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Magic Mirror Mod for Theatre of Magic by 86Pixels

By Compy

2 years ago

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#51 2 years ago

Good afternoon all,

It's been a hectic year. We've sold a record number of TZ mods and continue to move that product. The magic mirror mod is probably about 95% there. We've got LCD panels in, blank LED PCBs have arrived and mirror panels are in.

However, we're currently impacted by a shortage of some of the chips used on the specific Theatre of Magic board. This is part of a much larger issue happening right now in the semiconductor industry. As such, some of the components that were ordered in October have arrived just in the past week. Other components don't have ETAs at this point in time, meaning I have to design around them and replace them.

It is unfair for me to sit on your money while things are up in the air. As such, I've refunded everyone and the full amount should be in your PayPal account. Those that were waiting on TZ display panels to combine shipping, your TZ panels will ship in the next available batch.

Those that re-enter the ToM magic mirror batch when parts are generally available, we'll honor your original spot. For those that waited to combine shipping with TZ panels, we'll ship your ToM mirrors for free.

Obviously we value communication and transparency, but we'll take any steps to do right by our customers. As soon as we have updates, we'll absolutely pass them along. Currently TZ and CFTBL product lines are unaffected as they use different components.

Feel free to DM me with any questions.
-- Jimmy

2 weeks later
#52 2 years ago

I just picked up a gorgeous fully restored ToM. Please let me know when you are ready to take my money.

#53 2 years ago
Quoted from The_Pump_House:

I just picked up a gorgeous fully restored ToM. Please let me know when you are ready to take my money.

Congrats! You're too kind. As soon as we're on the other side of the production-end of things and the fully populated units are in stock, we'll reach out! I've designed out the components that were in short supply for the most part.

1 month later
#54 1 year ago

Following up on this...and update on parts availability and lead times? I'd love to get my hands on one of these.

2 weeks later
#55 1 year ago

Looking forward to buying one soon.

#56 1 year ago
Quoted from Jesse-Fowler:

Looking forward to buying one soon.

I’ve already bought one. Just hoping Compy can get everything worked out and shipping soon.

3 weeks later
#57 1 year ago

I,also just keep hoping, the tz mod is just outstanding

#58 1 year ago

This looks super cool. Looking forward to adding it to my game!

#59 1 year ago

only just discovered this - real nice work

#60 1 year ago

Just found this. I would love to be added to the list once these are available. Awesome work!

#61 1 year ago

Please add me to the waitlist + Thanks!

1 month later
#62 1 year ago

What’s the status of these?

#63 1 year ago

Also interested

#64 1 year ago

Wondering too

#65 1 year ago

Good morning all,

Thanks for asking about these! So when we launched last year, we ran into some supply chain issues with one of the chips that was on the board, so we spun a new revision of the board around parts that are more widely available. However, to accommodate the shift in plans, we moved TRON ahead of it and we're producing those units now. TRON is on track to ship next month (we're sending out beta units next week to test our install instructions, wire harnesses, etc).

Theatre of Magic is behind TRON on the Pinvision line. We've already got the hardware manufactured, most of the work is on software polish. I've also contacted Stephen Silver (guy who did TRON) to see if he wanted to do some assets for it, and he's in.

Once we're ready, we'll open up product orders for the magic mirror. I definitely can't wait to get this out!

-- Jimmy

#66 1 year ago

I would like to be on the list then.

3 weeks later
#67 1 year ago

Please also add me to the waitlist.

#68 1 year ago

Hi compy, plz put me back on the list.

#69 1 year ago


We've got both of you down on the list! This is next up after TRON!

1 week later
#70 1 year ago

Please put me in this list as well . Thank you

#71 1 year ago

Jimmy, Can you me me to the list?

2 months later
#72 1 year ago

Guess this won’t be my Xmas present

#73 1 year ago
Quoted from etien:

Guess this won’t be my Xmas present

There must be a parts holdup. Hopefully Compy will chime in with an update.

1 month later
#74 1 year ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

There must be a parts holdup. Hopefully Compy will chime in with an update.

A full month later and [_____] <--- silence.

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from SuperMica:

A full month later and [_____] <--- silence.

We're running and shipping TRONs right now. TOM is next on the list, but we're still battling supply chain issues. While most of the components between our games are common, there are some that are unique (thankfully the unique parts are relatively common passive components). Unfortunately, for those common parts, those parts go to pre-orderers of the TRON units first while we place (and wait for) orders for parts to make Magic Mirrors.

Long story long, the industry is a complete mess right now and we're fulfilling TRON pre-orderers. We're still making this mod, we're just hustling as a two person company doing everything we can to get product into the hands of people that want it.

We've definitely got a growing list of people that want Magic Mirrors, and we're gonna make it happen.

