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Lets say you only have physical room for 2 pinballs in your home

By JohnTTwo

8 months ago

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    #1 8 months ago

    What 2 games would you get and why???


    #2 8 months ago

    Two King Kongs.

    #3 8 months ago

    Iron Maiden pro

    #4 8 months ago

    STTNG and EBD

    #5 8 months ago

    Doesn’t matter buy games knowing you are going to switch them out in 6 months

    #6 8 months ago

    Easy...Multimorphic P3

    #7 8 months ago

    GNR & Deadpool

    #8 8 months ago

    Hercules and Big Foot

    #9 8 months ago

    Buy a new home with more room for pinball!

    #12 7 months ago

    Get creative.
    Dining room table? You dont really need that.

    Couch? You could technically sleep on the floor.

    If all else fails, make friends with a realtor so you can find a bigger place.

    Problem solved.

    #13 7 months ago

    Attack from Mars
    Two classic machines by the two of the best designers in pinball!Oh and they never get old and both have that one more game feeling to them!

    #14 7 months ago

    pends if you like rock music, etc
    if yes:
    JJp GNR (best sound, music "realness", light package i have seen on a machine to date).
    LOTR (best stern ever made)

    #15 7 months ago
    Quoted from solarvalue:

    Easy...Multimorphic P3

    you dont count

    #16 7 months ago

    Total Nuclear Annihilation
    Joker Poker

    #17 7 months ago

    What I have now. Met pro and Paragon

    #18 7 months ago

    Godzilla (coming soon) or TMNT & AIQ

    #19 7 months ago


    #20 7 months ago

    Ghostbuster Premium
    Medieval Madness ‘Royal’

    With Mortal Kombat 2 and Defender on the side

    #21 7 months ago

    Big Game
    Game of Thrones Premium

    #22 7 months ago

    JP LE best modern game
    TAF best game from the past

    #24 7 months ago

    I would buy one. Play it. Then decide on the second one.

    #25 7 months ago

    Star Trek, The Next Generation,

    Stern Star Trek, Limited Edition

    Perfect theme for my family. ST:TNG is challenging enough that I make it to the wizard mode every 50 games or so. STLE is beautiful and challenging enough I will never complete 7 year voyage. I love the sound, the ambiance, the dots, and these are in my opinion the best pins from the best designer (Steve Ritchie).

    #27 7 months ago

    Current home situation limit is two, have AFM and JJP GNR.

    #28 7 months ago

    White Water and Stranger Things

    #29 7 months ago

    only room for 2 pinballs?? Get a bigger house

    5994B65A-49E2-4F2B-ADC7-FD84B2355A8F (resized).jpeg
    #30 7 months ago

    White Water
    Iron Maiden

    #31 7 months ago

    Well there's so many

    But , for a family , I'd say Sttng and Whirlwind

    #32 7 months ago

    Depends on you....what do you want? Family oriented? You like monsters and demons? Shoot 'em up themes? Crazy sounds? Wild art? Deep rules? Water themes? TV show themes? Movie themes? Etc., etc., etc......

    Check out the TOP 100 here and ratings on IPDB.

    Oh yeah, whatever you get you'll likely rotate them out for something new after a few months anyway.

    #33 7 months ago

    I would move. Big house with small warehouse in back yard .


    #34 7 months ago

    Once upon a time I had room for two pins in my house. I'm now up to nine.

    Consider a DMD game with some depth (mid-90's to present) and a ground-level 70's EM, for variety.

    #35 7 months ago

    SW premium

    #36 7 months ago

    Perhaps choose a newer game, with latest tech, fast shots and deep rules like AIQ, Wonka or JP (premiums), plus an old school B/W style machine, visually stunning like TOTAN or Funhouse, (but anything from Lawler/Youssi would likely make you smile). Probably a $15k "buy-in" investment to sit at this table!

    #37 7 months ago

    I assume you still have these 2 games. Are you looking to sell/trade for something new?

    146ABA3C-4A8C-467B-8339-258DAB1994C2 (resized).jpeg
    #38 7 months ago

    My two and my bias response. The whole family loves them. ToM rules are deep enough for the kids, but still accessible. Pinbot provides the variety of a previous generation.

    TOM (resized).jpg
    #39 7 months ago

    1979 KISS
    2015 KISS

    #40 7 months ago

    One JJP and one Stern. I have Wonka and Stranger Things in my two pins collection and love them both for different reasons. Could easily have been JP and Dialed In and I would still be happy. Or Black Knight SOR and WOZ. Stern gives me speedy challenging games and JJP games give me l longer ball times, cool innovation, beautiful lighting and they are fun for my whole family.

    #41 7 months ago

    Hobbit and MM.

    #42 7 months ago

    An EM and a new game. Push the dresser out of the way and add a solid state, push a little harder and get a DMD game
    Suggestions for particular games are gonna be super varied from person to person, but if I had to pick just two for now...ugh...
    Surf Champ and Iron Maiden Premium
    ...get a third, I'll take a clean working Meteor
    ...get a forth I'll take Tron

    #43 7 months ago

    Wonka LE and LOTR

    #44 7 months ago
    20210222_085149 (resized).jpg
    #45 7 months ago

    ToM and MM

    #46 7 months ago

    I've up voted everybody's, because everyone's different!

    #47 7 months ago

    DI & AFMr.

    #49 7 months ago

    If you can only have two. Buy 2 of whatever you can find in nice shape and you enjoy. Then plan to sell and buy again in a year or so. If you are absolutely limited to 2, you will tire of the two games. Buying nice examples ensures you can sell them for close to what you paid when you are ready to sell and buy the next game(s).

    #50 7 months ago

    When I designed my basement I only had two pins, but drew up plans with space for 4. My wife said why four if you only have two? Fast forward 7 years later and I have had as many as 28 in the house and likely have 20 now. Plus I now own an arcade with another 20. I may be an extreme case, but most people I know can’t stop at 2. They kinda multiply like rabbits.

    And to answer your question, if price is an issue and new to hobby, I would recommend a relatively new HUO Stern Pro. For around $5k +/- you can get a relatively new title, deep game, hopefully less wear and tear on a 20 plus year game that has been routed. Jurassic Park is a great example that the pro is solid. Iron Maiden, Avengers, Deadpool, are other good recent examples of pros. The Chicago game remakes have been sturdy at the arcade and are time proven classics, although not as deep as the aforementioned games. JJP games are more expensive and tend to be a little longer playing, but great for home environment too. A lightly used HUO, may save a few bucks and get it quicker, but opening a NIB machine is a great experience.

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