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Looking to buy my first pin and could use some guidance!

By Greenfun13

85 days ago

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#10 85 days ago
Quoted from Greenfun13:

Hi everyone, first time posting on here! (sorry in advance for the long winded first post!)
My parents bought a Pin*Bot way back in 1991 and I have been playing it ever since. However, they are getting ready to move out of state and I realized that I wont get to play it nearly as often.
Guess it is time to start my own collection!
I heard about the auction in Banning, CA and even registered thinking I might be able to snag a good deal (HA!) but as we all know, the prices are out of this world..
I thought it would be appropriate to start with the second title in the Pin*Bot series. I found a (heavily played) BoP locally at a Round Table Pizza and spent about 30 minutes playing it. It was fun and strikes a lot of the same nostalgic cords that Pin*Bot does. It might have been the outgassing display (couldn't read my score) or the fact that it was my first time playing it, so I didn't know all the tricks to the gameplay, but it didn't seem *as fun* as the original..
This Friday I plan on heading down to Pinball Wizards in Paramount, CA where they have a BoP in good condition (also for sale) and put some more time on it before deciding. They also have a few other titles i'll check out while I am there.
If BoP doesn't float my boat here are some other titles that grab my attention:
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (I hear these require a lot of maintenance?)
I have read some other post on what to look for when buying used, but was wondering if there is anything specific about the BoP that I should know? That spinning head seems like it could be a problem area?
Lastly, in your opinion, how close should someone's asking price be to Pinsides Estimated Value?
Thanks in advance!

Bride of Pinbot is a great game, but I would not pay big money for it. I used to love this game when it first came out. I owned one in the 90's for a couple of years and then another one recently. I was thinking about keeping it but after a week of play I got bored of it. It became to easy of a game for me. In this game it's all about the head. Once you get to the final stage of the head and keep doing that game after game it kind of loses its excitement. The center ramp always wants to crack at the entrance when the ball makes its first right turn . I had to replace both ramps on the one I had in the 90's since they were so cracked up. The head on my second one needed to be repaired. Even though Pinbot is not on my radar I think I would prefer to have a Pinbot in my collection over Bride. As others stated patience is the key. Anyone can go out a buy a game today but that does not mean they got a good condition game or paid a good price. For me it's all about the find. I have been collecting since the 80's and all of the many games I have in my personal collection were all finds. I never went out a just bought the game I wanted because there is one listed for sale at that time. The price is always been the number one factor when buying a game. I am always looking for the game that is priced as low as possible for a good condition game. If a game is over priced then I will pass and I wait for the right deal to arrive later on. I really enjoy the hunt more than anything. For me it adds so much more satisfaction that you find the game you want, in the condition that works for you and that it was at a smoking price. The Pinside Estimated Price is a good source to start. If you are looking for just a good original working Pin then I would stay near that estimated price as much as possible. I have owned all of the games you have listed. For me High Speed and T2 still hold up the best for me today.

#23 85 days ago
Quoted from Greenfun13:

Thank you for this detailed post, I think you sum it up very well.
I grew up always wanting to play BoP, but never had the opportunity to until recently. I think I set the bar too high in my head maybe? Don't get me wrong, I had a blast playing it and will probably go back and play it some more, but it didn't give me that same 'feeling' Pin*Bot does when I fire it up to play. Maybe because I grew up with PinBot? Either way, in my current house I only have room for a single machine (don't worry, there will be more in the future!) so I need to make sure it's one that keeps me hooked. I haven't written BoP off quite yet, but I am quickly getting over the idea of owning one. Plus, the one I was interested in was going for $3,800 firm.. (Good deal, bad deal?)
And that brings me to my next question. How do I know if I am getting a good deal, what would be the best way to compare it to a previous sale? When it comes to cars, this is no problem for me! However, I feel a bit lost here..
As far as T2, growing up, that was my #1 favorite movie, by far. I even used to think that Arnold sang Bad to the Bone. Hahhaha! I also got to play the T2 pin quite a bit as a young kid when we would go on vacation (they always had it at the hotel we stayed at in Laughlin, NV). I need to play it again now that I am all grown up, but I think its one that I would LOVE to have, if nothing else for how big of a T2 (and T1) fan I am. There is one "fully restored" up in northern CA going for $6,500 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2393756207548566/permalink/3100719276852252/?sale_post_id=3100719276852252). That seems like a lot, but also kinda seems like maybe its a good deal considering its a full resto...? But then I see someone just sold a T2 in players condition going for $2k...
I have a LOT to learn! I am not in a rush to buy something right away, I'll to take my time and wait for something that calls my name.
Thanks again for everyone that has chimed in so far! This forum already feels like a good one, with good supporting members. Seems like that is getting harder and harder to find nowadays, so I really appreciate it!

To me I think BOP is a $3k or less game which is also the Pinside Average. It's a game that will get old after a while since it's mainly based on one shot. I think there are better games that are above the $3k mark. Prices are going to vary based on playfield condition, cabinet condition, shopped or not, and how mechanical sound the overall game is. For me the best way to compare a good deal is just look to see what is the Estimated Price is on Pinside or look back at the ones that actually sold on Pinside minus the overly modded out over priced games unless that is what you prefer. For me I just like a good condition factory game. I don't need any mods or extras to enjoy the game more. In most cases for me these sort of extra items are more annoying when it comes to playing them unless it make a tasteful improvement like a color DMD. I am more interested in playing a good working clean survivor than having a overpriced museum looking piece of art. I think you would enjoy T2 more. it's very fast, great flow, good action, has a video mode, the gun shot is excellent, and has a lot of different things to do on it instead of just one thing. Plus its a DMD game and all of these will have a Diamond Plate Playfield. T2 is a game that was very fun for me when it came out and still holds up excellent today. This title will not break the bank. You can still find some good prices on T2 but it's always best to look around on other sources as well to find them.

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