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The Mandolorian by Disney, discussions, contain SPOILERS this topic does

By Atari_Daze

6 months ago

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#40 6 months ago
Quoted from acedanger:

That one episode blew away the entire new Trilogy!! Great pacing, special effects & most importantly great characters!! It's very refreshing a grungy Sci-Fi western with humor, cool environments & great action sequences!! Very happy with the direction so far...

Best Star Wars since the original trilogy, period.

#51 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

There have been several large beasties front and center, and at least two "leads" that have been cg, as well as lots of ships, some sets, etc.
I don't know what story there is so far. It's pretty basic, which isn't bad necessarily, but I don't know how much character development has been established to this point.

Has a western vibe going on, the man with no name.

The CGI of the "lizard horses" could have been better, some distinct issues around the tail movement/blending in several shots.

Classic tropes are classic for a good reason, the character and backdrops change but the same basic story which I'm perfectly good with.

We have the mysterious stranger, the quest for the mcguffin, the side quest, etc. So far not bad.

#56 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I don't like their design really at all. Weight distribution looks awkward, like they'd topple tits over ass, kinda thing.

That didn't bother me so much, science fantasy after all but when you see CGI artifacts it pulls you out the story.

What did bother me was the whole "you need this lizard horse to get to point B" and then he walks back to point A minus the lizard. Clearly didn't need it after all.

Quoted from wesman:

Tough to connect to a stranger when there's a mask constantly present.

He is a mystery man, the smartest thing they can do is not take the mask off. Allude to his backstory but please, no flashbacks. Hollywood loves themselves flashbacks.

One of the biggest mistakes they made in Judge Dredd with Stallone was taking the mask off which they did not repeat with Dredd.

Jaws was terrifying because not what you saw, but what your mind filled in the blanks.

#65 6 months ago
Quoted from Methos:

Urban's Dredd was a fantastic film, and of course they never did another. Guess it shows how skewed my opinions are compared to the masses.

It was a great adaptation of the Judge Dredd graphics series, loved it.

#77 6 months ago

I just sat down to watch them a year or two ago, could not do it. Just utterly cringe-worthy.

McGregor, and McDiarmid are the only good things to come out of that mess aside from Darth Maul, who was of course tossed down a pit very much like Boba Fett.

Lucas was a hack. He got lucky on Star Wars as he had friends that helped cut the movie and a wife he listened too. Empire was directed by someone else and it shows. The third.. well the wheels were clearly coming off the cart as the best Lucas could come up with was another death star and Ewoks since he figured out where the real revenue stream was.

After Lucas and wife parted company it has been downhill since.

#79 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

It feels a little disingenuous, to give no credit at all to Lucas, doesn't it..?

No credit is a bit strong.

Lucas is a very good idea guy, poor storyteller though and his dialog is atrocious. His wife would reign in the worst of his excesses, she was the only one that could. Once they divorced there was no one to stop him from acting on his excesses. Watch the Red Letter Media review of Phantom Menace on Youtube, guy nails it. Lucas was a titan on TPM set and had a bunch of guys who were bobble heads going "the was wonderful Mr. Lucas" every thirty seconds. No one had the nerve to tell him "that looks a little shaky George" though after one test screening you could see it on their faces.

Also watch some of the unused footage from the first Star Wars, just as well it ended up on the cutting room floor.

#80 6 months ago

This is well worth watching, all 7 parts. Plinkett covers it in extensive detail.

#84 6 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

My daughter and a couple of her friends are splitting an account so I jumped on to watch episode 2.

Watch episode one, it was much better than the second.

#86 6 months ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Vader's "NO disintigrations" demand from ESB finally explained I was also laughing out loud seeing that. The series is full of references that the hard core fans will spot. They are doing an excellent job so far.

Spot the two Star Wars Holiday Special references?

#88 6 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I did already but can't justify a subscription.


The first episode was excellent, in the second I felt there was a smidgen too much "Marvel Brand" humor.

#98 6 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I know I did, but does "Callback: The Show" make a good substitute for solid material? I groaned when I heard the Life Day reference in the first episode.

There is nothing wrong with subtle callbacks, this is taking place in the Star Wars universe after all.

And frankly only a well versed SW fan would even get the references to the holiday special.. It will go over most peoples heads.

