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Leather clutch lubrication

By keywest

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago

Today I'm hoping to tackle reassembly of the magic squares unit for my Key West machine. I've read that you should basically soak the leather circles in Neatsfoot oil and then thoroughly clean all oil off before installing. Also - are all components supposed to have the same amount of "slip"? For instance - are the clutches on the main motor shaft supposed to be a little tighter than on the corner units or should they all have about the same tension?


#2 4 months ago

don't worry about it. The clutches may be different sizes, sometimes the clutch plates are different, and the surfaces may be metal or the brown board, so direct torque comparison isn't too meaningful.

as long as the leather is in good shape and you wipe off the surface oil with a paper towel, the gear motors will be happy.

for quick testing, you should be able to turn the clutch driven thing (slipping the clutches) by pushing with one finger. The timer and replay cams will take more/less force depending on how many switches are being lifted as you spin the cams around.

neatsfoot compound is more fluid than pure neatsfoot oil. Either works.

#3 4 months ago

OK - got leather clutches figured out and I see that the large spring on the main motor shaft provides the extra pressure (compared to the magic squares) that I would expect to see on the main motor shaft clutches to keep it from spinning.

New question though - rebuilt the magic squares assembly with a new motor and they now rotate nicely the when buttons are pushed.

However - the 21, 3, 17, 7 square is not resetting properly at the beginning of the game. It is basically resetting with what should be the bottom two numbers on top and vice versa - it's 180 degrees off. I must have rotated something on that spindle improperly when I rebuilt it... Any ideas?


#4 4 months ago

does the plastic number wheel have a pin poking out so there's only one way to put the wheel on ... and if so, does the number wheel only have one hole for the pin?

the wipers determine their own home position, but it may be possible on some games (I don't remember) to have the wiper shaft keyed 180 degrees off so the pin is 180 degrees off.

if that's the case, the correct location lamp will light, but the wrong number is at that location. If the number wheel doesn't have multiple pin holes to allow mounting it correctly, you'd need to either take the unit apart again or drill another hole in the number wheel.

if you do take it apart, take/post lots of pictures

#5 4 months ago

He didn't say which numbers are lighting up. If the correct numbers lite in their respective holes,
then I believe the "D" gear is 180* off on the assy.
Then I believe you have to remove the gear and rotate the "D" assy. 180* so the plastic numbers
match the Reset position. Then insert the "D" gear to align with the other gears A,B, and C.
***** Not sure....... I might be wrong. ******

#6 4 months ago

Thank you very much. I think I figured it out.

It appears the wiper shaft can be keyed 180 degrees off. The number wheel has multiple pin holes so I was able to simply re-position the number wheel and now the correct number is showing and payouts appear to be working properly - surprisingly easy fix.

If you have a moment - here's another question for you. I've rebuilt the entire turning squares unit with new motor, cleaned and lightly greased gears and replaced clutches after applying Neatsfoot. Things are working pretty well but a couple of the squares turn the numbers and go 95% of the way to the full stop indent but then don't quite make it all the way. After a few seconds they usually complete the last 3/16ths of an inch of the turn but sometimes they hang and you cannot rotate the numbers again for a good while. Not sure why - but when manually turning the shaft I notice tension increases and it takes a bit more force to turn the shaft as you reach the indent area. Is this just the leather clutch slipping a bit to much?


#7 4 months ago
Quoted from keywest:

Thank you very much. I think I figured it out.
It appears the wiper shaft can be keyed 180 degrees off. The number wheel has multiple pin holes so I was able to simply re-position the number wheel and now the correct number is showing and payouts appear to be working properly - surprisingly easy fix.

or put another way, it doesn't matter which way you key the wipers on. If necessary, you reset the machine so the wipers home, then stick the number wheel on appropriately

wrt the wipers stopping before rotation completes, the possibilities are:

1] the clutches are too oily. Did you firmly squeeze/wipe all the surface oil off the leather with a paper towel/rag? You shouldn't see any liquid on the leather surface.

2] the wiper fingers are applying too much pressure on the contact plate and snagging the edge of the rivets. Hopefully you can manually spin the cams and look at the wiper contacts enough to see if that is a problem. If it is, you may be able to adjust the finger tension without taking things apart.

the tension would need to be really high for #2 to be the only problem. Excess wiper tension is usually more of an issue with stepper unit resetting.

#8 4 months ago

Hello again and thanks -

I'll take a look at the wiper plate and rivet. Clutches are good - I even covered them in baking soda (a suggestion from the Richard Gerlitz videos) to dry them out and give a little more grip to them prior to reinstalling. This is most noticeable on the B square but is intermittent on all. It may improve as the rebuilt magic squares are broken in - I can live with it so long as it doesn't hang too long before completing the turn. It's usually only a second or two until it clicks over the last little bit and then you can advance the square again.

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