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LOTR trade for CP

By Holy_Pickle

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

What do you think guys,

I have a HUO LOTR. I put $500 mods on it. I tried to sell it and the more people offered is $4000. I could give LOTR + $500 to trade for Champion Pub. The guy told me that the Champion Pub is HUO but i'm not sure if it's true. It is in EXCELLENT condition. I prefer fun machine than deep ruleset.

Should i trade it?

#2 9 years ago

CP is a fun pin. Its not traditional by any sense. Lots of physical ball play that doesn't necessarily involve striking the ball with a flipper. The variation I think is nice, between jump rope, speed bag, and launching the ball to punch away at the boxer.

4K for a modded out LOTR sounds about right.

Over 4K for the CP is the main concern. That thing has too look pristine. Did he cliffy up the machine? Decals and cabinet art look perfect?

After checking those things out (as well as looking for mechanical errors), I would decide from there. Above all, you want a game that is fun, and that you like it.

HUO WPC-95 machines are extremely rare to find. I have only ever run into an HUO NGG and HUO MM.

#3 9 years ago

No way!!! Especially not for a lousy pin like Champion pub. That game gets old really fast! If you want a fun game that isn't deep i'd trade it towards something like a Monster Bash, Spider Man, Cirqus Voltaire, or Scared Stiff. Unless you have a really large collection, I'd avoid Champion Pub.

#4 9 years ago

Any of the bash toy WPC-95 pins are good choices. Not overly deep, but just fun games to play. Some of them are going to be cheaper than your LOTR (TOM, CV, SS), so you might end up with some extra money. As far as finding them in HUO quality, thats a tough one.

I haven't seen Attack From Mars on your wishlist. You can probably find a nice one for around 4-4.5K. You really can't get any better than AFM, as far as fun & easy to understand pins go.

Treveism suggested MB. Great pin, but will cost you a few bucks in addition to your LOTR. I rarely ever see MB for less than 4K.

Also suggested was Spider-Man. I agree with this choice, since you will only have 1 pinball machine. Spider-Man is really fun to play, easy to pick-up, and has a pretty strong ruleset. You can more than likely find a red suit Spider-Man (on your wishlist) with what you get from your LOTR, and get some money back as well. You can order yourself a NIB Spider-Man still, but it may require a few bucks in addition to selling/trading your LOTR.

#5 9 years ago

I would also have to say that Champion Pub would get old if I didn't have other pins, and even HUO is probably not worth THAT much! It is a very cute novelty game, though, you have to admit. The jump rope, the boxer, the video spitoon mode.... My husband has wanted one for a while. Can you get it without trading? Can you get it for a better deal?

#6 9 years ago

CP isn't worth $4500. Even HUO. I know of two of the nicest CPs I have ever seen, locally, that I could have now, but I refuse to pay more than $3500 for a CP. Don't make that trade.

#7 9 years ago

The CP has not been Cliffy protected but look at the pictures.
The cabinet looks near perfect (three scraches).

I can't find MB or CV in mint condition for a fair price. About SM, forget it...since i played a lot with Williams at my friend's house, i decided to stand far from Stern. (I don't want to start a fight here, just my opinion).

He doesnt want to sale it below $5000...

I only have one pin but I'm ready ($$$) to buy another one. My first idea was to sale LOTR and buy a TZ from High End Pinballs (around $9000). Now, if i got CP, it left enough money to buy another one.

mini-P1010301.JPG mini-P1010306.JPG mini-P1010324.JPG mini-P1010325.JPG

#8 9 years ago

$5K for a CP is insanity! CP's value the past few years has fallen like a rock. Average Ebay price according to Boston Pinball is just over $2300 and i've seen several for sale locally for under that . A friend of mine had a really nice CP that could have passed for HUO, and sold it last year for $2500. It's a fun game the first 20-30 times you play it but it gets way too repetitive after a while. Cool theme, art, and music, but the game only has a limited number of shots and things to do. A bit of a novelty game, and the ball times are excruciatingly long!-I would definitely disable the stopper if i owned the game.

Mint MB or CV's may be hard to find around 4K, but i've seen nice unshopped examples of each game for under 4. If mint HUO condition games are what you're after, i would maybe look for a STTNG, WH20, or NGG. You should be able to get mint examples of these in the 3.5K range. All 3 are great games with a high fun factor level!

#9 9 years ago

Pickle, if you want a really, truly HUO, mint CP I can turn you on to a good dude in my area (Dallas/Ft. Worth) with the nicest CP i have ever seen. He is asking $4000 publicly, but has told me on two occasions that he would sell it to me for high-3's. You could sell the LOTR for $4000 (fair price, IMO) and buy this CP (which is nicer) and have $$$ left over to get it shipped to you.

I really don't think you should trade LOTR and give $500 for that CP. Really.

#10 9 years ago

Thanks guys, i almost make a mistake. You are right.
I'm not going to trade.

#11 9 years ago

Good decision, CP is fun but 5K for it is too much that person is trying to take advantage of you. That is why I love this site, so many people that are well informed to help us out and prevent us from making silly decisions.

#12 9 years ago

CP is a great game its in my personal top 5 but i def. would not trade a LOTR and 500 bucks for it.

#13 9 years ago

I agree that CP is not a good choice if you only have a couple of pins in your collection. That being said, I would love to own one some day. It's a very fun and unique game that would make a great addition to a larger collection. I imagine it would also be very popular when guests come over.

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