#110 6 months ago
Quoted from DRDAVE:

"George" also weighed in on how Disney continues to take a dump on his life's work!
"George Lucas" being ever so honest and sooo darn funny weighing in on Rise of Skywalker:

"You don't have daddy to kick around anymore"
Hilarious! =)

Thanks for the chuckle during lunch!

#114 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

It’s going to end up being Yoda’s kid

Clone of Yoda with be a logical assumption.

#144 6 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Enjoyed chapter 3 we did!

It was better than 2nd episode. The last 5 minutes felt awkward with lots of questions being raised.

Is Mando in some trouble for getting them kicked out of town?
Did he break some Mandalorian code going back rescuing baby Yoda after being paid?
Clearly his "brothers" came to his rescue, but at what price?

1 week later
#174 5 months ago
Quoted from Rando:

I know you'll tell me to watch it and I'll change my mind, but don't know that I'll get there anytime soon. Plus I'd have to get another streaming subscription!

I'm a little disappointed, from my point of view it turning into a soft marketing launch for baby Yoda and Mando toys. The first episode had good tone but its rolling downhill fairly fast in regards to anything serious.

#177 5 months ago

They actually had a late launch, one report was they deliberately did not have toys spooled up before hand because a lot of leaks come out of the toy companies. Once baby Yoda was made public they were quick to announce stuff would arrive before Christmas.

#187 5 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I'm still watching. It's decent, but definitely feels pretty "safe". I really would love to see a more political SW show, a la GOT.. but I doubt we see that happen. The dialogue really needs to improve in order for something like that to be a success.
Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that the Ewoks were the first "cuteness" introduced in the SW universe - that all started with R2D2.

Watch Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress.

The characters of CP-3O and R2D2 are lifted 100% from that classic film as comedy relief.

#199 5 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I agree with both of you.
I think the weird brief episodes, with lead in's, that logo intro, and a really long end credits sequence, most of these episodes are 30 minutes long.

I'm starting to think they are trying to duplicate the animated series sucess, but in a live action format.

My thought on episode five was someone spent A LOT of money spooling up Mos Eisley on Tantooine for the series. Nostalgia for the original was clearly being beat like a drum.

#206 5 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

You didn't appreciate the wacky combo of Ellen Ripley meets Richard Simmons via the masterful comedic stylings of Amy Sedaris?[quoted image]

Yes, that was a rather jarring character.. that wasn't needed at all to move the story along in any shape, manner or form.

The episodes are going to be uneven as they are shot by different directors at times.. but still Disney should be concerned about putting out a quality product after The Last Jedi fiasco. The Star Wars attractions are tanking and the scuttlebutt about the next movie is NOT good at all. Just the trailer alone (space horses on the hull of a ship, are you flipping kidding me?) and several interviews with the actors and director indicates not only has the Titanic come in range of the iceberg but the ships engines have been locked at full throttle.

#209 5 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

One thing Disney has done for Star Wars is make the universe feel incredibly small. So he ends up on Tatooine, and even Mos Eisley... and in the same booth where Han Solo shot first?

Frankly I was utterly surprised that the ship didn't land at Docking Bay 94.

#211 5 months ago
Quoted from Rando:

So don't know what you're basing your above statement on, but that's my experiences and what I've seen/heard so far. If a fan, the new SW land (in Disney World anyway) is a must do.

Interviews with people who work at the park, people visiting. The numbers are way down from what they were expecting. Disney has close to a billion invested and the projected numbers of visitors isn't there.

These were two videos taken at random, seen others in print. Why would you want to go after the last depressing installment? I was vaguely interested but after TLJ no thanks.

#221 5 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

It has been proclaimed as the most watched show in the world by numerous outlets. It has also received very high praise from critics on many platforms. Disney proclaims it has already made them large quarterly earnings from subscription sales attributed to the series, and it has had incredible week to week growth.

1) If you believe the media, I have a bridge to sell you. Disney is notorious for gaming the system to the point "someone" was buying blocks and blocks of movie tickets for Captain Marvel to plump sales numbers but theaters were reported as being empty.

See also critics raving over The Last Jedi and giving it ridiculous high scores while audiences panned it. So much so no one showed up for Solo and it crashed and burned and Disney has scaled back Star Wars movie output. No Ryan Johnson trilogy, no Obi-Wan movie, etc. Even the Game of Thrones guys bailed out.

