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Let's see pics of game rooms!

By erak

9 years ago

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    #6376 3 years ago

    Nothing too fancy here. Per the Gameroom treaty of 2016 with my wife I am not allowed to expand beyond the small carpeted area. So 3 arcade games are in the unfinished purgatory at the moment and will be sold. The giant multicade is going to be redone with just a 47" tv wall mounted and the control panel I built moved to just a pedestal to get rid of the NBA Jam cabinet it is in which takes up too much space. That should get me enough room to house six total Pins.




    I have rearranged so many times, thankfully the moving pads under the levelers makes it easy to push everything around.


    Still need to decorate. Although I recently added some stools. Much easier for my son and his friends to play now.


    #6377 3 years ago

    There is so much more space but I am not allowed to enter the theater space or my sons play area which is huge on the other side

    #6391 3 years ago
    Quoted from scottslash:

    I love it. But Bos it looks like you coulda negotiated a bit more space...

    I measured linear footage and if I could reclaim all the space other than the theater I have enough room for about 30 games give or take depending on cabinet variation. One day... One day.

    I did bring home a Dutch re-import MSF today... Trying to Tetris some more space on my limited carpeted area.


    2 weeks later
    #6445 3 years ago

    Hey guys looking for ideas to make the room less sterile. Beyond the pins, the walls are lifeless and I am really non-committal when it comes to artwork. Suggestions welcome.

    I thought some faux brick wall panels behind the pins which they sell at home depot just to give the space some dimension. Those bar stools are wrapped around a giant 4 person Multicade.


    2 weeks later
    #6546 3 years ago

    I am totally out of space. Time to start tetrising and maybe do some back to back games.


    #6599 3 years ago

    Alright, the walls are still pretty bare but I have rearranged and hopefully this will be it for a while now!






    1 week later
    #6657 3 years ago
    Quoted from tjprice222:

    Bos98 - are your ceiling speakers configured for Atmos? If so, any thoughts or reviews?

    Ceiling speakers are part of the 7.2 channel audio for the theater. Not connected to anything else at this time.

    #6671 3 years ago

    Dug out some old marquees I had and found the Nintendo ones fit across my 2x2 ceiling lights. Now to find 6 more or it may be time to cut some others to fit.

    Alternatively I could have some printed on 2x2 adhesive vinyl and apply that to the light lenses.

    A little tough to photograph but you get the idea



    #6674 3 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Me too, but right over the games.

    Is the concern glare or falling out? If glare I ultimately plan on relocating the lights. Prior to playing with the marquees I had cut window tint film and put it inside the light lenses to "dim" them which worked very well.

    #6684 3 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Yes glare, but if you have tried something and your happy with the way it works then that's all that matters. You know best.

    Damn it... you got me all insane about the glare, which did suck but was tolerable until you mentioned it, and I spent my breaks from coding today tearing apart my ceiling and rewiring! I made the biggest mess, and holy s@%t do I hate ceiling tiles, but got it all cleaned up before my wife got home.

    The 3 cans above the games are now on a separate circuit and dimmable and connected to my Wink home automation now.


    #6712 3 years ago
    Quoted from Cheese_WizardPQ:

    110% agree.
    A mix between pinballowner and pinside. To be able to
    Stock photos of our games and sharing them. I love the random option of pinball owner to scroll people games.
    But it might takes A huge server...

    Building an array of images that exist in posts in a topic would not be difficult on the PHP side of things, nor would building a simple responsive grid to display the images.

    I sent Robin some code help to fix an issue with Facebook Open Graph data on Pinside Market ads, which he did say he would implement, although I do not know if it happened yet.

    Maybe I will whip something up and send him a snippet to possibly create a topic image gallery view.

    #6713 3 years ago

    Also, no clue about the above Pin Rug, but I did come across this on eBay: ebay.com link » Bally Pinball Machine Logo 6ft X 2 Ft Hall Runner Rug Fully Licensed Mr Pinball

    2 weeks later
    #6788 3 years ago

    She forced me to clean up the Gameroom side and the workshop side. Current lineup and art has started to hit the walls. I redid the lights with recessed and split the circuit to have the cans above the game dimmable.

