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MAD Amusements - has anyone had dealings with this parts supplier?

By charsiufan

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Has anyone ordered any parts from this company recently?

#8 5 years ago

Oh this doesn't look good. Yes, I placed an order in March of around $500. Still hasn't been shipped. I get a vague reply from 'Mike' at MAD over email usually 1 to 2 weeks after I send it. Last email I had was May 2nd requesting I cover some extra charges (which I've agreed to do) but nothing since then. Have called their office multiple times but its always voicemail.

Guess I should have done a search on this forum first! Any advice on how to complete this transaction or is this simply dead money?

#10 5 years ago

I initially paid by PayPal when I placed the order. Mike said there was $60 extra shipping so I had to wire the full amount to him. He did refund the PayPal order. He has confirmed he has received the wired money but since then radio silence...

#11 5 years ago

If anyone here is having any dealings with Mike maybe ask he gets that shipment out to Hong Kong some time soon? It would be really appreciated! A few parts I need there to get my machine back to full playing order.

#13 5 years ago

No, hasn't sent anything. Said the amount received was US$25 less than I wired across. I did pay all bank charges on my side but figured what's another $25 - so agreed to pay it. He did say he would give me details of his bank so I could argue it out with them but I know that wouldn't get me anywhere.

He said he would send me a Paypal invoice for $25 but that was two weeks ago and he hasn't responded to any mails or calls since then. This does follow a pattern though but I'm getting tired of chasing every step of the way. I was in New Jersey only a couple of weeks ago so was trying to get it shipped locally but he wouldn't send me Western Union payment details saying this 'raised a flag'. He also did at one point cancel the order because I had complained about his service but reinstated it when I pointed out I'd never made any comment on his service either good or bad.

Found this article - http://www.state.nj.us/lottery/multimedia/photos_singin_event.htm - given he's won $40k on the lottery maybe he's having some R&R somewhere a bit sunny! I assume its the same Mike Ducker as the pasty looking chap on the second row who speaks of his coin op business in Brick, NJ.

#15 5 years ago

Initially was via Paypal (around $450) when I placed the order on the site. It does state that there may be extra charges for International orders which is fair. Mike cancelled and refunded the Paypal order in full and asked for the $450 and extra shipping charges to be wired to his bank account.

#17 5 years ago

Got this note from Mike early April - this was in response to my note asking him for the wire transfer details.

"As mentioned in the original email, the entire amount for the parts and
shipping needs to be paid with either Western Union or a bank wire
transfer. We can not accept Paypal or credit cards through Paypal due to
the value of the order, as mentioned in our shipping terms and in the
email below. Your entire Paypal payment will be refunded.

The 2 shipping options for your order are:

- USPS EMS Express (Averages 5 business days to arrive to your country
from when the order ships; not including customs clearance): $118.90

- USPS Priority International (Averages 10 business days to arrive to your
country from when the order ships; not including customs clearance):

Please confirm which shipping method you prefer and we will send you all
of the details that you will need to make the bank wire transfer.



#19 5 years ago

Two weeks later hearing nothing from him he sends me this:

"I apologize for the delay. We had numerous issues with our webmail after
an automatic update and we were unable to access email for nearly 4 days.
We are working as quickly as possible to catch up.

Please let me know if you prefer to use a bank wire transfer or Western
Union and I will send you all of the details to make it easy to pay.



I asked a couple of times for the payment details and he replied:

"As previously mentioned, both a bank wire transfer and Western Union can
be done online without going anywhere. The information required for each
type of payment transfer is unique and personal. We serve over 9000
customers and handle orders and inquiries in the order that they were
received. We will simply cancel this order outright since you seem to be
unhappy anyway."

I replied saying I hadn't made any opinion of his service but it is now nearly May and I still don't have payment details and he responded:

"I sent 2 emails asking if you would prefer paying with a bank wire
transfer or Western Union so we can send you the appropriate details.
Your reply said to send the information for both, which is a bit awkward
and it raises a red flag on our end."

But no payment details. He reinstated the order and sent through the bank wire details which I paid. He did say he would be responsible for all bank charges his end but turns out I needed to pay another $25 to cover his costs. I have offered to do so.... nothing back since May 2nd.

#20 5 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

you have a receipt from your bank for the wire transfer?

Yes, I have the transfer receipt...

HSBC Wire transfer.jpg

#23 5 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

never an issue and gummy candy too yum yum!

