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The Mandolorian by Disney, discussions, contain SPOILERS this topic does

By Atari_Daze

6 months ago

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#240 5 months ago

I'm not the hugest Disney fan, and I did feel really burned (dare I say even "angry" about a totally fictional story) after TLJ. I just didn't care - and the Mandalorian (and Rogue One, which I still feel is the best recent SW movie) really got me interested again. That said, there are some pretty insane tinfoil hat conspiracies being thrown around here. Disney is *the biggest media company ever*. They are not going down the tubes.

#242 5 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I agree--I think Disney really botched things. I really expected more.
Dropping all the expanded universe material like it didn't matter, and then with Kathleen Kennedy recently saying "we have no source material" is kind of a slap in the face. I have bookshelves full of 40 years worth of star wars books. That is a heck of a lot of source material right there. Not to mention all the decades of comic books and video games out there. There is an incredible abundance of source material. Even if you can't use the original trilogy characters, there are plenty of side stories and pre/post trilogy adventures to explore and expand upon, as well as fascinating characters.

I agree--I've re-watched it a few times and liked it for the most part, but do have some issues with it. Some of the contemporary moments/dialog that get shoehorned in kind of remove me from the moment.
The others (TFA, TLJ, and Solo) I haven't had a huge desire to see more than twice.
I think with a solid team of fans without much corporate involvement would have resulted in something much better. Some of the fan fiction films out there that I've seen are incredibly creative and often times left me wanting more.
With Disney's treatment of the films, I haven't really been left wanting more. I don't have high hopes for the latest film.
At least with the Mandalorian, it returns to exploring an interesting area of Star Wars lore. Which is what Disney should've done in the first place.

Fully agreed on all counts. I think they made a massive miscalculation in throwing away all the extended universe stuff. Somehow they underestimated the investment fans have made in all the material.

That said, I do sort of understand - it would have taken years to untangle that ball of yarn, and I'm sure in order to get big name directors onboard, they had to let them tell whatever stories they wanted to tell. That misfired too -spectacularly so with TLJ, and Solo.

With Rogue One, yeah it wasn't perfect, but the 'feel' of the movie, and the out-of-the-way story they told really felt like "STAR WARS!" for the first time to me. It's the only one, INCLUDING TFA (which I quite liked) that I will actually stop to watch if I see it's on.

The Mandalorian has done a lot in that respect as well. The prequels never felt really like Star wars; they were too clean, certainly too CGI for it to feel like a "used future," as George Lucas originally envisioned with EP IV. They didn't feel used, and they hardly felt like the future. Mandalorian nailed that aesthetic, especially when they went back to Tatooine. Add that to an intriguing story (also majorly bombed by the prequels, Solo and TLJ) and you've got a good show. Jon Favreau saves another franchise. Seriously, they need to give him a damn medal.

#244 5 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

It’s pure wishful thinking - Disney f’d up something I love, therefore they must be imploding (even if the numbers don’t bear it out). Now if the new SW does as poorly as Solo, that would be something to talk about. But if it does “poorly” like Last Jedi (clears less than Force Awakens but still one of the top grossing movies of all time) then Disney will have made many hundreds of millions, regardless of what the die-hard fans think of it.
For my part I hope it’s fun to watch!

I get that, but it takes about 2 seconds to find actual numbers. WTF is up with the Captain Marvel hate though!? That movie was fine. What is up with all the rumormongering that "Disney bought up all the DVDs" or whatever. Why would a company do that!? LOL.

When a movie in a huge franchise like Star Wars is reviewed poorly (by the audience), usually it's the following movie that suffers the effects, and shows the general feeling about the previous movie. There's almost no way the next SW movie won't be a blockbuster, and JJ Abrams has proven to be a competent storyteller at minimum, and this generation's Spielburg at best. he's certainly not a bomb-wielding psycho like Rian Johnson.

I'm really not in favor of Disney owning basically EVERYTHING out there, I think it's way too much to have one company doing so much. But they've integrated Pixar's creative practices into ALL their storytelling, which has shown remarkable change already. I'm sort of hopeful things will turn around. Movies are F-ING hard to make. It's a miracle when they get made at all, and making a good one is almost impossible.

#247 5 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

You’re missing the big picture, man ...[quoted image]


#250 5 months ago

I haven’t seen 6 yet - it was good? I just read this blistering review “this show is about nothing, no character development, he just shoots things...” but it seemed sort of forced (no pun intended!)

#260 5 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Ep. 6 had more of the Mandalorian badassery we all love to see. Excellent. Maybe the best yet.

Watched it last night. That was definitely a fun episode -

I realized what it is that connects about this show, vs say the prequels - the Jedi are BORING. Lol! I mean that’s basically it - this show is back to the rebellion feel, the grungy underworld. The whole show is like the cantina scene in the first movie. Great to see all of Rick Baker’s designs on display as real characters now.

