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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#2381 4 years ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see more color dmd stuff.

#2384 4 years ago

Moment of silence for this on location Met Pro.

Far from trashed, but on it's way. Drop targets don't drop, flippers randomly freeze, and early code make this sad guy pretty much unplayable...

3 more weeks for my NIB...Counting the days.

3 weeks later
#2517 4 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

my gameroom isn't finished yet so no place to unpack and play for another year.

WUT!? How do you deal with that? I would go insane!

#2610 4 years ago

Delivery is scheduled, finally officially joining the club on Friday!

#2616 4 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

I have a shaker, cliffys, sling & sparky protectors to install but those can wait until tomorrow. Right now I just want to play a few games and take in that new pin smell

Right on man. Did you happen to notice if the cab had the holes pre drilled for the shaker motor?

#2648 4 years ago
Quoted from Adios:

Thanks Rick, my sparky air ball protector showed up today! If anybody is looking for a good mod at a great price contact Rick, Fast delivery too..it beat my machine here

I second this. Good price for a little extra protection. Thanks Rick

#2707 4 years ago

Mine hit the dock yesterday. Moved in and it's playing fast and furious. I love it!

#2772 4 years ago
Quoted from bushz:

You're correct. The MET Pro is still easier to get, but I like the IM VE I played yesterday. The Met Pro was not playing that well at the location. I watched the tutorial video of Met and it looks pretty deep. Do you like one over the other?

Like others have said already, you can't go wrong with either one. Does the theme on either one speak to you more personally? Me for example, I used to love Metallica back in the hayday, and i'm not much of a superhero guy. That makes decisions like these easy (had I been looking at both).

#2774 4 years ago
Quoted from bushz:

I was hoping someone in the MA area was on this thread and would allow me to come play their game.

Hope you find one. Pinball locator shows about 4 in the boston area, 3 pros and an LE. Don't wait too long if you're looking for NIB. Who knows how long stern will be building them...

#2781 4 years ago

I'm trying on the laserific flipper toppers. Only a few bucks, I figured I would try them out. Not completely sold but they might grow on me...

#2913 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Does everyone's machine have your ball come out of the scoop hole, hit the left slingshot or flipper and then go down the right outlane like almost every time? Granted when it comes at the flipper I can try a soft bounce but when it hits the slingshot there is nothing I can do...very frustrating. Anyone else seeing this? I also get a ton of shots at the scoop that bounce out...

I generally didn't notice this enough to be a problem, but regaining control of the ball after the mystery eject is always a little hectic on my machine...

#2923 4 years ago

I think a metallica code wish list would be a good thing to put together. With sales doing this well, they might just deliver...

#3028 4 years ago

Does anyone have a quick list of songs that are not tied to modes? What are the safe songs to swap?

#3136 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

Hopefully no more air balls!

I would say major airballs drop by 95% after the install of that protector.

#3203 4 years ago
Quoted from dug:

Anyone have an extra Metallica keychain laying around? Want to sell or trade?
The new pro's didn't come with one.

I grabbed one of these on ebay:
ebay.com link » Metallica Keychain

Nice metal keychain that's a good size.

3 weeks later
#3587 4 years ago

Very insightful

1 week later
#3632 4 years ago

Anyone else have an issue where sometimes 2 balls are ejected into the shooter lane? They seem to almost come out simultaneously and it only happens once every 5-6 games. Hard to track down the cause since it's irregular.

1 week later
#3680 4 years ago
Quoted from MrDucks:

Did you contact Stern and did they do anything for you? I've had mine for two weeks today and had the same thing happen, and it appears there are two more chips below there about to come off..
Sorry for the darkness of the pic, it didn't seem to show very well with the flash on

Mine had this chipping problem as well. Happened after only a handful of games. Stern is aware of the problem and are taking care of customers.

#3702 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Another thing that would be nice is a choice of accepting a mystery scoop award, or skipping it to keep working on your mystery level (completing the rollover targets) to get better quality awards.

Awesome idea.

#3705 4 years ago

Are there adjustments to help the ball not bounce off the orbit post?

90% of the time, it bounces back instead of stopping the ball and dropping to the pops.

