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Let's see pics of game rooms!

By erak

14 years ago

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    #1 14 years ago

    Just moved and want to see pics of peoples games rooms. Heres my new one so far.


    #2 14 years ago

    I don't have a gameroom so much as a workroom and a ton of shit in my house that is getting ready to go out on location (except the TZ).

    But this is my game setup currently..and my current workbench. Not much but I don't have a garage, this house is an 1870's victorian. No go on a garage for that style of house.

    Not shown, the pinbot in the living room. (machine for my old lady to play)

    gameroom_004.JPGgameroom_004.JPG gameroom_002.JPGgameroom_002.JPG gameroom_003.JPGgameroom_003.JPG

    #3 14 years ago

    I like the pizza box work bench maldoror. hahaha.

    Looks like there is still some work to do on that F14.

    My work area used to look like that (Round Table Pizza boxes instead), with a pyramid of empty beer cans nearby. My aluminum shrine didn't last long (GF nagging).

    I want to wait until the summertime for pics of my gameroom. Local friends bugging me, but I want to finish my Capcom Naomi cabinet first (Capcom vs Snk), before I take any pictures.

    #4 14 years ago

    Dude, the pizza box is an awesome static free work surface.


    Yea the F-14 is a ways out.. What a pin in the ass Sys11a is. I do not even want to get into it.

    Don't buy an F-14 is my advice, they have issues.

    #5 14 years ago

    here is a couple of pics of my game room and theater.

    005.JPG005.JPG 006.JPG006.JPG

    #6 14 years ago

    more pics

    007.JPG007.JPG 008.JPG008.JPG 009.JPG009.JPG

    #7 14 years ago


    011.JPG011.JPG 012.JPG012.JPG 014.JPG014.JPG

    #8 14 years ago

    Which was the link to your jukebox again tatman? I wanted to get one, but I'm tight on space.

    I seem to remember it being a CD jukebox link to an amazon third-party.

    #9 14 years ago

    couple more

    015.JPG015.JPG 017.JPG017.JPG 016.JPG016.JPG

    #10 14 years ago



    #11 14 years ago

    tatman9999, that is a great bigscreen area! Like the SW posters. Has the feel of a theatre.

    #12 14 years ago

    Yeah, love the theatre. Hopefully once I finish the basement in my new house (just moved in last weekend) I can have that kind of room for more pins.

    #13 14 years ago


    Wish I lived next to you

    #14 14 years ago

    Not pictured:

    - Simpsons Pinball Party pin
    - Simpsons (Data East) pin
    - Addams Family pin
    - OXO pin
    - Punch-Out!! arcade cab
    - Pleaides arcade cab
    - Ikari Warriors arcade cab

    pinrow.jpgpinrow.jpg Cabs.jpgCabs.jpg Cabs2.jpgCabs2.jpg

    #15 14 years ago

    AAAAAAAAAHhh ya! JAR stepped up!

    WHEN you have junk on your pool table and NO popcorn IN your popcorn machine.......and NONE OF YOUR MACHINES ON! ........then I have to wonder. (as per TATman?)

    Here's my gameroom, wish it could be more, but its mine and just have been picking stuff up off of new construction sites to finish it. There is no ceiling except for flags. The carpet is like mats and leftover carpets stuff I picked out of the bin. I live in Canada and if you haven't heard of SASKATCHEWAN then........"humf well......." (if you listen to GNR you will get that). I make my ROUGHRIDER stuff fill the 'void'!!!

    All those machines work EXCELLent! BTW!

    Yes, I have extension cords and WINDEX and paper towel and old license plates all over the place.

    Ya, I 'have' used windex to clean my machines! but I just took this picture tonite........so ya....


    IMG_8025.JPGIMG_8025.JPG IMG_8026.JPGIMG_8026.JPG IMG_8028.JPGIMG_8028.JPG

    #16 14 years ago

    Sasquatchawan. Is that where Bigfoot lives?

    If Tatman turned on all his machines and TVs at once, his house would burn down.

    #17 14 years ago

    tatman9999 where did u get the chairs in front of pinball machines? they look great!

    #18 14 years ago

    THanks , The stools are from The great escape. It is a pool,spa,gameroom store.You can order them online to they were $59 .

    #19 14 years ago

    Here's some older pics, Dr Who has has been sold awhile back, and I've added Fish Tales and Swords of Fury, as well as a Zeke's Peak. I haven't taken any good pics of them as I'm still fixing them...

    #20 14 years ago

    Here are a few pics of my game room. Hope you like.

    002.JPG002.JPG 012.JPG012.JPG 027.JPG027.JPG 032.JPG032.JPG 033.JPG033.JPG

    1 week later
    #21 14 years ago

    These are the pics of mine.................o wait i forgot i dont own any pinball machines thnx for rubbing it in hahaha

    #22 14 years ago

    Nice gameroom Chris.

    #23 14 years ago

    Here's mine. Lineup has changed. R&B is being replaced with Wh20 at the end of the month.

    Pins.jpgPins.jpg lounge.jpglounge.jpg lounge2.jpglounge2.jpg

    #24 14 years ago

    Stavs good taste in decorating the room I see you also have wii fit

    #25 14 years ago

    Yea some of you guys are really good at decor for gamerooms. Mine is more of a workshop, because I fix so many boards and other shit for people it is stacked to the gills with parts and other things...

    I really like the necronomicon you have on your sofa there Stavs, it made me LOL.

