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Let's see pics of game rooms!

By erak

9 years ago

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    #5720 3 years ago

    Basement is finally coming together. Still needs a bit of tidying up... Perhaps some proper blinds heh. But once my Met Pro gets here it looks like I'm all filled up. Couldn't be happier. Just wish there was another pinsider in Jersey City to nerd out with!





    #5726 3 years ago
    Quoted from NPO:

    Nice Gretsch set!! Got one in my basement as well !

    VERY nice setup! Love the multiple splashes and Chine Boy. After keeping mine in storage spaces and hallways for the past ten years in the NYC area I'm ecstatic to finally have a place to set them up. Unfortunately drumming is not like riding a bike but I'm having a blast getting back into the swing of things!

    1 week later
    #5772 3 years ago

    I see fancy everywhere! Great space. Really nice selection too.

    2 months later
    #6234 3 years ago

    I think you could definitely squeeze in a fourth if you pushed them closer together

    (I'm trying to do the same thing for one more hah)

    #6235 3 years ago

    Hard to believe I had zero last Summer. Gonna do my best to fit in a GB later this year


    1 week later
    #6317 3 years ago

    Just had a major tidying up and found some space for number 7


    #6319 3 years ago

    Haha so true. I feel like I've said this a couple times. Hopefully GB will be it for a while.

    Quoted from AlexSMendes:

    Theres always room for one more...

    1 month later
    #6448 3 years ago
    Quoted from Bos98:Hey guys looking for ideas to make the room less sterile. Beyond the pins, the walls are lifeless and I am really non-committal when it comes to artwork. Suggestions welcome.

    Nice collection. My space is also fairly vanilla and the pins don't leave me much room to hang anything on the wall. One thing I did that made a huge difference is I purchased a 3-pack of Philips Hue bulbs at home depot and scattered them around the room. You control them with an app via wifi. I used my phone to sample 3 colors from my Iron Man translite, so one is a reddish-magenta, another is purple, and the other is a gold-ish orange... I use those as my exclusive light source when I play and it really makes it feel like a seventies sci-fi movie now. The cool thing is once you turn the bulb off, it resets to warm white, so the next time you turn on the lights it looks like a normal room.

    1 month later
    #6746 3 years ago

    Squeezed in TAF for lucky number seven. I'm definitely at capacity and I think I mean it this time?


    #6750 3 years ago
    Quoted from jkashani:

    Nice collection! I am your New Jersey neighbor....

    Hi neighbor, thank you! I have a cabin in Sussex county I go back and forth to a lot, looks like you're smack dab in the middle of my trip. If you ever wake up in the middle of the night and hear a bunch of banging noises, don't worry... it's just me rocking your ST Premium, and Black Knight, and TZ etc... I promise to change the balls and wax every 100 plays... cool?

    #6774 3 years ago

    One more with the lights off


    1 month later
    #7054 3 years ago
    Quoted from littlecammi:

    My lineup hasn't changed since I posted in this thread about a year ago. But I've changed everything to LEDs (except for SW:E1) and made several other mods to games and some additions to the room.

    Insane lineup, love your space and your taste in games.

    2 months later
    #7450 2 years ago
    Quoted from jrockne:

    Finally got my MMR a few months back, now I need to finish off the small remaining space in the basement so I can get my ghostbusters down stairs...

    Killer space. Would you mind sharing where that trippy table and chair came from? LOVE.

    2 months later
    #7799 2 years ago

    Swapped out my first couple games... very stoked on the present lineup!



    #7806 2 years ago

    Cheers for the positive comments, it's been a fun journey so far. Looking forward to getting into EM's and restoring beater system 11's down the road, but as somebody relatively new to this I'm greatly enjoying my cookie cutter phase

    Metalkatt you're welcome to swing by anytime and throw up some high scores while we blast some NYHC records!

    #7808 2 years ago

    Went though a huge emo nerd phase in the 90's. My first band was actually with the singer of Texas is the Reason. LOVE me some Samiam, just saw 'em a few weeks ago!

    2 months later
    #8212 2 years ago

    Newest lineup. Need to stop messing with my machines and order some proper blinds! Will be hard to figure out which has to go to make room for TBL, luckily I have plenty of time

    1 (resized).jpg

    3 (resized).jpg

    4 (resized).jpg

    #8219 2 years ago

    IM will probably never leave. It's just too fun. I'm guessing it will either be my TAF w/ gold trim and new CC'd PF, or STLE... TBL is a bit pricey so I'd want to offset the cost a bit. Was one of the last CT preorders so I'm guessing at least a year... will be interested to see how DP sorts out their manufacturing issues.

    #8223 2 years ago
    Quoted from weaverj:

    new additions:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.30.54 AM (resized).png

    #8233 2 years ago

    Tron and Metallica are both pretty fast games, with the same designer as Iron Man... I have and love all three... but also have some Williams/Bally stuff in the mix.

    IM and LOTR already compliment each other perfectly. If you're gonna have a three game lineup I'd sneak in a Bally/Williams, a nice SS or EM, or maybe a MMR depending on your budget. If it's a Stern I'd go with Tron or ST. Happy hunting!

    1 month later
    #8375 2 years ago
    Quoted from Colsond3:

    Some rearranging done....but always a work in progress. I'm going to ask Santa for more space...

