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#1 9 years ago

I would like to hear if anyone owns a LOTR that did not care about the movie and bought it based on the hype of the pin. The more I read about it the more I think I should look into getting one. At one time I did not want a SM because of the movie theme but now I love it and it is my most played to date. Just curious on others thoughts.

#2 9 years ago

Rules are deep and I hope to get one someday. However, it's just a 2 flipper game so the shots are pretty generic fan layout. I would spend some time with TSPP first, as that is a much better layout with more interesting shots IMO. Springfield mystery spot is going to be the most hectic multiball you could play, more so than any stacked mode in LOTR.

#3 9 years ago

I do like the movies, but the ruleset on LOTR brings me back every time. The rules for the multiballs are very well done (multipliers etc) and the fact that you can run other modes with multiball is cool too. I do like collecting the rings too which reminds me of combo shots a little. overall, lots to do in that fan design. people have come over who have never heard of the LOTR movies (and even people who love the family guy theme) will like my LOTR over my family guy so thats gotta count for something..

#4 9 years ago

Great game either way - lots of modes, tons of rules - if you like the movies that just makes it even better - but its good either way. SM LOTR TSPP - Sterns best.

#5 9 years ago

Yeah I would like to get one someday too...I pretty much go into every game trying to get to 'Destroy the Ring' mode. I do like the movies so I'm sure that helps.

#6 9 years ago

I loved the books. Loved the movies. But I would not have purchased it without playing it first had it not gotten such rave revues. I do not regret it either. It is fun and the game everyone plays the most. My Mom is saving up to buy one.

SM is my favorite game but LOTR is so close to be almost a tie. The only thing LOTR is missing IMO is humor. But you can't get blood from a stone. There really was no humor in that story.

I have destroyed the ring several times but have not been able to start "There and Back Again" or even come close to getting to Valinor.

#7 9 years ago

"I have destroyed the ring several times but have not been able to start "There and Back Again" or even come close to getting to Valinor."


Yet this is what is great about LOTR! Perhaps for me the main downside to the game is that since it is such a saga to play I need to be in the mood. Yet I find that mood is true for all my pins, which is why I am thankful to have some that are quick "just play" games and some that are far more in depth.

#8 9 years ago

Ok ill admit it. I've never watched them.......lol

#9 9 years ago

I agree Santeh. That is why I like and play Corvette so much. When I have just a few minutes to play I jump on that one. I would hate to have to cut a great LOTR or IJ game short.

#10 9 years ago

Yea, i think most of us are the same, if i just want a crash abd bash game, i head to No Fear or T2, if i want to think, i go to LOTR or TZ, I go to CV the most though, because that is just pure brilliance...

#11 9 years ago

Love my cv too. Though it keeps me in error repair too often.

#12 9 years ago

What are the problems coaster, i have had a dream run with mine, only 1 blown fuse on the mini playfield magnet.

#13 9 years ago

Just odd errors so far nothing major but I have two new errors I need to look into. Saucer and outlanes this time.

#14 9 years ago

I have not seen but a small portion of one movie. I have played LOTR and found it to be the best Stern I have played.

#15 9 years ago

Great. Now you guys have me thinking of a LOTR for my fourth pin instead of a TOM or a TAF.... UGH...

#16 9 years ago

Honestly, if I had the choice between TOM,AF and LOTR, even though I don't like Stern pins too much but... I would take LOTR over those other two any day. LOTR is probably Sterns best pins hands down with SM a close second. Given its modes,gameplay,Toys etc. I really enjoy LOTR and given the chance someday I might actually purchase one.

#17 9 years ago

I Just ordered the blu-rays of LOTR. I will watch them just to see if I am into it. I just never watched them but not for any reason. I just didn't.

#18 9 years ago

The movies are pretty phenomenal!

#19 9 years ago

I had LOTR, despite the lack of humor, the game is good. Ruleset very interesting. On the downside, ball time are very long and the game made cheap. I would take TOM by far...

#20 9 years ago

I have been meaning to get the movies anyway. I don't feel my Spiderman is made too cheap. I know the new sterns do not feel like the heavy older games. spiderman plays great and smooth though. Time will tell I guess.

