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List of Games Produced in Both EM & SS?

By OldHockeyGuy

1 year ago

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#3 1 year ago

Evel Knievel in EM form is probably the most desirable, but there are several others including Joker Poker, another popular one although the rules kinda suck on the EM version.

#9 1 year ago

Here's one most won't see everyday.

image-12 (resized).jpg
#11 1 year ago

Boomerang was the first SS prototype Bally built in '74 or '75 I believe. Not the first in the industry, but the first from a major player.

In the industry at the time, you either led, followed, or got left behind.

#13 1 year ago

I've had the opportunity to play most of the crossover games in both forms. Some were fun to own for a while, and others were really not much fun at all. Unless you subscribe to the theory all pinball is good. I don't when there are better games to play.

Being most were multiplayers, the rulesets especially suffered in the EMs. Late 70s was cut and paste in that department with most using some kind of bonus ladder that counted down at the end of each ball. But, with the technology now available, many of their SS counterparts did not take advantage of that and used basically the same rules or slight variations thereof.

To me, most of the rarer ones are more collector's pieces than anything special gameplay or rules wise. Some of them have cool themes and artwork, others not so much.

#17 1 year ago

Zaccaria's Ski Jump might be the only single player.

At least that I can come up with now.

#28 1 year ago

As far as Joker Poker, it didn't take long to get over either version when I owned them as I prefer just slightly more challenging games now.

When I was 16, it sure was an easy was to make a quarter go a long way though.

#36 1 year ago
Quoted from bobwiley:

Why were the rules different on SS vs. EM? What would be a minor difference and the most significant difference in the rules?

On EM multiplayers it wasn't impossible, in fact it had been done, but by the late 70s they chose to not have any carry over from ball to ball. What that means is the entire bonus would count down and the playful would completely reset after each ball and start over. So basically every ball played started out the same.

And on the EM Joker Poker for example, once the drop targets got knocked down, they stayed down until the ball was over so basically that was it. The solid state version would reset the targets once down so you could continue on.

What solid state really brought to the table, though I'm not sure how many of these utilized it yet, was memory. So as each player took a turn the playfield could be setup as he left it after his last turn, and not completely reset like all late model multiplayer EMs.

This is why in many cases single player EMs are more popular, because they don't reset after each ball and the game is allowed to progress, although there are a very few older multiplayers with some playfield memory. And why they all but disappeared once solid state took over.

The EM multiplayers I know of that had some sort of playfield or holdover memory prior to this were WMS Piccadilly from 1956, WMS Pit Stop, WMS 8-Ball, and GTB Scuba.

#39 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

It was Bally Flicker that was the first SS prototype, not Boomerang (although they are the same playfield layout).
[quoted image]

Very impressive!

image-7 (resized).jpg
#45 1 year ago

For me, if there could be only one. You can keep the rest.

90e5cc79ba38bab4d62bdf20df3bf77583496761 (resized).jpg

#47 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

Impressive! 2 in the same room. You kust need the solid state and home version.

Not mine. Way too much money to own one now. Although I could if I wanted it that bad.

It's just got it all. Except shorter flippers which I do prefer in EMs.

Theme- American hero- check
Stylish art package- check
Decent layout with good features- check
Rare and desirable (although not high on my needs list)- 155 units- check
Bally- check

If I was still into owning late 70s EMs, yes, it would be mine. But I do know where to play one not far away.

#52 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyCrazy:

The second one is on it's legs now

How bout on a boat? Or even in a moat? I do like green eggs and ham, I do like them Sam I am.

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