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Let's get STONED! The Rolling Stones Club!!!!

By Rarehero

5 years ago

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#55 4 years ago
Quoted from tullster:

I loaded both pro & LE code into the browser to compare songs. Both seemed to have the same songs in them. I'm guessing the extra song or two are used in the LE only.
This is from playing a few games this morning and from memory. I'll update the list as I find out more.
Here's what is in the pro...
1st ball -Start me Up
2nd ball - Hand of Fate
3rd ball - Rain Fall Down
Game Over - She's So Cold
Records Mode Songs - Love is Strong, Mixed Emotions, Happy & It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Hang Fire Multiball - Shattered
Album Multiball - When the Whip Comes Down
Rock Star Multiball - Flick of the Switch
Encore - Hang Fire
I think Super Encore is Bitch, but not sure. I'll do some playin' in the next few days. Super Encore isn't as easy to reach as some people think, and I might need to cheat a little to find out!
Other than Bitch, the two other songs in the code are Brown Sugar and You Got Me Rockin'. Anyone with a LE care to try and find those?
And yes, callouts and short 5 second sounds can be customized. The generic riffs cannot be combined. The 21 second one is for Fast Scoring. I've got a Satisfaction loop in that one that sounds great. To me, it's cool that you can hear snippets of an entire Stones setlist in a 3 minute game!

I am about to start tinkering with Pinball Browser. Does anyone have a list/soundmap of the Request numbers for the different songs, riffs etc ........ just to save me time working thru them all

Thanks !

3 weeks later
#56 4 years ago

Found these cool little guitars on UK Amazon. Added one above the Guitar targets - that space was crying out for something. Surprisingly good quality, even has strings.


Really enjoying this game - fast, furious fun. Even better now I have changed some songs with Pinball browser .... now have Paint It Black, Satisfaction, You Cant Always Get What You Want and others.




1 week later
#58 4 years ago

So how often do people get the Extra Ball lit from VIP ?? Seems extremely rare on my game. Have adjusted settings, have tried it manually with glass off and it still seems very elusive.

#60 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

Set your game to competition mode and leave the EB percentage on the default (25% I believe). It should trigger on the fourth VIP completion. Getting add-a-balls in multiball from the VIP might mess with how the EBs are handed out, but generally it's the fourth VIP lights the EB (3 million points if EBs are off), and the fifth lights the Special (5 million points if Specials are off). When the game's not in competition mode, the VIP awards will probably have no rhythm or rhyme to them asides from the guaranteed add-a-ball in multiball.

Thanks. That's sorted it

1 month later
#62 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

Set your game to competition mode and leave the EB percentage on the default (25% I believe). It should trigger on the fourth VIP completion. Getting add-a-balls in multiball from the VIP might mess with how the EBs are handed out, but generally it's the fourth VIP lights the EB (3 million points if EBs are off), and the fifth lights the Special (5 million points if Specials are off). When the game's not in competition mode, the VIP awards will probably have no rhythm or rhyme to them asides from the guaranteed add-a-ball in multiball.

It's a shame though that putting it into competition mode to enable extra ball , also means that the Play Record songs/modes are always awarded in the same order now - I kind of preferred having them random. Oh well

1 month later
#64 4 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Are there any good custom cards out there for TRS?
I seem to have found a bunch for all the other modern sterns but not TRS.


3 weeks later
#75 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

CoinTaker has a couple of similar guitars in stock right now. I wonder if they took the ones you listed and repainted them, because they look about the same but are painted white and have the Stones lips logo on them (not a sticker, actually). I bought one and mounted it in the same spot as you. It looks great!
Does anyone know if there are mini plastic amp toys out there? It would be cool if, say, there were small 4X4 Marshall amp toys (or something like that, doesn't really matter the brand) to put in place of the 2D, plastic amps in the background.
Man, the more I think about it, the more I realize this game has some real modding potential.

I recently picked up a McFarlane Kiss figure and used the amp and guitar that came with it ...the scale is spot on Replaced the right hand amp. Need to pick up another to replace the left hand one now.

I also just fitted mirror blades.

I have some images of orig backstage passes that I hope to laminate and mount near the VIP targets at some point.



