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Let's try and keep Pinside friendly!

By robin

4 years ago

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    #124 4 years ago

    I whole heartedly support Robin's post. I used to be one of the most ill-behaved individuals on here. It's hard NOT TO get sucked into the drama with forums. But it just got so old. And I really learned my lesson and then some. I think a lot of us let some really nasty situations get the best of us. The first half of this year was especially toxic with the collapse of Skit B and JPOP. You had people who lost money being made fun of, you had people who didn't lose money saying "I told you so..." Lot's of bullying ensued. You know what helped me realize what a jackass I was being? I was banned. Banned many times. Banning someone from a thread is like taking the candy away from the child. It works. What I don't get is why we let some of the threads get so damn mean and personal. Like that night Iceman went off on everyone. Why was that allowed? Not saying Ice is a bad guy, just saying that thread brought him to a melting point.

    I'd love to make this sit more friendly and it really is up to each of us to make it happen. That being said, am I allowed to post a picture of my female friend playing pinball if she's sexy?

    #196 4 years ago
    Quoted from frolic:

    The unique problem for Pinside, as opposed to most hobbyist forums, is most of the negativity stems from people literally being ripped off for thousands of dollars. And then combine other games that went way behind schedule and tied up many thousands of dollars more.
    It is a breeding ground for negativity, and complete troll food, because a manufacturer that is late delivering a game has a hard time defending themselves, as do their supporters.
    I think a good case study is the shellacking JJP took while WOZ was delayed, and then slowly trickled out. There was tons of negativity on here for that. But as all the pre-orders were delivered, there was a "high point" around expo '14 with the Hobbit debut. People had little to complain about, the new game at the time was not delayed terribly, and Jack had a great expo talk (even if the game got mixed reviews at the time), but there were hundreds of Pinsiders watching the live feed and Jack was positive about Pinside at that time.
    Obviously things have changed since then as the months have gone on and we're back to a pre-WOZ state.
    Combine that with Predator, combine that with Jpop... things have spilled out all over.
    I would say if Pinside did not exist, and there was another super large pinball forum, these same issues would play out anywhere, and perhaps even worse because Pinside does moderate things a fair bit.
    This is a tough problem to deal with because I feel it is not a Pinside problem. It is a pinball problem. I don't know what exactly Pinside can do about games being delayed terribly or going out of business. Pinside is the mirror to these problems.

    Frolic, I get what you are saying but the true responsibility lies with us not the manufacturers. Jpop, Kevin, Vonnie D, Jack may upset us, but it's us who then go on the attack of others. The real issue always seems to be the pot stirrers who are not even in on a game whining about the issues. Often times I find the actual buyers to be the calmest.

    #260 4 years ago

    I also think it helps to apologize at times. I was a grade a asshole to some people, Aurich especially. Sent a note apologizing. Doesn't mean all is forgotten or we're best buds. But when you take it too far, recognize and make a change for the better. You'd be surprised how much better you will feel, how much more fun this site is when you're not looking at everything through a combative lens.

    One question I have of Robin is this: is there a way to add a chat feature to this site? My guns n roses forum has that. I think a lot of the back and forth that leads to blow ups could be avoided if people took it to the chat room. Just a suggestion.

    #395 4 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    does that mean I can't talk poorly about men either? Are we going to ban words like 'fat', the short form of richard and those variants, bald, etc.. See where this starts to go when you try to moderate tone and vocabulary instead of actual hate or intent....

    Dude just stop. You've been sooooooo annoying recently. Hijacking every thread. Making your point 10x over. Robin is asking us to be nice and you can't get over yourself for one thread. Just stop!

    #398 4 years ago

    Difference is Chevy doesn't take $70,000 and not deliver a car. Imagine those forums if people got screwed over.

    #446 4 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    Exhibit A: people making posts about people instead of the topic...

    Are you lost on an island man and have to post multiple times every 5 minutes to keep the island from blowing up?

    #448 4 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    This coming from the guy with 3x the post ratio I have... please stop polluting the thread with this kind of BS.

    Let's do this. Let's both stop posting in this thread and take robins advice to be more positive. I am done posting and challenge you not to post again too.

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