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Metallica CODE UPDATE is here!!! 1.5 is UP!!!

By Rarehero

5 years ago

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#33 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Premium/LE Code:
Pro Code:
V1.5 - March 6, 2014
- Synced the motorized grave marker with the grave marker that rises
out of the ground in the display at the start of grave marker multiball.
- Tightened up the hammer sequence. 1.5 seconds of checking for the
ball has been reduced to 1 second (this speeds up the sequence).
Immediately before the magnet is lowered, the magnet is turned on
solid for a little more than a quarter of a second to stabilize the
ball. The magnet should stay on until the ball can be diverted
into the coffin. The diverter is released when there is switch
activity in the coffin lockup after a minimum amount of time (3/4
of a second).
- Added better handling for the release of balls from coffin lockup.
- Top lane skill shot without the aid of the loop diverter post awards
2x value (so a non-post aided right top lane is 4x value).
- Lowered fuel scores.
- Added an adjustment (NO/YES) to add the mode completion bonus points
to the mode jackpot (default NO).
- Added an adjustment to control the relighting of the mode collect
select. The default is EASY which keeps the collect/continue lit for
the remainder of the mode. For those who want a challenge, set the
adjustment to HARD and this will unlight the collect; the 4 items will
have to be collected again to light the collect.
- Some multiballs were allowed to start while a mode was running. This
has been corrected (no multiball during modes, except "The End Of The
- Boosted up the volume for the "Jack F*ck*n' Pot" speech, which is sent
out for any super jackpot (cross, electric chair, coffin, snake) scored
at 4x.
- Added a short sound for use by the bonus effect (electricity, which was
too long and ran over into the next player's ball, and then some).
- Removed grab and toss random from electric chair multiball super jackpot
award as this is proving to be too much work for the magnet.
- Fixed a priority issue with "extra ball" and "mystery" that was
preventing the mystery award sounds from playing.
- Added more shaker motor effects. Changed some existing effects so they
are better synced with sounds and effects.
- Added sparky coil requests to the "Battery" mode.
- Increased the volume of the hammer hit sound.
- Added face bash sound for snake jaw hit during snake multiball. (This
is a PREMIUM/LE feature but the sound is common to PRO and PREMIUM).
- Mode bonus collect points lowered to 1/4 of the total points scored
during the mode, as the points can be collected multiple times; the full
value was WAY too unbalancing.
- Added mode instructions. These can be turned of by setting the "MODE
INSTRUCTIONS" adjustment to "NO". Mode instructions are off for the
"DIRECTOR'S CUT" install.
- Reorganized the order in which the Metallica ramps awards are given.
These are now higher than combos, which they probably always should have
- Modes now keep track of the total number of times "collect" is lit,
which is reported to the mode bonus when lit when the player finally
chooses "collect". This determines the points scored for the shots
made to light the mode bonus at the right eject.
- Metallica ramps mode, Fuel mode, and Seek & Destroy mode songs pick up
where they left off (approximate) when the modes are restarted or end
up at the top of the stack as a result of another mode going away.
- Reworked the "fuel target hit" display effect to include information
about the number of blown pistons to light extra ball.
- Added fuel lane extra ball to instant info. Lowered default number of
combos required to light the combo extra ball from 25 to 20 (extra easy
goes from 15 to 10, easy goes from 20 to 15, hard goes from 30 to 25,
and extra hard goes from 35 to 30).
- Added an audit for mystery. Cleaned up some audit/adjustment display
- Loop post disabled during "Battery", "Enter Sandman", and "For Whom The
Bell Tolls" mode.
- Fixed poor distribution of available shots for the "Enter Sandman" mode
when two or more shots have been completed.
- Added fuel lane extra ball.
- Changed the scoring for skill shot. Making the right top lane scores
double the points vs. making the left top lane. Changed the scoring
for super skill shot. Making a super skill shot increases the value
of the top lane skill shot.
- Added bonuses for collecting the required number of items (grave
markers, electric chairs, coffins, snakes) to light "Crank It Up".
- Increased the default high score for "Lady Justice" from 1.5M to 2.5M.
- Added more speech for combos.
- Shots used to start the coffin hurry-up are now available for points
and to reset the hurry-up value while the hurry-up is running.
- Added a display effect to show the mode selection after both flipper
buttons are pressed OR the mode select screen times out. This gives
the player some feedback, letting them know what mode they selected.
- Added magnet handling for the electric chair hit and multiball awards.
- Electric chair hit speech was being requested such that certain phrases
could be repeated. This has been corrected.
- Cleaned up some flasher entries. The left and right back panel flashers
have 3 flash lamps tied to the coil drive; this was not being reflected
