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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#12371 1 year ago

I just joined the club tonight!! I hadn't planned on it, but it sort of fell in my lap today. So we will see if it lasts or not.

IMG_5847 (resized).JPG

#12376 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I just joined the club tonight!! I hadn't planned on it, but it sort of fell in my lap today. So we will see if it lasts or not.

And my first reactions are: Hey this game is a blast! And, OMG does a normal DMD look bad in this game. Color DMD ordered for it this morning has already shipped. It's something you can't unsee. I've played enough MET with one that regular dots just won't do.

#12410 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The dead bounce to scoop trick doesn't work on a lot of games. It's highly dependent on the plunger spring tension, how your flippers are adjusted, the slope of the table, etc ...

And THIS is why I'm reading the owners thread! I didn't know that was possible, but I'm sure going to check my game tonight. That would be an awesome way to hit the scoop easy!

#12412 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

And my first reactions are: Hey this game is a blast! And, OMG does a normal DMD look bad in this game. Color DMD ordered for it this morning has already shipped. It's something you can't unsee. I've played enough MET with one that regular dots just won't do.

And yummy! It should be a required upgrade.

IMG_5879 (resized).JPG

#12414 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Just wondering,does your back box rattle more when the shaker is activated after installing your lcd dmd?

I don't have the shaker in it yet.

I could see how it would rattle depending on the installation of the color DMD though. They listed the 2 washers on the posts as optional, but then the spacers (the stock ones that you reuse) would be loose because the hex post would bottom out.

This is how I have the corners.

IMG_5858 (resized).JPG

It's the clear shield, the black 1/4" spacer, 2 washers, and the hex post. That all locks down nice and tight.

The two posts in the center of the old DMD have 1/4" spacers, and one of the original DMD nuts to lock them.

Finally, the speaker wire is attached tightly at all 3 points it was before on the bottom of the old DMD using the mount screw for the DMD driver board that I didn't need because it was already a 5v DMD.

So I didn't see anywhere I could get new rattles. But I'll let you know once I get the shaker I ordered.

#12430 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

I recently swapped out my LCD display with an LED display, I'm still on the fence as to the LED vs LCD display. While I do like the display options available with the LCD, the colors of the LED are so much more vibrant that it makes it a hard decision
What to you guys think?

I'm not on the fence at all. LCD, hands down. The LED display looks out of focus to me because each color is in a slightly different spot. So the light that comes out of it is too sharp, and I don't like the look. I've installed quite a few in other folks games, and I never like it.

The LCD rocks.

1 week later
#12482 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

I had the same thing with my SMVE right outta the box. Sounds like you need to adjust the trough switch arms slightly so that they are slightly lower to allow the balls to roll down and not bounce back.

And I had it in my AC/DC VE. The microswitch activation arms were curved up so far that they stopped a slow moving ball from registering. A small tweak to bend the arms with a switch adjuster cured it quickly.

Zooming into the picture above shows the bend in the blade. And therefore the roller is too high and holding up the ball. Look right into the lower window shown here and you will see it.

IMG_5985 (resized).PNG

1 week later
#12521 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

What is the name of the setting in the menus that allows you to start a whole new game if you are in the middle of one by pushing start?

It's called "Ball 2". Comon Man, play it out. With IM you are never out of it until the last ball drains, and the comeback is a thrill.

#12523 1 year ago

Ugh. I just walked into my gameroom and noticed that the head decals on my MET LED have peeled off half way. Is there some better glue for that, or do I need to get in touch with Stern and buy new ones?

IMG_6104 (resized).JPG

#12526 1 year ago

June of 2016. Thanks for the advice. I contacted support on their website. Hopefully that's quick and easy.

#12529 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Let us know how it goes...

It went about as I expected. I contacted Stern and they said the game is out of warranty, so they are not covered and that I should contact a distributor to buy them... So I contacted my distributor to buy a set. Hopefully they fixed their glue issue on the new ones because I'm obviously going to clean that mess up.

#12533 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I thought that, too, at first. It curled under itself.

Correct, it curled under. It looks like two because it had peeled from the back a while ago. Then it started peeling from the top, and then the weight of the decal seems to have pulled it half way down the side. As soon as I know how much it will cost, I'll probably just peel it off the rest of the way and clean the sides with alcohol to get it prepped for new stickers.

Any advice from anyone that has replaced these would be appreciated. I'm planning on the normal prep to clean it, then peel the top of the new ones, lightly line up the top, and then peel the protective part out from under as I stick it down. Working my way down the side lightly, then heavier as I'm sure it is aligned.

#12535 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

It went about as I expected. I contacted Stern and they said the game is out of warranty, so they are not covered and that I should contact a distributor to buy them... So I contacted my distributor to buy a set. Hopefully they fixed their glue issue on the new ones because I'm obviously going to clean that mess up.

