Glad you're enjoying it. Biggest disappointment for me.

#12359 1 year ago

Guys how are you protecting the white paint bring chipped from sparkys feet? I feel like mine can't continue to take his too much longer without coming off

1 week later
#12424 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I like the hi def on lcd, but if your going to use dots anyway I like the led.

Exactly this

2 weeks later
#12549 1 year ago

Could be a dumb question but does the premium version of this game feel heavier/built better than the pro? Like the pro is lighter? Might just be in my head....

2 weeks later
#12674 1 year ago

That's where I'm at currently. Can't go wrong with the premium though

#12765 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The party is about to begin folks!!

man what a great feeling!!! nice!

#12770 1 year ago

I love the Premium translite - too bad they don't sell those anymore.

#12832 1 year ago

anyone know where i can buy a premium monsters translite?

#12834 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I put an ad looking for one about a year and a half ago (your best bet). I got lucky and found one. They look awesome, but not cheap. Still glad I was able to get one. Good luck!

Yeah I put up an ad too. I do like the look. Thanks

#12836 1 year ago

damn I would do that in two seconds. OK - journey seems long but hopefully someone is out there looking for a change and wants a pro T and cash+++!

#12840 1 year ago

I would LOVE the PM! And yes, that is it!

#12843 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Can you post a picture of the one you want? I've got a couple, not sure which ones they are. I do know, one is the road case ( ugly as fuk ) one.

Unfor no monsters available so the hunt continues!!

#12871 1 year ago

can someone remind me what is considered a "reject" with the plastic post? I'm not following if I'm having the same issue. I do know that the orbit shots are stopped quite often and then the ball will go into the pops.

#12873 1 year ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

Reject is when you hit the post, and the ball bounces off of it and sends it back down the orbit. Hitting the post, stopping the ball, and dropping it into the pops is the intended design.

OK - thanks.

Based on this, I've started to really pay more attention as to when it allows the ball to orbit and stop. It's cool that it allows the orbit shot if I hit the orbit right after making a ramp (to get the combo). This game is great.

#12883 1 year ago

Are the crank it up modes considered mini wizard modes right? If so, what is the wizard mode then? Also - for the modes besides battery (in CUI) do you just hit the flashing shots?

1 week later
#12954 1 year ago

what is the preferred flipper color (not taste wise but gameplay wise) - I've been using black....

#12969 1 year ago

As someone that has gone through many games trying to find the "ones".....MET is one of those keepers. Amazing game.

#12979 1 year ago

Looking for an alternative to the stickered panel on my PRO. I would like something metal or silver. Any options? Also - still on the hunt for that PREM translite. Thanks!

#12981 1 year ago
Quoted from ulmpharmd:

Is yours wooden or metal speaker panel?

Metal (black)

#12994 1 year ago

Highest brightest colors is the LED. The one you should get is the LCD. Has so many diff options to select from (mode wise) and in this game the smooth one looks really good. I can't recommend the LCD enough. It also has darker blacks than LED. Both are super easy to install.

Now who has that premium translite they want to sell me ; ) Trade for my pro trans + cash!!

#12998 1 year ago
Quoted from Pickle:

LED is brighter. LCD gives you more options so you can keep the dots or go Hi-res. The Hi-res looks great. Installation is fairly easy on Metallica. The instructions lacked a little detail so I reached out to a friend that has them in all his games to make sure I hooked it up right. Walked me through it over the phone so it is that easy to install.

where did you get those "M" icons in your speakers? Can't find them....

#13004 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Did you see that Marco apparently has them in stock? The image is wrong though, so you might want to confirm with them:

Trying to buy - not letting me.

#13005 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Pinballbulbs.com has them and the ninja star ones.

Thanks - just bought the kit and M acrylic.

#13012 1 year ago

so the translite on marco is Roadcase NOT MONSTERS. My journey continues ; ) Thanks for the alert though.

#13015 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Awww, that sucks. Sorry.

Actually - great news. They confirmed it was monsters, the person made a mistake. I'm all good!

#13016 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

You're not gonna own it long enough to worry it man! Haha (friendly poke!)

haha - I do lose interest quick but for the price point and fun factor, this pin is as safe as you can get when you're owned by me!

#13021 1 year ago

Well if anyone wants my pro translite lmk. Otherwise will put on marketplace

#13040 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

Going back to the ColorDMD question, I wanted to throw in my two cents. I've only had experience with the LCD in the past, so I decided to try the LED on Metallica. The LED is the same size basically as the original DMD, so the fit is amazingly clean and it is not offset back into the head at all. When I first started using it, it looked like total shit. Some of the shades in the animations were not even visible. It took me a ton of time to get the contrast, RGB and brightness correct. Once that was done it still didn't look very good because there was reflection from the playfield lights onto the display itself, the black was not very black and the colors were *too* sharp for my taste. Not to mention there was reflection on the playfield glass which I know doesn't happen with the LCD version. I read that the Comet glare guard helped these problems, so I put one it and bam! It looks a whole lot better now. The blacks are blacker and there is no reflection either way. Also the colors are toned down just a bit.
In the end, the LCD might look a little better still but the clean installation of the LED is sure nice. A week ago I was thinking about trying to trade the LED for an LCD, but now I am going to just stick with what I've got. It is not big enough difference at this point to warrant the trouble and I don't like the hi-res mode on most games.

Can you share your settings and the link for the glare? I have a LED which I would never buy (LCD is so much better) but it's DE and didn't want to break/perm modify it.

2 weeks later
#13235 1 year ago

man I hear this all the time - same question LED vs LCD. When it comes to MET, for the love of god, get the LCD. No comparison. The options you get with LCD (dots or HD/smooth) is reason enough. The brighter colors don't make that big a deal and the blacks are not nearly as black on the LED vs LCD.

Short answer - LCD.

1 month later
#13489 1 year ago

I'm trying to level this game properly but it seems like I'm getting some SMOKERS off the targets in this game they fire super fast back. I'm trying different color rubbers too but has anyone else faced a similar challenge? If I change the slope it does help but then the ball falls way too floaty. Suggestions?

Added 18 months ago: EDIT - it was just leveling - I needed to raise it more. All good.

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