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Looks like new Mustang Code 1.30 is out

By Arcade

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Stern just posted this on their page. Sorry if it is old news.

V1.30 - May 17, 2014

- added ramp diverter logic to Mustang Multiball (PRO).
- added ramp diverter logic to races (PRO).
- fixed speech not being heard at start of Drag Race Multiball.
- Fixed Lamp Effect for gears multiball start (also for drag multiball start)
- Added Sound Effect to shift mode complete
- Added Sound Effect to rally race award.
- Added ball search delay for Drift Intro.
- fixed a problem with the race select screen becoming availble too soon after a scoop award.
- Added drag race multiball start lamp effect.
- Added logic to race shot lamp effects to follow the path of the ball on award shots.
- added logic so allow speech calls to be heard later if the speech track is busy.
- Police Pursuit will now reliably say "SE_VO_PP_708_GOT_EM" at the end of the race.
- Removed forced speech priority from Stunt race Speech Effects.
- Added grace period to super jackpot in gears multiball and drag race multiball.
- Changed drag race multiball background DE to say "Drag race multiball"
- Fixed speech conflict/timing in gears multiball start.
- mustang letters are now available at the scoop (Pro/LE/Boss) versions.
- Drag Race Multiball start speech now waits for the channel to be available before talking.
- BOSS only - added Police Pursuit End animation artwork.
- Removed profanity from the song "My Own Worst Enemy".
- added BOSS info to version number.
- Silverball Stampede MB
Leg 3C - all shots and the pop bumpers blink.
added Finale light show
- Silverball Stampede - added explosions.
- tool box now awards "more time" if upgrade scoring is running.
- Brought down scoring in rally race slightly.
- added BOSS dots to both drag race and road course modes
- added Silverball Stampede Intro dots
- addedBOSS assets -
police pursuit (stakeout and chase).
1969 BOSS 302 (Stunt)
1970 BOSS 429 (Road Course)
1971 BOSS 351 (Drag Race)
2011 BOSS 302 R (Police Pursuit)
2012 BOSS 302 (Rally)
2012 BOSS 302 S with spoiler (Drift)
2013 BOSS 302 (Silverball)
- added BOSS art to Mustang Multiball
- shots to the mid ramp now pause the roving shot during cruisin (LE/BOSS only).
- added Mustang Letter Lit speech/criteria. Mustang Letters are now
"lit/available" upon completing a race.
- Silverball Stampede
Leg 3B - Alien Invaders
Leg 3C - Destroy the Mothership
- Modified # caution drop target hits to get bowl bonus.
- Modified shots/scoring for Caution drop target rule (LE/BOSS only).
- Added new intro art to drift race.
- Show Upgrade choreo when Nitrous upgrades (says "Hit the Nitrous Boost")
- Say "Nitrous Boost" once per ball when Nitrous Boost is lit and hit.
- added upgraded speech
- added BOSS versions of police pursuit intro animations.
police car hides behind billboard
police car hides behind billboard; light turns from green to yellow
police car hides behind billboard; light turns from yellow to red
- Car lamps now advance during Mustang Multiball.
- fixed Mustang Multiball Car name speech that didn't match car insert.
- added police pursuit BOSS art.
- changed Lamp names (BOSS only):
1969 BOSS 302 (TOP)
1969 BOSS 302 (BOT)
- added BOSS art to cruisin
- reordered BOSS speech in Mustang Multiball
- Added BOSS stunt driver animations.
- added caution lights to the attract mode (LE/BOSS only).
- added slingshot sounds
- added Mustang Letter speech
- added upgrade scoring speech.
- Spell Mustang display effect is now more CPU cycle friendly.
- added Upgrade Ready Speech.
- added Boss speech
- Modified caution target rule to new specifications (LE/BOSS only).
- Fixed bug "Aliens stole my match"
- Adjusted the left right orientation of the cars in the background for road course so they change direction
at better positions
- Added drag race multiball start speech call and display effect to drag race mode
- Fixed bug so that gears multiball bg music will start whether it's gears multiball or drag race multiball
- Got rid of the D. in daisy diesel's portrait
- Silverball Stampede
leg 3B - aliens are moving forward and back. jackpot value is higher when they are hit closer to the bottom.
road sprites added for mountains, corn fields, and desert
- Added drop target starburst lamp effect.
- added match speech & f/x
- Silverball Stampede Leg 3 version 1 -- 6 aliens that stay in their lanes
- Silverball Stampede Multiball
added rules and display effects for Leg 1 and Leg 2.
Collect balls at the end of the race and then kick out another ball.
Compute jackpots based on how well the player did in the races.
The default race jackpot value is computed by "race shared compute stampede race jackpot".
- fixed gear shift (drop target) sound f/x priorities
- added Shift Successful sound f/x
- added "Spell Mustang" sound f/x.
- added Tool Box lit/Award sound f/x.