#76 4 years ago

One of these. Was about £15 on Ebay. Was also thinking about trying to mount the drumkit somehow


Mezel Mods also do their Kiss lighted amp mod. Possibly could be wired into the Stones ??


#83 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

That's awesome, thanks for pointing me in the right direction for amp toys. How did you mount them?

Amp - cut off molded wheels on bottom so it sits flat, attached to an old plasic which I mounted on the right hand rollover lane guide.

Guitar - attached to old lamp bracket and used existing screw point on that top plastic.

#84 4 years ago

The LE has the Lips/tongue logo on the speaker inserts. Any place to get these ??

1 month later
#92 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

I was seriously thinking about getting the drumkit too. I will have to take a look and see how the current drum plastic sits. I know the band member plastics are multi-layered. I wonder if it's possible to mount the physical drum kit and keep the drummer sitting behind it? If I got the KISS drum kit, I'd have to cook up a circular Rolling Stones sticker to go over the KISS logo, haha.

The main issue is that the drum plastics are riveted to the flat plastic. So you'd have to drill them out to remove.

I've thought the same thing though

#94 4 years ago

Anyone got idea on production numbers ??

1 month later
#100 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

Imagine it then.
The amps are huge. Looks good in the picture from the angle I took the photo, but they are so tall they block the view of the back side of the machine. I'm thinking maybe I should have just used the cabs without the heads, but then again they wouldn't resemble amps as much without the heads.
Again, I think it's just going to take some getting used to.

Place a guitar next to them - helps with scale

#102 4 years ago
Quoted from akm:

Haha.. I would, but I already have a guitar elsewhere on the playfield. Don't want too many of them.
It's been a little while since I installed the amps. I've gotten used to the look and I like them. The big issue now is they tend to wobble back and forth when I'm nudging the game.

Yep. Mine wobble a bit too, but as long as they don't fall over or interfere with anything it's not a problem. They look a hundred times better than the stock plastics

2 weeks later
#104 4 years ago

Had a friend make up some speaker inserts. Will be adding some lighting to them also.





6 months later
#122 3 years ago

Looking for custom apron cards ??? Any links .....I'm sure I found some before with clearer/extra rules on but they seem to be eluding me now.


1 month later
#124 3 years ago

Finally got around to adding some lighting to my custom speaker cutouts

Look great

uploadfromtaptalk1488040876229 (resized).jpg

uploadfromtaptalk1488040902674 (resized).jpg

#126 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone else think we need a color dmd and a nice topper design?
On another note, trying to get a little more general playfield illumination. Anyone install led's that are a natural color tone? I don't want anything over the top crazy.

I actually think GI isn't too bad. I have mostly frosted cool whites. I added a couple extra spots also.

ColorDMD would be nice, I think it's unlikely but you never know ...only takes a fan to do it. We got Popeye after all

What I would really like is a final code tweak so that the flipper info actually gives you some useful information ...ie ....number of records collected, hits needed for Rock Star, Licks etc. But that is never gonna happen

1 week later
#130 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

another question for you Stones folks.
had a game today where i got to the encore and it played hangfire. but what i noticed aster completing records and licks modes that there were some songs not played a couple that were repeated throughout.
i launched the code via pinball browser and pulled up the sound requests for the game and it seems that even the request 41 which is script ox294 shattered and request 54 script ox292 you got me rockin didnt play.
Am i understanding this correctly, if there is a sound request listed then it should be in the game somewhere?

Not sure I completely follow.

'Shattered' definitely plays during Record (Hangfire) Multiball.

Sounds/music in the code do not always appear in completed games, for whatever reasons.

#132 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Ok, that might explain that one as I don't recall getting encore multi ball but I did make it to encore with hang fire playing.
Have you heard you got me rocking anywhere in the game? This is request sound request 54 when searching in the browser.
The two that I determined that are in code but not actively in game are brown sugar and bitch. These have no sound request.
We should try to hit stern up for a code up date, would be simple for them to add these!

Not heard You Got Me Rocking .....no.

Are Brown Sugar or Bitch used in the LE ?? I think this has maybe been discussed before and they aren't...

Would love a code update/tweak. Yeah I'm gonna ask Stern ......though I think the chances of it happening are pretty remote at best.

