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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Owner's Club- ideas & info

By blondetall

4 years ago

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#14 4 years ago

I bought my Frankie a few years ago, and am just getting around to shopping it. I wouldn't call what I do restoring, its more like re-vitalizing. I tear down the playfield, clean everything up, put in some LEDs, upgrade flippers and that sort of thing, but I don't have the skills to fill in missing paint, etc.

Anyway, I just found out that Frankie's head is supposed to move!!! It never moved on mine, just threw the balls. It wasn't until I started taking the game apart that I found out about the servo motor and such.

Can someone with a functioning monster tell me what the head motion actually does? Does it just randomly rotate or does it respond to gameplay somehow? Does it contribute enough to the game to make it worth trying to fix?


#20 4 years ago

Sckurk, where did you order the servo motor? I checked Marco and they were out of stock. Didn't find it at Bay Area Amusements. Thanks.

Morpheus, I really like this game. Lots to do. Great DMD graphics. Can get from a 2 to a 6 ball multiball. I paid $1800 for mine probably 6 years ago here in Northern Virginia, where everything is expensive. I agree with Gameon that this title should command a higher price. I like it as much as my Corvette which is now running around $3K. This machine does have a few known problems, like the servo motor we just discussed and the wiring harness for the DMD, but they can be fixed with a replacement harness or ignored (like I may do with the burnt out servo motor). If you can get your hands on one for 2K or less, go for it.

#21 4 years ago

Thanks Blondetall for your description. If it 's only gonna cost 20 bucks or so to replace the servo motor, or as some threads have suggested just buy a hobby shop servo motor, then I'll give it a try to fix the thing.

#26 4 years ago

Thanks Sckurk. Will give it a look.

#27 4 years ago

Anybody have a copy of Sega Service Bulletin #106 which discussed the wiring harness to correct display problems? I've got a new updated harness, but would really like to read the service bulletin. The link to the bulletin on the Marco website takes to a page that no longer exists....

#30 4 years ago

Thanks Marv!!!

#31 4 years ago

I've taken my playfield apart. Several of my plastics have some squares of thick black rubber foam on them where they are supporting other playfield parts. Do other people have these foam squares, or were they added by a previous owner of my machine? If any of you have some of these black foam pieces stuck to your playfield plastics, I'd like to know, so I know whether they are "stock" or not.

1 week later
#37 4 years ago

I just ran into that diverter myself when I took everything off the playfield for a "shop job." Have had the machine for years and had no idea it was there. Thanks for the info Blonde.

#39 4 years ago

Can any of you guys out there with a real manual (not the copy on IPDB) confirm for me that Item C on page 49 is a #89 light bulb? My image from the aforementioned IPDB copy is so blurry I can't tell which bulb I really need. Thanks.

#41 4 years ago

Thanks bodyman!

#43 4 years ago

Thanks for the info Hoser. Was actually planning that. I read a post on here somewhere about switching the wires around. Just got the head apart last weekend, haven't taken the servo off yet but on the todo list.

got to admit, it is almost always Edgar Winter for me........blaring away, just like when I was a teenager! It's the one pinball sound my wife doesn't scream about! I've got an old stereo set from a TV sound system, plan to install it in my Frankie somehow.

A shame about his brother passing.

6 months later
#76 4 years ago

Does anybody know how to change the lightbulb inside the start button? I tired to open up the button yesterday, and then chickened out for fear of messing up the switch that is also attached. The switch, is attached to a sleeve of white plastic, that goes inside a tube of black plastic, which is then attached to the cabinet a plastic nut. I tried pulling on the white plastic and switch but to no avail. I"m afraid to pull harder unless someone is sure that's what I need to do.


#86 4 years ago

Do I have to rotate that white plastic, or just pull on the mother?


#88 4 years ago

Okay thanks. Tonight it's do or die!!!

#90 4 years ago

PoMC, I got the dang thing out. Had to pry it with a screwdriver it was so tight. Unfortunately an LED bulb was too long to let the pushbutton function, so had to replace with a standard 555. Toughest thing was to get the switch back in so that it stayed. Had to brute force that a bit too. Works peachy now! Thanks for your insight. Glad I didn't "turn it a quarter turn clockwise" like my buddy advised.....

#91 4 years ago

My Frankie is finally done!!! (Except for the head servo rewiring.....) I'm very pleased with it. Turned a dinghy, weak-flippered space occupier into a fast paced game with long ball times possible, lots to shoot at, and an AWESOME SOUND TRACK!!!! (I have to yell, the volume's up all the way!) Next up will be working on some custom mods and lighting schemes.....once the fam gets tired of playing this awesome game! Thanks for everybody's input.

#93 4 years ago

Had one of those "DUH!" moments. I'd been playing my Frankie for over two hours when the wife comes home. So I show off the refurbished Frankie to her, and she is suitably impressed with the LED's, flashing lights, and awesome sound. Then she says, "Did you buy new flippers? They look awfully white."

I look and sure enough they are "awfully white"..............cause I forgot to put the blasted flipper rubbers on!

9 months later
#101 3 years ago

My machine had several changes from the original rubber layout. Also had an additional small L bracket put behind the upper flipper to keep the ball from getting trapped by the flipper. To do that, they removed a GI light. I put everything back the original way. But of course, now sometimes the ball gets caught behind that flipper..........

I can send you a bunch of pictures of my teardown if you want. They are on my phone. If you PM me a number, I can try to forward to you.


#102 3 years ago

At MMPs request, I put the pictures of my MSF teardown into a dropbox account. There are about 200 pics, unlabeled, which show the playfield as I tore it down, with various close ups of things I thought were important at that time. Here is the dropbox link:


This is my first time ever using dropbox and I just set up the account. Someone please let me know if everything worked out okay with the link, etc.

Hope these photos are helpful to some of you.


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