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Let's see pics of game rooms!

By erak

9 years ago

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    #3072 5 years ago

    Finally at capacity and thought I'd post a couple pics...

    #3074 5 years ago

    Thanks! The other wall is a tile walkway from the front door to the kitchen so no room for pins there

    #3076 5 years ago
    Quoted from dothedoo:

    A Husker fan in Arizona -- love it!!! Man we almost had Michigan St. last night. Oh, and very nice game room!

    Im stationed here, I'm in the USAF. GO BIG RED!!!

    3 weeks later
    #3132 5 years ago

    Just got an iPhone 6 and the new panorama mode is sweet!

    2 weeks later
    #3277 4 years ago
    Quoted from fishmanrob:

    image-922.jpg 265 KB

    Nice lineup, thats a tight squeeze to play your IM and AFM!

    #3281 4 years ago
    Quoted from fishmanrob:

    Thanks. Went to a local fabric store and got the material for 40 bucks I believe. Works great. I like it better than individual covers for each pin.

    Good idea. Looks like it may be kind of a pain to take off and put back on all of the time though. I bought a big California car duster and wipe em down before playing.

    2 weeks later
    #3343 4 years ago
    Quoted from AJNada:

    Not really MY room, but they are my games! A work in progress at my parents house for the time being. In the meantime, my girlfriend and I are in an apartment trying to make ends meet so we can get a home and have a real game room! For now I feel lucky to have a room to visit when I see my parents on the weekend!

    dracula 011.jpg 230 KB

    Looks great man! Kris did a great job on your BSD!

    #3348 4 years ago
    Quoted from AJNada:

    Thanks Nate! Hope you are well! I'm on the lookout for a Demo Man or No Fear next. Might have to sacrifice an arcade to help towards that goal.

    Only sell one of your vids if you dont find yourself playing it! If you're gonna have a one pin collection you cant go wrong with BSD, I hope to get one someday.

    Funny i have a raiden fighters cab as my mame setup right now. Your RF2 cab looks much nicer tho!

    2 months later
    #3709 4 years ago
    Quoted from DannyFresh:

    Late to the party but here goes nothing.......
    image-961.jpg 100 KB

    DAMN...Did you drink all that wine to get those corks covering the barback area?

    1 week later
    #3774 4 years ago

    I need to apologize upfront about getting on my "soapbox" here but...

    This is one of my favorite threads on Pinside. The reason it is a fav is because you see no squabbling or people putting eachother down. Sorry but it has gotten pretty depressing on Pinside of late; no fault of Robin or the moderators, IMO, but from us the users. The personal attacks, name calling, and general "judgeiness of others" for lack of a better term is just ridiculous.

    This is the one thread that I genuinly feel good about seeing new topic posts to read. Thanks to Art and other for posting threads like this:


    Please keep posting pics and comments to this thread. Its threads like this that keep the HOBBY alive!

    Sorry I had to vent, but this is my "safe place" on this forum!

    #3776 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    I like this thread too but Pinside hasn't been THAT bad LATELY anyways.

    It has IMO, but I always like opening this thread. I also love the fact this site exists, it has an incredible UI and general "accesability" to it. I prolly just need to take a pinside break, it seems lately that I see too many posts that dont "contribute to the fun of the HOBBY of pinball."

    MustangPaul, you are one of the good guys IMO, always something positive to say on here about someones gameroom. IMO this thread and others like it are what Robin had in mind when he started this party.

    1 week later
    #3827 4 years ago
    Quoted from TaylorVA:

    Current picimage.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

    Nice! Love the panoramic shots!

    #3855 4 years ago
    Quoted from BJM-Maxx:

    What is everyone's preferred lighting for pinball machines. Some machines are really not bright enough to use in the dark. Some flash lights so much its blinding in the dark. I have been assuming some soft ambient lighting would be good but I do not want glare off the glass. What does everyone here do?

    I agree with MustangPaul that neon is the way to go. A few well placed neon signs look great and give the perfect amount of lighting!

    #3857 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Dang man we have 5 pins in common.

    That pic is a little old, the lineup has changed up a bit.

    #3860 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    You have a nice camera so take another on from the same spot.

    The gameroom isnt "photo ready" at the moment. A few games being worked on.

    3 weeks later
    #4039 4 years ago
    Quoted from Blackbeard:

    image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

    The rug really ties the room together!

    1 week later
    #4058 4 years ago
    Quoted from MrBellMan:

    Rearranged the pins. Got all of my Bally's together this evening!

    IMG_3564.jpg (Click image to enlarge)


    #4062 4 years ago
    Quoted from Zukboy2002:

    Pool table finally finished!!! Almost time to start the Williams beat time resto!!

    image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
    image-996.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

    The most beautiful pool table ever made! Nice

    1 month later
    #4259 4 years ago
    Quoted from mcc:


    Perfect; stairs are way overated!

