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MBr price?

By dirtbag66

8 months ago

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#13 8 months ago

Go to eBay for the $100 eBay bucks offer

It’s then $6199

Use the BoA rewards card that pays 2.625%

Now it’s $6,034

If adding color display upgrade it’s $6,422

AFMr CE is now the same price. That’s thrown a total wrench my in plans as I intended on adding Munsters next if it’s done well but I don’t think I can pass up a $6,034 AFMr

As of yet the eBay distros have not updated the AFMr CE prices to match MBr however but several have updated their direct sales website.

To be honest with you, at the $6K net price after incentives, it’s tempting to buy MBr CE + AFMr CE at the same time. But then you know OCD requires you add an MMr CE but the price on those makes em hard to buy IMO

#20 8 months ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

Me too. 2.65% is unheard of

Quoted from ypurchn:

What card is this? Interested in learning more about it

Shit, they pay ya $500 to open it too

So read this...


Then read this & slide the bar to "Platinum Honors" to see your discounts & booster multipliers.


If you dont want to spend 30 min figuring it out, and I'm not saying that to be a prick because it is complex, here's a screenshot of what a MBr CE purchase would pay you when using this card with Platinum Honors boosters/multipliers

So sign up for eBay bucks & alerts to save $100 then get this card paired up with swole rate booster.

Screenshot_20181031-221737 (resized).png

#21 8 months ago

EBay email example

You have to sign up & opt in for alerts/emails.

Theses drop often. It's not a code, it's a tag on your account.

Screenshot_20181031-222858 (resized).png
#23 8 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The problem with eBay bucks is that you only have a limiting time to use them before they expire.

Use them. We expire too.

Spend the bucks ASAP on a visa card. Launder money like a pro, its easy.

Just realized the MBr would be $5,629 delivered after the $500 sign on bonus less $95 fee

Then get AFMr for the $6,034

That's an average of $5,831 per game!

Cmon guys, make it rain

#26 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Where is the $500 bonus? I'm not seeing it.

Right at the top. Front & center.

Screenshot_20181031-224843 (resized).png
#27 8 months ago

Now errbody knows how to get a NIB MBr CE delivered for $5,629

You're welcome

Sure beats the 1973 way of doing business where you cold call & wire money lol

#29 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

That actually is nowhere on my screen...but I'm on a PC browser.

PC browser?

Dang grandpa!

Ha, just kidding bro. Your timing is funny, long story.

#30 8 months ago


Can you edit this topic to “Bank Of America” lol

#31 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

N/M if I'm reading this right to get the gold etc you have to carry 20k-100k balance for 3 months. That kills any 'bonus' or cashback unless you are constantly buying shit you don't need [quoted image]



It’s not carry a credit card balance of $100K for 3 months

It’s have a positive net worth of $100K for 3 months

It takes your checking, savings & brokerage account into consideration. That last one is key since $100K cash has an opportunity cost most want to avoid. I’d imagine most pinball owners have a few taxable brokerage accounts since 401K’s have capped annual contributions.

BoA gives juice to their CC rewards, HELOC’s, auto loans, mortgage origination fees, savings yields & reduced trade fees. This card is sweet if you’re Platinum or Honors tier

#33 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Ahh, interesting. I did not read it that way at all. I'm not really up to speed on the nuances of CC's. I try not to use them, but I have been vaguely looking for a cashback card since most my shopping is online these days.

CC’s are a way to protect yourself first & foremost

No one but my mortgage company & CC company, who IS my bank, have access to my bank. Protect yo nuts! Keeps your bank history clean too with more deposits than withdraws each month.

I pay my utilities, services, expenses & 100% of purchases on my CC

2.625% on every dollar you spend less mortgage is baller shit IMO

#40 8 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Looks good on paper ... have you started the process yet and which pin will you use it on?

I've had it apx 6 months

They put a grand into my checking account last week

Prior to this one I used an Amazon Chase for YEARS and captured thousands upon thousands of dollars in rewards. I still use it but only on Amazon purchases (5% rewards). Cashed out $200+ in rewards last week on that card actually.

