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Last time posting about this I Swear. Getaway Slam Tilt Reset

By sixsixtie

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

My machine is at my buddy's place and He texted me a couple weeks back and told me my machine just randomly reset. Next time I got over there I noticed that it wasn't just resetting but it was slam tilting. I immediately disconnected the cabinet slam tilt and bent the coin door slam tilt as far as possible. Those definitely aren't causing it. I tracked it down to these factors that cause it.

1. Up/Down Ramp is in Down position
2. Top green is activated
3. Slam tilt

It only happens when the UP/Down ramp is in the down position. If the ramp is up you can hit top green all day with no problems but the second it's down and you activate top green switch it slam tilts.

Now I am just learning about switch matrixes and all that but I don't fully understand. Slam tilt and Top green are in the same row and down ramp is in the same column as top green. I know that means they're related but I really don't understand how.

When I go into the switch edges test I press the top green and it lights up the slam tilt as well. It also quickly flashes green/red before settling on green/black. Now I know that's my problem but I am lost on what would cause that and what I can do to fix it. I am confident that whatever is wrong I can fix but I am having a devil of a time figuring out what's wrong and what's the root of the problem.

I've also tested the diodes on the top green (it works fine) and the down ramp (it also works).

I should also mention that there was this hodge podge. ( http://i.imgur.com/Qkw7A.jpg ) Where it turns out there was a diode but the leg was broken off and whomever added that dicey wire. I resoldered in a new diode a in4004 iirc. I know for a fact I've never had a slam tilt reset before this. Could this be related?

I'm just hitting the wall right now and I can't figure it out. What's worse is I only basically get to go out to my machine once or twice a week to work on it. So I go out there try a few things it doesn't work and I have to come back home and do more research.

I know posting the same thing over and over is not cool and I promise this will be the last one. But I finally just got a better understanding of the whole problem and I sat down and wrote up a better description of the problem in hopes of greater understanding and hopefully help.

Thanks for everything.


#2 7 years ago

First things first....Determine if it is in the PF or on the board.

See the J connector #'s listed in the row and column? Pull those connectors (looks like J206 and J209). Put the machine in switch edge test. Using some alligator clips or a short wire, jumper each pin on the board of the columns to each pin on the board of the rows. 64 possible combos. Each jumper should match the intersection shown in the matrix. So, column 1, row 1 would be 11 (not used). Column 1, row 3 would be 13 (start button) and so on.

If you see the same problem, then the issue is in the board. If you don't see the problem and all the switches check out, then the problem is likely with a diode in the PF.

Do the above test, and report back to see where the issue lies....

#3 7 years ago

When counting the pins do you just treat the missing pin like it doesnt exist. I mean the missing one so you know which way to plug in the cable?

Both these cables have 9 pins with one missing pin for 8. You just skip it like it isnt there because it isnt right?
Stupid question I know.

#4 7 years ago
Quoted from sixsixtie:

I resoldered in a new diode a in4004 iirc

Was the diode installed the correct way?The schematics will show the correct way.

#5 7 years ago

I put it in the same way as it was. I can't read schematics I did however look at this and it looks right from the picture. Ie the stripe is on the same side.


#6 7 years ago

If it was okay before you installed the diode, start there.

Wires in right spot ? silver banded end of diode facing the right direction ? Diode good ?


#7 7 years ago

Can't go by physical orientation, as the switch could be 180 degrees....Look at your posted switch matrix diagram. You'll see the symbol for the diode and the way it should be connected. See the triangle connected to the row? That's the diode. See the arrow pointing toward the switch with the line across it....That represents the band on the diode. So, the NON-banded end of the diode according to that diagram is connected to the row, then to the switch...Other side of switch to column. Look at the wire colors for the rows...They all White-X in common, whereas the Columns are all Green-X. So, look at other switches as an example and you should see a White-X wire on the non-banded end of the diode and a Green-X wire on the switch not on the diode. The banded end of the diode should be on a switch leg by itself. Compare it to switches in your PF and you should get a sense of how it should be.

As for your question, yes just skip the pin that's not there on the matrix test. You'll see the matrix rows do the same as it goes -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -7, -8, -9 (skipping pin 6).

#8 7 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Compare it to switches in your PF and you should get a sense of how it should be.

This is a larger switch, you can check the micro mini switches to see which wire goes to NO, NC, or C.
( normally open, normally closed, common ).


#9 7 years ago

Like This

switch_diode.jpg Switch_diode_2.jpg

#10 7 years ago

The switch he is working on has the fiberboard side and metal tab on it.

Get him a picture of the switch used on catapaults like on Medieval Madness. STNG, etc.


#11 7 years ago

Okay...MM Catapult...Same deal, tho....White wire on non-band, band by itself, green wire by itself.


#12 7 years ago

Sweet appreciate it guys. Im gonna get out there tomorrow and fix it I feel it. Though if in the meantime anyone with a getaway can snap me a pic of that down ramp switch with the diode placement I'd love it. Though with everything here I can probably figure it out anyways.

#13 7 years ago

Got it done. It was that stupid down ramp diode. Fixed it and we're good to go. I thought I was never going to get this fixed! and didnt have to pay anyone thanks to you guys. Very much appreciate it thanks everyone!

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