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Longest Standing Machine in Your Gameroom

By The_Director

4 years ago

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    #151 3 years ago

    Bs dracula,have it since 1995
    Get a few offers every year but it isnt going anywhere

    #152 3 years ago

    CV Dec 2015. I convinced my wife (and myself) it would be our only pin. Boy was that a lie lol

    #153 3 years ago
    Quoted from Vreuls:

    Bs dracula,have it since 1995
    Get a few offers every year but it isnt going anywhere

    Same here!
    BSD 1995

    #154 3 years ago

    Tommy, I've had it for over 12 years. LOTR is also a long term keeper at over 10 years.

    #155 3 years ago

    Looks like I have had my Mata Hari for almost 4 years. I love that game!

    #156 3 years ago

    Jet Spin, my favorite roto-target game, bought it Aug 2016. The pins I already had then are gone, but that one’s a keeper.

    #157 3 years ago
    Quoted from jake35:

    What number is your gold? That’s amazing to be one owner

    My TAFG number is 823

    #158 3 years ago

    TZ since 1997!

    #159 3 years ago

    Medieval Madness Remake. Previous game was a BOP but I sold that. Been totally bullet proof got it 2016 second user, original user had put about 50 plays on it - not had to do a single thing to it!


    #160 3 years ago

    Fish Tales about 10 years, have 9 others that I can’t see leaving easily.

    #161 3 years ago

    BSD going on 6 years now.

    #162 3 years ago

    Whodunnit... 12 years.

    #163 3 years ago

    Gottlieb Roller Coaster. Christmas gift for the kiddos. Can’t see it leaving till they may want it for their home or appt. then I’ll have room for CV.

    It’s one of those games that doesn’t have a deep rule set it any of that stuff but it makes you earn your points. You don’t just hit a pop number and get thousands of points. Think I’ve only rolled it over once but then I suck at pinball

    #164 3 years ago
    Quoted from Sputnik:

    For a pin, Aztec. For a game Robotron 2084, l`ve had it 45 years.

    Did you get this new? Robotron came out in 1982 which would make it 38, no? Not doubting, just thought I was confused


    #165 3 years ago

    Bought Xenon as my first machine in 95...but I've not sold any machines I've bought over the years.

    #166 3 years ago

    First machine
    October 2017

    image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
    #167 3 years ago

    Another bsd, been over 5 years and not going anywhere.

    #168 3 years ago

    My longest standing game is a Track & Field cocktail that I bought in 1988.

    #169 3 years ago

    GTB Rainbow (1957).
    The game came into my possession in 1970.
    Officially part of a “game room” (as in a room owned by me) 1989
    So let’s call it 31 years

    #170 3 years ago

    Abra Ca Dabra since 1984

    #171 3 years ago

    Pinbot was 20 years. Now Mmr, 4 years

    #172 3 years ago

    Genie (1st game) and Andromeda (6th) have been around the longest since 2006.

    #173 3 years ago

    Black Hole, 16 years. Restored the playfield with my wife (then girlfriend). It's not going anywhere.

    #174 3 years ago

    2001 since the 1970s but stored my childhood home and Doctor Who since 2006

    #175 3 years ago

    The Addams Family

    #176 3 years ago
    Quoted from The_Director:

    Just for fun, what's the longest man standing in your gamerooms and how long have you had it? For me, Bally Doctor Who. Has stood the test of time to stay planted on the gameroom floor for 8 years now. Has seen many, many other games come and go.

    Space Shuttle- game we played when dating (1984), 1st game we bought when we got room for a pin in our house, 1st game I restored...had it since August of 2001...

    LOL!! I must be getting old!! Didn't know I'd already posted this!!


    #177 3 years ago
    Quoted from pincoin:

    Got my slightly used TZ in May 1994, then bought a NIB TAFG in Nov 1994. 25th year anniversary coming for both of them.

    NIB TAFG...wow...please tell us the story on that one.

    #178 3 years ago

    Cyclone since 2009, when I discovered you could actually buy a pinball machine...wish I would have known years before that.

    #179 3 years ago

    It will always be TZ. 13ish years and counting. I'll fold it up to die rather than selling.

    #180 3 years ago

    Williams Black Knight, 21 years, it was the third or fourth game I bought and I've now owned over 150 since I started collecting pins and vids.

    #181 3 years ago

    The mighty Pinbot has outlasted all other challengers.

    #182 3 years ago

    TAF 2007 runners up AFM NGG 2008

    #183 3 years ago
    Quoted from kevmad:

    NIB TAFG...wow...please tell us the story on that one.

    Not much of a story here! Was looking for a regular Addams Family in 1994, but I could not find any that were in the condition I wanted. So I bit the bullet and bought a brand new TAFG. Lots of people thought I was nuts paying so much for a game! Glad I did it!

    #184 3 years ago

    December 2019, Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

    #185 3 years ago

    DE Jurassic park. First game i bought in 2007.
    It never gets played. Was the wifes favorite.

    #186 3 years ago

    Here is a list of the games I have in my game room. For fun I added columns to calculate how many days and years I have owned each.

    pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
    #187 3 years ago

    Judge Dredd. Our first machine.. Bought in 2000,,

    Have 25 ...Old pins and NIB versions.

    Have never sold or traded...Any...

    Last purchase MBR..LE


    #188 3 years ago

    Guess! ha ha

    #189 3 years ago


    #190 3 years ago

    #timboch :i always write down the number of plays. We had big brave for 10 years and played it over 2500 times in that period.

    #191 3 years ago
    Quoted from PinballAir:

    #timboch :i always write down the number of plays. We had big brave for 10 years and played it over 2500 times in that period.

    I started tracking plays late last fall. I wish I knew how many plays were originally on my Hi Deal machine when I got it over 40 years ago. I forgot to reset Tee'd Off when I bought it and STTNG I reset a few months after buying it. But the others I reset the day I bought them to track my plays. In hindsight, I wish I had left all of the original plays on them and started this spreadsheet when I bought them.

    pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
    #192 3 years ago

    TZ for me, since 2003, won't be going anywhere soon. Few have come and gone (T3 & Corvette). The collection has remained consistent.

    #193 3 years ago

    Whitewater, since 2006. I don't see it ever leaving.

    #194 3 years ago

    Whitewater 19 years.
    My first and I only appreciate it more with time. One day I'll spend the money and do a full restore. Worth it

    1 week later
    #195 3 years ago

    My baby is Pool Sharks. We've been together for over 24 years. Its my first and will be my last.

    #196 3 years ago

    I've only been collecting for three years. My budget is decent sized, but relatively static so I've gone through many machines trying to find the right fit. Bought a NIB Total Nuclear Annihilation in December of 2018 and it's my longest standing machine. Can't imagine it ever leaving.

    #197 3 years ago

    Earthshaker 8 years

    #198 3 years ago

    Aztec, 1988.

    Don C

    #199 3 years ago

    My Chicago Coin Duchess Bowler and Pac-Man cocktail table have been with me for about 24 years.... though my bowler is "on loan" to a friend, since it won't really fit into my current home.

    #200 3 years ago

    Terminator 2

    - Purchased NIB, November 1991.
    - First pin I ever bought in my life - new or used.
    - Game still looks like it was unboxed yesterday. Even the hot pink accents on the cabinet are essentially mint with no fading at all.
    - Was fortunate enough to tour WMS at Pinball Expo that year while they were on the line.

    T2 will never leave.

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