    Picked up what was left of the alphabet at the local Michaels to spell out Games. $5 a letter on sale.

    Added one with the lights turned down.



    1 month later
    #7212 2 years ago
    Quoted from cheshirefilms:

    New artwork from Tom Whalen in the pinball dining room

    Is that the $600 subscription series of prints?

    1 month later
    #7398 2 years ago

    I shall call it my auxiliary game room, aka the garage. So many games in the house it is easier to work on them out here. Time to rebuild some flipper mechs!

    IMG_9732.JPG-1 (resized).jpeg

    2 weeks later
    #7488 2 years ago

    Had a little get together and the cookout quickly turned in to hours of pinball

    IMG_5397 (resized).JPG

    IMG_8337 (resized).JPG

    IMG_8334 (resized).JPG

    #7490 2 years ago
    Quoted from jrockne:

    It's great to see so many kids enjoying pinball!

    Absolutely. They always gravitate toward the games and every time they play they get better. Kids were ages 3-7 and had a blast.

    #7492 2 years ago
    Quoted from jrockne:

    Some of my friends kids are at that age too. They always have a blast when the stop by. A couple of them had never seen a pinball machine before, so it was fun explaining it to them and watching them play for the first time.
    You've filled that room up pretty well, but still seems like there's still room to maneuver.

    I am at capacity for sure per the game room treaty of 2016 enacted by my wife. Plenty of space to play comfortably. I do need to use the cart to maneuver machines around for service though.

    I have 2 more games in the garage, which need to be sold, or put in the info shined side of the basement, South Park and Demolition Man.

    RBION was sold and replaced with a T2, that is killer now with a Pinsound board in it. Missing Ripley though and will probably try and find another one.

    2 months later
    #7820 2 years ago

    Well I have most of the games I have wanted for a long time. No more overflow in the unfinished portion of the basement and nothing has encroached beyond the carpet per the gameroom treaty of 2016 I have ratified with my wife.

    IMG_1338 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1340 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1339 (resized).JPG

    #7822 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    You should see if you can amend that treaty.

    Oh how I have tried. I had 3 pins on the other side of the theater and was prepping to lawyer up for the divorce.

    5 months later
    #8676 2 years ago

    Part of my Gameroom and Me with the family. Our photographer was taking newborn photos and wanted to take one with my 5 year old and his legos, and then she saw the pinball machines. This is the result.

    Connor-Gruhin-Newborn-Session---5.29.17-98 (resized).jpg

    2 months later
    #8973 1 year ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    That's exactly what I did when we bought our house. I get the basement and the garage, she gets the rest of the house.

    I built my wife a $50K spa like bathroom. My gameroom restrictions were lifted at my house!

    2 weeks later
    #9104 1 year ago

    Not my full game room but my garage workshop/summer annex area.

    A6C61225-05F1-4450-A6AA-964638A4E8F8 (resized).jpeg

    1 week later
    #9165 1 year ago

    I rearranged the line up to fit in some new additions. I should probably sell something like the Popeye or NGG at some point to free up space.



    #9170 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Nice gameroom. That JP is desperate for a light shield however.

    I have one and the topper. I just hadn’t put it back on prior to the photo.

    3 months later
    #9821 1 year ago

    My son has some friends over and they wanted nothing to do with any of his toys!

    8158C5AA-302A-459F-AC86-5010AD1AC4C3 (resized).jpeg

    2899565E-F3EB-4841-8F0E-3691DA043FD5 (resized).jpeg

    B1990FCF-888D-4EFF-BE19-A9967D46B7A4 (resized).jpeg

    1 month later
    #10066 1 year ago

    I am getting ready to redo the flooring and maybe paint.

    A0A02E21-9721-4537-903C-5CCE36D1B2C1 (resized).jpeg

    DFF81A54-A8F0-4142-B39C-B474A67E5FB9 (resized).jpeg

    BC40DA20-D780-4172-9C95-023B621AA7EC (resized).jpeg

    347739A7-3C6F-47E2-B4F3-7C2C2170EDAC (resized).jpeg

    #10069 1 year ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    What are you gonna do for flooring?