2) Where do these viewing numbers, come from? Oh, the company with a vested interest in launching its new streaming service? The one they are loosing billions on?

Well, I'm sure they are totally legit then, they would have no reason to lie right?



"In its 2018 Annual Financial Report, Disney reported revenue for their Consumer Products division was down 4% from 2018 to 2017, and down almost 16% from 2018 to 2016, which includes Star Wars and Marvel Comics and products.

The numbers are a bit skewed now as Disney has since combined how they report on their Consumer Products division as they have paired it with their Parks division, essentially hiding the losses and making as it appear as if both divisions have seen increases in revenue. What is really happening is that the Parks division numbers have been offsetting the lower numbers from Consumer Products."


"Disney’s three streaming operations will run a loss of $3.9 billion in the company’s 2019 fiscal year, estimates analyst Michael Nathanson. That number will jump to $4.9 billion the next year, with Disney+ accounting for $2.5 billion of that loss; Bernstein analyst Todd Juenger says those numbers will get worse if Disney decides to expand Hulu outside the US, since it will have to spend even more on content. Disney says it will start making money on its streaming businesses by 2024."

#226 5 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

A critic here or one guy making a guesstimate there doesn't meant diddly.

The information was pulled from Disney's own end of year report. Disney has been upfront about their streaming costs too.

The current pricing for the service is unsustainable, a loss leader to get people in.

#270 5 months ago
Quoted from Oaken:

That and her prosthetics just looked...off to me.
I’ve said it before, but in general the show looks beautiful. Set design, costume design, you name it and I am impressed. That woman though.. looked like she just had two tubes of spray painted foam/rubber hanging off the back of her head. Like the masks you get for $20 on clearance the day after Halloween.

1) A LOT of money is being spent on episodes.

2) The female character was channeling a lot of Harley Quin, a deliberate choice I suspect considering the HQ movie coming out.

3) I like Bill Burr time to time, was the wrong guy for that roll. Again, another jarring character who was "out of place"

4) They should have dropped the jail cell scene at the end and left their fate ambiguous. The first episode he cuts a random thug in half with a door but on episode six, people who actively double crossed him are left in a cell? Rubbish.

#272 5 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Im not a fan of bill burr and I dont think acting is when you just act like yourself the whole time.

It can work, this wasn't the role for Barr.

Quoted from Chitownpinball:

It felt very video game like when they all split up and fought mando 1 v 1.

It is a weak spot but just plausible. One would have thought they would have gone 2 on 2 after seeing Mando in action against a the droids.

Formidable, particularly so since you crossed him.

#275 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Disagree with the 2 vs 2 theory.
From the moment they all first met they thought he was small, weak and inferior so in their minds they could all take him in a conflict.
The only one that had the goods on him was the chick, her brother and the dude that gave him the job and none of them spoke up about his capabilities.
I also think keeping them in jail at the end and not killing them has more to do with with the mandolorian code and guild. Kind of an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth thing, they didn’t use deadly force on him nor did he. Simply returned the favor of being locked up.

They saw him in action before double crossing him, 1 on 1 makes sense only before that point.

All of them used deadly force against Mando unless you were watching a different show than I was.

#278 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Read the Madolorian Code, I think he followed it.

Like he followed bounty hunter guild rules?

#284 5 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Ironically, I have heard overwhelmingly positive reviews from friends, family, and the media. The only place I have seen much negativity about it has been here on pinside.

You seemed distressed that people should disagree with your worldview and tastes, welcome to the real world.

I don't like the Beatles, that doesn't mean people who DO like the Beatles are wrong, they just have different tastes than I.

The show has flaws and is uneven, I'm glad that you find it enjoyable. I look at it from a writers point of view and from that point of view it has several flaws. From what I have been reading, it was originally intended to be a movie and got cut up to fit the TV format which would explain why the last few episodes do nothing to move the story arc along, they are fillers till the next act takes off..

Act I has established the Manodlorian character and motivations to some degree, the Mcguffin has been introduced (The Child) and the dilemma.. From there the story arc has effectively stalled and turned into adventure of the week. I suspect things will pick up at some point when Act III starts rolling towards the end of the season.

#312 5 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Episode 7 was pretty good. The acting from the shock trooper is still terrible but should make a good build up to the end of the season.

Agreed, last episode was fairly tight. Nice to see the final act in motion.

#321 5 months ago

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