Looking for a lamp replacement tool

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#1 73 days ago

I'm new here. I own a Barrel-o-Fun that's in need of some maintenance. I need a tool that will allow me to replace the bingo card lamps easily. The problem is the bulbs are all recessed so I can't twist them with my fingers. A needle nose pliers doesn't provide enough grip on the bulb without damaging it. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

#3 72 days ago

Cut a short length of 1/2" x 3/8" tubing. I just use the tube alone, it's about the only thing that will get in recessed sockets without breakage. A pic of one with a DIY 'handle"

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#4 72 days ago

It doesn't give you a whole lot of reach but I have had a lot of luck especially with backboard lamps using a rubber shooter rod tip. Also PBR and some other usual suppliers sell a bulb removal tool that works pretty well...


#5 72 days ago


#6 72 days ago

All i use is a piece of two way tape. one side stuck to my fingers and the other side stuck to the bulb. If in a tight spot, use two small pieces of two way foam tape on some needle nose pliers.

#7 72 days ago

Pinball resource has a nice tool. It is a long cilinder of rubber different size on each end, one for standard 44 / 47 lamps and one size for the larger blinkers. You press it over the bulb push down and twist. Works very well for me. You can use to remove and replace bulbs.

#8 72 days ago

Spark plug boot.

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1 month later
#9 15 days ago

I just got a bulb extraction tool.
The best one I have ever used. I have changed a lot of bulbs(miniature)
through the years! This tool has nice soft rubber and grabs the lamp nicely!!
Part is "OR-55"; google it and you can find it easy!

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#10 14 days ago

Happy Easter every one!
Terry K

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