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Longest game kept, what game, how long and why?

By igo4rams

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Interested to see what was your longest kept game, how long and why. I will start the thread.

game: EBD
how long: 2000 till now (18+ years)
why: great classic game and totally restored

IMG_0742 (resized).JPG
#2 2 years ago

Jeez my TZ maybe 11+ years or so? Game I always said I would be "later in life if I could ever afford a pin."
First in, last out.

#3 2 years ago

Star Trek - bought NIB in 2013, my first new pin and a family favorite.

#4 2 years ago

Radical! 6 years It's real good!

#6 2 years ago

TZ, because its bolted to the floor !! and my first and favorite

#7 2 years ago

Scared Stiff 18 years ago. Picked up a prototype; so put the first SS out on route for others to enjoy.

#8 2 years ago

Harlem Globetrotters, my first game that I bought at a garage sale for $200 on August 10th, 1996 so that's what, coming up on 22 years.


#9 2 years ago

Ripley's Believe It Or not. I've had it for about 8 years plus now. For me, it's a fantastic balance of depth, challenge and fun in a very full featured game that keeps me interested and coming back for more. I really like the theme which always helps too. I even turned down a trade of Demolition Man and World Cup Soccer for it a couple years ago, so I can't see it ever leaving unless I traded up and got a nicer one to replace it.

#10 2 years ago

Whirlwind for about 15 years .... around 50 other machines came and went off , WhiWi still in the house. Fair price, much fun, long term fun, nice rules, great sound. Stands for month with no play .. than suddenly I spend several evenings a week on this machine.

TZ ... had one years ago. sold it to buy a LoTR HUO years ago. My wife was really pissed becaus LoTR sound cheap and was boring with the "path of death". Sold the LoTR weeks later and bought again ... a TZ. My wife not often plays pinball, but if she is in the gameroom .. klickkk ... TZ is on ...

My Alvin G.´s ... it costs me years to get 5 machines from Alvin G. it would be stupid to sell them. The heart of my collection even they are not played often. Collecting was the goal.

#11 2 years ago

Stern Meteor 3 and a half years now. It's still my greatest love and what turned me on to early SS machines. I always liked the latest and greatest until I got my Meteor and now I have no interest in pins made after 1990/91.

#12 2 years ago

Gottlieb Pinball Pool. First new game I ever bought February 1979.

In use again on my back row. Stays with me until my estate sale.

LTG : )

2017-05-11 SS Billiards-Darin Kamnetz-102(1) (resized).jpg
#13 2 years ago

PinBot 1990 purchased from local arcade . First game purchased, love the music.

#14 2 years ago

Tron. First NIB. 5 years?

#15 2 years ago

Of all my games, my Berzerk arcade game has lasted the longest. I got it in 2003.

Of my pins, I'm pretty sure Monster Bash has been around the longest. I picked it up in 2012.

#16 2 years ago

I got my DE Star Wars in 1995. My first game. Not a very hard game, but has the best call outs from the movies. Great starter game.

#17 2 years ago

Pin Bot I bought in 1992 and sold 2017 I just loved this game. Eventually it fell victim to rotation to another title. It was a classic outlasted at least 10 games I owned.

#18 2 years ago

Captain Fantastic I bought it in 1986 when I was 12. It will never leave,why you ask because it's a great story.

#19 2 years ago

Getaway. Over 8 years now... always been by far the most popular with guests.

#20 2 years ago

Goldeneye, my best guess it’s been mine for about 14 years now, huge Bond fan and was the only game I was able to keep during my separation

#21 2 years ago

GTB 2001 ( acquired 1994 ) but as far as DMD machine
Gilligan's Island ( acquired 2004 ) as it is " The Best Game Ever "
every time I play I smile sooooo much.

#22 2 years ago

Whirlwind - 23 years and not going anywhere.


1. It's the first game my wife and I bought.
2. It's a great game.
3. It's the only game I've done a playfield swap in.
4. It's a great game.
5. As rumor has it, the game was at the old Celebrity Sports Center here in Denver. I can't prove that one way or the other, but it's interesting to think it was...
6. It's great game.

#23 2 years ago

Been in the hobby less than a year. Longest kept game- Star Trek Pro - 287 days- it was the first real modern pin I bought. Still enjoy it!

#24 2 years ago

Bram Stoker's Dracula
4 years and counting
It's my favorite pin. I love the theme and it has the best replay value and challenge.

#25 2 years ago

Getaway. 7 years so far. I’ve seriously put it on the block a few times, but never sold it. The problem is, the game is perfect. I’ve taught so many people about real Pinball on it. The game has easy to understand rules, and it can be explained quickly. And when people start playing it, the game is a blast. I’ve lent it out multiple times. And I even had it at my work for a few months, where people played it constantly.

I just finished it’s second shop job since I’ve owned it, and it’s playing awesome. So I’d expect it to be my longest owned game for many years to come.

#26 2 years ago

Potc 11+ years.

First new pin which I ever bought and still looks new. I’m big into condition and all the prior pins I’d owned were players condition.

I never had any issues with Potc either and it’s great pin for non pinball people. Plus I can get to wizard mode (rarely). I’m hoping some day to beat the pin.

