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FS: LED OCD - Eliminate LED flicker/strobe/ghost - Control brightness

By herg

7 years ago

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    #237 6 years ago

    If somebody has commented on this already I appologize, but can somebody chime in on the difference between using this board with standard LEDs and using premium non-ghosting LEDs without the board? In other words, if I already have a bunch of non-ghosting LEDs in my inserts, would I see any difference if I installed this and went back to standard LEDs. I know that LED OCD allows much more precise control of lights, but I'm more referring to the fading effects.

    1 week later
    #253 6 years ago
    Quoted from exflexer:

    I had the GI dimming issue on Blackrose and a ghosting/flicker free LED won't fix it. The only two options are keep the regular bulbs in the GI strands or turn the option for GI dimming off in the adjustments menu.

    This was my impression too. Apparently the there are some LEDs out there the claim to "dim" (e.g. slowly fade up and down and hold at a given dimness) but from the feedback I've read these LEDs are not comparable to the dimming you get on an incandescent bulb.

    Pinball Decals has some LEDs that claim they can dim. I've never been able to get an end user to give feedback on how well they work.

    #265 6 years ago
    Quoted from tjsynkral:

    I'm going to try the Optiflux in my CFTBL dimming GI. I found a video on YouTube, it looks good, although the camera or YouTube may hide the flickering. I'll let you know how it works out.

    Please do!

    4 months later
    #332 5 years ago

    I just preordered both the LED OCD and GI OCD.

    I have never been okay with the way LEDs work in the GI of my Whitewater. The lack of the dimming is a deal killer for me.

    I've been using the premium non-ghosting LEDs in my inserts but a few months ago I switched back to incandescent bulbs. That's when it really started to hit me that the LEDs don't perform nearly as well. The other day I put a few LEDs back in just to see them next to the incandescent bulbs. Not only is the abrupt on/off bothersome, but the LEDs will miss flashes, tend to be too bright (even the frosted) and just don't give you the same overall effect on the light show.

    1 week later
    #350 5 years ago

    This is so cool. Herg, will you be at the Fairfax Pinball Open at all?

    #358 5 years ago
    Quoted from herg:

    I'm probably going to stop by after work today. I'm not sure I can commit to playing in the tournament, though.

    I may put up some entries but I have to leave tormorrow in the AM so it will just be for fun. I'll have a blue adidas hat on. I just wanted to shake your hand and say thanks for all the good work. If I miss you please accept this as a virtual handshake.

    1 year later
    #705 4 years ago

    After over a year I finally got the inserts in my White Water fully LEDed and installed the OCD board. I love this thing!

    After getting all the LEDs in the inserts, I played for about a week without the board installed; my take was that the Cointaker supers were too bright; abrupt flashing on/off of the LEDs was pretty jarring and the nice light-show effects suffered; the whole feel was pretty "in your face" and harsh. Oddly, I wasn't getting any ghosting with the Cointakers, although I had gotten some ghosting with other brands.

    After installing the LED OCD the difference was very noticeable. You get all the great colors of the LEDs but the effect is a LOT more natural and mimics the incandescent lights. The smooth fades are crucial to a lot of the lighting effects on this game. For example, the "RIVER" letter inserts have this nice scrolling light pattern that works really nicely when the lights slightly fade but comes off as really clunky otherwise.

    The other huge advantage is brightness control. In my experience, finding just the right LED colors can be tricky (i.e., different brands and types give off different colors). Finding the right color AND the right brightness is pretty much impossible. With this board you can focus on the color you want and adjust the brightness (if needed). The LED OCD board tones down the brightness automatically. But you can also custom adjust. I haven't gotten to tweaking the brightness settings yet with the software but will. Mostly everything looks good stock but there are few areas where I want to customize.

    Great product! My main problem with LEDs is that while the colors and reduced heat are great, I always felt like the original intent of the lighting suffered and the overall result was a trade-off. With the LED OCD board there is no trade-off, you don't lose anything. You get all the advantages of the leds + you keep the advantages of the original incandescent lights. This is one of those MODs where your non-pinball addict would never notice your game was modded, and that's a good thing!

    One day I'll get around to doing the GI.

    1 month later
    #719 4 years ago
    Quoted from herg:

    You've also got me thinking about things a bit more, and I'm wondering if a different scheme might work better for incandescents. It would require new firmware, but I could keep the ramping for LEDs while only using B0 and B8 if a profile is set as incandescent mode. That would minimize the latency for on/off transitions, and leave the fading up the bulbs themselves.

    This is a good idea because the more you allow the bulb to work the fading itself the more it would act like stock, no?

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