    Super vibey setup... what neat DJ lightshow are you using that covers your entire ceiling like that?

    #8378 2 years ago
    Quoted from Colsond3:

    I have it mounted in the corner above the mounted flatscreen TV. If I point it down a little, it actually covers the entire gameroom but it gets somewhat distracting when you're playing a pin...especially after a few IPA's.

    Totally ordering one, thanks!

    2 weeks later
    #8458 2 years ago

    Those rules are super creative and fun. LOVE. Killer space too!

    6 months later
    #9599 1 year ago

    Added a few new ones. Just need to squeeze in TNA next year and I’m good for a while

    ACC3EB5F-CDED-44FC-996B-9354BBD2EF22 (resized).jpeg

    E59287CE-F91E-4427-AE0A-E09FBDD3297F (resized).jpeg

    #9601 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    That Williams mat looks out of place. Needs some representation in your lineup

    Agreed, recently traded my Medieval Madness and White Water

    It’s my favorite logo of all time, had the mat before I even had my first game!

    #9610 1 year ago
    Quoted from littlecammi:

    Very nice lineup. But just TNA? Isn't DI also on your current wish list?

    Room for one more. TNA is substantially cheaper. Will pick up a used DI in the future if prices drop enough. Would love to have one!

    Quoted from grantopia:

    Where did you get the mats from?

    PPS was selling them a couple years ago. Not sure if they still do?

    1 month later
    #9840 1 year ago
    Quoted from drummermike:

    I wish I had more ceiling height. No toppers!

    Sick space! So inviting, love the panelling. Man, your gameroom is bigger than my house haha.

    1 month later
    #10230 1 year ago

    A few new additions, and getting my doors widened this week to get stuff in and out without removing the stupid heads finally... can’t wait for TNA #169!

    635A5532-06A7-4728-9CD9-7AC65B3DC960 (resized).jpeg

    58B7C0BA-DBAE-42F9-8EB6-E673E2E1577A (resized).jpeg

    E1C4AE57-5E18-470A-9EB2-34D7F427493D (resized).jpeg

    233D74AC-70D6-4221-A626-5DE77D5DBCD5 (resized).jpeg

    #10233 1 year ago
    Quoted from weaverj:

    'I’m glad you fixed the doors

    Thanks, so stoked! Now please go ahead and pick up an IJ or WOZ or any other cool widebody so we can trade later this year

    #10240 1 year ago
    Quoted from jawjaw:

    Gorilla Biscuits - that boom boxes are illegal sign is awesome. Great collection, too!

    Heh thanks it's such a great relic. It had blown into the street during Hurricane Sandy, I'd been wanting to steal it for years but it was up super high. Oddly enough nobody has used a boombox since it's gone missing.

    Quoted from PeterG:

    When TNA comes which one is going? Or are you going to squeeze it in? Such great line up, wonder which will go?

    Cheers! GOT is in the final slot reserved for TNA, but found a great deal on it so had to pounce. I'm still not sure but guessing it will be SW since I'd like to maybe get a premium down the line. Was also considering my fully restored CFTBL but that would be MUCH MUCH harder to find again.

    Quoted from Micky:

    You have a great colllection and a nice looking games room. I like seeing games lined up like yours.

    Appreciate it! It's been a fun ride so far.Wish I had more space but thankfully it keeps me from going too far down the rabbit hole

    #10245 1 year ago
    Quoted from PeterG:

    I own a CFTBL with ColorDMD, pinsound and taillight mod, would never sell it as this is really hard to get all dressed up nicely in good condition.
    Took me long to get such a version and

    Yeah, mine has all that stuff as well, and came with a NOS OG holo... actually forgot I also have a pinsound on the way. I should probably never sell it. See ya SW it’s been fun

    3 months later
    #10897 1 year ago
    Quoted from NeilMcRae:

    but here are some pics of the final product

    Amazing, LOVE the row of cocktails in the middle. A truly inviting space congrats!

    2 months later
    #11467 10 months ago

    Moved a bunch of stuff in and out this past few months, here’s the latest.

    3DF3681A-DE12-40F7-85C6-E32F5EA6F903 (resized).jpeg89A9E67A-A40B-4391-9DDC-0205D364CB96 (resized).jpegC57CE6C0-5E52-48A3-9D48-9516B71E9170 (resized).jpegF226D9BB-A804-4EAA-BB33-D7F64F7858CC (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #11798 9 months ago

    Finally figured out an angle to show them all at the same time

    #11804 9 months ago
    Quoted from airplanequartet:

    This is what a game “room” looks like when you have a 1450sq ft house...

    Mine's 1200, you'll make room LOL. I remember when I thought four was my max. With a little creative re-arranging you can squeeze in four more no problemo

    I use those pin skates things too, but never thought to leave them on. Do the games slide around a lot with those on?

    #11812 8 months ago
    Quoted from weaverj:

    biscuits, you still have your TOM and TRON? funny; i talked to you about buying one or the other. hell, maybe both.
    i have both now, too, btw.

    Absolutely! Will be two of the last to leave. They really can’t be beat for fast flowy fun times. So glad I didn’t let either go when I went through my trading rampage over the last year. Hope you’re digging yours!

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