AA15D763-DEDD-4BC5-BC92-CFCD429F25F3 (resized).jpeg

#27 2 years ago

Others have come and gone, but not our first bride. since 2001.

6121FD36-6648-4BEA-8170-F5EEF7883BD0 (resized).jpeg

#28 2 years ago

It's a tie. The Shadow and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Purchased them from Fun! (Steve Nordseth) around 2004. They were my first DMD games.

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from Coz:

Been in the hobby less than a year. Longest kept game- Star Trek Pro - 287 days- it was the first real modern pin I bought. Still enjoy it!

Coz, I like you. You post too much just like me. You spend too much money, try some old games bro!

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

Coz, I like you. You post too much just like me. You spend too much money, try some old games bro!

He’s owned some 80’s - 90’s pins.

#31 2 years ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

It's a tie. The Shadow and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Purchased them from Fun! (Steve Nordseth) around 2004.

As a new pin buyer buying from them back in the day I can't imagine the issues you had to go through to get those working correctly and the surprises you found along the way.

#32 2 years ago

GnR 15 years

#33 2 years ago

The Shadow. Slightly less then 20 years. Bought it back in 1998 / 1999 timeframe. Did some research and found out it was the number 1 pin in Europe. Bought it and TZ from M&P Amusements. TS cost me 1K and TZ cost 1.1K.

Thought of selling TS early on but I was told I could only get 500$ so I kept it.

#34 2 years ago

Longest so far is TAFG (10 Yrs. +), closely followed by IJ and MB (5-10 yrs).
Since each have been restored to mint, all are bolted to the floor.
Family love these titles the most.

#35 2 years ago

IJ. Can't find nice ones that don't command crazy money. I have a real nice one that is here to stay.

#36 2 years ago

Pinball Magic. Great game all round with everything one could want in a pin. Drops, stand ups, subway, scoop, spinner, ramps, magnetic wand that moves, physical locks, levitating ball, pop bumper, best skill shot in Pinball. Great sounds and music. Beautiful lighting when modded with LEDOCD and some spotlights. Sold Tron, IMVE, GB Pro, GoT Pro, BSD, TS & DESW and PM has stayed.

#37 2 years ago

SS Cleopatra. Current one I've had 7 years and no interest in selling. Simple but challenging game. First one I got in 1997 for $50 non working and brought it back to life with all original boards in it. Then sold it 4 years later. Regretted the hell out it and when me and my wife wanted to get back into the hobby, it was a must have.

#38 2 years ago

Started collecting in 1996. Sold the first (used) game I bought (Bugs Bunny) last year after 21 years.

My first NIB game, Medieval Madness, was purchased in 1997. Not leaving until after I'm gone.

The bulk of my non-EM games have been in my collection for over 20 years (EBD, Bally Playboy, Pinbot, Whirlwind, Safe Cracker, Haunted House, NGG) or close (RFM) or I've now got better copies of titles I've had continuously for 20 years (Elvira, Whirlwind, Creature).

#39 2 years ago

Nip it. Had it since the early 90s. It was my first pin and I will never sell it. Just sent it off for restore. Can’t wait to get my baby back and share those childhood memories with my little one as well. There’s just something euphoric about the lights, the noise the reels make, the chimes and pops, the gator gulp etc that takes me back to a time when I’m a little kid again in the basement with all the lights off letting the pin glow just having the time of my life.

18514AAA-81A0-4A5F-B3B5-AE796022A863 (resized).jpeg2B22CB2F-C1D1-4185-900D-7E9E5C6DC0CF (resized).jpeg7022902F-CD02-497B-8243-18ABCD626046 (resized).jpeg87373710-860D-4C52-A166-F0678E06F236 (resized).jpeg968899FB-184F-4796-884E-004B0F69F3E1 (resized).jpegA921828F-3E80-4858-8511-979B0149AA89 (resized).jpegD5BC8E62-6408-4E11-B558-69F0EB1A7F74 (resized).jpeg
#40 2 years ago

LOTR. First NIB. Won't leave before I have reached Valinor, i.e. never.

#41 2 years ago

My first game I bought was Jumping Jacks, 2011. I remember playing it when I was younger. I played it so much it was 3 games for a quarter. A sign on the machine said you must be 16 years old to play. The year was 1973-1974.

20180604_102717 (resized).jpg
#42 2 years ago

First pin I bought, Taxi, for my wife X-mas 1993. Still have it. We still love it.

#43 2 years ago

Bought my first pin in 1985, actually it was a gift from my wife for my birthday. So that makes 33 years

Unfortunatly my wife passed away 2 years ago, SpeakEasy-4 is staying for sentimental reasons.

#44 2 years ago

Cyclone, just a fun relaxing game.

#45 2 years ago

Have 3 that i've owned for 35 years or more

Capt. Fantastic
Twin Win

Because Dave C. art

#46 2 years ago

Twilight Zone for 14+ years. It was my first pin and my favorite to play when I was younger.

#47 2 years ago

I have my first pin, a Tron Pro, but nib Sept 2012. I always tell people it will be the last one to go.

#48 2 years ago

T2. got it 20 years ago, still have it and still enjoy it

#49 2 years ago

Bally KISS in 1996. Can't see it leaving.

#50 2 years ago

This sucker is never leaving. Time to change the batteries

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