in coil/flasher test and has been corrected. Added "L.E.D." text to the
electric chair spot flashers and the snake flashers, as these are L.E.D.
flash lamps.
- Electric chair hit speech only requested when the feature is advanced.
- Added a new stage to grave marker multiball. When the grave marker
is lit by making 5 shots (initially), shooting the grave marker awards
double jackpot and holds the ball 20-30 seconds (adjustable) for super
jackpot. Hitting the held ball with the other ball(s) in play awards
the super jackpot. While the timer is timing down, the four grave
marker shots (other than the grave marker itself) may be made for
points. These points add to the value of the super jackpot. Completing
all four shots while the timer is timing down increases the value of
the super jackpot multiplier by one. The super jackpot must be collected
to lock in the multiplier. The value of the multiplier is retained
throughout the course of the game.
- Consolidated combo display effect and Metallica ramps display effect.
The combo display effect now also shows Metallica letters.
- Cleaned up Metallica letters and Lady Justice mode. Completing
"METALLICA" scores 2M (base). Scores increased for Lady Justice.
Reworked the start display effect. Added lamp effects. Cleaned up bugs.
The background display effect was showing the low value at the start of
the mode when the large value was available on both shots. Added speech.
Added an audit for the big value. Fixed up a bad frame of art. Score
font now rendered at the base of the scale instead of always at the
bottom. Handled error cases. Timer paused when necessary. Changed the
priority of the sound effects (these were being specified incorrectly).
Added lamps/sounds for the total display effect.
- Fixed up LOTS of beeped speech. All questionable speech that could be
considered "ADULT CONTENT" has been beeped out (including a couple that
came as a request from customers (crazy b*st*rd, for example).
- Added new fuel art.
- Added lamp/flasher blinking to the snake when he talks.
- Added an adjustment to enable/disable coffin locks during other
- Added additional levels to electric chair multiball. Once sparky has
been fried 7 times, all shots are lit for super jackpot. (See the
multiball background display for head count status on progress).
Progress is retained throughout the course of the game.
- Coffin hurry-up start on the loop shots now causes the ball to loop
- Cross magnet ball search now ignores the cross opto switch for a period
of time.
- Added an adjustment to control the slingshot power.
- Added a special sound for draining during coffin multiball.
- Added instant info for mystery.
- Added "The End of the Line" (final wizard mode).
- Added "Crank It Up" modes. These include:
- "Battery" - (beat up sparky)
- "Fade To Black" - (shots/switches advance through thresholds that turn
the playfield darker)
- "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - (progressive shots)
- "Enter Sandman" - (shots change/hide, nightmare)
(need more speech!)
- Items (grave marker, electric chair, coffin, snake) are now recorded for
progress towards lighting the "Crank It Up". Once all items have been
collected (adjustable, currently 15 each), the "Crank It Up" mode select
is lit at the right scoop.
- Added Lady Justice (Metallica ramps) champion. Added art to HSTD
displays for the Lady Justice mode and the Seek & Destroy mode.
- Electric chair multiball shot award now adds different meter units based
on the shot that was awarded.
- Fuel bar no longer advanced when a mode is active. Fuel can still be
spelled to light 2X playfield at the piston target.
- Shot features no longer lit or awarded when a mode is active.
- Items no longer awarded when a mode is active.
- Updates during game over no longer kill the game over music.
- Lady Justice mode start display effect is killed any time an award is
given. This keeps the start effect from appearing when it is no longer
- Fixed a problem that would cause the wrong music to play when the
coffin hurry-up was started and the song that was selected at the start
of the game was not the music that was playing.
- Added items left to light "Crank It Up" (modes) to instant info.
- Reworked mystery. Completing the top/bottom lanes continues to light
mystery at the right scoop, but if the lanes are completed with mystery
already lit, then the mystery awards will improve. The mystery display
effect will scroll down and show the award at the proper depth on the
skull pile (depth of 1 for completing the lanes 1 time, depth of 2 for
completing the lanes 2 times, etc, down to level 4). The mystery awards
- Points
- Add bonus x
- Hold bonus x
- Metallica letter
- Add grave markers
- Add electric chairs
- Add coffins
- Add snakes
- Light grave markers
- Light electric chairs
- Light coffins
- Light snakes
- Light coffin lock
- Award coffin lock
- Snake letter
- Light coffin hurry-up
- Start coffin hurry-up
- Light 2x playfield
- Add fuel
- Light extra ball
- Added super skill shot. This is available by holding in the left
flipper button when plunging the ball. The following shots are
- Piston target: lights 2x playfield if not already lit/running.
- Left loop, grave marker lane, left ramp, right ramp, right loop:
all are lit for points; one is lit to light the coffin hurry-up.
- Right eject hole: lights mystery if it is not already lit.