#3707 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I put the totan metal post in mine which has helped a lot.

Thanks for the tip. I'm seeing a lot of "posts" for TOTAN, any specific part numbers I should look for?

#3727 4 years ago

Fyi, the metal orbit post worked like a charm. Thanks fellas...

#3791 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

And a can of pop! It just makes it look sooooo much better.

I agree. Simple and cheap mod that has a nice effect. ..

2 weeks later
#3926 4 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Has someone posted a list of mods and protective addons for Metallica Pro / Premium- LE somewhere? I think it would be a great idea to have one post or thread listing everything available and where to get it from. If done already please point me to the spot, thanks.

I would add that if you get bounce backs from the orbit post, consider a metal replacement. It helps a great deal.

#3943 4 years ago

PRO V1.64 - April 23, 2015

- Seek & Destroy mode has been changed so it now awards 1 cross,
1 snake, and 1 electric chair each time one of the main shots (left
loop, cross lane, left ramp, right ramp, right loop) is made when
lit. This allows progress towards lighting "Crank It Up" during
Seek & Destroy. This rule change also solves the problem of not
being able to light the snake to collect SNAKE letters during
Seek & Destroy, since only a shot on the playfield would allow this.

- Boosted Seek & Destroy scores from 750k to 1M (seek shot) and 375k
to 500k (regular shot).

- Added lamp status on the sparky lamps for electric chair multiball
and battery mode that indicate progress toward lighting the super
jackpot and completing the mode, respectively.

- Added art to the combo high score to date display effect in the
attract mode. Changed the font for the combo award and the combo
jackpot award.

- Increased lady justice "big value" score.

- Added design team members to the default (factory reset) HSTD.

- Increased the display/lamp/sound priorities for the multiball modes
(Coffin, Cross, Electric Chair, Snake). Previously, these were the
same as Fuel/Seek & Destroy, which caused interference. The priority
for Coffin was set to something higher than Cross/Electric Chair/Snake,
as Coffin is rare to get, and alternates between shots and the captive
ball (so there will be opportunity to see Cross/Electric Chair/Snake
effects on the shots when Coffin is available on the captive ball).

- Changed the names of the diagnostic buttons (these are translated now).

- Fixed a problem with the mystery sound effect not coming through due
to higher priority sound effects from previous effects taking too long
to finish up.

- Removed track #4 from outlane drain sound so big effects will not get
cut off.

- Fixed text running off the display.

Additional updates: PREMIUM V1.64 - April 23, 2015

- The coffin magnet was not honoring the "disabled" adjustment. This
has been corrected.

#3968 4 years ago

I'm sure this has been covered alrwady somewhere in this thread, but I'm very pleased with the results of adding a couple flexable leds underneath the snake. Makes noticing when the snake is lit easier...

Quick video of it in action.

#3979 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

Adding a green flasher to the spot behind Snake makes a world of difference. I also added a blue LED (can't remember if its a flasher or not) behind the captive ball. Since they're both white by default, you can't tell what the hell is going on when they're flashing. The colors do a nice job of separating them.

Good ideas. I'll be considering this for sure.

#3982 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

What are the lights connected to? I tried pausing to see where you tie into at. Like the idea and want to do this. Thanks

There is a z connector for the green "feed the snake" light. I simply wired up two more lights, tapped into that connection, and made a connection at the end of the line to reconnect the orriginal "feed the snake light". Does that make sense? If you pause at 45 seconds, you'll see a white connection with a red stripe on it. That's the one. Take a look under your PF, it will only take a moment to find it.

Here was my shopping list not including wire:






#3996 4 years ago
Quoted from DadofTwins:

Picked up a NIB pro led last Friday. Only played this game a handful of times before. Heard how great it is from everybody and figured I would take a chance on it. Must say the game is pretty sweet. Still don't really know what I am doing on it, but it is a blast to play and family and friends think it's the best in the lineup. Looks phenomenal and I can't wait to add some things to it.

The papa tutorial is pretty great for learning the multiball modes and how to get to crank it up...

#4006 4 years ago
Quoted from Player1:

front drop target won't stay up on it about 80% of the time.

