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(Topic ID: 259593)


By V4Vendetta

9 months ago

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“LOTR or DI”

  • LOTR 36 votes
  • Dialed IN 27 votes

(63 votes)

#1 9 months ago

I've been really wanting DI for awhile but recently LOTR is peeking my interest also. Which one would you pick?

#2 9 months ago

Me LOTR both great games but the LOTR theme draws me in more.

#3 9 months ago

Both great. LOTR is deeper. Dialed in is more fun and has some really neat features.

#4 9 months ago

I have both so I couldn't tell you which one. Both are really great games and have excellent rule sets. Some of the best rules in pinball, albiet different. The theme integration in LOTR is one of the best in pinball. The shot flow and ruleset in DI is one of the best in pinball. Both get played regularly, and likely both will not leave.

IF I had to pick only one. I would probably go with DI as the ruleset is probably a bit easier to digest and the games don't go for so long.

#5 9 months ago

This is one where there truly is no wrong answer. Both are great games. My only hesitation on LOTR is timing. It’s seems people think that may be one of Stern’s next vaults, so they would be available as new again.

#6 9 months ago

LOTR is the GOAT to me, with superb code and theme integration. It's timeless and going up in price.

Dialed In is an original theme that shoots well with solid Williams era rules. It has been dropping in price.

#7 9 months ago

LOTR rates higher, costs less, is much deeper, and has a far better theme. Easy choice.

#8 9 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

LOTR is the GOAT to me, with superb code and theme integration. It's timeless and going up in price.
Dialed In is an original theme that shoots well with solid Williams era rules. I has been dropping in price.

Is this true? What a vault that would be. I'd be super interested in this if they vaulted lotr!

Quoted from Daditude:

LOTR rates higher, costs less, is much deeper, and has a far better theme. Easy choice.

Shoots poorer, far worse art, less toys, harder to find in good condition. The choice isn't as easy as you make it out to be!

#9 9 months ago

I sold my really nice lotr last year and bought a DI.

I love LOTR but was maybe playing it once every 2 to 3 months.

I had lotr for years. Maybe a decade almost. I just felt like it was time to change it up.

Both are great games. DI so far seems to have way shorter games. There are no 5 minute long multiballs etc.

#10 9 months ago

LOTR is an all timer but I don't want to own it to play it once every 6 months forever.

#11 9 months ago

I guess one of the questions I would ask would be how long do you like your ball times to last? Lord of the rings has an exceptionally long ball time and the rules are extremely deep. Personally I would be looking at dialed in.

#12 9 months ago

Sometimes it's fun to play a long game and try to get everything that LOTR has to offer. It's the game that I play when I want to hit smooth shots without having to try too hard (and "coincidentally" enough, feel better about my mediocre pinball skills). It feels very good.

If you like more challenging games with faster ball times, then LOTR is not for you. But nothing beats TTT MB and you're nailing jackpot after jackpot and Gimli is screaming Double Jackpot five! Double Jackpot six! etc. Or that one time you finish FOTR MB and Gandalf yells "You shall not pass!" Nothing beats it.

#13 9 months ago

LOTR been in my home since new and it’s theme has kept me into it for all this time. When I do play it Ill be into it for a short stretch at a time but will move on to something else. I won’t turn on for a while. I only played DI a hand full of times on location. It’s a great game with new features and such . I can’t see myself holding onto it for an extended period of time if it was in my collection. It is fun though and different but that comes with the theme. LOTR holds its own and it’s been around for a long time.
You can’t beat it to make the comparison.

#14 9 months ago

Everyone I know who owns a LOTR says it gets played a few times per year. I had a DI and played it constantly while I owned it.

#15 9 months ago

I have both side by side. Love them both.
DI is played more often now. But LOTR still gets played on a regular basis (not a few times a year), but in spurts and when I want to be “drawn” in to a game and spend time, not just on one game but on at least a few. Mine plays very fast (new CC playfield) so there are some quick games too.

Agree with a lot of the comments.
They are both great games and arguably each may be a favorite game for many.

I see a lot of opinions on the differences of the games. Here is a similarity; they both have excellent modes and satisfying rewards to collect for completing the modes. I absolutely love playing the modes on LOTR and DI. Completing a mode and either getting/collecting a Gift
from the Elves or a SimCard (yeah it’s a PITA) are great. Look at Alien Invasion vs Warg Battle per se.

Both have virtually unobtainable wizard modes (yeah yeah I know some have reached). Both have a lot intermediate modes. Destroy the Ring is amazing.

LOTR has great Multiballs and great stacking strategies. Shot to the ring is arguably the best shot in pinball.

DI has the flow, the successive forward looking combo’s (especially during modes...yet so does LOTR). and a ton of bells and whistles. DI’s main multiballs are ok and used more for progressing other things. But Quantum Theatre MB is fantastic and the Crazy Bob MBs are also a lot of fun.

Also; LOTR is a classic, I don’t think a vault is going to take away from that (and it may not come out as good) Not sure I would want an LCD with my LOTR...the dots, especially in color are amazing.

LOTR is a darker theme from a mood perspective. It has fantastic callouts. It’s not always dark but generally dark from a mood perspective.

DI is tongue in cheek and dry humor and also pays tribute to other PL games.

This is really a personal choice; no right answer. Best thing to do would be to put time on both and also understand the rules for both (Watch them played on YouTube or Twitch).

Also; I have to abstain from voting here

#16 9 months ago

In all honesty, LOTR is more of a classic these days. It had some of the most important features and innovations when it was new. It pushed things forward in pinball. It's not really fair to compare it to a game released 14 years later that itself, had some great innovations... That will drive you insane. There is no answer for this reason.

For the general public, I would think Dialed In gets played more on location. It's less dated and could have been released yesterday, warming up to a larger percentage of the general population. Same exact reason a Pink Floyd pin would sell way more units than a Montley Crue pin.

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