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Lights Stuck On - Bally On Beam

By ibis

6 months ago

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#1 6 months ago

Driving me crazy, the pop bumper "D" light and the play field 'D Space Station' light are locked on. I inspected the "T.B. Light" switch stack on the long row of switches on the cam assembly and they check out ok. When I operate the wiper assembly, the lights move up and down the playfield as designed but that D is always locked on.

Not sure where else to look? There is obviously a short somewhere. Any assistance would be appreciated!

#2 6 months ago

That's odd, they're not on the same circuit:
On Beam D lights (resized).jpg
The Space Station D light has two other lights wired in parallel to it. Are they stuck on too? Or burned out?


#3 6 months ago

Thats what I thought too, they are two separate circuits. The 'top lane' D and the 'mushroom' D lights are not locked on. Just the lower playfield light by the flippers and the POP light.

#4 6 months ago

Is this it?

Capture (resized).PNG
#5 6 months ago

Have you checked the wiring against the schematic? Are the two bulbs that are stuck on wired as shown above or are they wired together?

All of the bulbs should have a 50/white wire on one lug. The D TB light should have a 65/brown-white wire on the other lug. The other three D lights should have a 13/red-yellow wire on the other lug.

#6 6 months ago

The two bulbs stuck on are Red/yellow. I could take the wiper assembly apart, there could be something going on withe the contact pads. What do you think?

#7 6 months ago

**EDIT.....I stand corrected..........The bulb stuck on at the play field is Red/yellow. The bulb stuck on at the POP looks to be silver/white or to may be grey, really hard to tell

#8 6 months ago
Quoted from ibis:

The bulb stuck on at the play field is Red/yellow.

What about the other two bulbs on that same circuit, Top Lane D and Mushroom Bumper D? Do they have the same wire colors as the Space Station D? The schematic says they're wired in parallel so they should all go on/off together which isn't what you've described. Is that the way they're wired?

#9 6 months ago

The top lane D and the mushroom D are all red/yellow wires. The POP D light is the only one that is grey/white.

When I manually move the wiper, it turns on the A lights at the playfield and mushroom and C lights too, but the D and B lights do not cycle.

#10 6 months ago

Also, not sure if this is related, but the D pop does not send a signal to the score reel either. Not sure if these are related issues.

#11 6 months ago

I suspect that two of the three D bulbs (not the D pop bumper bulb) are burnt out, otherwise all three should be stuck on.

There may be a short in your Space Station unit. If you desolder the 30/yellow wire from the unit the D light should go out. If it does you could check the resistances (with the game unplugged) between the solder lug where the yellow wire attaches to the unit and the four wires that go out to the ABCD lights:
A lights: 23/blue-yellow wire
B lights: 25/blue-white wire
C lights: 27/blue-orange wire
D lights: 13/red-yellow wire

First take measurements for the A lights since those seem to work. Step the stepper through all 4 positions. You should see the resistance between the yellow wire and the blue-yellow wire drop to something less than 1 ohms when the unit is in the A position. If you don't get the same results for the other three lights I'd look carefully at the step unit, wipers, solder lugs, etc.

#12 6 months ago

Jumped out to the shop real quick, results below

#13 6 months ago

I unsoldered the yellow wire on the T.B. D unit and of course there is no continuity to any light in the D circuit. And yea, the other bulbs on the D circuit were burnt out

I metered the A, B and C lights from their respected place on the switch stack and they show no real change in Ohms to any of their associated lights on the play field.

#14 6 months ago
Quoted from ibis:

I metered the A, B and C lights from their respected place on the switch stack and they show no real change in Ohms to any of their associated lights on the play field.

I don't understand what you measured.

Have another look at the schematic in reply #2. What I intended was that you could clip your meter to the 30/yellow wire leading into the Space Station Unit at the bottom left, and to the 23/blue-yellow wire on the unit that leads out to the A lights (as an example). Unplug your game, set the meter to measure resistance and manually advance the stepper. You should be able to see the resistance drop to a low value (less than 1 ohm) when the Space Station Unit wiper is in position to turn on the A lights. That probably happens in every 4th position of the stepper. The other three wiper positions should have some higher resistance value.

If that works for the A lights, repeat the experiment for the other three wires leading to the B, C and D lights. If there is a short in the Space Station Unit for the D lights you probably won't see the resistance change on the 13/red-yellow wire on the D lights the way it did for the 23/blue-yellow wire on the A lights.

1 week later
#15 6 months ago


When I was progressing through the test MarkG had laid out I found the issue by circumstance. I decided to test from the sockets and go to the jones plugs in the back of the cab first before going directly to the units into the bottom of the cab. As I looked at the red/yellow wire I noticed the female lug was bent and touching the lug next to it. Once straightened out the ground was repaired! THANKS GUYS!!

One last issue, the ball count isn't registering when the ball drains. Basically endless balls. When I manually make contact on the ball advance switch, the ball count wiper moves from 1 to 7. The wiper also moves the 1 - 7 lights when moved. But a ball drain does nothing. This is new one for me even after all the EM's I have owned and worked on. Any guidance is appreciated.

#16 6 months ago

The Ball Trough switch should activate the Ball Advance relay.

pasted_image (resized).png
#17 6 months ago

Ok Ill inspect that in the morning and report back....thanks!

#18 6 months ago

FIXED! The ball trough switch was not gapped properly, Howard to the rescue! Thanks for the help!! Game is 100% working!!

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