I've seem this on location machines before. What happens when you manually raise them?

1 week later
#4157 4 years ago


Finally got a chance to add a couple of flexy leds to my piston targets. Decided to go green and i'm pretty happy.

Has anyone added a couple leds to the mystery scoop on their own? I don't usually buy "kits" but this one seems like a tough spot to get lit well...

#4162 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

where do you find time?! I seem to ADHD and try to buy other things to fix then forget the pins are in the house

I break it down the process and enjoy it while I have a glass of wine or beer at the end of the night. Don't rush it. I'll wire up the fixtures then install the next night. Half an hour here and there is all it takes...

1 week later
#4275 4 years ago

Installed and quickly regretted superbands on my met pro

#4277 4 years ago

They're not bad, just different and not necessarily better. Probably just a learning curve. Low cost is low risk at least

#4305 4 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Has anyone looked into the possibility of adding the rising grave marker from the premium/LE's into a pro?

My guess is that it would be quite difficult, but wow it would be cool.

#4315 4 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

The Total Lightshow board will trigger it.

NICE!! People say its a non feature but for some reason, i think it's really cool....

#4336 4 years ago
Quoted from busa32927:

thinking of getting a shaker for my Metallica. Are all shakers the same? is there one better than the other? How does the one at marco compare?

I would go with the official stern rev. b shaker. Pinball life has a good price on it.

Don't get caught up in "more shake = better". It's not. The stern motor gives plenty of rumble. I would be surprised to hear anyone say they wished it had more.

1 week later
#4417 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballMikeD:

Everything is done other than "End of the Line"

Don't bother. I'll never see it

#4432 4 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

until the super jackpot timer expires.

I think the ball search releases them as well. But yeah, by then the timer is pretty much done. I kind of like it this way actually. Not only do you need to hit it, you need to hit it hard...

#4439 4 years ago


3 weeks later
#4561 4 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

You need an external sub. I bought a Polk sub for like 100 off Amazon and it makes all the difference.

I can't play mine without the external sub now. It makes an amazing difference...

2 weeks later
#4683 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Thought I would share some tastefull mods I did to my pro. All I want now is some LED interactive speakers and a color DMD. This game is awesome!

Is that the mezel mods coffin?

#4684 4 years ago

I'm having a problem with the ball ejecting and bouncing back into the trough. I have the metal trough protector on the side of the shooter lane.

The ball bounces back into the trough on top of the next ball, and then two balls eject.

Anyone have experience with this?

2 months later
#5148 3 years ago

I like

Quoted from LOTR_breath:Here is a code addition that would be cool. Lady Justice seems to be missing something. How about when the mode starts, you are awarded an add-a-ball for every 5 combos done during the mode.

I like this!

Also, how about the option to cash in, or bank your mystery bonus? Quick left or right flip.

I don't like starting seek and destroy since it clears out and starts over. Can we get seek and destroy, and not have it reset?

#5216 3 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Is there an actual lock light for the coffin lock?

Three red lights under the coffin on the playfield.

#5235 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I used to own an LE, and the indicators for how many balls are locked are the balls visibly showing through the insert. I don't think there are any lights indicating lock is ready. You just need to listen for the call out.

Thank you for clarifying.

#5263 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Keep it installed for now. I've got a couple ideas to try out. To cool of a mod to remove but I gotta see those lights. Upgrading the mystery level can be lucrative.

Same here, bummed about the lane light being blocked (mostly just the right one).

#5286 3 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Some gameplay showing smartdmd and GI theater mod

Great looking machine. I'm working on the smart dmd next week. Any tips for mounting on the newer back boxes?

Is that a kit for the lighting behind the trans?

#5343 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

None. That would cost money. No way Stern is paying more suddenly for more songs.

No, but maybe Metallica will throw a couple at them to help promote a new album...

#5356 3 years ago

Happy birthday to me. I'm a novice player so this beats my previous gc by over 100 mil. Watching football drinking beer and playing pinball. Can't beat days like this.


#5367 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I know some people have changed that to a metal post but that doesn't seem like the corect fix

This fixed the issue for me immediately.

