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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Owner's Club- ideas & info

By blondetall

5 years ago

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#420 1 year ago


Question I just got a MSF and got home notice the North Pole doesn’t work don’t think it knows a ball is in their I have to wait for the machine took look for the ball then it kicks it out and I had extra ball lit and when the ball went in nothing happened . I took it out I noticed a black box with a yellow button when I touch the button it works but it looks like it missing a piece any help or a picture of what the complete North Pole looks like any help

#422 1 year ago

Great thanks was able to order the part from the place you said and pinball life.

#425 1 year ago
Quoted from UltraPeepi:

If you have the switch arm, you probably only need the switch itself. In fact, if you have the switch arm, you can probably find another switch somewhere in the machine and swap them out.

i have the switch but not the arm. couldnt find it in the machine..


#428 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazzard:

Hi! I can tell you that the latest version is a whole lot better than the one in the YouTube video. I can PM you some sample clips later this week if you're interested.

I be interested in some videos I just picked up Frankenstein

2 weeks later
#433 1 year ago


when i got to coil test on my MSF and i select a certain coil to test and when i push start nothing happens even when i cycle threw the different coil test and also when i do a flasher test nothing happens anyone have any ideas how to get these to work so i can check all that stuff..


#436 1 year ago
Quoted from Jtm3:

Make sure the coin door is closed (or the cherry switch is depressed) should work then. It is a safety feature that disables the higher voltage stuff when the door is open.

great thanks will try that.. you think it would tell you in the manual that the door needs to be closed.. I was going crazy wondering what's wrong with my machine

#437 1 year ago

closing coin door worked


i had to replace the ball launcher bracket since it broke the other day.. so i replaced it now it doesn't work and 3 other coils aren't working... Geneva, Sarco and the graveyard are no working any ideas they were working fine.. when i do a coil test nothing is happening...

any Help would be appreciated

#439 1 year ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

prob blew a fuse when you fixed the other thing. or didn't hook something up correctly. if it worked before, its something you did. check fuses first.

when i fixed the launcher i didnt disconnect any wires.. must be a fuse i hope will check to see if its a fuse


#440 1 year ago

Thanks for the help it was the fuse when i checked last night guess i didn't notice.. for now i took another fuse 5a and put it where the coil fuse goes 4a and it works great all the coils are working again. just don't have the laser kick back working until i get a new fuse..

thanks again

2 weeks later
#441 1 year ago

Looking to buy the Complete LED Kit for my MSF.. Anyone tell me the best kit to buy and where and all that I need


#442 1 year ago

Also looking for MSF instruction cards ect cant seem to finf the anywhere mine are missing.. if anyone has a some can you share? i can print out thanks

#446 1 year ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

make sure you change that back asap to the right size fuse.

What will happen if I don’t put back to a 4a fuse and just keep the 5a in the spot

#449 1 year ago

Fixed got fuses pot the 4a in slot f8-b and the 5a in slot f9-b but 2 tabs broke on the f8 how do I fix that? I used electrical tape tape to make it work for the time being but need a real fix.

Anyone have ideas? I guess I could buy a whole new board. Ugh

3 weeks later
#459 11 months ago

So does anyone know what size Legs MSF is suppose to have? I just noticed on mine yes just now only had the game a few months.. Well i have 3 legs that are 28 1/2 and the other is 30 1/2 guess that why the rear left leg leveler is unscrewed 2 inches.. i know i should have figured that out but was going to put new leg levelers and thought i measure the legs..

So if anyone has any insight that would be great..

i`m thinking of just putting 30 1/2 on this way the leg levelers wont be long..

The Part # is 535-5020-50


2 months later
#472 9 months ago
Quoted from pduffy:

New to the club! ColorDMD and art blades ordered.
[quoted image]

Welcome such a under rated Game.

#478 9 months ago
Quoted from Ven:

Does anyone out there need a set of inlane plastics?
I made up a new set because my machine was missing them and I made a few extras $25 plus shipping for a pair.

do you have pictures i might need them just in case


#484 9 months ago
Quoted from pduffy:

Updated with color dmd and artblades today!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Can i ask where you got the artblades from? i found a different set but i like yours..

1 week later
#487 8 months ago

Was wondering has anyone taken the Mylar off their Frankenstein? Just was wondering seen other post about the Mylar taken off..

#490 8 months ago

thanks think ill the Mylar alone as well..

#491 8 months ago

just ordered the color dmd for my msf since the pinsound is on back order for 2 months..

#493 8 months ago
Quoted from HIPPY:

What happened to Pinsound? You will be surprised how nice the game is with the download. All right out of the movie. Your old plasma dmd will sell.

oh yes I know I have sold the original DMD already for 150+and it had 2 vertical lines out on it. The one I'm using now i bought on ebay a few months back but it worked. so that will be easy 180+ on ebay..

Pinsound says its a 2 month wait when you go to order it so ill have to wait ill just keep checking..

#497 8 months ago

Mary Shelly`s Frankenstein Owners im looking for this part

Part # 830-5636-00 its the Mav. Speaker Plexi W/Artwork

The previous owner cut out the clear part of the panel So My New ColorDMD is not behind a Panel..

2 weeks later
#518 7 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Cool, if I come across any parts for it I’ll let you know. Speaker panel is not easy to find. Get the color DMD (even if just the extender like I had). Definitely worth the upgrade on this game.

im Trying to find the Speaker Panel Plastic that is no where to be found.. Someone on my machine cut out the clear plastic where the DMD is so i had to make some thing

#520 7 months ago
Quoted from GLSP3022:

Thanks! I have leads on the panel overlay and the driver board.
Mainly looking for the wooden board everything attaches to now. Speakers are cheap enough

hey do you know if they have more of the speaker panel overlay??


#525 7 months ago
Quoted from GLSP3022:

I don't know. Luckily a pinsider had one laying around and saw my ad. It's not pretty but better than not having one.

Great Thanks Ill keep looking

2 weeks later
#534 7 months ago

MSF owners need your help.. My msf lamps on the playfied stop working tonight not all like the 4 red flashers work and other basic lights work. The one spell Frankenstein and extra ball ect you know what im talking about. I think it must be a fuse? im pretty sure its on the power panel in back but didn't see any blown fuse.. i think its in the Backbox Bridge fuse F1 or F2.. have to buy some 8a slo-blo fuses to check

Any ideas?


#536 7 months ago
Quoted from wugly:

check the lamp matrix and see if the lights have a common wire. sometimes the wire breaks in the middle of daisy chaining and you get some that work and some that don't or the connector burns up at the board. sometimes the fuse is good and the bridge rectifier burns out backbox bridge f2 and. check if fuses are blown but also check to make sure with a meter that it is producing power.

okay thanks took the fuse out but another in and yes they work. Just have to get a 8amp fuse I stuck a 5amp just to see..

question where would u get bridge rectifier...


2 months later
#552 4 months ago
Quoted from HyyL:

Hi! I’m also in the club. My piece isn’t in the best condition but now after some work it plays well.
Bought this game since I remembered it from being a kid putting coins in a machine yelling “I will have revenge!!”. Great game and even more fun than I thought it would be.
Still some work to be done. The game was filthy as shits and I’m still not finished cleaning everything. The monsters head doesn’t turn so that needs to be taken care of. Planing on buying a new servo motor but haven’t located a replacement yet. Anyone have a link maybe? Preferably European site.

you can find them on ebay i bought a airtronics forgot the model #

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