- added new (louder) gear shift target sounds.
- left/right orbit control gate logic is now modular.
- Added a blinking mustang car to the bg effect for road course so it's easier to spot your place
in the race.
- increased racer speed around the road course track.
- Races:
Races no longer automatically qualify for Drift just by starting them. Each race must now
notify that the race is qualified for Drift.
- added logic to get the ramp diverters activated if they had timed out due to switch inactivity,
i.e. the player was cradling the ball. Now, once the ball is released from a cradle position,
the diverters are re-activated if necessary.
- 1.00 LE release Thursday, May 08, 2014
- added Mustang Multiball light shows.
- added Mustang Multiball sound effects.
- Mustang Multiball arrows are now Cyan (LE/BOSS).
- added sounds/light to turntable diagnostic test (LE/BOSS).
- Tools now awards add-a-ball for Mustang Multiball.
- Now Drag Race button color is White (LE/BOSS).
- removed unused adjustments.
- Added jackpot call and sound effect to Caution target jackpots in drag race
- Added stinger for gears multiball jackpot, also added code so it plays in different order(s) as well.
- Added stinger for super skill shot.
- Fixed text in mustang multiball ready Display Effect.
- Fixed drag race always marking as completed.
- Fixed plunge lamp effect priority conflict with drag race start lamp effect.
- Race Select - reset idle timer when left flipper (next song) is pressed so that the playfield lights
are suppressed longer (LE/BOSS).
- Fixed priority problem with Mustang multiball background DE.
- Do not auto resume a race if mustang multiball is ready.
- Removed a SFX from the caution award 1 list.
- Added Mustang multiball ready background display effect.
- Modified caution target rules to be only drop targets. Enabled sound fx to work properly in this state.
- Fixed an issue where top lane sweeping and roving event lamps were displaying during other events
where it was not allowing awards.
- Added playfield lamp effect for mustang multiball ready.
- Police Pursuit
added more sound fx to race awards.
Increased sound priority on award fx
- cleanup for captive ball lamp effect.
- Captive ball hurryup not available during upgrade modes, wizard modes, and Mustang multiball.
- Added lamp effect for ball launch. Runs when race first starts or when action button is pressed
to resume race after ball drain.
- added a race select lightshow.
- Added the continuation of the Caution target rules.
- Modified Caution light and sound effects.
- Added racer portrait art work that now has the racers name on it.
- fixed a problem where daisy diesel wasn't speaking in the background of Road Course.
- Fixed race select bug that occured depending on whether race select was started from ball start or from the scoop
- Got rid of road race start lamp effect
- fixed drag race lamp effect start to show pony/ford lanes, and mustang lamps
- added new drop target sounds to caution rule
- Fixed a race select issue where, upon selecting Police Pursuit, the ball would autolaunch
all the way around the orbit.
- Silverball Stampede Multiball
Change Leg 1 to be "all shots lit - hit once to pass".
- Modified sound effect for cruisin drop target.
- Added a sound effect for the drop target hit.
- added "PRESS ACTION BUTTON TO START" - instructions in Race Select (LE/BOSS) when a song is not selectable.
- Upgrade Hurryup and Multiball use the default arrow color (yellow) for full playfield award sweeps.
- weighted logic system is now used by races and Mustang Multiball and Mid Ramp diverter.
- added difficuly setting and logic for advancing letters towards Mustang Multiball
- Completing races now enables a letter to be collected (based upon difficult) for Mustang Multiball.
- removed unused switches that were appearing in tech alert.
- Fixed a bug where drag race was stay active if you drained all balls during drag race multiball
- Add caution target functionality to drag race multiball (BOSS/LE)
- Added/changed Daisy Diesel speech in game
- Added new art for road race background cars.
- RGB Action Button - blink the action button during race select (BOSS/LE).
- RGB Race Arrows - fixed color of race award rgb effects.
- Reset drop targets on start of stunt driver.
- Added sound effects to both pro and prem version for Police Pursuit radio chatter.
- Added radio chatter to police pursuit background.
- Fixed caution target lamps not flashing during races.
- Silverball Stampede Multiball - added new car art for the six main cars.
mothership loop
mothership destroyed
small explosion
large explosion
bullet hit
lane 1 laser loop
lane 2 laser loop
lane 3 laser loop
lane 4 laser loop
lane 5 laser loop
lane 6 laser loop
lane 1 laser loop v.2
lane 2 laser loop v.2
lane 3,4 laser loop v.2
lane 5 laser loop v.2
lane 6 laser loop v.2
lane 1 bullet
lane 2-5 bullet
lane 6 bullet
- MUSTANG; Silverball elements
mountain road loop
rock left
rock right

