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An ongoing discourse of Philadelphia pinball location play?

By deibert

5 years ago

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    #71 4 years ago
    Quoted from tbanthony:

    I've been in the Philly area for about a year now. I'd like to find a pinball league. I used to be in a league in Cleveland that rotated playing at people's homes private collections. I really enjoyed it and would like to find a similar group in Buck's or Montgomery County area. If anyone know's of a group that's open to new people, post or PM. Thanks!

    Railroad Street Bar and Grille, A.K.A. Pincrossing (Linfield, PA) has a weekly league on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Last night was Week 1 of the Spring League, but it runs for 10 weeks and new players are always welcome, even mid-season. We had about 30 players in the Winter League. Plus, the food and drinks are great. There's also a monthly tournament that is usually on the second Saturday, but sometimes shifted to the third Saturday to avoid events like PAPA (April).

    Pinball Gallery (Malvern, PA) runs three regular leagues a year, and the next one (I think) will be either end of May or start of June. They're kicking off a women's league now that will run through the end of May. They also host monthly tournaments on the first Tuesday of the month, and this upcoming Friday (April 1) they are having a Hobbit Launch Party.

    3 months later
    #189 4 years ago
    Quoted from Tuna:

    Casey, do you know when the finals are for the selfie league?

    All signs point to the next Monthly tournament being on August 13 (and I'll let Jay come in if it's being rescheduled).

    Finals of the Selfie League take place the same day as the Monthly Tournament. Selfie Finals start at 11:15am, and then we roll right into starting the Monthly tournament at 1pm.

    1 week later
    #210 4 years ago

    Hey Everyone, I just posted a thread specific to the PinCrossing Summer Classic in case anyone was interested:

    #212 4 years ago

    Ah yes, let me try again, with the correct date/url this time:

    2 weeks later
    #216 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone! Five days until the Summer Classic at PinCrossing.

    Let us know if you plan on coming by posting up to the Facebook Event page - - or by replying here.

    Which games will be the tournament this year? Who will win the trophy? How many grilled cheeses can you eat in one sitting? Find out all these things and more this Saturday!

    We also have our August selfie league finals taking place after the main tournament, giving everyone a chance to log some scores. Stop by during the week or during the tournament and post scores on our four selfie machines: Medieval Madness, Fathom, KISS (2015), and White Water! Selfie league standings here:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

    PincrossingSmall (resized).jpg

    PincrossingAugustSelfie (resized).jpg

    4 weeks later
    #274 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the October Selfie League games at PinCrossing.


    Announcing the October games for the PinCrossing Selfie League!

    Monster Bash, The Addams Family, Fireball II, and Metallica!

    Want to play? Stop by PinCrossing anytime we're open, play the games, take a picture (with you in it) and post your picture to our Selfie League Facebook Group:

    Finals will take place directly before the Monthly Tournament on October 8, 2016.

    PinCrossing Facebook Page:

    PincrossingOctoberSelfie (resized).png

    1 week later
    #277 4 years ago

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share the results of the PinCrossing Fall League (Session 1).
    Congrats to the Top 4:
    1. Nathaniel Gibson - 66 pts.
    2. Ken Martin - 62 pts.
    2. Jay Robinson - 62 pts.
    4. Billy Gilbert - 56 pts.

    We're always looking for new league members. The points reset for Session 2, so join us on Wednesday, October 5 for the start of the next cycle!

    We also have the next monthly tournament coming up on Saturday, October 8:

    #278 4 years ago

    Hello Philadelphia! I created a Facebook group to highlight and share Philadelphia-area local tournaments and leagues. I've seen other regions (CO and NY) use it as a platform to promote local tournaments, and figure that we can do the same here in Philly.

    Coming up this week we have:
    Pinball Gallery Monthly - Oct 4
    PinCrossing League (Session 2) - Oct 5
    PinCrossing Monthly - Oct 8

    Please join if you're interested and invite along others who would be interested to know more about tournaments in Philly.

    #282 4 years ago
    Quoted from djreddog:

    OK I have 3 confirmed coming Saturday and possibly a 4th. So hopefully there is a decent turn out for Saturday's event at Pincrossing.

    I personally know of at least 6 (myself included) that are going on Saturday to PinCrossing, and I would anticipate that there are more that I'm not aware of. Usually we get in the 12-16 range every month. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    1 week later
    #287 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    For those interested, here is the Selfie League game list for November at PinCrossing:

    Spider-Man, Centaur II, America's Most Haunted, and Funhouse

    Finals will take place before the November Monthly Tournament on November 12.

    Facebook Group:

    PincrossingNovemberSelfie (resized).png

    3 weeks later
    #288 3 years ago

    Hi Everyone! A few notes to share on Philadelphia-area events.

    PinCrossing's Monthly Tournament - this Saturday, November 12 -

    North Bowl Philly PBR's Can Crusher Pinball Challenge - Saturday, November 26 - First Event at North Bowl!
    Event Details:

    #289 3 years ago

    Hi Everyone, results from the PinCrossing Monthly Tournament. Thanks to everyone who came out!


    Nathaniel Gibson wins the A-Division crown by defeating Brandon Service.
    Michael Reimer secured the B-Division #1 seed and rode it all the way to the title over John Moran.

    In Selfie League action, we had to go to tiebreakers on America’s Most Haunted in both A and B Divisions!
    A-Division: Ken Martin defeated Nathaniel Gibson.
    B-Division: Michael Reimer defeated both Brian Service and Bill Shupp.

