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Legal Advice: Jury Duty

By Zitt

1 year ago

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#18 1 year ago

I am an attorney in the State of Texas. I pick juries. Trust me, you aren’t getting picked. The instructions basically spell out how you can rig the system: go park in a metered spot that is expired and walk inside. Then take a picture of your citation for expired meter and send the pic to the clerk to be dismissed. Voila.

I do think you are missing the point of civic duty, but I don’t have any interest in debating you.

#21 1 year ago

You know what, screw it. Let’s uncork this bottle. In your scenario, the government is trampling your balls by imposing a jury service tax upon you, through forcing you to appear for jury duty by way of your choosing, yes? You choose to drive yourself in your own vehicle.

Ok. You drive downtown and choose to park where? A parking garage for the District Court that is state owned and geographically convenient to the courthouse? The Constitution doesn’t guarantee you that convenience, and certainly not for free.

Well, what about a private surface lot? Shall the government trample the balls of the private land owner on whose property you now want to leave your car, by forcing them to grant you that service? That sounds like slavery with extra steps.

How about a metered spot, on a public street and maintained by the municipality? Well, you do get an out there with a loophole, but the city shall eat the cost for your Constitutional civic duty? Ok. Pass the buck if you can, I guess.

Or you can walk. Or take a jet pack. Or skateboard. Or drive a mile away and find a street with a free spot open and hoof it to the courthouse. You literally have endless ways to get there at zero cost, they are just not as convenient. But, again, you have no protected or granted right to such convenience. I guess I’m failing to see the atrocity.

#22 1 year ago
Quoted from Zitt:

When it's clear by TheHueManatee 's two links that both the federal government and the state government do re-imburse for these fees.

That’s if you get picked. You get compensated and reimbursed for days that you serve on a jury. Not sit on a panel.

#26 1 year ago

I can only speak for Dallas County, but 4000 citizens are summoned for jury duty every business day. Monday thru Wednesday are the days that most are actually called down. Of those 4000, an average of ~3000 show up. So we are talking about $15K to $30K in parking fees that would have to be comped, per day. And we live in a capitalist society. No socialism will abide, dude. So we definitely charge for our parking.

Yes. The Constitution affords every person standing trial and every civil litigant the right to a trial by jury. And part of the court fees imposed in criminal courts (and the Jury Fee imposes on those civil litigants requesting a jury) pay for the expense of paying that jury for a day of service. Your parking fees are not supporting the right to a jury trial. You aren’t spending your money to support anything other than your convenience.

#28 1 year ago

The jury summons in Dallas includes a DART pass for free transit via bus or light rail train, and you receive a return pass for the asking when you report.

#47 1 year ago
Quoted from NY2Colorado:

You're in Texas... You'll have a guilty verdict in under an hour.

He’s in Austin. Dallas, Austin and the Valley are actually pretty normally functioning, fair venues. The rest of the state, however, is very Queen of Hearts.

#93 1 year ago

Boy, there’s a lot to unpack in that rant. None of which is relevant to the issue at hand, per se.

#108 1 year ago

It’s not nearly as redneck as it was in 1970. Not close. The suburbs of Collin County are, but Dalls County is pretty tolerable now.

#110 1 year ago
Quoted from Frax:

I've lived in Plano and Richardson the whole time.

Yeah, that’s the line.

#114 1 year ago

I said Collin County. There’s way more than just Plano in Collin County: Farmersville, Wylie, Murphy, Anna, Celina, Nevada, Lucas, Parker. All full of the types that frown on the pot smoking hippy. But thanks for telling me all about shit where I’ve been for 41 years.

#115 1 year ago
Quoted from Zitt:

You guys just don't get it... I've repeated myself a dozen times.

Not getting it and not agreeing with your principles are two different things. You named this thread in a way that suggested you sought advice, and you aren’t happy with what you got. But maybe you were intending to dispense with the advice and we aren’t buying it? Don’t know, man.

#118 1 year ago

As a Garland rat, I wouldn’t piss on Plano if it were on fire. But my sister lives there and raised my nephews there, and they all seem to love the place. They’re kinda WASPy pricks, but happy.

#132 1 year ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

Fucking Texans man..

Whoa, whoa. It’s not all of us, man.

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

If anyone is selling a parking garage near a court house let me know. Based on Gambit's numbers of people called in to report daily, assuming a certain amount bypass public transportation and the parking meter citation route, that's some damn good business.

Dude, owning an acre of land in a downtown locale of a major metro area is a cash printing machine. Especially if it also happens to be near a sporting venue that lets you charge exhorbant cash prices during games. Only 100 spots could gross you $2500-3500 a day on game days.

#231 1 year ago

That would be the plaintiff that didn’t use the handrail and fell. Who the hell took a slip and fall on ice to trial? Was the plaintiff attorney suggesting that it was a commons area that should have been salted or sanded? Hard to get around open and obvious on an ice case, though.

I once got a monster settlement on a slip & fall in a very large and notoriously litigation aggressive department store. But my poor lady snapped her femur and damned near bled out on the floor. Everyone in the area said they thought someone had been shot when they heard the bone snap.

#235 1 year ago
Quoted from Frax:

Yes, it was a commons area. And if there's a law requiring those areas to be salted or sanded by HOAs, that's the first I've heard of it. My HOA never has anytime it's been icy, that's for sure.

It depends on where it is. If you have a store or some other premises and are open and inviting the public to come to your premises for your benefit (i.e. you are selling something to them) you have a duty to inspect the premises and make it safe for those patrons (legally they are classified as “invitees”). However, anything open and obvious, or something that the plaintiff knew about prior to injury, would basically negate the claim. I’ve seen legitimately good black ice claims on restaurant and store parking lots and walkways, where there was no way that the person would have seen the ice and snapped an ankle or cracked their head. The really good ones are when someone power washes a lot or leaves the sprinklers on in 33 degree weather and creates an unnatural condition when the temp drops overnight that no one would have ever expected. Seen plenty of those around over the years.

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