Tanner's drift car (lane 6), movie van (lane 5)
drifts left (3-4 loops)
drifts right (8-9 loops)
returning to a straight position
movie van

normal road loop
cow left loop
cow right loop
corn start
corn loop
cactus right
cactus left

lane 1- Cruisin, convertible
lane 2- Police Pursuit, cop car loop
lane 2- Police Pursuit, speeder
lane 3- Race Course, ufo loop
lane 3- Race Course, Daisy Diesel
car only
lane 3- Race Course, professor
no exhaust
exhaust loop
lane 4- Race Course, computer car
lane 4- Race Course, old folks
lane 4- Race Course, millionaire
lane 5-Stunt, stunt car

- Removed Single Drop Targets from stunt (BOSS/LE).
- Added new DE's and SE's to police pursuit.
- added Gears multiball start choreo.
- Cleaned up Mustang spellout animations.
- addedPolice Pursuit dots
intro edit
BIGGER license plate
new cop for mode background
- Added shaker motor to rally/stunt/gears MB
- Added new Sound Effects to rally/stunt.
- Added 180 Hurryup to Tires upgrade.
- Added Single drop targets to end of rally race if you have taken both shortcuts.
- Fixed stunt driver take number not updating properly.
- Added 3-D Mustang spellout animation fly in.
- now instant info has a higher priority so it will show up over the Race Select foreground choreo.
- added/reworked left ramp diverter logic to make diverting decision based on weighted rules,
player override, and competition settings.
- changed the name of all unused lamps to NOT USED
- changed the wire color text of lamps 81 - 160 to ME_EMPTY/ME_EMPTY.
- changed name of unused lamps to "NOT USED" (BOSS/LE).
- changed wire color text to display nothing for lamps 81 thru 160, since they are not part of the physical lamp matrix.
- new Guitar licks stingers, Rally race shot award stinger:
- new Gattling gun Sound Effect.
- added Cartoony splat/squish noise for hitting road kill
- added Semi Truck horn (with a Doppler version preferably)
- adjusted all the speech adding more attenuation constants for individual characters.
- mustang letters now advance via the rotating mustang carousel (BOSS/LE only)
- instant info now uses letter ids (Pro/LE/BOSS)
- attract mode M-U-S-T-A-N-G lamps now use letter ids (Pro/LE/BOSS)
- Added LE drop targets and subsequent rules to drift
- removed problem speech calls.
- Added DoTs for Stunt Driver part II
- Single drop targets now raise if either the blinking or solid shot id is available.
- Added code for tying single drops to races.
- Added Mustang attract mode spellout
- Gears multiball now uses mid ramp instead of upper ramp for super jackpot
- Race Select Music -- if Race Select is active and the the interlock voltage
display effect or the volume display effect are active, play the Race Select
music OR the music of the currently selected race.
- Added 3 top lane rules for upgrade tier awards.
- Fixed super captive ball message args.
- Fixed drift race translations
- Added translations to game tables.
- Fixed issue with shift mode start DE.
- Added daisy diesel portrait to drag race background during her background speech
- Added light show for drag race start
- Added flasher lights to light show for drag race jackpot
- Added light show for road race start.
- Re-arranged the racer order for road race mode, so that racers with less to say
are at the back of the line and racers with more to say are towards the front.
- Added speech to the Road race intro display effect
- Added some extra speech calls intro, and background to the road race mode for racers:
Robot car, Alien, Mabel, Daisy Diesel, and millionaire
- Fixed drag race gear so that it each player has their own gear, i.e. previously players'
shared gears.
