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Mandalorian Center Ramp.

By Loganpinball

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

I finished a new design that is a easy drop in replacement center ramp for Mandalorian machines. (Works for all models). The ramp is all stainless steel that is tig welded by hand. I test fit and playtest everything I sell prior to shipping. Ramp uses all the original hardware that you transfer from original ramp. Forgive the brass rivets. I ran out of stainless ones. The ramp will be sold with stainless rivets. If you have any interest please pm me. If your upset with my efforts, please ignore me or simply drain the topic.
Thanks, Jay

$425 includes shipping to U.S. only.

092EEE6A-1A19-4FDC-80C5-7BA9618FE73D (resized).jpeg092EEE6A-1A19-4FDC-80C5-7BA9618FE73D (resized).jpeg19407641-075E-4230-A4CD-597B31616350 (resized).jpeg19407641-075E-4230-A4CD-597B31616350 (resized).jpeg1E1DE5A9-7EAF-4950-8C54-D168D35E27CA (resized).jpeg1E1DE5A9-7EAF-4950-8C54-D168D35E27CA (resized).jpeg2A2359AA-06E8-4BBF-8AF6-73530E4F1AAA (resized).jpeg2A2359AA-06E8-4BBF-8AF6-73530E4F1AAA (resized).jpeg401D884B-8ACF-49E3-BFF1-B6597A3F2753 (resized).jpeg401D884B-8ACF-49E3-BFF1-B6597A3F2753 (resized).jpeg465EDF08-1B10-4776-9F8E-D2FCA72C29A7 (resized).jpeg465EDF08-1B10-4776-9F8E-D2FCA72C29A7 (resized).jpegBFED718D-4904-476E-A02E-7C5F349D1CBC (resized).jpegBFED718D-4904-476E-A02E-7C5F349D1CBC (resized).jpeg83E8E9FC-876C-44B2-A287-05F1DA3645D4 (resized).jpeg83E8E9FC-876C-44B2-A287-05F1DA3645D4 (resized).jpegA328F09E-A674-44A3-A993-2A8887182958 (resized).jpegA328F09E-A674-44A3-A993-2A8887182958 (resized).jpeg3F665CD7-FAEA-4B7C-9FAF-5597A227F830 (resized).jpeg3F665CD7-FAEA-4B7C-9FAF-5597A227F830 (resized).jpeg90BA4550-E089-4F6F-B416-9C280B9441B7 (resized).jpeg90BA4550-E089-4F6F-B416-9C280B9441B7 (resized).jpeg6A17FB35-BFE5-4E90-AB4D-FD0885E2FF12 (resized).jpeg6A17FB35-BFE5-4E90-AB4D-FD0885E2FF12 (resized).jpeg7495D55C-4BD0-46DF-9619-F004BDFFC64A (resized).jpeg7495D55C-4BD0-46DF-9619-F004BDFFC64A (resized).jpeg

#2 5 months ago

Neat that you made this, but maybe 100 bucks?

#3 5 months ago

this is a really nice piece of art. great work! although I cannot afford it, I can understand why it is worth its price. I hope you will find a lot of buyers, fingers crossed!

#4 5 months ago

If your interested please email [email protected] or visit loganpinball.com.

I am stepping away from pinside for a while. I should have known better.
Thanks Spicekabay. You balanced out the comments.

#5 5 months ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

Neat that you made this, but maybe 100 bucks?

I need Robins help deactivating my account and will be doing so when he has time. I really do not understand what the hell happened to pinside. But thanks for your comment. I just dont understand it.

#6 5 months ago

Yes, there has been many toxic topics lately, Godzilla topper is a big one right now...

I think this looks great, poor choice in Stern using "plastic" ramps in a Premium.....you can tell this is very good work, not easy to do, when you've already paid almost 10 bills for a premium, this is a small price to fix something Stern should never had done...

I don't have a Mando yet, but hoping to later this year, will definitely think seriously about this, I took note of your website and saved the pics.

#7 5 months ago

Logan, please don’t stay away long. You’re WAY too talented and an absolute treasure to the community. There’s few of you out there that has a market for specific things like Cliffy, HEP, freeplay40 and Cleland. Great work

#8 5 months ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

Logan, please don’t stay away long. You’re WAY too talented and an absolute treasure to the community. There’s few of you out there that has a market for specific things like Cliffy, HEP, freeplay40 and Cleland. Great work

I appreciate all of that. I am still making mods. Everything I attempt to make or sell will be shown on Instagram Loganpinball. And on Loganpinball.com if its for sale. My email is [email protected]. Please email that as loganpinball on pinside will be deactivated soon.


A buffalopinball related streamer comments were so freaking nasty and personal over the james bond I could not even understand the amount of anger behind it? All about how I suck and should leave machines alone as designers intended.
Followed by infighting over how the game sucks. I posted about all the negativity and just did not need that stuff in my head to be told to get some klenex and see a therapist.

Alien… I had to see a post of maybe I should not take a stab in the dark and waste my time over something nobody wants.

Mando center. $100? The plate is .96 cents per inch alone. Its a long ramp with three sides. Not cheap. I have seen mods that I dont understand price or design. All I do is move on. Why so many of the pinsiders feel it necessary to just be nasty for no reason.

I am deactivating pinside as soon as Robin gets to it. I cant do it unless I link a bank account to my pinside shop. Not interested in doing that. Hopefully he lets me kill it.

I appreciate all the support and orders from pinside, but the last three mods I have posted I have had issues with comments. I dont need kleenex or a therapist. I also just dont need the negativity of pinside anymore. I am Still in business and I am sure I would do better advertising or posting on this site, but I prefer not being angry or upset with people that just dont understand labor or costs making mods, but just jump on modders topics to be nasty.

Again, I am still making new mods and everything is on instagram Loganpinball. Or loganpinball.com going forward.

I really do appreciate the support and thank everyone again, but I just dont need the negativity that is now pinside. (Flaky artist crap, I know!) If you enjoy or have interest in the ideas I try, please feel free to follow me over there. Enjoy the hobby. There are so many great games now its nuts.

#9 5 months ago

A little hypersensitive? If my opinion is enough to have you bail, then you were ready to jump anyway. I don't feel the need to justify my post on the price being asked. I won't spend that kind of money for a ramp, no matter how well it's made or what it's made of. I said that it is neat that you made it. There. A compliment. Not good enough?

#10 5 months ago

Awesome that you made a ramp again! I'm in!

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