#5388 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

I just did my own 4$ elwire mod for sparkey anybody interested ill post a link

Absolutely. I've been thinking about this, but have not found a suitable little cap. What are you using?

1 week later
#5593 3 years ago
Quoted from ita47:

Recently found that the area around the Sparky magnet on my MET Pro LED

Give them a call and ask. This was around the time they had a big batch of bad PF's go out. Don't be demanding, and just see if they can offer anything. Even a unpopulated PF so you can have a spare for a rainy day.

#5659 3 years ago

Got Smart DMD running in my Met Pro. I couldn't be happier. Cheap(er) and it was an easier financial pill to swallow one piece at a time (got a couple of parts for christmas too! )

Any do-it-yourself type people out there, go for it. It was fun.

How it ended up mounting

#5703 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

What LEDs can you guys recommend on the four large inserts (the mode inserts)

Colors look a bit washed out on a cell phone, but I went with the cointaker 555 2-LED White Blue Red Orange.

I also added a socket and bulb, so each insert has two bulbs. One near the top of the insert, one near the bottom.

#5706 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Ahhhhh ok nice. Two bulbs makes sense bc I've had 2 LED bulbs in there and it never lights up the inserts all the way....looks like crap. Thanks!!

I added these to the existing wiring. Fast and easy.

#5711 3 years ago
Quoted from rottenrobert1313:

Most of my upgrades have arrived.

Don't forget to play some pinball!

4 weeks later
#6041 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

They switched to plastic a while back.

Is plastic inferior in this application? Seems to do the job...

#6062 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

People could not handle knowledge level

I think people didn't like his attitude.

#6100 3 years ago

I have yet to start 3 crank it ups in one game. Can't imagine I'll ever see EOTL.

#6171 3 years ago

Hold down the left flipper on ball launch. The post remains down and the ball orbits. Then one shot will light up for several seconds. If you hit it, it activates the hurry up.

#6172 3 years ago
Quoted from bdaley6509:

Bre finished my Gene themed Sparky v2.0. Lovin' it.

Looks awesome. How hard is it to remove sparky? Is the game still playable without sparky?

#6283 3 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

I get super pissed when I get in a hurry and accidentally select the points.

I did this once. Ever since, I take the 10 seconds to have sip of my drink, and take a breath.

1 week later
#6368 3 years ago

Bottom line, we're talking about two top 10 games. You can't go wrong

#6435 3 years ago

You'll love it. Good decision. It's proven and code is top notch. Lots to see yet on gb.

1 week later
#6459 3 years ago

My airball deflector took one for the team. ..


#6462 3 years ago

Installed the stock deflector and played one game. No more. Can't do it.

2 months later
#7259 3 years ago

How does one know when 2x playfield is going?

3 weeks later
#7527 3 years ago

It feels like the ball save grace period is a smidgen shorter with the new code. Have I gone crazy?

2 months later
#8517 3 years ago

Anyone interested in a haunted met pro?

Woke up this morning to my met pro with a ball locked behind the grave marker drop targets. WTF?

1. That should never happen.
2. I would have noticed if that happened while playing the night before
3. The game started, no problem, without going into ball search with only 3 in the trough before I noticed.

So my game is clearly haunted. Cliff???!!?

6 months later
3 months later
#11011 2 years ago

For the pickier pinsiders, I've designed a drop in mod that drastically reduces the light bleed around cross inserts. Check them out. Thanks

IMG_20170618_2056582 (resized).jpg

#11021 2 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Never noticed this until you pointed it out. Now it bothers me. Lol.

Sorry about that!

#11026 2 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Ship internationally!!!

Let me try to get a grip on costs to ship internationally for my shop. I'm not sure how to ballpark that. In the meantime, anyone interested outside of the US, shoot me a PM.

#11031 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I haven't changed mine and it usually goes to the pops when it gets stopped

But how often is it stopped vs. getting bounced back? That's what the metal post fixes.

For me, I went from 75% plus bounce backs to maybe 1%. It was that drastic...

#11046 2 years ago

Post doesn't engage when part of a combo shot I believe.

#11050 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Mmmm sometimes? If it is a fast clean shot. I think I remember when this was first talked about and I had my game and didn't think it did it enough to warrant the new post but....mmmm I still may do this.