    #4280 4 years ago
    Quoted from PromoJoe23:

    Still a work in progress. Goal this summer is to have the entire garage cleaned out as much as possible. Then the following:
    - Paint
    - Redo Lighting
    - Rearrange so the arcades can be in the lineup
    - Bar with a Kegerator.
    - Add neon signs and posters.
    IMG_5391.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    IMG_5392.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    IMG_5483.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    IMG_5469.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    IMG_5470.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

    Great collection, love the variety!

    #4284 4 years ago
    Quoted from smiley:

    Here is mine.

    P1060586.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    P1060587.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
    P1060588.JPG (Click image to enlarge)

    I like how BSD sits alone...to evil to sit next to others!

    3 months later
    #4963 4 years ago

    Been awhile and i added a few vids recently so here's a few updated pics...

    #4972 4 years ago
    Quoted from dothedoo:

    If you ever come up for a Husker game, stop by and play some pinball!

    I usually get home around the Holidays, thanks for the invite! Im from Omaha, my sis just moved to Lincoln so maybe Ill hit you up when im home. GO BIG RED!!!

    #4974 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    I'd love to find a Ford one for my garage, it has a 10ft ceiling.

    They are really cool lights. You can sometimes find em on epay for a decent price. From the era they were made you would be looking for the Ford Taurus blue duece like yzfguy's. Here's my Chevy.

    #4976 4 years ago
    Quoted from yzfguy:

    That looks awesome! Did you turn the light fixture upside down to light it up? I removed it and put color changing led strips inside.

    No its still stock.

    #4978 4 years ago
    Quoted from yzfguy:

    Aah. I see. I made a shield for the bottom so light did not come out and glare off of everything. I usually hang with just neons and pins on and those tubes are BRIGHT!

    They are bright, they were made as Billiard lights. Its great when im workin on a game, I just slide the game under it. I leave it off when I have the games on tho, the neons are plenty in the space and set a good "mood"

    #4985 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    I found a few but man are they expensive. I'm out.

    Ha! I just looked on epay and they are stuuupid priced! I think I paid 250 a few years ago. There was a bunch listed over 500 at the time too, they do come up at reasonable prices tho!

    #4987 4 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Hey I've driven a stock car at Daytona at 160mph when it was 95 degrees outside and the dew point was 80. It is waaaaaaay more difficult then they make it look....and I wasn't out there with 41 other cars tryin to stuff me into the wall. I have TOTAL respect for what those guys do every week. Try it some time and you'll see what I mean.

    Yuuuuuup! Those that don't watch/understand racing have zero idea how difficult it is.

    1 week later
    #5041 4 years ago
    Quoted from mizzou:

    Little bit picture heavy...I included some day light ones and ones with the games all lit up at night with the black lights on

    20150912_213919.jpg 20150912_213854.jpg 20150912_213903.jpg 20150906_104021.jpg 20150906_104002.jpg 20150906_103943.jpg 20150906_103925.jpg 20150906_103902.jpg

    Man what a great lineup of games! A little vid heavy but you have great titles to justify the FUN!

    4 weeks later
    #5216 4 years ago
    Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

    Suggestion to moderators....
    This is a "pics" of game room thread. After 5 years, this thread has become enormous. There are more posts in this thread with comments and no pics than there are of pics of game rooms. Trying to find game rooms Seen in the past to reference back to is nearly impossible and a huge time drain.
    My suggestion: go back through the thread from day one and delete all posts that have no pic in them. Then, on a weekly basis, delete the same to keep it current. Make that a rule of this topic. All non pics posts are deleted after one week.
    If people have questions about someone's game room, then they can PM them.
    If some game rooms are being shared "in progress", then have that person start a dedicated thread for their game room. That way, we can all find the progress quickly in one spot without having to look through pages and pages of "hey I am jealous", " wish you were closer", and "wish I was rich" posts to get to actual PICS....which is what this thread is supposed to be.
    Thank you all for your consideration.
    To moderator: I will offer my time to "clean up" this particular thread if you agree and need assistance.

    Dude relax...dont take the title of the thread so literally. This is a gameroom discussion topic not just a pic thread. This is one of the only "drama free" topics on pinside anymore. Please dont bring any here. No reason to stir up shit cuz you dont like to read. i personally dont want to get or send unsolicited pm's to folks when there is already a thread to handle such questions.

    5 months later
    #6194 3 years ago
    Quoted from Lonzo:

    Makeing progress

    Love the ceiling fan! Is that custom?

    #6249 3 years ago


    1 month later
    #6393 3 years ago
    Quoted from rottenrobert1313:

    Quick video of my gameroom.
    » YouTube video

    Great gameroom! I really like the sparkle powdercoat on your BOP, that looks pretty slick.

