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Metallica CODE UPDATE is here!!! 1.5 is UP!!!

By Rarehero

5 years ago

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#19 5 years ago

METLE 10k by Easter! Lol

#280 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I respect this post. One pinsider did not automatically fall on his knees and blow another with a code update.
Really that disappointed? Seems like a lot more is going on.

Sue us for being excited about a huge code update thats been 6 months in the works.

#290 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I'm not saying I know everything about the new rules.

Maybe it would be a good idea to play it for a few days to see what's all in the new code as far as stacking strategies & new modes before complaining that there isnt much to the update???

#300 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I never said there wasn't much to the update. In fact, I even pointed out that the changelog was long. What I said was I was disappointed in the update and am not finding there to be strategy typical with Lyman rulesets. It shouldn't take "a few days" to feel like the game is a lot different or not. I was able to tell after plunging the ball that acdc was dramatically changed on its big update last year. Woz update is completely different. This one feels rather minor for 7 months of waiting. I'm not here complaining about it or bashing stern. I'm simply saying that while it is better than it was, it falls short of my expectations. However, I was not aware that another update is due out in a couple weeks. Based on that, I will reserve my judgement for that.

Can anyone expand on this strategy? How do you light inserts and which inserts do you mean to light?

Im curious how many modes or levels of Crank it up have you been through? Have you collected the supers on the MB's? I love what he did on the grave marker MB where you have to knock the ball loose. Ive only been able to play a few games but the plan is to make a gameplay video with someone way better then me so I can sit back & see whats going on.

Maybe after you have had a chance to play your way through some of the new stuff you can give a more fair evaluation of the new code?

#309 5 years ago
Quoted from micro:

But, while you are trying to get there, Mr Sk8tball is saying that these shots (with lit inserts) will add to the requirments to the Crank it Up mode.

Let's not start throwing that "Mr." title around too loosely now!!!

#434 5 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Amen…one of the big reasons I prefer the Pro.

Quoted from markmon:

I am in the same boat. I'm going to a friends to update his LE tonight and will give it a few plays to test and see if I change my mind. It's that square plate behind the hammer that ruins it.

Sorry one of the great things about the premium is the spinners & the new SFX for the hammer coming down kicks ass. Pro is a nice option but in no way better then the Premium/LE.

#440 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Well in one way the pro is better: the ball is way better to hit than the metal plate. I can accept someone claiming that the sum of the premium is better than the sum of the pro. But its crazy to say "in no way". That's wrong because there is this one way. I'm going to update my friends LE shortly and test it a bit. If the net experience is greater, I'll upgrade.

So the captive ball is a plus (which I have no issues with the cube) then on the premium you have color changers, Spinners, Hammer lock, Moving Snake Jaw.

Sorry too many pluses on the Premium for me to be just concerned about a captive cube.

#476 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I can accept your stance on that. But you can't say the premium is better "in every way" only that you feel its sums of benefits over the pro outweigh its shortcoming. I can accept that stance.
I spent some time on my friends LE tonight. Its plays pretty well. I'm not sure that the hammer plate was accepting all ball hits. On my pro, coffin mb starts very early on but on the LE it was very late in the game. It also seems there were a couple phantom locks. How often does that generally happen? Also, the captive ball is very sensitive. If you barely tap it it registers a hit. The plate seems to need a much stronger hit. Is that common or perhaps his game needs some tweaking?
I did like the hammer when it worked on an actual lock. It's well synced to the sound now and gives a great effect.

It's all good, I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I've only been able to play a couple games so far but plan on spending a lot more time on it today digging deeper into what's there. Hopefully we will get a gameplay video up soon. Seems I Learn much more about what's going on when I can watch someone aging and see what's happening on the DMD.

#536 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

You might want to spend time playing both. Here is my break down in my opinion of course:
- color changing arrows - big plus on the premium. No alternative on the pro. This is the number 1 reason to go premium.
- colored GI segments - while neat, it's not as big of an impact as say xmen or acdc. A nicely led pro does well here. Not just as well but it's not huge either
- snake jaw - I think this is another big one. Especially with the add a ball multiball. The pro gives you option to immediate spit out the ball or if you don't enable that, you might get two stuck in there, which sucks if you only have two balls left in the mb.
- cross - I prefer the stationary one over the moving one. The flashers behind the cross are directly visible to the eye when the cross is down. The stationary one looks cool and has flasher built in
- Spinners - nice effect. No rules to them yet. Sounds are neat. But not a game changer
- hammer - this is pretty bad ass now. I really like it. But the downside is:
- captive ball - pro has an awesome captive ball. Premium has a horrible square plate. Common shots are captive ball bounce into snake. Captive ball bounce into sparky. Captive ball bounce over left ramp. With the square plate, you can occasionally do some of these things but not very often, not very easy to do them intentionally, and the ball always kind of comes back dead. It's not near as fun to shoot.
In my opinion, it really comes down to captive ball vs color changing inserts. You should spend time on both games to really decide.

Hmmmm where to start.

The GI effects are sweet on the Premium especially in Fade to Black. This is a major addition over the pro. No nicely LED'd pro will give you some of the cool light shows you get for the supers or other modes on the premium.

Spinners are also great for completing Fade to Black since its all about switch hits. Think what the spinner to pops does for Bonesaw on Spiderman. Also very nice to rip the spinner in fuel.

Snake is great on the premium especially with the add a ball & snake MB rules.

If you cant afford the 2k extra get the Pro. If money is not an issue like it is with many on here picking the Pro over the Premium is a bad move IMO.

#560 5 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

I wonder...how hard would it be to replace the metal plate on the premium/le with a pro style captive ball?

If you want to make your coffin lock even more useless then go for it. You dont think Stern tried it out then decided they needed to switch to the cube instead?

#589 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Why the hyperbole? I hope they do add a ball save, people would like it. If you own the game you can turn it off. I imagine any serious tournaments will leave it turned off too. So what's the problem?

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Lyman to add a ball save.

#616 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Historically, Lyman has not opted to add optional ball savers even when massively requested to do so. Same was requested for acdc on made correct canon shot. At one point he even told he he would break down and do it because of overwhelming number of requests but ultimately never did.

I hope he never does.

#620 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Exactly. Great example. And I *do* think that a short ball save should be implemented for a made cannon shot.

Disagree on this one. It's another risk reward shot & Most times a ball can be saved with a well timed nudge or slide save but that's what makes it a risky play. When the jackpot is too low shoot the loop or something else.

Next people will be wanting a ball save for made bell shots.

#623 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Why would you hope against an option that would make the game more enjoyable for people? Don't like it, don't use it. Option.
A 5 or 10 second ball save on CIU would be very nice since it's theoretically a 6 minute non-multiball mode that you've worked hard to start. Draining within 5 seconds just makes you feel like a shithead. Multiballs ALWAYS have ballsavers, and you could argue that by their nature a ball save during MB is unnecessary. So, if MB can have ballsave, why not CIU?
I find it strange to be so negative toward something as an option. We're not all tournament players or hosting tournaments. Games should be fun. If this option makes the game more fun, why not? Standard ball save is an option. Turn it on or off. There are already over 100 optional settings in the game. Pinball has always been very customizable in this regard.
Looking foward to CIU ball save! Woo!

My comment was towards a ball save being put into ACDC for made cannon jackpot shots.

#684 5 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

'cheap pro' is hardly accurate. I'm unsure why we sometimes feel the need to rip down something else to say how much we like another. Pro is a bad ass machine man.

pretty sure he meant the price of the pro not how it plays.

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