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Longest Standing Machine in Your Gameroom

By The_Director

1 year ago

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    #101 1 year ago

    BSD for me...

    But I also have "copies" of machines I previously owned in 91...BadCats, F14 and 8BD

    #102 1 year ago

    My longest standing pin is also Doctor Who (bought in 2012)

    Longest standing overall machine is my Neo Geo MVS (bought in 2010)

    #103 1 year ago

    Wild Card, first machine, will never leave.

    #104 1 year ago

    IJ since 2011, it is in the middle of a complete restoration... it will never leave.

    #105 1 year ago

    WWF Royal Rumble, 6.5 years.

    #106 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gritty:

    Ice Cold Beer, have had it for 15 years.

    Open those bottles and let’s get this party started.

    #107 1 year ago

    The Sopranos its been in the Same spot for 8 years. It was the second pinball I bought when I got into the mess. Lol

    #108 1 year ago

    Tron Pro, my first machine bought NIB in 2012.

    I've always said if it came down to liquidating my game room it would also be the last to go.

    #109 1 year ago

    Cue Ball Wizard has been here since 2008. It was my first game and my wife bought it for me. #not-for-sale... if you want it you'll probably have to come when my son hosts an estate sale!

    -visit to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my replacement LED Display Boards for model H and model S Skee Ball

    #110 1 year ago

    Funhouse. Established 2001.

    #111 1 year ago

    Lots of love for The Shadow here. Im new to the hobby so nothing has left yet, but if I had to predict I’d say my Shadow or IJ will never leave.

    #112 1 year ago

    LOTR (had it for all of 6 months! ) - new to the collecting but love this game and don't see myself getting rid of it for a long time

    #113 1 year ago

    For me Medieval Madness - brought home 5/04 from Union Music , Harper Woods Mi. with 9,577 plays . Was $4,876. w/tax . They couldn't figure out why I would pay more for a used game then they paid new ? They all looked at me like I was from a different planet when I layed a towel on the glass and lowered the head down on it - Shrunk wrapped it - and took the legs off . Soon after MM's were going for $7,000 - $8,000. Then a year after that they were selling for $16,000. or more . Great game and thank full to buy in at the right time .

    #114 1 year ago

    Super Chexx 1994 longest pin survivor Fast Draw 2000

    #115 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

    Twilight Zone, second game in, will be the last game out

    TZ, second game ever, first in on the collection start after moving to MD, will be there for my heirs to argue over.

    #116 1 year ago

    Twilight Zone for is my 2nd machine and has been in my collection since April 2007...if I had to reduce to one machine it would be a tough choice between TZ and my Tron LE.

    #117 1 year ago

    My Stern "Galaxy" was given to me by my Wife when I retired in 2011!!That and my TAFG,and FT,will be here long after I am!!!!

    #118 1 year ago

    Congo coming up to 8 years this April 17th

    #119 1 year ago

    Bally Aladdins Castle EM. Bought new in 1976, never going anywhere, great game.

    #120 1 year ago

    Lethal Weapon 3. My first pin, picked it up for cheap in 2009 and fixed it up. Just can't get rid of it. I know its by no means a top rated game but it keeps me coming back for more. Difficulty is medium, and for some reason a good game can be hugely satisfying. That, plus the movies were great, coupled with the Three Stooges reference and ZZ Top music, I'll probably never sell it.

    #121 1 year ago

    Star Trek LE was my first game I bought in 2012

    #122 1 year ago

    TAF 17 years

    #123 1 year ago

    No fear.....when I look at it I says...hell no I ain't letting it go for that kinda money. Nothing in that price range better imho.

    Judge dredd.....been my 8yr old daughters favorite since tftc left 4yrs ago. Not gonna make that mistake again. She loves super game and the dredd character.

    #124 1 year ago

    Had my Jurassic Park since the Superbowl... an eternity in my small collection. It's not going anywhere. I have it sitting next to my Hobbit and I probably get equal enjoyment from both games.

    #125 1 year ago

    Argosy, 17 years and counting, also my first buy.

    It's easy to be sentimental and hold on to a game I spent $300 on. With most people spending around $8k on their first game purchase these days I can see why people can't afford to be sentimental.

    #126 1 year ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    people can't afford to be sentimental.

    No you can not when you have spent less than $8k on machines #1 to #4 in your collection (combined) but $8.3k plus alone on game #5. I am so glad I got into this when I did back in 1991. At least my first 3 machines were “affordable” and my 4th was just playing catchup on a title we have wanted for 20 years. Now that the holy grail of MB is actually joining the ranks this week, I only have what 40?, maybe 50 machines left that I need to buy?

    #127 1 year ago

    all the one's with the legs on them.

    #128 1 year ago
    Quoted from indypinhead:

    BSD for me...
    But I also have "copies" of machines I previously owned in 91...BadCats, F14 and 8BD

    I’ve owned my Dracula since 1995.
    its still one of my favorite games!

    #130 1 year ago

    WCS94 was the first game I bought and its still here. December 2005

    #131 1 year ago

    1978 bally Playboy.
    Bought it routed in 1985.
    Have 2 of them now, getting ready to restore it.

    #132 1 year ago

    Realized I forgot dates: TZ approaching its 26th birthday, and its 19th anniversary in my possession.

    #133 1 year ago

    EBD purchased in 1992. It will be here as long as I’m here.

    #134 1 year ago

    TZ since 2007

    10 months later
    #135 7 months ago


    1st game I ever purchased. 25 years later, still have it, still favorite!

    #137 7 months ago

    Scared Stiff #1 just left after 19 years in the collection. So now it's Addams Family Gold at 18 years.

    #138 7 months ago

    Gorgar, first game I got and last to go. Taking a "beating" since 2012.

    #139 7 months ago

    Austin Powers. Always makes me smile and laugh and super fun to shoot.

    #140 7 months ago

    First game I got Phoenix, Bill Davis cleared playfield and nos backglass.

    #141 7 months ago
    Quoted from pincoin:

    Got my slightly used TZ in May 1994, then bought a NIB TAFG in Nov 1994. 25th year anniversary coming for both of them.

    What number is your gold? That’s amazing to be one owner

    #142 7 months ago

    Bally KISS 1979. As a hardcore KISS fan in my younger years, I HAD to add a KISS pinball machine to my memorabilia collection. Picked up a machine in the mid-'90s. That sparked my love of pinball again. Many thousands of dollars

    #143 7 months ago

    Either way I read it, they are both bowlers. MBA (28 ft.),
    and my very first machine (early 90s) 1956 United Handicap shuffle..

    #144 7 months ago

    Gottlieb Big Top...been in the family since 1960's. Grandmother to father to son (me).

    #145 7 months ago

    AFM and then Oktoberfest

    #146 7 months ago

    Gottlieb Volley ! My dad brought her home
    In 1978 our first Pin .Also have a EM Night Rider we got shortly thereafter after
    42 years and guessing 500 or more games later .

    #147 7 months ago

    Fish Tales.
    13 years now.
    Early on, the visiting adults loved it.
    Now, the grandkids love it.
    And since we just got a new grandson it probably will stay for a while.
    (Just 1 minor issue, bad solenoid) right after it was delivered. And NONE since!

    #148 7 months ago


    #149 7 months ago

    For a pin, Aztec. For a game Robotron 2084, l`ve had it 45 years.

    #150 7 months ago

    Lethal Weapon 3, second pin I bought in 93. Wish I still had the first, which was a Big Game.

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