#21 9 years ago

I was playing Avatar today (regular version), and it did feel kind of cheap to me. I guess I'm just used to the feel of my Bally/Williams games at home.

#22 9 years ago

I guess I can see the point about cheap. My spiderman feels good to me but, I can tell the difference when I am leaning on MB or CV vs leaning on SM. It plays well though and that is important. Maybe just because it is new but it feels so smooth when playing it. I am gonna take my time picking #4. I am sorta intrigued by what Tron could offer us though. So I just may wait till we can see that in action.
Meanwhile my MB took a turn for the worst tonight. Frankenstein will not stand up and it still is acting up when it gets turned on after being cold. I think that is actually what broke Franky.... Tech is called. I am still learning...

#23 9 years ago

Curious what Stern decides with, for their spring release for 2011. Probably a pin for Thor. God I hope they don't do one for the awful looking Green Lantern movie.

#24 9 years ago

I am curious, Holy_Pickle, what you felt was cheap about Stren's LOTR? I have had mine for almost 6 months and have not noticed anything glaring. And, quite, I have it sitting next to Bally/Williams, Williams, and Data East games and it seems to have held up fine.

#25 9 years ago

I don't want to start a debate....

I will try to explain in English:

1: When i shoot into the Gandalf loop, the ball never keep his speed.
2: When the ball comes from the path of the dead, it often jump over the ramp and fall on the playfield (even with the deflector)
3: When i shoot into the sword ramp, the ball hit under the Witch King and it shakes like shit.
4: When the ball is ejected from the Gollum hole to the ramp, it often fall back into the hole.
5: The quotes are often cut in the middle of a sentence (when there is a lot of action)
6: When you try to break the ring, that is hard to unlock the ball into the ring (my flippers were hard and well adjusted)
7: When you make the right ramp with a good fast shoot, the ball often fall from the ramp because of the speed.
8: Overall the machine doesn't fell solid.
9: The slingshots are not as strong as Williams.
10: The shooting rod was not hittting the ball in the middle (impossible to adjust, i had to cut the cabinet)

My game was HUO with under 1000 games played. I had the invoice to proove it.

And i don't want to talk about the backbox artwork who looks like vomit and the so so sound.

This game have a FANTASTIC ruleset built in cheap material and poor design...I was interested by TSPP but i will never buy Stern anymore. And a guy here in this forum want to trade his MM for two Sterns....the game of my dreams....that is sad...

#26 9 years ago

Interesting, Holy_Pickle, as I have not really noticed most of these things in my LOTR SE, but will certainly keep an eye out even more now. The only things I have noticed on my LOTR is that, every once in awhile, the ball will bounce out of the lock after going down the sword ramp and that the magnet does not always pull the ball back under the backbox area when it should (I have had the magnet checked by a tech. and it works fine).

I would say, though, that even though I have not experienced the items you mentioned there is one that I might not due to a slight adjustment that has been made. Instead of a diverter there was one of the Army of the Dead soldiers placed there. Now, when the ball hits the soldier it always falls where it is supposed to.

I am sorry, though, that you have not had a good experience with Stern. Yet maybe giving TSPP a go, or another LOTR, might help change that?


P.S.- I, in no way, think you are trying to start an argument regarding Stern or LOTR. And, as such, I feel you are very justified to feel like this towards any machine, especially when they often cost $2000-6000 US. I was just curious why you thought as you did.

#27 9 years ago

Luckily I have had none of those issues with my LOTR. Every once in a while my Gimli VUK will not activate but will be fine if I restart the game. Checked it and cannot find anything wrong. I bought an extra VUK just in case though. You may have purchased a lemon. I would sell that machine and buy another.

#28 9 years ago

There is one thing, you better have a brand new Stern than a Williams in average-poor condition for the same price.

There is a mod who keeps the ball on the sword (somelike a braket). Maybe you don't have it installed?
I think it is normal that the ball randomly fall in front of the lock ''ring'' instead of under the backbox.

#29 9 years ago

I hope Stern makes an Avengers pin, they cant really miss with the superhero theme.

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