I'd settle for just the candy at this point

#24 5 years ago

Yep - order no #017671

As is on the wire transfer I paid in full ($475.50) and it shows I paid all the senders fees separately. He does state he'll pay all fees his end but appears not to be the case. He replied:

"We received a bank wire transfer in the amount of $451.50, which is
exactly $25.00 short from the total net amount that was supposed to be
sent. Here are the details from our banking statement:


Here is the information regarding this charge that was deducted from the
payment we received:

"Please make sure that the total net amount sent is $476.50. We have had
some cases where there is a processing or transfer fee deducted from the
amount sent to us, with is the sender's responsibility. If the sender
does not cover this fee when the funds are sent, the fee is withdrawn from
the total amount that we receive. There is a separate incoming wire
transfer fee, which we are responsible for. Any other fees for sending
the wire transfer are the customer's responsibility."

There is a $25.00 balance due for your order. This balance can be paid
with Paypal. Please let me know which email address to send the invoice
to. ***Please do NOT send a payment without receiving an invoice.***"

I haven't yet received the PayPal invoice. I've asked for it 3 times and called his office a few times too.

#26 5 years ago

Total seen: 1 (The Shadow) in over 20 years of living here. They are big machines, space is tight, there is no local support for maintenance and getting parts shipped seems to be a bit of a pain... So I was surprised to come across it.

It was advertised for sale in a local classifieds paper back in February and I thought ... why not.

I've since managed to track down another site member here who has 2 or 3 machines in HK and found out there is one arcade in Kowloon with 4 machines. Keep meaning to get over there to take a look.

#27 5 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

never an issue and gummy candy too yum yum!

Freddy - are you offering to nudge this one over the line? I'll send you any gummy candies by way of thank you

#32 5 years ago
Quoted from sanctumwear:

crazy stuff. I was guessing you shipped it. cool find. Pinball News article with a spot that has some new Sterns.

Yes this is the arcade in Kowloon I was referring to. I came across the same article and dropped a note to the editor for more details. I've been trying to get in touch with the management there to find out more about their set up and how they service machines etc. Will head down when I have a chance. I'd be amazed if there machines made them any money but they seem to update them regularly. My guess is its as must as a hobby as a business. Their rent in that location must be astronomical.

#33 5 years ago
Quoted from doublestack:

Never had an issue, used them quite a bit for vids.

How do you get in touch?

#35 5 years ago

I don't disagree. This is a learning experience. I've dealt with some other suppliers and they were superb - parts shipped in 24 hours. Unfortunately none of them were able to ship the parts I now need. Mad had.them i on the surface appeared to be a bona fide organisation. If taking them at face value has cost me $500, so be it. All part of the learning experience.

And it benefits all the US customers. Easy to offer low prices and delightful gummy bears if you are getting subsidiaries from unhappy overseas customers who pay up and don't get their products.

#37 5 years ago

Thanks John, appreciate the advice.

#41 5 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Just curious, when did you send the wire transfer?

29th April - take a look at the post above. I included the receipt. Mike did acknowledge he has received the funds.

#54 5 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

but if the OP only sent the wire transfer on the 29th, that makes it two weeks. he may take a fair while to process international orders, or gives them low priority over domestic orders... give it till the end of the month, and see if u get any response. tracking details etc.

Yeah, I hope that's the case. A bit frustrating to have my new machine out of working order for so long. Actually I placed and paid the order in March.

Was chasing my tail trying to get the wire payment details for over a month hence the wiring of the money in late April. Still don't fully see why I couldn't have just paid the extra $60 shipping costs via Paypal but there you go. He has insisted I cover a further $25 of his bank charges via Paypal and have been asking for the Paypal invoice for that for two weeks now so the shipment can be made.

Not getting a response is also frustrating as I don't know if I'm never going to see this shipment - at what point do I try and source elsewhere?

#57 5 years ago

It isn't really a surprise domestic customers are so happy - if these international orders aren't supplied, they are effectively subsidizing the costs to local customers.

#58 5 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

id probably hangout till the end of the month, hoping for confirmation emails of shipping, etc.. keep us informed anyway. dont source anything else just yet. imo. he may just be super slow on the international orders. backlogs etc.
no excuse i know. but. just wait.
no harm in shooting off an email just confirming when he will ship your stuff?

Thanks Ledge - appreciate the support. Yeah, I've sent 3 or 4 mails in the last couple of weeks. Tried calling too and left voicemails and logged a support query via his website. Hadn't moved it forward but I'll keep fingers crossed.

#65 5 years ago

I think AtomicBoy has hit the nail on the head. The guy clearly knows or knew his trade but its starting to fall apart around him. I had a family member pass away from Lyme's disease a number of years ago and it was a slow and sorry descent into oblivion. If that is the case he has my sympathy!