And then it didn’t go as expected... Stern stepped back in and is going to send me a set of backbox decals. It was a very pleasant surprise. But I guess not a huge surprise. They have taken care of me a couple of times over the years.

So while this started with me saying “Ugh”, it will all be fine. I’ll show a picture once I get them and install them.

Well done Stern, and thanks.

#12537 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I joined the club! A new Premium is on its way to me right now. I’ve been VERY excited counting the minutes until the expected delivery date of this Friday. However today I got some bad news when I checked the online FedEx tracking and saw that it has been delayed due to weather in Salt Lake. What a let down! I don’t see why it’s delayed considering each time I look at the weather app it doesn’t show any big storms in Utah at all. What the hell fedex??!!
On a good note, I’ve purchased a number or mods ahead of time

Welcome to the club! It's a great game!

My opinion on mods in mine so far... Love the ColorDMD in it. I really like the florescent plastic protectors. The snake mouth decal (though I have a Pro, so it fits). The "skull thingy" (again, Pro). The green under Fuel, and the colors under the main inserts (cross, sparky, coffin, snake).

The only one I'm a little unsure about is the LED OCD. I just put one in a couple days ago. I have it in other games, and it is perfect. But I'm not sure if I miss the attack of the LEDs in MET. I put one into IMVE the same day and thought it rocked right away. So it might take a couple weeks for me to adjust. And if I don't, I might try adjusting the settings for it.

1 week later
#12597 1 year ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Best pinball mod out there.
Great system support too.
Metallica is also one of the better games to be colorised.
Seriously - look past the money - it’s a great addition to your already premium priced, brilliantly coded, limited edition pinball machine.

And I didn't look at it as a mod for MET, I looked at it that if I sold MET I'd put it in a different game. It make the $400 easier if I'm not going to sell it later. I'll probably always own games they fit in. The DMD from the game goes in a box and I'll toss it back in the game to sell it.

#12605 1 year ago

My new backbox decals arrived (Thanks Chas!). They come rolled up, so I uncurled them over the course of a couple hours, and now they are sitting between some cardboard to make sure they stay flat.

The backbox looks really interesting without decals right now, but I'll take care of it soon.

#12638 1 year ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

I can't say, I own both pins but have not got either.

Same here. I own both, and I’m not even close to either.

Quoted from Damien:

I know it might be tough to get an unbiased opinion in an owner's club, but how does MET stack up to Spiderman for enjoyability?

It may not be unbiased, but MET is a much better game. Spider-Man is fine. But it doesn’t have the spark that MET has. MET is just great.

#12647 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The Pro is killer. I like everything about the Premium except for the hammer. Its just too big and i gotta believe that it blocks your view of a couple of shots. It also seems to have some problems from what ive read. Id go Premium if the hammer wasnt part of the package. I know alot of people will disagree with me but i just dont like it at all.

The hammer was my biggest reason to make the same choice. I have a Pro and love it.

3 months later
#13616 1 year ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

If so how can you determine if the machine has the bad playfield

Look at the playfield, and if it's chipped... it probably has a bad playfield.

I don't mean to be flippant. But if you are buying used, look at it before you buy it. If it is NIB, Stern is pretty good about fixing issues on NIB games.

Oh, and Welcome to the Club! MET is a great game!

1 week later
#13677 1 year ago

This game is a freaking blast. When I bought it 5 months ago I really had no idea if it was going to last in my house. And I had put today (the day I’m driving to Pintastic) as the day I would have sold it if it wasn’t fitting in.

Now that I’ve had it for a bit, I can say it’s greatness comes completely from Crank It Up. Without CIU MET is fairly average. Hit X a bunch to start it’s mode, then hit X a bunch again to collect its points. There are already a bunch of games that do that. Plus a couple of minor side things to do. However, collect enough of everything and you get yourself to CIU. And CIU is all about risk vs reward. The more you build the jackpot, the higher the risk of draining. You want to double that jackpot? Make more shots. It constantly adds pressure to make dangerous shots or fail.

It takes shots to get there, it takes good shots to complete it, and it takes good shots to get out with a big jackpot. OR it ends with swearing and giving the machine the finger as you drain. Lyman programmed it to have that nugget right where it should be. I almost feel like the game really starts when you get to CIU. The rest is fun, but that’s when you need to really play well.

Obviously the game isn’t going anywhere today

#13748 1 year ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

Are mirrors good on this?

I just put a set in a couple days ago. I like them a lot!

#13799 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

What do you guys think it's worth?

I think it’s worth... keeping

I know, stupid answer. But my MET has taken over almost all my playing time lately. I just added a playfield protector, Cliffy’s, a shaker, mirror blades, and a few smaller changes (already had color DMD and the green plastic protectors,and other mods). Great game.