    Well I hate the poorly installed and cheap laminate flooring in the theater area that came with the house. I was thinking a better quality hard flooring surface where the majority of the pins are and then recarpet the rest of the finished basement to warm up the space. It is very off-white now.

    #10084 1 year ago


    798FEFAC-EE53-4DF8-85A6-AD04CC8AB33D (resized).jpeg

    10 months later
    #12263 6 months ago

    First photos of the Game Room 2019

    I will be embarking on a bit of a project down here to warm the space up by changing flooring, paint and perhaps replacing the drop ceiling or painting it black.

    If I get really ambitious I may move 2 walls and expand in to more of the unfinished storage space.

    Happy new year everyone!

    4907EEF8-8572-44DA-A688-E91D1D78F04C (resized).jpeg490E57A0-B1D3-4EAD-9786-143B56184CA1 (resized).jpeg6382B328-A264-4643-BEA0-D62EE5115801 (resized).jpeg744A53B6-43C0-4895-9227-944605FE04F8 (resized).jpeg85D90DD6-1D0B-4E36-A2BC-1E5BD2881B05 (resized).jpegD5C41632-D3E0-4C4C-A32D-F6B860293613 (resized).jpegED43DF94-A586-49D5-8497-28A2F70DFED0 (resized).jpeg
    #12270 6 months ago
    Quoted from Nokoro:

    Great space! I would highly recommend removing the drop ceiling and painting it all matte black above. You will be amazed at how it can seem to open up the space even more.

    I worry about sound bleeding through to the first floor and sound from first floor coming through downstairs.

    Also, I did have a Doctor Who but I sold it.

    2 weeks later
    #12400 6 months ago

    Minor lineup change. Working on a Marvel theme I guess? Anyone have an Ironman and Avengers I can pickup? I will need to rearrange to get Spidey, Magneto, Deadpool and the Guardians all together.

    698BFB09-D5F3-4A09-BE13-F67A5D6DA67D (resized).jpeg9E3468FF-0ABC-4815-9E58-48E63C505E54 (resized).jpeg
    2 months later
    #13027 3 months ago

    I just cleaned out the unfinished side of my basement and made room for 7 games. I then rearranged which both made my wife happy and made room for the Black Knight SOR LE I have coming! Pretty sure I can fit 20 games down here now without losing any space for the kids to play!

    C6F12F06-3B4A-454A-A288-B16F897E2060 (resized).jpegF83F66A7-39F5-461A-8EB8-8F6EA7566FDC (resized).jpegE3BBF5D6-532E-4072-A857-DCDF36E915D9 (resized).jpeg
    #13031 3 months ago
    Quoted from RWH:

    Hope you experience no condensation with the heating and cooling duct so close and over your pin. Nice collection though.

    Never had any condensation issues before. If I notice anything I’ll deal with it then.

    3 weeks later
    #13158 79 days ago

    Ok so I have posted previously but have some updates. Space next to the Star Wars is for my BKSOR LE. I then put up room divider curtains on the unfinished side, wires up some recessed lighting and made myself a little pinball annex off of the main area.

    I need to finish up the electrical to move the ceiling outlet and then get to painting the ceiling black. I’ll need to pull all the curtains and games out to paint without ruining anything but I’ll get to that eventually.

    Right now I am just flipping!

    0620689A-4881-4021-A0C2-4724D4FE8841 (resized).jpegF2B01AA8-B324-48E0-8B1E-47312D37376F (resized).jpeg49E6212A-58F1-4055-B0EC-4DA212D42AC0 (resized).jpeg87F4C4E8-6005-4520-B210-2740EC39EA40 (resized).jpegA87FCE35-01BA-47F1-B43E-CE8A81C46A19 (resized).jpegE517E6C1-7B61-4552-9237-18D563A46CA0 (resized).jpeg
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