    1 month later
    #6539 3 years ago

    Still my fav thread on here too.
    I just picked up a Robotron and rearranged a bit. First time ive put my widebodies together. Added a pic of the opposite wall which I haven't posted before.







    2 weeks later
    #6650 3 years ago

    Now thats a cool RFM topper! I bet you get asked alot why there is a gascan with a coctail umbrella on your pinball machine?


    1 month later
    #6933 3 years ago

    Got a few newcomers, had to play gameroom tetris but they all "fit".




    #6939 3 years ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    Very cool, what's the new cocktail vid?

    The new cocktail is Williams Bubbles.

    Quoted from Chosen_S:

    Hehe, looks like robotron will get a rubbing anytime someone steps up to challenge the grid

    I joked with a buddy last night that i was going to put up a little curtain between them for "total immersion"

    #6950 3 years ago
    Quoted from weaverj:

    a mame cabinet can play all the games, and only takes up room for one.
    not as pretty, however.

    Mame is garbage, same as virtual pinball. Mildly entertaining but missing the joy of playing original hardware.

    3 months later
    #7534 3 years ago

    Fantastic! Another example of why this is my fav thread on pinside.

    Great space...

    2 weeks later
    #7666 3 years ago

    Posting pics of a beach in a "gameroom pics" thread...

    image (resized).png

    7 months later
    #8767 2 years ago

    Well...after 20 years served in the USAF I've finally earned my retirement!

    This means these are my last gameroom pics from Phoenix. The room looks sterile after clearing it out for showings to potential buyers.

    I have already moved over half my games to Omaha, NE. I hope to find a place soon where I can dedicate an entire basement to my arcade instead of just a frontroom!

    This is by far my favorite thread on pinside, I hope to find a new place soon and throw up some fresh pics!

    IMG_0264 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0265 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0266 (resized).JPG

    #8769 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Congrats on the retirement. My nephew just retired, a Major commanding an AWACS. He now flys for United. He's only 42 so he has a lot of years left to work but he LOVES flying.

    Thanks bud...I'm just a lowly Master Sergeant so no "Fly Money" for me!

    I do have plenty of time to earn another reirement check so that is a positive!

    I was thinking your response to my post would have included a comment on the high ceilings...you are slacking!

    #8783 2 years ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    It's sad to see an awesome gameroom have to break down and move. I hope you find an awesome basement in the good life state it's nice there at least 25 years ago since I was there

    Ill be doing the 1800 miles again in about a month...

    IMG_0233 (resized).JPG

    4 months later
    #9477 2 years ago

    After two cross country trips with box trucks and a few months in storage I finally started loading games into my new place. I still need to move in a few more pins and vids, ill post some pics when i get the space finished.

    IMG_0375 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0377 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0378 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0379 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0380 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0382 (resized).JPG

    #9511 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    That looks like a nice place you have, how big is it?

    Minus the workshop/furnace room, about 800 sq ft. Its an odd layout but will get me a nice long row of 10 pins. I still need to move in the arcades and see what sort of space ill have to put the bar and hang neons.

    6 months later
    #10763 1 year ago

    Now that is a big door...

    4 months later
    #11610 1 year ago

    Been awhile since I moved and i guess its time to put up some pics of my current setup.

    323579E9-7AE7-43BA-BC64-974D56F054B3 (resized).jpeg621D2ACC-D0A9-4CC5-89E6-D7E3F04DE0DC (resized).jpeg6DB237B1-6AFE-4996-A12A-D6EAA5BA05FE (resized).jpeg89BB27F8-F9FC-40EA-8C13-FC9269B05F46 (resized).jpegB612F60D-FCF6-41F0-8816-7DD708ED362B (resized).jpegC8FAF978-1106-41B7-962F-EC3FF69FE50B (resized).jpegD41036CA-1CCF-4711-B346-AD91C87F4715 (resized).jpegD6F6F3B2-458D-43D0-AFC7-630B8CC9D13C (resized).jpegE62C3A28-8B89-4EAE-947B-EB66AB443D96 (resized).jpeg
    #11615 1 year ago
    Quoted from curiusgeorge:

    Nice room! Are you in Nebraska? And where did you get the Han Solo door?

    The door decal is from Fathead.com

    #11618 1 year ago
    Quoted from Waldo:

    Nice game room. What did you do with Vipers and F-35’s?

    I was Aircraft Armament for 20yrs, worked Raptors and Pavehawks as well. Thanks man, you have the most impressive gameroom ive ever seen!

    2 weeks later
    #11711 1 year ago
    Quoted from Minneapolispin:

    My own little oasis to chill, reflect, listen to tunes, and sip some drinks. Very thankful these days. Cheers!
    [quoted image]
    [quoted image]
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Great space, that Napster neon is awesome!

    1 year later
    #14142 1 day ago
    Quoted from Hammer3246:

    Ever changing, but this my first pin.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Love the Cylon, nice space!

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