Holy S$&@! Awesome.

RareHero was right along!

#76 5 years ago

Downloading as I type.

#85 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

OK here are my quick impressions so far after 3 games!
TONS of new insert and GI color lighting FX!
-Yellow inserts for Super Skill Shot
-Light Blue inserts for "chosen shot"
-Red inserts for combos (was like this before)
-Lighter red for Lady Justice
-GI Dims when you hit the Hammer captive ball
-Red & White GI during Fuel (gives the game an orangey glow)
-Lots of new flasher FX
Hammer is grabbing the ball really well - and the SLAM sound syncs perfectly with the hammer's action
Yes Rob, there is SWEARING lol (I heard "That little bastard just gave you a shitload of points")
Lots of Mystery fun!
I started a few Crank It Ups but I drained before I could do much of anything...still cool tho. I started Fade To Black and there were some roaming pulsing light FX
Grave Marker is now tons more awesome. The rising effect syncs with the DMD, new flasher FX...and it grabs and holds the ball for Super Jackpot. Kinda like ST's Vengeance Start...you have to hit the magnetized ball with your other ball. AWESOME
TONS more magnet action! My Sparky & Grave magnets never really flung much at all...now they're fling-city! The Grave one acted like a kickback a few times! Whipped it out really fast!
Update rocks so far...but gotta go to work lol...enjoy guys!

Are there band member modes yet?

#106 5 years ago

Cool animations for mode high scores!

image-600.jpg image-789.jpg image-716.jpg image-375.jpg image-474.jpg image-497.jpg image-327.jpg image-650.jpg image-37.jpg
#108 5 years ago

Magnets on the cross and sparky seem to be throwing the ball back at you with some velocity. Really cool.

#117 5 years ago

I think people that sold early will be pissed. Game is fing awesome.
Crank it Up modes are cool. You get to pick from the 4 and then ends when the song is complete.

#333 5 years ago

I noticed the arrow inserts will blink blue for the last shot you hit. What is the purpose of that?

#336 5 years ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

Band Member modes ??
Why is everyone so sure those will be coming , maybe there will be none. What the exact reward for getting band members now. I hope they do should be something simple like lite a band member but hitting the picks then make his mode a hurry up or certain number of shots to collect and stay lit. Collect all band members and get all supers to start end of line !
How does one start end of line now?

4 lit band members on the playfield by the flippers. I don't think those will be meaningless.

#418 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It used to be white in the last version. The arrow lights blue whenever you hit a shot...blue means it is "selected" - that shot will collect the Sparky/Snake/Grave inserts when you hit those things. When you light them all on a shot, it starts to fade - shoot a shot while it's fading, and the Coffin starts to flash. Shoot the Coffin hurry-up to "lock in" that shot. Those inserts will now stay lit even when you lose a ball. In the old code, getting all those shots completed got you to Seek & Destroy....it still does...but now in this code, getting a shot completed will help you toward Crank It Up, since the lit inserts give you "hits" on each item. A shot with all Sparky/Snake/Grave inserts lit will give you one of each every time you shoot it!

Cool Thanks Greg.

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