EDIT - psw757 Are you looking at LE Code. On the Pro code Request 54 is Hang Fire (same as 53) I see no sign of You Got Me Rocking ... ???

#136 3 years ago

I've been playing the heck out of this lately ... .... I finally had enough of never being awarded Extra Ball Lit from the Mystery, I had it the other day but that must be the first time in months ! Have now set my Replay to award Extra Ball. Its a nice score target to aim for now too.

#139 3 years ago

I'm not sure how many of you guys saw Pingame Journal Issue 146 March 2011.

It had a 6 page feature about the design and development of Sterns Stones. Very very interesting read, the game design changed enormously - at one point having an arm that would swing out with guitar targets, a guitar shaped ramp and yes a moving tongue as we always thought it should have.

Anyway I dont have access to a scanner so I just photographed the article - hopefully you can read it, or at least view the pictures.

Love the transparent red tongue !

P1010618 (resized).JPG

P1010617 (resized).JPG

#140 3 years ago

P1010622 (resized).JPG

P1010621 (resized).JPG

P1010620 (resized).JPG

P1010619 (resized).JPG

#141 3 years ago

P1010625 (resized).JPG

P1010624 (resized).JPG

P1010623 (resized).JPG

P1010626 (resized).JPG

#142 3 years ago

P1010629 (resized).JPG

P1010627 (resized).JPG

P1010628 (resized).JPG

#143 3 years ago

P1010630 (resized).JPG

P1010631 (resized).JPG

P1010632 (resized).JPG

#147 3 years ago
Quoted from akm:

To be fair, few liked the Rolling Stones when it released and the machine sold poorly. You aren't going to see lots of updates on a game nobody bought (although to be fair, the code is pretty fleshed out and relatively complete, it just needs more polish in areas).

Agree. Most people couldn't see past Mick On A Stick and so never gave the game a chance, also Tron stole all the thunder around that time.

But yeah at least the code is complete, with 2 variants of Wiz mode to aim for. Thank the maker for Pinball Browser though ...putting the Stones songs of your choice into the game transforms personal enjoyment of it at home

#152 3 years ago

Yep must be an artwork test. Looks like the final artwork though.

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Stern did not make 350 Rolling Stones LE's. When Stern does a production run they have a box of random numbers that the employees grab a numbered plaque from as the machines move down the line. They were not done in consecutive order. The rumor is that there are less than 100 LE's in the wild. I really like the LE with the extra flipper buttons to raise post (adds a whole new dimension to gameplay), powerball, and mirrored backglass. I would like to see the RS LE added to the machine data base so we can see how many pinsiders own one? It's a rare bird

It's funny because here in the UK those 'skill posts' are generally despised on machines. We were unfortunate enough in the early 2000's to have a ridiculous gambling law here which meant most Stern machines for the UK market at that time had skill posts. These were often disabled by operators anyway because they make the game waaaaaay too easy, so was all kind of pointless.


The knock on effect for the collectors market now is that people will for example pay a premium for a LOTR/Elvis etc without skill posts.

One question ....what role does the Powerball play in the LE ?? Does it change scoring, have a purpose like TZ ? Or is it purely a novelty ball.

#161 3 years ago

Thanks akm ...........I only just found this video. Good job

#163 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

That appeared to not have a powerball in the video unless I didn't watch close enough.
I saw shattered get played and also hang fire for mini encore but super encore was never activated from what I watched, that is where the extra song should be located(you got me rockin)
The other big added feature of the LE that often gets overlooked is the magnets which are active during multiball and it gets pretty crazy.

I think he says at the start that even though it's an LE he has basically reverted it to a Pro for the video...so guessing Powerball removed.

#165 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I'm betting super encore is where this extra song is.
Does the pro have two encore modes like the LE?

Yes it does. Encore (for lighting all modes, inserts solid lit) ) and Encore Multiball (for COMPLETING all modes, all inserts flashing)

I have never achieved Encore Multiball. When I get a minute I'll take the glass off and make it so....

2 months later
#179 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Just a super good machine. Like I said, I know a great game when I play one and this is one of them. I hope to keep it forever. Hard game to find now as well.
I think the people that dogged (or dog) this game have not played one set up well or they don't know what they're doing in regards to the rulesheet. Really a shame this game is buried in their catalog and off of people's radar. Their loss I guess.

