Pin2DMD color release for Street Fighter II!

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Pin2DMD color release for Street Fighter II!

By Malenko

1 year ago

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#46 1 year ago
Quoted from Malenko:

*IF* all goes well that will be done today and I should be able to zip through the "you have defeated X opponents, you have Y remaining" by the end of the day since they can only have palette changes done and cannot be redrawn.

That is not right that you only can use palette changes. Use ColMask drawing mode for these scenes.

#56 1 year ago

This one would also work well

Unknown (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#104 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

That one doesnt have a Gottlieb/Premier/Capcom option. Which one did you use?

I think he uses that one

#106 1 year ago

Waiting for a video of a gameplay.

#119 1 year ago
Quoted from Malenko:

feels weird updating so much post release, but I found out the issue.
When I trigger sequences using hashes from the recording they dont always play, when I trigger scenes using hashes from a vpin recording everything works as expected.

Problem is that slow USB connections lead to frame drops. V-Pin recordings always contain all frames.

#124 1 year ago

It is going to be working working with .pal and .vni virtual pinball export from pin2dmd editor. Patching the ROM is only working for Stern SAM. Only working with real pin2dmd right now.

#136 1 year ago

I published the firmware with the fixes needed to make it work properly on the pin2dmd github repository.
Thanks for this project malenko . This is officially the very first DMD colorization for a Gottlieb pinball.
Thanks for finding the bugs and testing.

1 week later
#156 1 year ago

Rappelbox wrote in the german forum that he was in hospital and needs some time to fully recover. So maybe you need to have a little patience.

#167 1 year ago

Here is a video of Malenko´s work on my vpin

#176 1 year ago
Quoted from Mace:

Hi Malenko, thanks for this awesome piece of work. I've taken my PIN2DMD display out of my virtual pinball and put it into my real SFII and it runs beautifully. I believe that you asked for feedback so after playing many games the only difference I can see on a real pin compared to vpinball is that detection of the Vega and Blanka animation colour key frames is sometimes missed leading to those sequences being shown in black and white. I've tried to reproduce this but unfortunately its pretty random. There's a also corruption on the Blanka car shock animation from the normal upper left lane shot. I've tried opening the files from your repository in the latest Editor but for some reason my PC simply throws up an error all the time so I can't try to help by tweaking. Hope this helps and thank you again!

You may have to remove the file path of the recordings in the xml file of the project

#187 1 year ago
Quoted from Malenko:

welp Lucky1 needs to add support for colorizations on Baywatch so maybe Jurassic Park can be next?

The editor is already prepared for 192x64 and 128x16 So you can continue your work without interruption. Do you have a pin2dmdXL already ?

#195 1 year ago
Quoted from Crash:

Forgive me if this has been mentioned, but I have access to a Baywatch and Jurassic Park, both with DMD Extender color displays. Does anyone know if DMD Extender by Dr. Pinball supports color files created by the PIN2DMD editor?

You could convert it to a smartdmd by exchanging the software on the Raspi and use it for pinball browser colorized Stern machines.

1 week later
#227 1 year ago
Quoted from aganim:

Hello Malenko, your work is very impressive.
I have Gotlieb Super Mario and I would try to colorise it but in dont find how start the project. Where are you find the animation for make colorisation ?

It is a mixture of keeping an colorizing the original graphics and replacing it with sprites from e.g. here

Super Mario has some limitations due to some strange DMD signals of early Gottlieb machines.

#230 1 year ago
Quoted from aganim:

Thanks Malenko That's what I wanted to know.
I thought we could take the roms directly from pinball emulator to work on coloring.
Lucky1 what do you mean by limitations ? It seems to me the pin2dmd works on SuperMario3 with an external powersupply.

Currently AddCol is not possible on the early Gottlieb machines, but you can colorize with replacement and palette switch.

2 weeks later
#292 1 year ago
Quoted from smitherssp:

malenko : What mode are you running. Gottlieb or Gottlieb 92?

If you have Gottlieb 92 you don´t have the latest firmware installed.
Please use the latest firmware for the Malenko colorization.

#299 1 year ago
Quoted from smitherssp:

So funny you should mention that! I was assuming based off youtube videos. I have the newest and there is Gottlieb 1, 2, and 3. Any idea which one to select? Here's a quick video:
» YouTube video
The car crush is currently black and white. I'll toy around some more.

Gottlieb 2 is the correct mode.

