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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#6 6 years ago

Cant wait to play \m/. Im considering going to Lane and Games Boston for Launch Party.

LE inbound. Really like what I have seen on the Pro so far. Honestly I dont see much I dont like.

393064_10151591009374244_114661601_n.jpg 943358_10151586007599244_1160490113_n..jpg

#37 6 years ago

What time is the launch party at Lanes and Games? Best part is I can take a the train from the airport(redline). Flight is free so why not. YOLO!

I grew up in Boston. Yankees suck it.

#40 6 years ago

Can some one post a good glass off pic of the demon under flippers please. Any un boxing vids?

#65 6 years ago

Looks like you can glue the piece of wood back in. This is relatively minor. Remove post. Glue back in and or put washer over it.

Playfield issues are the biggest gamble with NIB. I had a minor issue with my ACDC but it played perfect and still to this day doesnt have any dimpling. Hard wood I guess.

Take a pic and email Stern support and see what they say.

#80 6 years ago

I love the the layout. This is a Mans pin.

What I got from Lymans Video....

1. The right ramp is back handable @ 14:45 he does it with ease.
2. The side to side action (challenging in IM and ACDC Pro) is mitigated by the right scoop and the Fuel shot.
3. Strobe or LED under right ramp looks awesome.
4. FUEL hurry up engine sound = American V8 Muscle = Good old days!
5. Seems very balanced.
6. Combos are active and love the call outs so far.
7. Modes stackable.
8. Challenging shots mixed with easy shots. Good for both novice players and experts.


#83 6 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

^Damn, even Lyman was bricking out hard a lot in that video.

Brick out hard?? NO He had some awesome saves, live catches and combos. Started all the MB modes. No SDTM.

Plus lets see you play with the camera over your should with the world watching. Trust me I have made a few videos and its not easy.

#85 6 years ago

Im just happy the finally posted a video with a designer and tournament player playing.

I want it to be hard. Easy pins get kicked to the curb in my house.

#91 6 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

^Damn, even Lyman was bricking out hard a lot in that video.

I went back and looked at his shots. In the beginning looks like he was aiming for the guitar pics. Which is how you lock balls for Coffin MB. One of the harder MB to start.

#98 6 years ago

To lock balls in Coffin MB you have to hit ALL guitar picks. Then the captive ball. I see him doing this in the first 3 minutes. Watch it again and watch the guitar pics.

Some are calling this missed/bricked shots.

Link for your convenience

#129 6 years ago

Nice review Swamp. Does look like a hybrid between flow and shooter.

A Champ score for each MB would be great. Like ACDC high jackpot score for each song.

#134 6 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

I bought the FF Sub, but the connector for the volume knob is not the not the same. I guess I need a different adapter. It's still an improvement, but I would like to bump up the bass.
Edit: It looks like ordered the wrong model, so be sure to look carefully when ordering.

I never use the Volume contoller. Just leave it in the box. It only reduces input to cab speaker. Which is not needed IMO. More bass the better. I have FF system ready togo. Could be wrong connector too.

Can you take a pic of the connector on the Metallica? Is it a 3 pin or 4?

#143 6 years ago


Its FAST. Strong slings and the snake and scoop rip it back. Ball control? HA HA HA..

The art is just wicked. Over the entire machine. Donne went over every inch.

Nice new call outs with 1.06

It really has the look of a Williams.

Lane lights the Mystery scoop. Change song award might be nice.

FUEL Stackable with multiballs. Seems best way to run it.

JUKEBOX Radio with both flippers out of the box! Lyman is the man.

I can not wait to play this.

#158 6 years ago
Quoted from Wotto:

AV8 - the other FAST rip back is from the right side PICK stand ups back to the flippers
Most of your other observations are accurate.
Two things ( there has to be SOME not so good stuff right ! )
1 - NEEDS A SUB desperately as it is like listening to METAL music on a one speaker transistor radio ( well not that bad but Metal NEEDS some great bottom end )
2 - The Sparky call out 'can I shock you too' - sounds AWFULLY like Shaggy from Scooby Do , and in a game with decent audio , so far ranks as the number 1 cringeworthy piece of audio in the game

Typical Stern sound.

I said same of ACDC Pro. It was almost unplayable it sounded so bad! I have a set of FF speakers ready togo. It should be the first upgrade IMO. Huge difference.

WHY SO CHEAP STERN? HOw much would better speakers cost?

Call out complaints are really nit picky at this point. THey just made the pin. More important things for Lyman to worry about. Rules and lighting and glitches.

#171 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

This shows a misunderstanding of how the volume control works.
If you think "more bass the better", then you *need* the volume control.
While you are correct that it only reduces input to the cabinet (main) speakers, it does not reduce the volume to the subwoofer. Turning down the volume controller allows you to turn UP the volume on the machine, which in turn increases the bass to the subwoofer (without making the overall sound level too high). In other words it allows you to be able to better blend the bass with the treble.

This shows nothing. Opposite is true. I have talk directly with Pupo about it.

I have install FF on SM, TRON 2 different ACDC Pros with excellent results. It is ONLY in line with the cabinet speaker. The controller is nothing more then a variable resistor aka pot. It only REDUCES the input to the crossover and cabinet speaker. Thus Increasing pin volume, Effectively increasing the input to backbox speakers. Some do not like that much glass shaking bass. I do. I was told bypass it for max cab (Main) input.

Is amazing how much sound is missed by stock speakers.

#190 6 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Does anyone know the significance of the red spider inserts, and what it means when they're lit solid after an orbit shot?

Combos I assume. Timed as in ACDC. Shows you were to shoot next.