Indeed. I think this was written off immediately by many - I think people couldn't see past Mick On A Stick. I don't think the artwork helped much either , I think it looks great, but can see many people are just seeing some *old men* . Imagine if it had of had an Aerosmith style package.

Once you are familiar with the ruleset, and realise that Mick isn't just randomly moving then it's addictive as hell and a blast to play.I have been nowhere near Encore multiball. One day, one day ......

#181 3 years ago

So is there any extra reward for Touring ALL the (16 ? ) cities during World Tour. Don't think I have ever done it.

1 week later
#184 3 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

Released as a single on today's date 1968........

» YouTube video
Some interesting trivia about the song was that it evolved out of the Beggar's Banquet recording sessions but is not included on the album. It was released as a single only and became one of the most iconic Stones tunes of all-time reaching number 1 on the UK charts and number 3 in the United States.
It didn't appear on an album until it was included on the greatest hits compilation "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)" a year later.
The promo video included in the link above is considered to be one of the best ever made and inspired a generation of Stones fans!

I have this as Ball 2 music in my pinball browsered Stones

#187 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Curious what songs you all have added via the browser and where you put them?
I'm still playing around with something that sounds good for the 31 second super combo and the Charlie fast scoring loop.

Ball 2 music - now Jumpin Jack Flash
World Tour - now Paint It Black
Licks - now You Cant Always Get What You Want (also plays on Game Over)
Album/Mick Multiball - now Satisfaction
Ball Drain - riff from Little Red Rooster and refrain from Gimme Shelter ('It's a just a shot away' )
Play Records shot - Satisfaction riff

Stuff I still intend to change one day ......

Rock Star multiball - Sympathy For The Devil
Fast Scoring - Come On (??)
Super Combos - ??
Records Multiball - ??
Encore multiball - ??
Ball 3 music - possibly change , though I quite like it
Play Records mode Love Is Strong - least favourite, could swap out for something else, also need to change the DMD song text and remove the callout.

1 month later
1 month later
#190 2 years ago

Anyone know of any Jagger figures that could possibly replace the factory Mick On A Stick plastic ?/

Would need to be around 5 inches tall

I see these around often but they are too tall


4 months later
#192 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

anyone change out the 31 second and 20 second sound clip with pinball browser?
I edited a few tracks and pretty much have this where I want it now with the exception of these two. What are you guys using here?

Is this for Super Combos ....... not yet but I'm still thinking !

3 weeks later
#194 2 years ago

Oooooh yeah .....got my tickets for London

stones2018-1200x1200-FB_IG-alldates_preview1-600x600 (resized).jpg

#196 2 years ago

Where can I pick up a spare Mick plastic ? I'm struggling to find one with usual suppliers

I have the reinforced Mick on a Stick but would like to have a spare.

#198 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Marco had them last I checked

Thanks. Out stock

#199 2 years ago

OK so in last few days noticed I was sometimes getting phantom Mick hits.

After a bit of testing and tinkering I found out why. My Mick assembly is missing the 2 small plastic standoffs on the rear - these go under the rear clear plastic guard to allow a small gap for the switch wires. Mine didn't have these meaning that the plastic was tight against the wires ..... over time the insulation had worn off the black wire where it was pinched and it was shorting on the metal support.

I have taped up the wire for now but when I have time I'll pull it all out and replace it with new.Have sourced some replacement standoffs.

3 months later
#200 2 years ago

Saw them in Southampton - they added some extra dates - couple weeks back It was fantastic, the atmosphere was incredible. Had such a great night. What a show.

Been playing the pin again a lot since

154473467.jpg.gallery (resized).jpg

3 months later
#201 1 year ago

Has anyone fitted a Stern Shaker motor to their Pro ??

#203 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I have one on my LE, don’t see why it would be different than a pro.
Integrates very well to the game

That's good to hear.

Any examples of when it kicks in ?

6 months later
#212 1 year ago

So what high scores are people hitting on this ?

