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Mandalorian Pre/LE or GNR LE/CE

By BigBalls

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Piss and moan section!!

#2 3 years ago

Neither are worth their $$ to me. I’d go Mando Pro and wait out play field issues with JJP

#3 3 years ago

Save yourself frustration and time dealing with all the issues that come loaded with buying anything from JJP. History has shown they will not fix the PF problems. This is JJP’s fourth game in a row with PF issues. Nothing is ever going to be solved by JJP or they would have done it by now. Mando all the way! There is no comparison.

#4 3 years ago

I'm out on the GNR due to potential playfield issues and the whole no warranty thing, so I'd go Mando. That's me though. You gotta do you.

#5 3 years ago

Both is not a option?

Mando LE..

#6 3 years ago

My Zep LE playfield is gorgeous in every way.

Take that for what you will.

1 month later
#7 3 years ago

I've played both. Side by side. Directly in turn. Ok, both were pro/see but still...

And I wonder the same thing.

G'n'r is floaty, soft, and not a hard shooter. There is not really a good satisfying shot. But the freaking lights are amazing. The music kicks ass when turned up. The mutliballs are fun. I still don't know the rules for patches and other stuff. It's fun but also disappointing. I want a shot that I say YES when I hit it. I want to know how to earn towards something.... I want more than great music and lights. I will say , 99% of the time there's something to shoot at, I just can't figure out what.... But damn it's fun.

Mando is classic. Great story. Great modes. Satisfying center/left ramp shot up to mini playfield. Grogu doll sucks. It's a brick walls type game. Super fast but the ball feels like it's literally hitting bricks when you miss. Hard shots. Not difficult. Like feels rock hard. Fast game. Multi balls are fun. Encounters are fun and mini playfield really so cool. Not a lot of flow but there is some and you can get it going a little. Zero floaty. Zero soft. Lots of story and modes. But at some points there's nothing to do it shoot for. (Play better?) Haha

So... Which one do I buy? I've played 4 g'n'r. Not one had any issues I could see. Also played 4 mandos. Also no issues.

But... I'll have one game in my house.... Which one of these 2 do I buy?

#8 2 years ago

Played GNR LE and MANDO LE 2 days ago. GNR was total chaos, MANDO was super fun.

#9 2 years ago

Played Mando pro and it was fun. I could’ve spent a long time on it. Played GNR CE and it was bad. Floaty and boring. Very pretty looking but honestly I couldn’t wait for it to end. Got a multi ball on second ball and I was pissed because the game was going to go on longer. It seriously felt awful. I also don’t like any of the way any of the Jersey Jack games play except for Dialed In.

#10 2 years ago

Easy answer since ive owned both but the GnR was a SE but ive played the LE version...Mando LE for the win! Its the better shooter, alot better code, and for me the better theme. I do like GnR though just isnt JJP best layout or rule set but sure is pretty and has some good moments.

Mando is full of modes and breadth in the code but has some bugs that still need worked out. The mini is so much fun and im usually a upperplayfield hater. The diverter shot, left ramp, right ramp, and even the horseshoe orbit are all satisfying shots. I enjoy it more since I enjoy mode based story games. Mando feels like im in a battle with the machine.

GnR is all about score and risk reward and Im not really much of a point chaser so it didnt click with me. The jackpot scoring reminds me of BM66 but i feel BM66 does the jackpot score chasing alittle better with the modes telling a story at the same time but as I said I enjoy mode story telling more then point chasing. Shots wise my favorite shot is the extra ball shot and when i played the LE the upper playfield definitely added another good aspect to the overall game.

Both games have super nice looking playfield art but GnR is better and more interesting looking with some really good drawling's . GnR easily has better lighting but I prefer the white hotrails over the colored ones since it makes the ball easier to see. Cabinet wise Mando LE got the win and the mirrored backglass is really nice looking. Its sorta pick your poison situation. Do you like point chasing or mode playing.

#11 2 years ago

Finally got to play a g'n'r Le.

Not worth the money in anyway. In fact, the upper playfield was a hindrance.

That being said I jammed in that thing for hours today. It was well setup and maintained. The music was up loud enough to really enjoy without being on obnoxious. I have put some (a little) time into figuring out patches and scoring. So that made it more fun. I washed a 1.4m bonus down the drain by pushing the wrong buttons.

The song mode is really fun trying to finish them and get the jackpot. Is is supposed to make the machine go dead when you choose jackpot? Bc this one did.

Overall I had a blast on the g'n'r Le today which makes my decision much harder for the SE bc it was so good today.

#12 2 years ago

Mando le all day!!!

#13 2 years ago

GNR LE is my vote but I say go with the game that YOU enjoy the most and forget all the other opinions.

#14 2 years ago

Own a pro Mando and a GnR le I've gotten both games in the last 4 weeks. When Mando showed up everyone was excited and played it for a little bit and then migrated back to other pins in the collection.

When GnR showed up....4 of us played it for 6 hrs straight, learning the rules. Trying to understand what they are trying to do with the code..... and then it clicks, it becomes that one more game pin ....the booster multiballs, patches, getting into the song and trying to set it all up to cash out big-time. I understand that there's could be playfield issues in the future for me ..... but when I come home for work and my 15 yr old is jamming away on gnr trying to set everything up to beat his old man's score ....it's worth the risk.

GnR is probably the most beautiful game I've owned and probably ever will, I was super stoked when it was announced but after some game play videos was like Meh..... finally decided that I'd give it a try and am so happy with it.

I'm not trying to bash stern because Im a stern guy but when you put a JJP game next to a stern you can see a huge difference

9 months later
#15 2 years ago

Anyone have fresh opinions on this topic now that both games have some age on them??

#16 2 years ago

I have free access to a Mando LE on the route I help maintain and I own a GNRLE as of a couple of months ago now. For me, it's easily GNR. Mando is fine, but there is so much more to GNR and that's the kind of game I gravitate to for my home environment. I'm really enjoying figuring out GNR, even months after owning it I still learn new things. It definitely keeps me coming back for more and has been my late night go to game.

#17 2 years ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Anyone have fresh opinions on this topic now that both games have some age on them??

They're very different games, and both really nice examples of fully leveraging assets to incorporate their themes. I own a Mando Prem and GNR LE (though only a few days so far with GNR). GNR if you prefer more flow, more forgiving shots, deeper/complex rule sets, or a rock pin theme. Go Mando if you want a punishing pin, easy-to-learn (but not shallow) rule set, like trapping and backhanding shots, or prefer a Star Wars/sci-fi them.

In general, I'd go GNR over Mando because GNR's geometry feels a bit better designed and the production value is higher. But of course you'll pay more for that production value, too.

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