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Machine gunning slingshot

By aobrien5

4 years ago

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#12 4 years ago

I was dealing with a similar problem on both of my classic Stern machines (nearly identical to Bally's such as yours), and the solution was to gap the leaf switches for the slings a little further apart. I was so intent on making sure they were as sensitive as possible (and therefore gapped as close as i could)... It wasn't until a gapped them further apart that they finally stopped machine-gunning. They are still about as sensitive as i wanted anyway, too. Hopefully your solution is as easy as mine was. Took me a LONG time to finally reach the solution, too. I was ready to replace chips etc, but other pinsiders suggested it had to be the switches and they were right...

#19 4 years ago
Quoted from Quench:

Pop Bumpers: Yes
Slingshots: No

Just curious, any idea why the pops get them but the slings don't?

Edit: seeing how clipping the caps helped OP, i imagine they aren't used on slings because they're more susceptible to brief (unintended) switch closures, due to the nature of their design. Glad OP got to the bottom of this!

2 months later
#47 4 years ago

I struggled with the slings on both my Seawitch and Nine Ball, and in the end it all came down to adjusting the switches correctly. The outer leaf should lean on the rubber ring, and the inner leaf needs to be held stable by the 'helper' leaf next to it (the shorter leaf with no contact on it).

Basically, you want to make sure the switch leaves don't vibrate too much--which can cause the sling coil to machine-gun. It will take lots of trial and error to get them working right, but with patience and persistence you'll get it. As also mentioned above, make sure the slingshot switches do *not* have any capacitors on them. They're good for pop bumpers, but they'll only add to this problem on slingshots.

If you need further explanation I can take some pics tomorrow. Took me many months to finally figure out this issue on my games. I was convinced it was a driver board issue, but it was in fact just a matter of *properly* adjusting the switches for the slings. You'll get there!

#49 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Can you explain to me why my game doesn't work right without them, then? (Or with them, for that matter)
With caps, along machine guns, but I get sound and mode switch with every hit.
Without caps, sling does not machine gun and I miss about 25% of sounds and mode swaps.

I wish i could.

However, let's go over the basics:

What shape are the slingshot switches in? Do they have gold-flashed contacts? Have you cleaned them, and if so how did you?

Are the contacts on the slingshot switches installed correctly? All 3 classic Stern's i own had one of the contacts incorrectly installed on the slingshot switches--all 4 switches on each game had one contact that was installed backwards. By that i mean the face of one contact was facing the tiny nub (the back) of the other contact. Can you take a couple close-ups of your slingshot switches? I'm thinking that might be your issue.

Edit: i found the overhead pic of the switches above, looks like the contacts are facing correctly. But to be sure, op, please post pics of both pairs of switches.

Another thought too: is there any switches underneath the playfield that are part of the slingshot assembly? I know I've seen games that will have a switch that actuates from the motion of the slingshot plunger moving into the coil. Like, the upright switches poking up through the playfield will activate the slingshot, but a separate switch under the pf will handle the scoring. It's a shot in the dark, but figured I'd ask.

#52 4 years ago

Northerndude: it looks like you have the backwards-installed contacts on your lead switches, like mine had. I'm not certain that new switches would alleviate your issue, but it might be a step in the right direction. I screen capped one for reference, note the left leaf has the backwards-installed contact:


#55 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Either way, I have brand new switches, so that isn't my problem, unfortunately.

Damn. Was hoping for a relatively easy fix. Sounds like you've exhausted all those avenues though.

#59 4 years ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

My Meteor has caps on the slings and they don't machine gun. You need them for proper operation.

Do the caps belong on only certain classic Stern's? My schematic for Nine Ball doesn't show caps on the slings, and removing them along with adjusting the switches got them to stop machine-gunning. I've heard some say they belong and others that say they don't.

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