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Lewis CK's New Special

By vid1900

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

NSFW, needless to say.

Start your year off right:

#2 3 years ago

He is awesome!!! One of the best!!!

#3 3 years ago

Not cool in the current year. Asking for consent is literally rape

#4 3 years ago

Thread locked in 3....2.....1....

#5 3 years ago

Yeah tried listening the other day, but that one guy laughing is too loud ruins the audio.

#6 3 years ago

Im sure they'll remix for HBO,

This is the leaked audio

#7 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Im sure they'll remix for HBO,
This is the leaked audio

Maybe Fox News?

#8 3 years ago

Yes, the horse hole right near the microphone(probably the one who taped it), is a nuisance. I find that moron much more offensive than CK..

#9 3 years ago

Am I a bad person for listening to this and laughing my head off.

#10 3 years ago

Only if you have bought in to modern lunacy..

#11 3 years ago

I am so offended... you spelled Louis' name wrong!

#12 3 years ago

I have better things to do with my new year than listen to a salty ginger wax on about his most recent anger inducing issues.

Dude is kind of a piece of shit in case you somehow missed that. His jokes and premises are lazy AF and pander to people who are old and scared of change.

And fuck him for his mocking of Parkland students.

I personally lived through 2 school shootings growing up. It’s not funny and innocent people were murdered. Cracking wise about students shoving fat kids in the way so they could live and saying he doesn’t want to hear what they have to say is let funny. It’s bullshit. When you go to school and people show up to murder your classmates or teachers, you get the right to speak up and be pissed off.

Fuck Louis C.K.

Have fun yucking it up guys. Bonus points if you listen to it while jacking it in front of your female co workers like good ol Lewis did.

#13 3 years ago
Quoted from elcolonel:

Only if you have bought in to modern lunacy..

I’ll get you tickets to the next Louis C.K. and Bill Cosby show.

It’ll be right up your alley.

#14 3 years ago

It's only comedy, not to be taken personally. I feel weird even having to point that out. If you can't distinguish comedy for personal opinion or verbal attack I think it's you that has the problem. If you don't like this mans attempt at comedy don't listen to it, but don't go on a soap box rant about how insensitive it is, that is just ridiculous. Grow some thicker skin and save your self the high blood pressure over nothing.

#15 3 years ago

Leave your PC at the door...and laugh. Because every stereotype is funny.

#16 3 years ago

No high blood pressure here mate.
Just no wasting my time on a man who mocks people over their personal pain and is an asshole to women.

And it is personal. When you see your friends and teachers get shot, it kind of sticks with you.

#17 3 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

I’ll get you tickets to the next Louis C.K. and Bill Cosby show.
It’ll be right up your alley.

I suggest you seek continued counseling. It is obvious your experiences are still with you in a very deep manner. You making insinuations that I personally have a proclivity to abusive behavior, based on my comment that current social standards have gone way out of control, only buttress my suggestion that the counseling continue.


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