    Come out for our special three-week Holiday League starting November 30:

    1 week later
    #300 3 years ago

    I'm helping out (along with Jon Long) in organizing the logistics of the tournament of the North Bowl event. North Bowl has been great about getting the machines and resources together so we can host it there. They brought the machines up from South Bowl specifically for the tournament this weekend, and added in a few others. The only one they didn't bring up (I think) was Star Trek, because there was already one on location at North Bowl. My current understanding is that the machines will go back to their original homes after the event, but we can confirm at the tournament this weekend.

    Quoted from deibert:

    Can we keep on topic and only post about "Machines on Location in Philadelphia"? This thread is starting to look and feel like an advertisement for Pin Crossing's leagues. A great place and good group of people, but very much removed from the City of Philadelphia.
    If there is a machine or new opportunity to play pinball within Philadelphia city limits, please share!

    If you're interested in strictly keeping this post for machines within the Philadelphia city limits, I'm happy to stop sharing information about PinCrossing events and either revive that older PinCrossing thread or start a new one promoting Philadelphia-area events. I live near PinCrossing but work in Philadelphia, so my interest is in promoting pinball anywhere and everywhere around Philadelphia.

    The greater goal at North Bowl is to start a league within the Philadelphia city limits. With that in mind, I'm hoping that some of you will be able to come out to the tournament this weekend. We've had about 45 RSVPs on the site and it would nice to meet some of the people from this thread.

    #304 3 years ago
    Quoted from djreddog:

    Any additional details? How many players? How did the machines play? When is the next one?

    We ended up with 33 players so we ended up doing match-play qualifying (one person dropped in round two, and others joined in round 5).

    I thought the machines played well; Ghostbusters, KISS, Star Trek, and the Can Crusher all played smoothly. Iron Man was in need of some work, but Jon Long had the good idea to post signs on the machines that had issues (and older code) so players knew what to expect. The vendor sent along an awesome tech guy named Bob who opened up the machines so we were able to change settings and tighten up the tilts ahead of the tournament. Thanks to guys like Rick Prince, Ken Rossi, John Moran, and Francesco La Rocca who arrived early and helped up get everything squared away.

    I posted a write-up about the winners on the other forum topic here:

    Jon Long and I are going to figure how we take the momentum forward into the new year. We'd like to start up a league in North Bowl, and the venue appears to want to support us. I'll start up another thread on the topic.

    #305 3 years ago

    I know that some people mentioned about keeping this thread dedicated to machines on location, so in the spirit of that request I've started up a separate thread on leagues and tournaments:

    3 months later
    #331 3 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    I know that people are interested in keeping this thread about machines on location, but I wanted to mention that we are starting a group/league called the Philly Pinball Club at North Bowl in Northern Liberties with the four machines they have on site. First meet-up is this Thursday (March 23) at 7:30pm.

    I've started a conversation specific to the group at Direct link to the website is at

    Thanks, and hope to get to meet some of people from this thread that I haven't met before.

    #334 3 years ago

    Yes, ectobar has it right. Currently it's KISS (Stern), Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and PBR Can Crusher.

    Originally I had posted that we'll start on March 23, but we've spoken with North Bowl and we're going to push the league portion back a week to give us more time to get the word out and to avoid the Thursday of PAPA.

    New Dates:
    March 23 -> "Meet and Greet", no league competition
    March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11 -> four weeks of league
    May 25 -> Spring finals

    #342 3 years ago

    Heading to PAPA on Friday. Been to Pinburgh twice and PAPA once. It's a ton of fun if you haven't been before. Parking is a bit tight around the warehouse but there are are hundreds of machines and video games in the facility.

    By the way, in addition to the Philly Pinball Club webpage (, we've launched a Facebook group:

    First Spring League session is March 30, and if you want to get our e-mail notifications there's a signup on the bottom of the main website.

    6 months later
    #360 3 years ago

    Barcade's got pins!

    Addams, Junk Yard, Dr. Dude, Champion Pub, and Metallica.

    We've also started a regionally-based league with places both in and around Philadelphia.

    More about it here: and

    4 months later
    #383 2 years ago

    Hey folks, I just wanted to cross-post and send an update that we're in the middle of the Winter 2018 Season of the PHILA Pinball regional league and to spread the word that qualifying is still open for those that are interested in joining, especially if you're at these locations and playing pinball!

    We have 33 machines at 11 different locations (4 of which are in Philadelphia City Limits), and you can play and post scores any time these locations are open. It's Best Game qualifying, and your best 8 games count. Top 32 will qualify for A Division Finals, and everyone else is welcome to play in the B Division Side Tournament.

    Here's a (slightly over the top) promotional video for the PHILA Pinball League Winter 2018 Season.

    Entry fee is only $10, and you can visit our website at: -> Main Pinside Thread -> Main Site -> Facebook Group

    #384 2 years ago

    Aside from Pinside's own maps, I would also encourage people to check out

    I'm seeing more locations within the past year adding one or two machines, but there may be more out "in the wild" that we're not aware of.

    phila_map (resized).png

    2 weeks later
    #402 2 years ago
    Quoted from ectobar:

    Got there and noticed some dirty dog scores on MET. GC over a 1b and the rest close. While those scores are definitely possible, it seemed fishy.

    Dropped a note to the contact I have there.

    I think that this one can be temporarily excused from your "Grand Champ City Tour" given the condition of the machine. Unless you're happy to grind out 2 Billion on Sparky...

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