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Medieval Madness playfield Wiring Harness Re-build

By tohermharris

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

I have recently purchased a used Medieval Madness cabinet, playfield NOS and translight NOS. I bought this so I could do a full NOS build out. I am doing this project for my fathers 60th birthday as he is a pinball enthusiast. I am currently looking for someone to help me with building a new playfield wiring harness as to save me time. I think 1/2 the fun for myself will be the connection / testing process.

Please contact me at



203 913 4902

#2 7 years ago

I hope you're successful, but you might want to take a look at this thread. Where are you going to find all those parts?


#3 7 years ago

Some others have tried to build a NOS build out but quit when they found that the pieces came to over $12k, before they could even acquire all the pieces.

I'm sure a bunch of us will help you.

Maybe start with the parts list, and see which ones are hardest to find:


#4 7 years ago

As others have said this is something you may regret taking on. Some of the parts you need will be impossible to find unless someone parted out a MM which seems highly unlikely.

#5 7 years ago

2500 parts? Wow. Still, after you put all of it together you can just start making your own pinball machines.

#6 7 years ago

At the current moment i have to recourse that are at my disposal for this build. Two electrical engineers and one of the best stainless steel welders in the industry to fabricate the parts I could not find.
I have completed roughly 20 hrs of do-diligence in searching for "parts". In my research the only parts that are difficult to find are wire ramps, and metal ball guides. Australia has a few parts that are "rare". But most of the parts are coming from a collection of people.
I mean there are only 25 assemblies, And the boards are the easiest thing to come by in terms of obtaining parts.

Vid1900- When I was doing my cost analysis I was not finding it to be over 12K. But I guess time will tell. And considering the value of the machine keeps increasing 13 K for a NOS MM Machine is a small price and i think if i did need to sell it i would still be able to make profit off of it.

Worse comes to worse I sell the playfield and make a baby's crib out of the cabinet.

However it would still be nice if someone had a MM machine and wanted to duplicate there wiring harness. Would make things a lot easier.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted

#7 7 years ago

I also entertained trying to build a MM, it must go through all of our heads at some point. A lot of the parts are available, but one issue stopped me right off the bat: wireforms. Where in the world are you going to get them unless you find someone parting out a machine? And if you do find them, they aren't going to be cheap at all.

#8 7 years ago

Stangbat- That was my concern as well. I have found majority of them online and the ones i have not found i will have my buddy fabricate for a case of beer.

#9 7 years ago

We were typing at the same time, I didn't see your post right before mine. You answered that question. If you have someone who can make them, then you have one big pitfall accounted for.

#10 7 years ago

I think this is very doable considering he has a MM and a steel fabricator. Without either one of those I doubt you would make it. Some of those parts would be to hard to find and the wiring harness would be a tough one without an example laying right in front of you. Regardless, I look forward to some updates.. Goodluck!!

#11 7 years ago

If you are able to do it I would buy one from you! I am doing a full restore and used a new cabinet, new playfield, new plastics, ramps, etc. Even with all that I think about everything else you have to buy..coin door, speaker panel, boards, transformer, all the playfield parts, etc. It would be cheaper to find one needing a restoration and use your parts for that machine. If you tried to build one I think you will end up way over what a cq MM goes for. Now if you were able to mass produce the wiring at the same time so you could sell them I bet you would have alot of people interested!

#12 7 years ago

Tohermharris, when would be a good time/day for me to give you a call? I have some info. that will help. Need about an hour. Wally

#13 7 years ago

Making the harnesses is not too tough, I'm sure you have seen the "How it's Made" or "Stern Factory Tour" with the sheet of plywood and nails: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4099576/Pinball_Documentaries

Getting all of the correctly colored wire is the kicker. Bay has it in 10 foot lengths:


Or you can get 250 foot spools from Asapwire, and they will even custom stripe it for you:


Obviously, the prices are much better in 500 foot spools from Asapwire, so I suggest a bulk wire buy. Lets find how many people need to build some late model Williams harnesses.

#14 7 years ago

I hope you document this as it would be an awesome journey to read. I truly believe anything can be done if you approach it with an optimistic attitude. Like everything in life it is not necessarily the final product that will give you joy, but actually the journey to it.

Step by step blog, with problems you encounter, and how you over came them would truly be part of pinball history.

#15 7 years ago
Quoted from wallybgood:

Tohermharris, when would be a good time/day for me to give you a call? I have some info. that will help. Need about an hour. Wally

Any time is good. You can reach me at (203) 913- 4902

Vid1900 Thanks for the help

Thank you all for all the help so far keep it coming. I like the idea on mass production of the wiring harness. I will let you know how that goes

#16 7 years ago

You can also try to contact Jim Shird, he made harnesses for WMS and has reproduced some of the more commonly needed ones in the past.


Keep in mind, you don't need *1* harness. You need a switch harness, a solenoid harness, an opto harness and a lamp harness.

1 year later
#17 6 years ago

Sorry to wake up an old thread, but Mr. Pinball is now offering the harnesses apparently:

ebay.com link » Medieval Madness Pinball Machine Playfield Wiring Harness Set

#18 6 years ago

Wow, almost 900 bucks for the 4 harnesses. Never would have thought any harness is worth that kind of coin.

#19 6 years ago

Yeah, wouldn't it be easier to buy a beater for $6k and go from there? (didn't that overseas guy have a couple)

#20 6 years ago

But it's a good sign that they have the harnesses, since wasn't it so that Mr. Pinball took the order for remanufactured MM:s? (the Australian MM-project) Maybe they are closer to the finishing line since the ad states: "surplus to our Requirements"

#21 6 years ago

Just make your own harnesses, they are easy.

$900? Crazy money!

#22 6 years ago

Vid is right. If they sell for $900 I will start making harnesses myself. I did it for almost 20 years in my last job and it's no big deal. Getting the wire in all the colors is the hardest part. But if you are buying in long lengths it's probably not too bad $$ wise.

#23 6 years ago

For a one off, BAA has most of the wire colors in 10 foot lengths.

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