I seem to have stalled around the 170 million mark

#214 1 year ago
Quoted from akm:

My best is somewhere around 350, I believe (no post saves). Though, that was probably with a couple extra balls.

Wow. I have a target !

#223 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’ve had this game for quite a while and if you get deep some cool album art from each album featured in the game, band images, planes, trucks, city skylines, Stones liicks animations etc...
I think there is plenty, is it AC/DC or Metallica content no but still plenty to be colorized.

Yeah - I love seeing the Albums coming up when you are collecting them in Album/Mick multiball

8 months later
#225 6 months ago
Quoted from NYP:

Thought I would post this flyer, pretty rare and hard to find, the European version flyer, just recently added to the database:

ooooh very nice. Not seen that one. thanks for posting.

#227 6 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I've also never understood why when you enter Encore, the screen says "Hang Fire" but it plays something else.

Isn't that the Records multiball mode ? Still odd - as you say its called 'Hang Fire' but then plays 'Shattered'

Great mode though !

1 week later
#232 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I saw that post but on my machine I’ve head hang fire play but not shattered so scratching my head.

Maybe I'm confused

I'm gonna go play mine and recheck

#237 5 months ago
Quoted from tullster:

It's been a long time, but if I recall correctly in the Pro, Shattered is the Hang Fire Multiball AND 1st Encore song. I think I changed it to Hang Fire with the browser, but haven't achieved either mode in a long time.
To get Hang fire Multiball, you need to complete all 4 Records modes. Meaning I think you need to complete then start at least a 2nd Record mode in one ball.
I need to re-read this thread or at least try to get some good games in tonight!

Records / Hang Fire (Shattered !) Multiball is qualified by collecting 25 records (factory setting) from any of the record modes. I didn't think you had to play ALL the record modes. I'm sure you can collect all the records on one mode and it will light Records Multiball.

This screen grab taken from Martins write up on Pinball News. He was reviewing with early code though. https://www.pinballnews.com/games/rollingstones/index4b.html
Capture (resized).JPG

1 week later
#243 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Well, it’s a little anticlimactic.
You get into encore and hang fire plays, need to hit all the lit shots for super encore. Hit the shots and it’s over.
No mode, no additional music and the scoring really wasn’t crazy.
So gets me thinking, they obviously paid to have these two extra songs in the code to use and chose not to. They are there though, could this be unfinished code? Bitch is one of the songs and would be appropriate for the mode since it’s a real bitch to get to it.
Maybe we should inundate Stern with emails, blast from the past code update!
On another note, while I was cheating my way through the game it is really evident that color dmd would be awesome. There are some nice animations.

Did you have ALL the modes completed / inserts flashing ? According to Pinball News writeup that is the requirement to getting Super Encore...quoted below . It must be there , Martin reviewed it !


The Rolling Stone's wizard mode, Encore, is split into two sections and which parts you get to play depends on how well you've done so far.

The first section is just plain 'Encore' and this is what you play if you don't have all the feature ladder inserts flashing. However, if you do have them all flashing, you still get to play Encore but when you've completed it you go into Encore Multiball.

If you had none or only some of the inserts flashing, when you finish Encore the lit and flashing inserts stay as they were. Your only option then is to get them all flashing by playing the features again. If you manage to get them all flashing, you skip Encore (since you've already played it) and go straight into Encore Multiball.

When you've finished playing Encore Multiball, the feature inserts all go out and you're effectively back at the start of the game (except you have a rather better score).

So that's how the logic works. Let's take a look at the two modes themselves.

#245 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Pretty sure they were all lit and the screen did say super encore. I obviously did this with glass off but can try again. Seemed odd to me and the encore mode did change to say complete all the shots for super encore.

I will 'glass' off my Pro this weekend and see what it does. I have only had Encore a few times and never had Super Encore.

#246 5 months ago
Quoted from Ive:

I will 'glass' off my Pro this weekend and see what it does. I have only had Encore a few times and never had Super Encore.

OK - glass off and I confirmed it.

It is as the Pinball News review - having all the modes COMPLETED, and therefore FLASHING, allows you to advance to Encore Multiball, after hitting all the required shots in Encore (good luck with that)

The disappointing news is that Hang Fire just continues playing for Encore Multiball. No different music. I played through hitting all the shots again, therefore completing Encore Multiball , and it just relights the shots and continues the multiball.