#13808 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Against pinside rules to modify an actual quote so I'm going to re-quote you below with a slightly better example
"Oh, I didn't even realize that Stern originally shipped games with teeth. That's kind of a lazy fix. That would be kind of like "fixing" the left orbit on GOT Prem/LE by just disabling the control gate in the code forcing all balls to go in the pops."

Wow. That was the exact example I was thinking of. Freaky.

#13829 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Is there anything to watch out for when installing the mystery scoop cliffy?

You need a deep socket to pull the playfield post that the Cliffy goes under and yes, watch out, because it has a nut on the bottom of it that needs to come out first. So take off the nut from the bottom of the playfield, and then unscrew the metal post.

But really it’s easy. You don’t need to take the scoop itself out or anything.

#13854 1 year ago
Quoted from roar:

Not quite sure of the differences between the Pro and Premium but was the green light lit above the snakes head prior to shooting the snake? On the pro sometimes I find you have to shoot the snake just to get one of the snake inserts to light at which point it behaves like you've described except it actually lights some of the snake inserts, but nothing happening on the DMD or lights on the actual snake scoop. Then you need shoot one of the lit snake shots before you can shoot the actual snake and actually score a letter. Might that be the case on the Premium too?

I think you are correct. If the snake isn't lit, it just spits out the ball. You need to hit a shot to re-light it and qualify collecting another letter.

I'm in the process of adding lights under my snake because I found it easy to miss seeing it lit with all the other lights in the game. Otherwise I'd just go confirm it 100% on my game.

#13864 1 year ago
Quoted from JB-7X:

Any pro tips for the install as far as stuff I should watch out for??

It really depends on which backbox you have in your game. But really, it is a pretty straighforward install.

Oh, and you chose your wife wisely.

1 week later
#13889 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

let it roll down and hit the left flipper while it's in the down position which bounces it up and to the right into the hole.

Along with the other suggestions, it is possible that your flippers are adjusted too high. On my game it’s tough to hit, but possible with a good shot. But if you’re finding it impossible from the very end of the flipper, I’d adjust them down a bit. It’s your game, and it should be possible (but tough) to hit the shots.

#13895 1 year ago
Quoted from roar:

That being when you start multiball hitting the 4 pick targets lights the snake for an add-a-ball. I knew there was an add-a-ball to all the multi-balls but I didn't know how I was getting it.

That also gives you double scoring So with that, and double scoring at FUEL, welcome to the “Jack F**king Pot” club! Best call out in the game.

#13925 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Truth! And it's completely normal, don't worry about it.

And once it’s so hammered that you can’t stand it, the magnet core can be replaced easily.

#13973 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

That callout and "Jack f'in pot!" are my favs

Jack F’in Pot is the best callout in the game. Especially when I’m trying to get it with 4x scoring. It’s fine when it happens by accident. But when I’m attempting to get it, and do, bliss.

#13979 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I could swear that you can't bypass the intro the 1st time in a game, but can on the 2nd and future sparky multi-balls (during the same game) by holding both flippers

I can go test that...

Nope. There is no cancellation on the 2nd or 3rd Sparky multiball.

#13983 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Ugh. I just walked into my gameroom and noticed that the head decals on my MET LED have peeled off half way. Is there some better glue for that, or do I need to get in touch with Stern and buy new ones?
[quoted image]

Well that was a bit of a saga. Chas had sent me decals, but they were the wrong ones (for the old style backbox). After the right ones were sent (thanks Chas!), I sort of dragged my feet. However my Metallica is going to a show this weekend, so I dug in and out on new backbox decals.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I cleaned the backbox with alcohol. Then did a very light sanding to give it a key. Then another good cleaning with alcohol and clean rags until I felt it was ready.

I started with painters tape getting it in position I was happy with while it still had the backing on it. When I was satisfied with the position, I pulled the backing off the top inch and folded it under. Then some careful placement, and I had a good starting point. I then checked everything again, and moved the tape to the top. Finally I reached under and started peeling the backing while working the decal down with a microfiber cloth. I kept checking my position along the way, and was really careful to not get air bubbles under it.

Overall I’m happy with it. And I really was tired of just seeing the black side of the head.

Pardon the crappy picture. The game is in my garage for loading tomorrow.

Prepped surface:

5547DA7F-7A9B-40FA-9877-80909EF95F27 (resized).jpeg

The end result:

BCC8C388-A48D-47C6-A799-114349B8A8AC (resized).jpeg

#13987 1 year ago

Unfortunately when it let go from the side of the head it kind of rolled the glue side together. I tried to pull it flat, but it just tore. So it was trash.

I do have the wrong set still (old style), but it would be a shame to do anything with them, because eventually I’m sure I’ll run into someone with that style head that lost a decal. And then it will be their lucky day.