Exactly. On both orbit shots, if the post is up, it should come to a dead stop, then roll into the pops. If it doesn't happen often, probably not a big deal.

#11064 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

For something like that, I only play to do that one goal.

I've started a lot of games thinking that way, then quit after about a minute and two brick/drains

1 month later
#11292 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Finally got around to installing this inserts on my MET. Not sure why it took me so long because it was only a 5 minute job. I doubt anyone is going to notice they are there except me but that's okay.

Glad they worked out for you! Same here. I'm the only one that will notice it, and my wife thinks we're all crazy

I've been getting a lot of questions about availability for premium and LE models. With the light boards, and one insert tucked partially under a subway, there is a completely different design in the works. I'm tweaking the design with the help of j_m_ to get it perfect. Thanks for all who have inquired. I'll update once completed. It's a slow process since I do not have a premium machine to work with (and of course, life/work has been getting in the way).

1 month later
#11611 2 years ago

I've tweaked my design for the mod on the cross insert for Premium/LE. Installation requires loosening of the subway, but I've tweaked it so you shouldn't have to remove it completely.

So for those that are bothered by the excess light surrounding the Crosses, here's your mod (https://goo.gl/3F7d31). Orders placed today should go out tomorrow, otherwise, the rest will go Monday.
New design
3e3b49de1e59c9fc75bf1eacad7f8d73af7ea1d0 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#12170 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Getting that doubler and cashing in a decent CIU bonus is the best.

I managed it once. Felt like a god...

3 months later
#12872 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

can someone remind me what is considered a "reject" with the plastic post? I'm not following if I'm having the same issue. I do know that the orbit shots are stopped quite often and then the ball will go into the pops.

Reject is when you hit the post, and the ball bounces off of it and sends it back down the orbit. Hitting the post, stopping the ball, and dropping it into the pops is the intended design.

2 weeks later
#12972 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

>90% of the players will fail at that >90% of the time

Truth. I fail 90% of the time, but this is my go-to method. Feels great when I do hit it

2 weeks later
#13135 1 year ago

IIRC, I used a bit of teflon tape on the spotlights. Worked like a charm.

3 months later
#13865 1 year ago
Quoted from JB-7X:

This morning my wife totally surprised me for my birthday and gave me the color dmd for my MET premium

She's a keeper...

2 months later
#14289 1 year ago

Best mod ever (and no, not talking about the color/smart dmd)

IMG_20181006_153146 (resized).jpg
#14292 1 year ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

I love the black T-molding on the head.

Winner winner! Hate the chrome. I get why they did it, but black just looks better to me. $15 gets you plenty of black t-molding to do the job, and it's easily reversible.

3 weeks later
#14550 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikedenton49:

If one is a fan of the metal, has been to the shows, and generally rocks that shit out regularly,

That's me. Several shows under my belt. This is probably a dream theme that happened before I was even into pinball.

I'm a big fan of the pro. Played premium once on location and was happy I didn't spend the extra cash.

That being said, this debate is old. The reason being is that both the premium and pro are fantastic fucking pinball machines. You can't go wrong with either.

Guide to buying Metallica pinball:
If money is no object, play both and choose which you like better.
If you are conscious of the money spent on pinball, play both and choose which you like better. Weigh the pros and cons...
If money is tight, play both and choose which you like better. Take into account the probability of divorce and factor that into your decision...

2 weeks later
#14825 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Of colordmd needs an update it is expected that also Smartdmd needs an update. Sounds reasonable to me.

Can confirm, SmartDMD needs an update.

Wow, I love this update though. I got out of battery, and all of my arrows were lit red. It was strange, I could still lite a blinking arrow, but all others remained on. Any ideas?

1 week later
#14922 1 year ago

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing on these. Work/School/Kids and a few other things have gotten in the way. I was finding myself unable to get them out in a timely manner.

1. Woody, please send my your mailing address again.
2. I'll have these up in the market section by the end of the week. I have a bunch made up, but want to pre-pack them so I don't run into issues getting them out on time.
3. If you have access to a 3d printer, let me know. Happy to send my files over.

2 weeks later
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