    Also that black cab Rocky and Bullwinkle looks AWESOME!

    #26 14 years ago

    Wii fit is just that, a decoration! R&B is gone now and I am waiting for my Wh20 to come. Cant wait!

    I need to get moving on my baseboard. I just am lazy and dont have any desire to paint and install 200 linear feet of baseboard these days.

    #27 14 years ago

    Hey Stavs,

    White Water is a great game and I do hope you enjoy it. I often find it to be both relaxing to play but challenging at the same time. It is great! Plus, you cannot beat the music (I find it light-hearted and fun) as well as a bowling Big Foot! Lol!

    #28 14 years ago

    I had one that I sold last May on day one of last years Allentown Show. My new one arrives on day one of this years Allentown Show. It will have been a year that I have been suffering without it. I loved the game and dont know why I ever sold it! This one will stay.

    Now the hunt is on for a Stargate.

    #29 14 years ago

    Wow! We are very similar as SG is also one of the few pins on my wish list!!!

    #30 14 years ago

    Love the necronomicon too! Is it a couch cushion? And if so where do I get one?

    #31 14 years ago

    The Necronomicon is actually a hand puppet. Its pretty big though. I saw it and had to have it. Here's some links to get it:


    I ended up getting it at Halloween Express-they shipped very quick. Also, you cant really see it, but in front of Pinhead I have a Hellraiser Puzzle Cube.

    #32 14 years ago

    Erak, that would make a great topper for your evil dead pin. hahaha

    #34 14 years ago

    Leight I can just say...WOW

    #35 14 years ago

    Killer gameroom Leigh. How is lighting in that room? In the pics there is a bit of glare on the glass from the light fixtures. I have my pins in a dark area lit with strings of blacklights I got from a halloween store (to go along with my Budweiser neon wall clock). Looks pretty cool. I might one day get one of those scrolling text digital signs "welcome to my game room".

    #37 14 years ago

    How are beautiful your gamerooms ! I'm totally jalous.

    My pins are just installed together.
    I have to modify this implantation to create a atmospher -
    I understand now that i have to enlarge with Dirts , Jukebox, ..
    I started only two years ago.

    So we have next week an exhibition with all kinds of items to decorate and an alignment of Williams machines , i'll investigate...


    #38 14 years ago

    Okay, I've got that Sinbad working and I've cleaned up the garage, so I don't feel so sheepish about posting these shots...

    Kroom1.jpgKroom1.jpg Kroom2.jpgKroom2.jpg Kroom3.jpgKroom3.jpg

    #39 14 years ago

    Awesome thread guys! Thanks all who have posted,very inspirational!

    #40 14 years ago

    Hey Tatman9999 it looks like you live in the Chicago land area as do I sooo... CAN WE BE FRIENDS

    1 week later
    #41 14 years ago

    Here are pics of my man cave. We have a cabinet bar going in to the right of the fireplace. Still have to decorate the walls with cool stuff though I don't want it to look like a TGI Fridays with every square inch covered.

    Pins.JPGPins.JPG Table.JPGTable.JPG

    1 week later
    #42 14 years ago

    Great thread Guy's,
    plus lots of nice rooms, I am in envy of how many pins and games some of you have.

    My room is our living room, with my Home Theater (first hobby)
    Only have 1 pin so far, but as you all know, you can't just have 1 pin.
    So I am on the lookout for the No.2 and maybe No.3 if possible.

    My HT room also has an Air Hockey table,
    on the terrace we have a Pool Table, and Table Tennis also.

    HT has a 2.5m wide screen with a Marquee 9500 CRT projetor with 5 channels of Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers, M&K sub-woofer. Plus lots of other equipment.



    1 week later
    #43 14 years ago

    Awesomely nice home theater you have there Steve. I like the swords you have there to protect your investment. "Touch my pin and I will chop off your hand."

    2 weeks later
    #44 14 years ago

    These are all very cool. One of my pet peeves is when someone says they have a game room and there's just a pool table. That is a game room in the most basic sense - just one game.

    2 weeks later
    #45 14 years ago

    Here is our room (i will not call it game room until there are more pins ) with my TZ. Its in my friends house. There is missing my STTNG on the pics (this one is at my home for my personal use)

    Picture_033.jpgPicture_033.jpg Picture_034.jpgPicture_034.jpg Picture_035.jpgPicture_035.jpg

    #46 14 years ago

    here are a few pics of how my games room used to look like. Excuse the mess but it is set up much better now. Aztec has long gone. It's the usual story, too small a room and too many games and not enough time to work on them!

    My_Pinballs1.JPGMy_Pinballs1.JPG My_Pinballs3.JPGMy_Pinballs3.JPG

    #47 14 years ago

    Wish I had more room for machines, unfortunately four is the limit.

    Jurassic Park
    Black Knight 2000
    Indiana Jones
    Doctor Who


    #48 14 years ago

    I understand the space issue as I only have room for 3. Nice lineup. I love Dr. Who.

    #49 14 years ago

    Nice set up pinballNZ,too bad about the Aztec.Would love to have an Aztec as it is the Pin I played most as a late teen in1976 and 1977.

    #50 14 years ago

    I rearranged a bit...swapped some games in, some out. I try to rotate the games between the game room and storage once in a while to keep the lineup fresh. This is how it is as of right now, but I'm already itching to swap Simpsons Pinball Party, Revenge From Mars, or World Cup Soccer in for something.

    gameroom1.jpggameroom1.jpg MAME.jpgMAME.jpg

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