Shame but lets be honest ...how many players are ever going to reach Encore Multiball !?! I doubt I ever will. Its tough enough to get Album Multiball completed in a game, without then completing every other mode, then hitting a crazy number of shots during Encore.

One thing to note is DO NOT leave Records as the last mode you need to complete - to complete it you need to start Records Multiball and nail at least one Records lane jackpot. If you do leave it till last ....on collection of the required number of records it will light the Play Records lane (chase lights on inserts indicate it is ready) but instead of this starting Records Multiball , giving you a chance to complete it, it will actually start Encore as you have qualified by collecting all the records.

#248 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Understood for encore but the big question mark that I didn’t quite figure out when I had the glass off and maybe you made a typo is that after encore/encore multiball is the super encore mode that is displayed “super encore” but doesn’t seem to do anything from what I could tell.
Did you confirm this or is this a LE only feature?

The way I read it was that Super Encore was just the payoff reward shot to finish Encore and Encore Multiball (if you reach that) ?? You made that shot and were rewarded xx millions.

Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow now I am more familiar with it.

#250 5 months ago
Quoted from akm:

I did it once on my Pro.
That's one of the cool things about getting to it though--the difficulty of it means it's something special. Kind of like getting to Do or Die Multiball on Iron Man. The key is finishing album. The rest aren't too bad.

Yep. I can often finish album. And I can often finish the other modes. But doing it all in the same game is the bit I struggle with

3 weeks later
#253 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone going to see the Stones this summer? We are going twice, can’t wait!
Still looking for some nice Apron cards for the Bally Rolling Stones machine, seems none of the usual sites have them.

Hoping for some more UK ...maybe Euro dates. Saw them in May 2018 - was incredible !

I may well be in the US/Canada in July/August but that's too late for the N America shows.

#260 4 months ago

Quoted from jtaudio:First time I saw them was the Steel Wheels tour in 89. Saw them last year and was blown away with Mick's energy and their sound. Glad to get to see them again this year!
If you have the chance, GO!

I had the chance to see them on the Steel Wheels tour in London with some friends ..... being young and f*cking stupid I turned down the ticket as I thought they were old farts and past it then . They were younger than I am now

2 months later
#261 53 days ago

I switched out some of the music a while ago with Pinbrowser - if anyone would like the code to freshen up their game PM me.

Ball 2 music - now Jumpin Jack Flash
World Tour - now Paint It Black
Licks - now You Cant Always Get What You Want (also plays on Game Over)
Album/Mick Multiball - now Satisfaction
Rock Star Multiball - now Sympathy For The Devil
Ball Drain - riff from Little Red Rooster and refrain from Gimme Shelter ('It's a just a shot away' )
Play Records shot - Satisfaction riff

Might have been a couple of other sound effect substitutions - I can't quite remember. It was a work in progress a couple years ago but I doubt I'll get round to changing much more now.

Added 53 days ago:

Should have said ...this is for the Pro model. Not sure it would run on LE ??

1 week later
#264 47 days ago
Quoted from aussiegeorge:

Hi guys,
Just joined the club with #275, how good is this machine. I went to buy a KISS LE and when i saw this machine next to it, l couldn't refuse this beauty in absolute mint condition so i took it home.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

It is a beauty. I think I will chrome my Pro one day.

Might want to reinforce Mick before the inevitable


#269 45 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’ve been wanting to do leds on my LE for quite a while but don’t want anything crazy. Just want to brighten it up a bit.
Any suggestions?

I used Comet 2 SMD frosted cool white for most of the GI and am very happy - really brightened things up, looks much sharper. For the inserts I colour matched - def makes them stand out more.

#272 44 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Post a pic if you can... want to keep the original color palette, just led and slightly more light.
Thoughts on the sunlights from comet?

I have a couple of Reds by the shooter lane. Colour changers in the Stage Spotlights on the backboard. Otherwise as said Cool White in GI. Colour matched to most of the inserts - may have been a few missed as I didn't have the right lamps.

Added an extra spotlight to illuminate Charlie better.

P1110043 (resized).JPG
#273 44 days ago
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