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Mars God of War won't boot


5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

So, I recently decided to take the plunge and get into the hobby that I love. Pinball. I picked up a cheap MGOW machine and brought it home to start restoring. When I picked it up it ran fine. Looked like shit, but ran fine. After we put it back together it refuses to start or accept new credits. Each time we tried we'd slowly lose one of the 25 credits it had while it informed us that we had a ball in play. All three balls are sitting in que to launch however nothing happens.

Every now and again it would tell us we had 50 balls in play but still do nothing and not start. I heard there were people on this forum that were familiar with system 80 machines and might have an idea of what is happening. I am including pictures that I took of the circuitry and boards. One picture clearly shows a loose wire and we did fix that. That was causing the screen to error out and show up as only EEEE.

Any advice or help is most appreciated.

IMG_20140216_220318_832-643.jpg IMG_20140217_212305_725-357.jpg IMG_20140217_212312_294-847.jpg IMG_20140217_212320_477-105.jpg IMG_20140217_212323_459-905.jpg IMG_20140217_212328_023-538.jpg IMG_20140217_212344_832-662.jpg IMG_20140217_212355_785-797.jpg IMG_20140217_212403_360-35.jpg IMG_20140217_212413_252-300.jpg IMG_20140217_212419_004-50.jpg IMG_20140217_212423_971-383.jpg IMG_20140217_212428_377-865.jpg IMG_20140217_212438_403-256.jpg IMG_20140217_212503_413-899.jpg
#2 5 years ago

Wow, where to start.
When it's assembled, are you able to get into the diagnostics mode? Do a switch test, lamp test, solenoid test. See what happens. When doing the switch test remove the balls though so you can see if any contacts are stuck.

#3 5 years ago

First you need to fix the red connector with the broken wire. Look at the connector and you will see a pin where the wire was once attached. You will have to remove the pin, crimp a new pin on to the wire and insert into the location where you removed the old pin. You need a tool to remove the pin or you can use the destructo method to remove the pin.

Then you need to inspect the driver board to CPU cable and check the pins for corrosion and for poor spring. Also all of the connectors can have broken pins or the spring has left the pin.



#4 5 years ago

We did actually manage to fix the red connector. I guess I shouldn't have uploaded the picture but it just tagged along with the rest.

That wiki is a huge help and has tons of info. My stepfather and I are learning as we go so feel free to assume I'm currently as stupid as can be when it comes to this. I actually have a feeling I may have stuck it in diagnostic mode without realizing it. The first time we turned it on it did make various noises and attempt to find the ball. Unfortunately, one of the connectors (A1 J5) is very loose. (was when we got it as well.) and came off when we closed the back glass. The game stopped working then and hasn't since.

I won't be able to try anything with it till later tonight. Again, thanks for the wiki link. That is amazingly thorough.

#5 5 years ago

If you don't have a manual for it, buy one. There's a lot of info you won't have otherwise. In addition to dip switch settings for the various modes/boards, the manual covers the service menu and error codes displayed in both the back box and apron displays. What you see as 50 balls in play may well be an error code or other service menu value.

#6 5 years ago

Make sure all your connectors are correct and re seat them a bunch of times. It's highly recommended that you re pin all the connectors in a system 80 machine. It can be quite a job but I think it really helps the long term performance of the machine. Look into the Ground Mod everybody recommends for it. My Mars machine pretty much non functional till I preformed this mod. Also make sure your power supply voltages are correct.


I watched a video from TNT Amusement and Todd said only ground mod you need to do is the one between the driver board and MPU board. Not sure if this true or not it's a easy mod to do though. Just need the crimp tool and pins.

Replace the orange cap above the coin box in the bottom of the cabinet if it's still there.

#7 5 years ago

Hmm just notice the connectors on your MPU board are a bit different then mine. I believe all my plastic casing on the connectors are white kinda like the ones on the edges of your Driver board. Reason I bring this up is If you did decide to re pin the connectors You might want to make sure you can on the one's on the MPU board.

You did say the machine worked before so has to be something loose. I just wanted to tell you about all the recommended upgrades for a System 80 machine in my above post. I'm sure you want to enjoy your game some soon.

#8 5 years ago

Connectors....someone has done a HUGE job to replace (damaged) original connectors (I hate that kind of work )

Quoted from Oneinchbiceps:

Replace the orange cap above the coin box in the bottom of the cabinet if it's still there.

+1 .........MUST be done !!!

#9 5 years ago

Thanks again for all the replies. I managed to locate and buy a manual and schematic for the machine. That will take a couple of days to arrive. Yes, I do have 2 green connectors. It came with those and I assume it was done to replace damaged connectors, however, I am just assuming that. That orange cap is certainly in line to get replaced.

I'll continue to update as things go.

#10 5 years ago

A1J5 connector is for the coin door, you need to be sure you have a good connection there in order to play a game and also do diagnosis.

As to the credit display, you didn't show any of the other displays so I'm going to assume that display is the only one you're having a problem with. Display problems in pairs of displays indicate a problem at the CPU board, connector or IC issues. Display problems on a single display is usually at the display itself, the display connector or s break in it's supply wiring. ***Never adjust the display connectors with the game powered up.*** That said, with the power off, try reseating the credit display connector to see if it'll clear up. If it doesn't, you'll have to look into the display board a little more.

You need to clear this issue up first before you can do more diagnosis. Once cleared up and you're sure you have a good A1J5 connection, you can put your game into diagnostics test 18 and check the switches. I'm thinking a through switch isn't being recognized.


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