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Marvel Super Hero Pins Rankem and Spankem

By cody_chunn

1 year ago

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“Marvel Super Hero Pins Rankem and Spankem”

  • Avengers 7 votes
  • Deadpool 17 votes
  • Guardians 9 votes
  • Iron Man 15 votes
  • Spiderman 13 votes
  • X-men 6 votes

(Multiple choice - 67 votes by 45 Pinsiders)

#1 1 year ago

If you have owned or played a good deal on Stern's Marvel titles, please rank them and add any details you think worth sharing of any of the titles.

(Did I create the poll correctly? Forget one?)

#2 1 year ago
Quoted from cody_chunn:

If you have owned or played a good deal on Stern's Marvel titles, please rank them and add any details you think worth sharing of any of the titles.
(Did I create the poll correctly? Forget one?)

There is the 1980 Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man....and the 1979 Gottlieb The Incredible Hulk.

#3 1 year ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

There is the 1980 Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man....and the 1979 Gottlieb The Incredible Hulk.

Amazing Spider-Man is one of my favorites (Hulk not so much), so if you want to include all pins, they should be in it.

#4 1 year ago

No, just the modern Sterns. I do like Gott Spidey, used to own one but it got squeezed out by better games.

I am really surprised no one has much of an opinion on these games one way or the other. Are they really that tepid?

#5 1 year ago

All really fun games, and some of my absolute favorites. I either currently or used to own all of them except GOTG (which is high on my wishlist). I could happily have a collection consisting just of these machines. Most will likely agree that SM, DP, and IM are top of the heap. XM and GOTG somewhere in the middle. TAV bringing up the rear.

While I mostly agree with that, I will say TAV isn't as bad as its reputation would have you believe. Yes, it has issues, but it is a fun game once you dial it in and start nailing the tight shots. It has a unique layout, and some really interesting code once you are past the early game "wood chopping". When I owned mine, I turned down the hit requirements for each hero. This allowed you to qualify the versus modes sooner which is where the game really takes off. It was still quite challenging, and a lot more fun in my book. Helicarrier is a really fun, obtainable mini-wizard mode. I never did get to Battle for Earth, so even with easier settings, the challenge is still there to get to the end. Hulk is a really fun toy and brings a lot of personality to the machine. The Hawkeye ramp with it's controllable path is a really cool innovation if you have it set right. Shame they couldn't use the real voices, but the stand-ins aren't bad and the rest of the sound package is pretty great.

I also think XM is severely underrated and the LE is probably the single biggest value in pinball today. It is flabbergasting that it sells in the $5k range while many LEs of way less caliber sell for significantly more. There is definitely something to be said about initial impressions, and unfortunately XM is still suffering from it's initial code situation. The shots are varied and feel great. I love that there are two major shots from the upper flipper where most games only have one. Using Cyclops to set up the combo feels great. Gambit hurry-up is super cool and unique. The modes are all interesting and the lighting and music really give them each a feel of their own. Having both the hero path and the villain path to work through is great, each with their own wizard mode. Danger Room is hard for me to get to, but has been awesome the few times I've gotten there. Dark Phoenix still eludes me, even after owning the machine for seven years. Lots of depth and challenge with many different ways to tackle it. I personally love the added LE gimmicks, but some prefer the simplicity of the pro. In my opinion, the start of Magneto multiball on an LE is the single greatest pinball "moment" ever. I just can't say enough good things about this game, and highly suggest anyone who hasn't given it an honest chance to take another look at it.

Spiderman and Iron Man are some of the best loved Sterns ever made, for good reason. Both have fast, smooth layouts with shots that feel great. Spiderman is a bit more about the Steve Ritchie flow, with a great upper flipper shot and a fairly deep ruleset. It can play long but stays interesting with a combination of villain battling with the spider modes keeping it fresh. Iron Man is more of an all out battle, with chaos introduced by two magnets and the War Machine kick-back. This machine more than any other feels like it is fighting back. It has a very simple, but well executed ruleset. Easy to understand, but hard to master with a strong "one more game" feeling.

Deadpool is a sneaky one. I think it was underestimated at first, but it has gained a lot of momentum recently. The code is really developing into something special. The layout is very unique and fun to shoot. It has a bit of unfortunate clunk factor, but not enough to take away any enjoyment. The A/V being set up like an old school fighting game is brilliant and brings the nostalgia for those of us that grew up in that era. It is a game that just keeps getting better and better. I love my pro so much that I am strongly considering upgrading to a premium. I will caution you that you have to be able to appreciate the humor. I love it and the corny jokes still make me laugh, but I could see the game becoming annoying if you are not a fan. Either way, if you haven't given DP a chance lately, you really owe it to yourself to get to know it.

GOTG is the game on this list I know the least. The layout is a best-of John Borg, being very much a mash-up of Iron Man and Metallica. As two of the best shooting games ever, that isn't a bad thing. It has some very cool physical ball locks, and a kick-back that even makes War Machine seem gentle. The code is heavily mode-based, with some interesting twists. Most of the A/V is great (ball save/extra ball animations especially), but some could have been integrated a bit better. Like Avengers, it is a shame the original voices could not be used, but what is there is pretty good, plus there are sound mods to add the originals back in. I would say this one is a bit underrated too. It is a really fun game, but both the layout and code are fairly "standard" and do not make it stand out all that much from other games. I think this one mostly just gets lost in the shuffle, and that is a shame since it is a really fun game.

You really can't go wrong with any of them. Spidey is probably my personal favorite, though DP and XM are not far behind. All three are long term keepers for me (though I may part with DP to upgrade it to a premium someday). TAV and IM, while both great, were not keepers for me. I could see having both back someday though, especially IM as I miss that quick, intense battle. GOTG will be in my collection someday soon. Hopefully it will join SM, XM, and DP as a long term keeper.

#6 1 year ago

Thank you jediturtle! Excellent info.

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