#66 5 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

I disagree with that statement. We are paying full price for everything. Any money that is taken from international customers doesn't do anything for us. We are also upset that this is also an issue. We want our suppliers to be solid businessmen also. It's good for us in the long run.

Fair enough - but if he pockets my money and doesn't send any parts, his business has revenue his competitors don't have. It all ends up in the same pocket and the competitiveness of his prices is stated repeatedly by his US customer base. Still hoping this is all speculation and he'll come good in the end.

#71 5 years ago
Quoted from mcclad:

I did not find the shipping costs that bad. There was another company that I bought LEDS from, and just LEDS, and the shipping was $9 for a tiny box. That was ridiculous. I shipped 1000 3/8" pachinko balls that weighed 6 1/2 lbs. and it only cost $5.80.

Ironically this whole debacle started as I needed a particular microswitch and MAD was the only supplier I could find out of around 6 or 7 that were recommended to me. The switch was $2.75 and the shipping $40! So I thought I'd load up with a load of other parts to make it worth while.

And let's be fair to the guy - the company is called MAD amusements! I guess the clue is in the name

#75 5 years ago

Its a fair point and it does give me some hope my order is just low on a list and will eventually be sent!

#76 5 years ago
Quoted from Imeh:

I just received an order from Mike, fast and complete, with a partial refund for shipping costs. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but I can only state what my experience has been.

I'm guessing you never needed to call but if you did was the phone ever answered? I have called a dozen times and always goes to answer machine - and I'm calling US business hours. Maybe he screens calls? Seems extreme...

#78 5 years ago

And annoyingly the Cherry microswitch factory is probably 30 miles away across the border in China!

#129 5 years ago

To answer the question - no I haven't heard back from him. As someone pointed out it wasn't logical to refund a Paypal order and request it is wired just to add on $60 shipping unless he wanted a payment method that was not so refundable.

I'll go to the bank tomorrow and tell them I haven't heard from the seller and see what they advise. I have also seen some links to authorities in the US - although I guess they are not overly interested as it isn't big money. No point making it as easy as possible for this guy to rip off customers.

It isn't only the $500 down the drain, it is also the time I spent researching and contacting other companies, the two months I have been calling and sending emails and the hoops he made me jump through only to pocket the money. I also have a machine I bought in February at has spent the last two months not working properly.

In the long run this doesn't benefit anyone as it puts people off ownership of these machines and in turn creates less of a market. For everyone who states it is each person's choice whether to do business with a company - if this happens repeatedly you'd give up and sell the machine.

Thanks everyone for their support. There is clearly one bad guy in this piece but the rest of you have been very welcoming and helpful with advice.

#133 5 years ago

Yes I did check that before I placed the order. No disputing these T&Cs. It did however take a month for him to respond with details on how to pay the extra charges.

Even in his own T&Cs he states to select the correct address in PayPal... But then he refused to allow payment of the extra shipping charges via PayPal, fully refunded the PayPal amount and then insisted on wiring the full amount of the order. I guess this is to get around the PayPal order dispute option when he pockets the payment.

#134 5 years ago

Has anyone here actually managed to make contact with him in the last couple of weeks or so? Maybe he has already gone bankrupt.

#136 5 years ago
Quoted from sillyoldelf:

I order internationally from them and always found their service great. They reply to emails quickly too every time I have needed to get in touch. Funny some seem to have problems but all I can say is they have been great and always seem to have hard to find stuff.

Anything recently? Where are you ordering to? I've had one email from them since I wired over the payment. Haven't heard back for more than two weeks.

#139 5 years ago

No but then I would have cancelled the order and got my money back. This way I'll have to wait until next time I'm in NJ (probably over the summer) and go down and visit him. He did offer to give me the parts if I went down to Brick when I was in NJ in April but I was 1.5 hours drive north of Brick and didn't really plan on having the time to make the journey.

4 months later
#148 4 years ago

Thought I should close the loop on this one. Eventually sent a note to our friends at MAD Amusements asking if there was any plan to send the products and if not to send the money back. Got a very quick reply telling me the delays were all my fault and the goods were ready to go. They were dispatched 24 hours later. The parts were well packed and everything was there as promised. No gummi bears though

1 week later
#176 4 years ago

Mike may not read this but international customers do and hopefully this saves them getting ripped off. BTW what is PPS? I know it's a user name here, just saw a post referring to 'we'.

#178 4 years ago

Ah yes, I was being thick. Thanks

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