#13996 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Closest I have ever gotten was 3 CIUs.
[quoted image]

I had 2 CIUs in a single game once. Both of them were pathetic. I always get greedy and try to double it. I’ve also learned it’s the fastest way to lose your ball, yet I keep trying.

3 weeks later
#14132 1 year ago

What an odd issue.

My up post near the lanes started catching the ball and not releasing it. Then a ball search would pop it loose. I figured it was hanging up on the playfield protector or something dumb. Tonight it just stopped working.

Upon pulling the mech out, the post was just stuck in the sleeve. So out it came. Come to find out, the roll pin had worked loose and was jamming against the sleeve. I had just never seen that particular issue before.

You can see the roll pin highlighted by my finger. Just that little bit was enough to jam it.

E4B9C5D4-524B-47ED-9183-B841B9BB9FAD (resized).jpeg

Obviously all it took was a quick tap with a hammer and a punch to fix.

1 week later
#14165 1 year ago

How long does the honeymoon last? I’ve only owned MET for about 8 months now, but I still love this game. I’m still altering strategies on it. Lately I’ve been on a kick of getting shots completed and collecting the hurryups from them so they remain lit ball to ball. When I do it, I seem to really start building up scores. I still get greedy trying to double CIU collects, and it keeps costing me.

The game just seems able to meet my mood. If I want to just bash, I can just play multiballs. If I want complexity with risk reward, CIU. It just seems to scratch so many different itches.

3 months later
#15462 11 months ago
Quoted from PolePosition:

I have some questions for the MET Pro owners who have installed a playfield protector:
- How easy was it to install, and were there any mech or switch adjustments required to account for the thicker surface?
- Does it interfere with Cliffys that are already on the game, and does it eliminate the need for certain Cliffys?
- Would a playfield protector help visually eliminate the ribbed surface that is apparently commonplace with the newer Stern Pro playfields?

I put one on my MET, and I love it on this game.

I’ve done a few, but I found MET went pretty easy and quick. I don’t recall any switch adjustments, but I would have taken the 10 seconds to do it if there were.

I have Cliffys in the shooter lane, and the scoop. At the scoop, the protector just lays over the Cliffy.

It won’t eliminate what’s there. So you will still see the ribbed texture if your game has it. I’m not the first owner of my MET, so the other day updating code the glare of the fluorescent tube really showed the playfield divots from before the protector. But I don’t care. The reason I did the protector on MET is because it gets quite a few games in my house, and I wanted it to last forever. I’ve put on protectors, but then taken them back off games because it didn’t play right. But on my MET, it’s great. Plus I took it to Saratoga for the show there, and barely had to clean it when I got back.

#15469 11 months ago
Quoted from PolePosition:

One more question - do you remove the factory Mylar before adding the playfield protector?

Quoted from finnflash:

No, and you will need to raise the drop targets til they are flush with the protector.

finnflash is correct. You don’t remove the Mylar. And as he said, you need to raise the drop targets, and also the post in the back. There are adjustments built into the mechs to raise them.

1 week later
#15493 11 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

My worry now is, even with a working board, there may have been some peripheral damage from this episode that I haven't been able to yet diagnose.

If it is, it is. Just keep your hand on the power switch when you flip it back on. If anything locks on, snap it back off and diagnose.

And of course, before any of that, check and connectors being “off by one”, especially the ribbon cables. Most have keys to prevent it, but sometimes things get missed. I’ve had ribbon cables on Whitestar off by half the block which causes all kinds of fun. So check everything again. Take them all back off, and start fresh before applying power again.

3 weeks later
#15668 10 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Well, I'm a topper guy

What... The... Hell... Now my nightmares are fed for the next year.

9 months later
#16917 7 days ago
Quoted from marksf123:

Maybe someone with a pro can take a picture or someone can give me an idea why I cant get my targets to register.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve had my MET for a while, so I don’t check the thread as much anymore.

Here is the picture on a Pro, and it looks like you’re wired correctly.

7FA19559-CBD0-4C75-857C-09E37563B632 (resized).jpeg

So that leads us to standard debugging of an opto. And the easiest spot to check first is fuses. So pop open the backbox, flip on the game, CLOSE THE DOOR, and look at the nice LEDs Stern provides. Are they all lit?

944ED964-8F82-404F-A095-CAB0DCD9383D (resized).jpeg

#16950 3 days ago
Quoted from konghusker:

It's probably my most played pin

Quoted from konghusker:

I seriously love the game and play it the most

Quoted from konghusker:

It's definitely my go to game more than anything else I own

These are 3 statements from a person that should NOT sell his Metallica. In fact, I can take that a step farther... these are 3 statements from a guy that will have to buy another MET later for more money... Heed my words (and your own)... these are not the sounds of someone ready to sell a game.

#16959 3 days ago

He just did the Pro version as well, and the thing is a fun change up for the holidays!

Highly recommended.

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