-- Jimmy

2 weeks later
#76 1 year ago

Thanks for the update Compy

#77 1 year ago

patently waiting, the tz animated backboard is just amazing.

1 week later
#78 1 year ago

Please add me to the list

#79 1 year ago

I would also be interested in one as well.

1 month later
#80 1 year ago

please add me to TRON list if possible for backboard!! thank you

2 months later
#81 10 months ago

Did anyone hear from Compy about availability? Or even got a Magic Mirror Mod?
As it seems neither the 'PINVISION INTERACTIVE DISPLAY FOR TWILIGHT ZONE' nor the Magic Mirror Mod are available.
Those are two great mods and I am very interested as well to get them.
Is it likely that they will be available at all?

4 months later
#82 5 months ago

Any updates on this awesome mod? I want To be on The list if it is ever happening again

#83 5 months ago

Good evening all,

This is next up on the list. As of a few months ago, we fulfilled all pending TRON orders so that we could focus on Theatre of Magic. As many other companies have stated, we've had issues acquiring the single board computers that run our systems. We retain a certain number of units in stock for support of existing customers, but general supply has been a problem for over a year now. As a result, here's what we're doing:

1. Ordering a plethora of ARM based single board computers (mostly with the same GPU) to see if we can port the existing Pinvision system software over to it and get good performance.
2. If initial tests are successful, we'll place a bulk order. We're only ordering boards from places that can guarantee quantity in the current market.
3. We'll assemble the first batch of 50 units and list them for sale.

The system that runs TRON and Twilight Zone was designed to run on less than 512 megs of ram and a single CPU core, and every board we're testing is multicore. The big deciding factor is GPU performance. Every game has to run 720p video at 30+ fps typically.

The first test boards are due in tomorrow, so it'll take a week or so I suspect to test the new software on that system to see where we stand. Once we're on the other side of that, we'll have a better idea of what we can do.

I have 100 IPS panels brand new, sitting in the boxes ready to go on this. After running TRON, I've decided that the IPS panel is just too gorgeous to pass up. It really pops, and the black depth of the display panel really looks great behind the mirror.

We've got about 400 controller boards in stock just waiting for the computers. Same goes for cable harnesses.

-- Jimmy

#84 5 months ago

PLEASE put me on the list for the "THEATER of MAGIC" pinball MOD!

#85 5 months ago

Great news Jimmy, am I one of the only one that already ordered the mirror years ago in the pinside shop? Cheers. Etienne ( the TZ backboard is just great really looking forward for the mirror )

#86 5 months ago

Awesome. I will order immediately once available. Thank you for the update

#87 5 months ago

Finally. Yay! I should be on the list already. So looking forward.

#88 5 months ago

Please add me to the list also

Thank you

#89 5 months ago

Add to list please.

#90 5 months ago

I am also in wanting one as well.


1 week later
#91 5 months ago

I’m interested in one of these as well.

#92 5 months ago

My request to be on this list from a year ago in your TZ mod thread still stands

2 weeks later
#93 4 months ago

Any updates?

#94 4 months ago

Sign me up also !

1 week later
#95 4 months ago

Please add me to the list as well

2 months later
#96 59 days ago

Hopefully I can still get on the list.

#97 59 days ago

Hey guys,

Update here! We're currently producing parts for the Theatre of Magic mirror. New videos are also currently being made. We're bringing back Stephen Silver (who did all the videos for our Tron mod!)

We aim to have this for sale at (or around) TPF.

All brackets are being manufactured from brushed aluminum. The final product will install with 2 8-32 screws (where your mirror bracket used to go). Should take 10 minutes! I'm also adding in options to the software so that you can adjust LED brightness so you don't wash out the screen. LED intros are also limited by default to the first few seconds just to get your attention.

At the factory, the mirror is angled down at about 70 degrees to the playfield. The prototypes we made originally had the display panel on the same plane as the mirror. This really made the display quality take a hit in terms of viewing angles. I've redesigned the bracket to keep the display at 90 degrees to the playfield while keeping the mirror at ~70 degrees. This allows the rollover reflection to still work while optimizing the viewing quality of the display.

Also adding a bezel so the display panel frame is completely hidden when the display and light ring are off.

Once the new batch of parts comes in, I'll get some more photos for you all!

-- Jimmy

PXL_20230122_192828788 (resized).jpgPXL_20230122_192849706 (resized).jpgPXL_20230122_193003378.MP (resized).jpg

#98 58 days ago

Cannot wait jimmy, I love my TZ animated interactive backboard and it feels I order the mirror in a past life

#99 58 days ago

Great news to seething moving forward. I was near the front if the line when you first announced this about 27 months ago. Can wait to see the finished product!

2 weeks later
#100 38 days ago

I cannot wait. Looking forward to this mod!

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