V1 for machines from '92
V2 for machine from '93-'95 (Shaq Attaq)
V3 for later machines

#327 1 year ago

For SMB Gottlieb 1 is the right setting

#339 1 year ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

Got it all wired up and installed. The youtube video was a bit different than what I needed to do to make my basic settings for a Gottlieb Tee'd Off, but finally figure out how to get into the Config Menu and set it to my version. It is a nice bright white now. There are some "psychedelic" colorings in the animantions, but this is showing a lot of promise and I look forward to working and helping in any way to colorize. I was trying to figure out where to attach the mini USB to the DMD but my cord doesn't fit any way I try. Is there a different version of mini USB this needs to connect. Sure would like to get a dump of the files to get things going for everyone.

Thanks again for all the help and patience.

You need to connect to the micro USB to get a dump. Mini USB is only for firmware upgrade.
Could you upload a video in landscape and with higher resolution ?

#354 1 year ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

Hello Lucky1,
Thanks for all the great work you have done to make pin2dmd. I got the USB thing figure out and have made many dumps of different modes of play. I have saved these into an .xml file. What kind of video were you asking me to make? One of the dmd during gameplay or of how I got things working?
Would you like to take a look and use my .xml file? I'll try and help anyway I can.
Thanks again.

You actually don´t save the dumps in the project XML file, you only reference them. Please make sure that you zip the XML, ANI and dump files when you share your project with others. So far I did not colorize anything, I only fixed some problems in the different projects of pin2dmd users. The video you uploaded had a very poor resolution. I just wanted a better video for verification.

1 week later
#405 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Anyone getting a random old animation (in black and white) from time to time?
Seems to happen to me once a game. Could it be that the files need to be re-installed on the micro SD card?

Most likely a missing keyframe which starts the animation. Needs to be added to the project.
Could also be a incompatibility to the ROM version used in the machine.

2 weeks later
#426 1 year ago

Did you check the orientation of the ribbon cable ?

#436 1 year ago

Both sides seem to be inverted, so should be O.K.
What is the status of the LEDs on the discovery board when the machine is on . Could you make a video or pictures

#438 1 year ago

The CLK signal seems to be missing. Maybe the Jumper beneath the discovery board isn´t set correctly.
Should be on 2-3 . Please also make a picture when the board is removed. You can just pull it off gently.
No tools needed

#440 1 year ago

Could you please test if it works with jumper on 1-2. This bypasses the LS123

#449 1 year ago
Quoted from psychopat:

The game now loads and the display shows something, however the colors are off. See the video here:
Any idea what could be the problems? feels like im getting closer at least.

O.K. So it either seem to be a problem with your LS123 circuit or a false setting.
Please put the jumper back to 2-3 and go into the onscreen menu by holding the menu button during power up.
Then navigate to enhancer setting and try both on and off with saving the settings.
Version is shown on the boot splash and should be 2.41 or up.

#451 1 year ago

O.K. then something with the LS123 is not working. You can put the jumper back to 1-2 and disable the enhancer which will work without a problem for gottlieb. Enhancer is mostly for Stern machines.

#453 1 year ago

With Gottlieb the LS123 make no difference. The problem with the colors might be caused by the rom version of your pinball machine.
I´m not sure but are the animations the new one but just with the wrong palette ?

#458 1 year ago

Seems something is wrong with the PAL file. Please let someone send you a working copy of his files on the SD card and maybe try using a different SD card.

#461 1 year ago

Power source is not the problem. Could you please check the status of the LEDs on the discovery board during ready set shoot.
Is there a green LED on next to the flickering blue ? We could also check your license file.

1 month later
#464 1 year ago

The dmddevice.dll from freezy currently does not support these colorizations. It is currently only working on pin2dmd hardware.

1 month later
#466 11 months ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Ok....after having my pin2dmd installed for a few months, I'm noticing that I periodically get an old animations in grey scale. It eventually happens to all the characters except Sagat and Zangief (they always appear in color)
I even reseated all the connections and power source. My rom is A-094 and is up to date.
Any suggestions? Should I try re-downloading the files & reinstalling them on the mini SD card?

That means that a trigger keyframe is missing in the project and it needs to be added. Maybe Malenko can check.

1 week later
#475 11 months ago

A common failure is the usage of the wrong usb port. You have to use the micro USB not the Mini USB for pin2dmd.exe.

2 months later
#478 8 months ago
Quoted from bimm25i:

This is really really awesome!! I have 2 questions,
1. Is this available for me to use it I buy a pin2dmd system?
2. If I order from here ( ) is there a special version I need to get?
Thank you sooo much! LMK (pm) where to send you a PayPal donation after I get it working : D

1. right
2. You can ask UncleSash for the correct version

Paypal link for Malenko is in the first post for pin2dmd it is on point 3.

#485 8 months ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Malenko, you should colorize GB for Pin2DMD - the color-DMD -guys are never going to release the color-code for Color-DMD, it seems

Absolutely no problem with pinballbrowser and pin2dmd

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