I am hoping for a AFM Total Annilation MB type mode. Hitting all the shots 4 or 5 times to start it.

#230 6 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

[EDITED] I just figured out how hurry ups work! And this may answer Wotto's question.
Shooting any major shot lights the red spider insert for that shot. Think of that as the "selector";
it indicates where the next "award" will go:
* Shoot Sparky to award knife switch insert for selected shot
* Shoot Graveyard to award cross insert for selected shot
* Shoot Snake to award snake insert for 3 shots (configurable),
or 2 shots if only 2 remain.
Once the knife switch, cross and snake are all lit, that shot is will start the hurry up - even if the spider insert is no longer lit because you shot something else. When your ball drains, all inserts will go out.
There's a catch to this: shooting the Graveyard will also select the Graveyard shot (light its spider).
I LOVE the way this works. While you're playing, you're building up inserts for hurry ups. This rewards long balls and gives you another reason to shoot Graveyard, Sparky and Snake. This also creates an interesting strategy: build up hurry-up qualified shots, and then start MB when you have more than one.
I have a feeling that "Seek and Destroy" may have something to do with all of this too, once it's implemented. Or maybe it already is?

Nice work. This sounds very ... Lyman. If I understand you, This is like AFM or MM Hurry ups! Really?! \m/

Lots of scoring strategies to choose from. Im hoping that he has an award for collecting all the Hurry Ups like AFM Total Annihilation and the one for MM(which I cant remember now).

With highly addictive and understandable rules from the top A list pins, I see this pin heading for top 15. Could be Lymans masterpiece.

#232 6 years ago

Im to the point now that I only buy Lyman pins. MB, SM, TRON, AFM. MM if I can find one. I appreciate his Tournament experience and challenging rules. Combos, Stacks Wizard Modes and Hurry ups. I hoped he would pull from his previous masterpieces for Metallica.

AFM is awesome fast and addictive. Each shot has 4 inserts and a Hurry Up count down. Completing them all gives you a 4 ball MB. Each of the 5 shots has to be hit once. Then a roving Super Jackpot.

#242 6 years ago

I never knew this! Thanks. Lyman is the man. Cover is coming off Afm. I'm going for the billion.

#253 6 years ago

I just bought this MOP Tapestry as a dust cover for a for my machine.

ebay.com link » Metallica Poster Flag Master Of Puppets Tapestry New

#264 6 years ago

I played the PRO today. Oh Yeah! I will add my quick 2 cents to previous posts.

Its fast and VERY addictive even with early code. So much to shoot for! Serious decisions. The playfield was more open then I expected which is a good thing. (Similar to AFM but not as open as AFM).

THE RIGHT RAMP IS EASILY backhandable. Much like ACDCs right ramp. The left ramp was surprisingly easy to hit also. Its in the sweet spot of the right flipper.

Loved shooting off the tip of the flipper for the Mystery/EB scoop and Fuel. The flipper layout is VERY forgiving for hack players like me. The scoop and fuel help stop the side to side drains. Shots were very satisfying.

The upper playfield is balanced between challenging shots and easy. This pin will appeal to novices and sharp shooters.

ART is a 10 on the playfield translite and plastics.
Playfield layout is a 9.5
Music integrated very well. You want to hear a new song? Just start a MB or a mode!
Replay value 9.5.

I like the Snake and Sparky callouts more then I expected. Had me laughing a bit. I wanted to FRY Sparky and the snake even more. They should tone down the Mother F... er bombs for the kids.

Minor negatives.
- Pro NEEDs LEDs in the inserts.
- The orbit up post code seems incomplete. Would rollback the way it came.
- I dont have one!

Good job Stern and Metallica design team. \m/


#272 6 years ago

Gotpinball.com has a nice Pro. It's here in FL.

Also a Huo lotr.

#275 6 years ago

There are 5 main shots as on AFM (See Pic. Look familiar?). Each with 4 inserts and a Red "Shoot here" arrow. Shooting a shot 4-5 times starts/qualifies the Hurry up for that shot. Do this 5 times (each shot) for Total Annihalation MB. MM has similar Hurry up Jackpots also.

Let me know if Im wrong here.

I hope Met is a modern day MM/AFM with the rules.


#286 6 years ago

Nice. I notice the off set with LEDs. Great fix.

You always remember your first.

So what are your impressions?

#298 6 years ago

BOOONG! Nice cards. Should make one with designers names etc. Never mind working on it now. Spell check please...

Master of Design John Borg
Master of Software Lyman Sheats Jr AKA The One
Art Visionary: "Dirty" Donny Gillies
Sparky and Snake Voice: Brendan Small
Release Date May 2013

Brendan Small can play guitar like a boss

Dirty Donny

#303 6 years ago

Rough draft. Hard to get the text color right.


#333 6 years ago

Why not use a ball gate like ACDCs orbit? Or AFM?

Can some explain how the individual pop bumpers score.

The orbit post comes up from under playfield like Tron.

#334 6 years ago

The pin is a Metallica. aka MET. Its METLE. Master of Puppets is a generic name and name of one album. I clean the floor with a MOP.

#349 6 years ago

Can someone just ask Borg or Lyman to settle this? We sound like my kids.


#350 6 years ago

Metallica timeless. 6 year old can play MOP.

#405 6 years ago

Lucky. I just got that Binge and Purge DVD CD set. Live shows from 1993. Worth it.

#430 6 years ago

Would like to see some new gameplay video. Can you guys post something for us less fortunate?

LE code is obviously the priority More features and lighting. Lyman takes his time and I hope he does. One bad code update and its the Xmen christmas debacle. He knows this Im sure.

Updates were monthly with ACDC which is more the norm. Each one was a fairly big update.

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