I absolutely LOVE how they are casting so many voice actors from Rebels and Clone Wars. Clancy Brown has been in other things onscreen obviously, but he is on both cartoons as well, and previous episodes included other actors from the show. The one human guard on the prison ship is the voice of Anakin on Clone Wars. His name is Matt Lanter. Also Richard Ayoade! LOL

#263 5 months ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

huh i am having trouble getting into this series. thought chapter 6 was worst yet.. just can't pinpoint why. for someone with a reputation he does, he sure seems like a softy. not just baby yoda, but how quickly he settles down in the village, how he doesn't want to kill anyone, even though they tried to kill him.. i.e., in chapter 6 .. they even led you to believe he killed a few people and then they do a cut shot at the end that makes sure you know they were ok.
maybe i have been enjoying the darker/gritty Marvel shows on Netflix / MCU and this kind of Disney-fied G rating show is not for me.

What I’m getting from this is that he IS getting soft, possibly because of Yoda, possibly because he’s seeing all these opportunities he is unable to have while he wears the armor. It is REALLY obvious he will eventually take off the helmet, and he would need to be ok with renouncing “The Way” at that point - the most likely way to get there is to have him want deep down to have a family, since his was taken away from him. All that subtext is there, they are just treating the audience like adults and not ramming it down your face

#265 5 months ago

I guess I’m leaning too heavily on the established history for the Mandalorians - which, you are right, they have not delved too far into on the show. There is history where they talk about how much of a badass he is/was; the gang from ep 6, all his fight scenes where he wipes out multiple enemies, (stormtroopers don’t count haha), the scenes early on in the Mandalorian hideout. But you’re right - none of it has been actually *seen* on the show

#282 5 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Ironically, I have heard overwhelmingly positive reviews from friends, family, and the media. The only place I have seen much negativity about it has been here on pinside.


#286 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

End of Season 1 is on Dec 27th isn’t it? I’m expecting something big to happen in the next to episodes before the last episode.
Anyone know when Season 2 is slated to begin? We aren’t waiting until Nov 2020 are we?

Lots of speculation that something occurs in the Friday episode which coincides with the release of the next film (what is it called? Rise of Skywalker?), which would be really bad ass, and would explain a bit why it may have felt like they were padding things out

#294 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Since you mentioned Rise of Skywalker, any theories on the title?
Luke resurrected from the dead or his Spirit? Does Rey turn out to be his offspring or some other love child from Luke where the name carries on?

I really hope it’s Luke coming back, maybe even as more than a Force ghost. That last movie.. god, that can not be his legacy.

I think Kylo Ren turns good, goes against the emperor, Rey probably doesn’t turn evil - I am thinking that one scene from the trailer (where she has the red saber) might be a vision from the testing cave (a la Empire).

I doubt Rey is related to Luke; seems like no real reason to do that. But it does piss me off they teased she might have a destiny (“your parents left you on jakku”) and then just threw it away in TLJ. I was fairly sure she was Kylo Ren’s sister at first but now I don’t know

#297 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Rey’s parents is a major unknown component as she didn’t just stumble upon possessing the force by accident.
She could be Qui-Gon Ginn’s daughter, Obi’s kid or really any Jedi’s kid for that matter from roughly that timeline. Maybe we find out with Rise of Skywalker.

I dunno.. one of the main takeaways from TLJ was that anybody could use the force, just some people are stronger in it than others. I mean the stupid Midichlorians are still technically a thing...

#307 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

They call him Mando because he's a faceless, nameless Mandalorian. It's a generic thing... except most people have never known one, let alone multiple.. so it's fine to refer to him that way.
Having met him before or not does not change that.

So I know Boba Fett doesn’t follow “the Way” in ROTJ but we don’t really know if he was EVER a Mandalorian, do we? The conventional wisdom was that he had stolen from or killed the previous wearer of his armor

#313 5 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

My buddy who is really into mandalorians said the show is taking %50 lore from the books and making up %50 as they go, or about. I figured why not use the books but we’ll it’s Disney...
Episode 7 was pretty good. The acting from the shock trooper is still terrible but should make a good build up to the end of the season.

Haha I was remarking last night that Gina Carano is really learning how to act; I thought she made some unique character choices in episode 7

#317 5 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Man for the cost of each episode you think they'd give her some acting lessons quickly. She fits the roll very well but the acting is sub par of the CW's :/

You can’t learn acting that quick - some people get it immediately, but the vast majority of people need years of practice to get out of their own head in order to act like someone else. I’m not finding her acting distracting, but there’s definitely a high bar on that show. Hello, Nick Nolte!

#322 5 months ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Spotted this morning, thought I'd share.[quoted image]

That is F-ing hilarious

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