- Adjusted drag race start DE to fit german and italian text properly.
- Fixed tanner talking in shooter groove.
- attract mode light show is now more efficient and uses less processes
- Use ORANGE for Cruisin and MAGENTA for Drift (BOSS/LE).
- added diagnostic for turntable.
- added turntable/carousel motor class logic.
- cleaned up warning message in gears_multiball
- removed old turntable (test fixture) logic.
- added test menu (BOSS/LE)
- added/reordered (BOSS/LE) adjustments.
- Fixed Dedicated switch # 7 display showing not used. Should be Fire button switch. (BOSS/LE)
- Fixed Turn table flasher display shows BROWN should be ORANGE. (BOSS/LE)
- Upgrade lamps - keep all upgrade lamps on while upgrade modes are ok to start.
- added COLOR_DARK_VIOLET for Cruisin
- Race Select
suppress other playfield lights (N2O, upgrades, RPM, GEARS), during Race Select
until race select is done talking and has been idle for 2 seconds.
when race select is started from the scoop, do not play race music for new race selected
until race select display effect is active.
- Race Arrow colors (BOSS/LE)
race arrows are default color during Bonus and white during Mustang Multiball.
- Added support to LE and BOSS for changing the color of the race arrows.
- added code to support RGB LED layers and RGB LED strings.
- Fixed bug - when starting Drag Race from the scoop, ball search would occur during the Drag Race
intro because it is very long. Fixed this by delaying ball search inside of the drag race start display effect.
- Music for LE and BOSS Models: Added "What I Like About You", "Frankenstein", "I Just Want To Celebrate", "My Own Worst Enemy".
- Music bug fixes - drift ready music was playing during races.
- HOOK_INTERLOCK_STATE_CHANGE - when coin door is opened and closed the music state is now updated correctly.
- Added new artwork and sound effects for drift.
- added drop target tests for both left and right drop targets. (BOSS/LE)
- added stinger to road race.
- Streamlined the race place DE for Road race, instead of two different screens
that transition it is now only one screen with the text and animation on it.
- Fixed a bug with the extended drag race start DE, it was cutting past the speech
follow-up even when it plays in the scoop.
- Added the same logic to demo race as drag race mode, made a proc to time when the bg speech should be called.
- Added moving cars to background dots on Road race. They also show the players race position.
- Added racer speech and racer portraits to road race background.
- Removed some unused speech.
- Cannot collect upgrades during drag race multiball.
- Can collect upgrades during drag race single ball play.
- added Music files Mustang Premium (BOSS) and LE.
- removed old/unused upgrades logic.
- Added shortcut DEs to rally race.
- Added new SEs to rally race. Navigation, ball drain, good/bad shooting, shortcut.
- Added new LEs to drag race and stunt driver for gears targets.
- Added police siren flashers to police pursuit chase.
- Added lamp effects to shared race award LE.
- N2O boost now awarded immediately before race awards if both are lit.
- Small change to LE gears multiball start
- Added lamp effect for stunt driver drop target shot and race select.

#3 6 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Holy crap - that's one HUGE update!!

Agreed. I played this pin at Texas Pinball Fest and it was decent.
Should be a blast now.

#6 6 years ago
Quoted from thunderstorm:

you click the file on their website, says this page is not available...

Both files started downloading for me just fine on Chrome.

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