Damn, that's $1,200 in rewards last week lol

I am going to wait for the Munsters reveal then either get it or AFMr CE or Iron Maiden.

Honestly the rewards I earn are not earmarked for anything. I just realize that large purchases are 2.625% lower than the charge. And in this case ebay offers $100 spiffs.

Do you guys not shop online? Weird, it's pretty common. Tax is not charged by sellers unless the seller has a location in your state.

Screenshot_20181101-180203 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#50 8 months ago
Quoted from mamawaldee:

I gave 'em a call. No way to remove the free shipping by picking it up.
Tax not included, so roughly $8.8k.
Man I wish CGC had gotten their $hit together and released this before just about every state started collecting online sales tax.


You are in MI

GRG is in MI

If you want to avoid sales tax then buy from a distro not in MI. But you have to ship it to avoid tax.

If youre in a state already taxing out of state online purchases then you might as well buy from a local distro.

FYI the $100 ebay promo is on again FYI

#56 8 months ago

You have to sign up for eBay bucks & opt in for the emails

It’s not a code but an invite, sort of.

#60 8 months ago
Quoted from ReplayRyan:

You're still supposed to pay the equivalent of sales tax via use tax. In Michigan and Missouri. Pennsylvania too and they audited me on it when I lived there.


I am suppose to report every online purchase on my tax returns, eat right, work out, etc.

One of these days!

#61 8 months ago
Quoted from Strohz:

Interesting. Where did you sign up for this? I can't find it on the homepage...

ebay.com link

#63 8 months ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

My state taxes my income 8% just for working here. I very much envy states like AZ or FL that have low or no state income taxes. Any break I can get.

The snowbirds really have it figured out.

Out here they spend half a year plus one day in their beachfront condo in FL & keep their home in the midwest. This is to avoid MO tax.

Since they're retired high rollers but risk adverse due to their timeline they often have both properties paid for. This also allows them to realize less income thus putting them in control of their tax bracket.

This also means they pay 0% tax on their first $100K of income.

A couple gets a $24K standard deduction plus 0% fed tax on the first $76K of long term cap gains.

Dang. $100K tax free is equal to the net of a $135K W2. In FL there's no state income tax! Thats damn decent cash when mortgage free IMO.

I'm an alarm tech/sales rep, not a CPA, so I glossed over some shit & certainly got something wrong. But I bet I'm damn close.

Anyway, you gotta diversify your portfolio with pinball machines so MBr is a must!

#65 8 months ago
Quoted from Outlanes:

Doing the math I can buy a house in Florida with the 10% savings per year over New York.

New York is no joke

If audited they check your cell phone records to make sure you were connected to non NY state towers for at least 183 days.

I read that in a reddit thread about this exact scenario so it's more 2nd hand internet knowledge by another amateur.

#69 8 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

Dang. Game room guys raised the price on ebay to $8500, mitigating the benefit of the current 5% cash back offer. I was about to pull the trigger. Bummer.

You missed out on a $100 opportunity. That’s all. eBay bucks are capped @ $100. You were not getting 5% back on $8299. You were going to get the game for $8199 then your CC rewards as well.

Go to their website, use your credit card, get 2.625% back on $8299 shipped with $0 tax (depending on your state). Or go to any other distro.

I’ve seen prices move up/down on eBay before. Usually when other distros drop their ads when stock dries up. GRG currently is the only distro on eBay with MBr @ the moment. Once a few other distros put stock online I’d bet GRG drops their price to match. If not go the the other distro.

It could also be the LE factor. GRG didn’t raise prices across the board. Just on the game you want.

#71 8 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

The 5% cash back is capped at $500...

Dang, all of the offers I've received said the rebate was capped @ $100

I like $500 more

You sure? If so buy a game dude! That means you could get a Stern premium for $6999 then get another $185 back in CC rewards.

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