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Last Action Hero club, come on in!

By Matt_Rasmussen

6 years ago

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#865 2 years ago

I joined the Club. New member on pinside, but I bought my LAH two weeks ago. It's my first machine, and it's super fun. After playing it for a bit, i've noticed some issues. I don't have any prior knowledge of pinball machines, but I tend to be pretty handy.

1. The chicken scoop does not seem to be functioning. The switch looking like it wasn't working when I manipulated it, but I also noticed it does not have a resistor attached (see pic). Every other switch I see has a resistor attached. I'm thinking about replacing the switch, but what resistor would I have to add to it? What is the function of the resistor?

2. There is this random yellow wire that is taped into a wire from the CPU board (Switch Return - See pic) and runs all the way back to the ball holder (I have no idea what it's called), soldered into the second switch from the left. Anyone have any idea what purpose that serves.

3. Multi-balls tend to be a little wonky. It tends to wait until all balls are drained, pauses, and then kicks out a fresh ball. Not sure if that's related to the goofy yellow wire.

4. The A in CRANE is not registering. The target works. I took a look at the switch and it "looked" fine, but wasn't sure how I would test that.

Other than that, the machine is running pretty good. On my list of to do's
1. Clean and wax the playfield, and plastics
2. Change non-led bulbs to LED. The stapled in ones were not changed, but all the rest are LEDs. I assume it would be best to take the plastics off from the top and change them.
3. Change all the rubbers. I'm thinking mostly orange from Titan
4. There is no spinner on the machine, so I will add one
5. The rom is 1.05, so I plan to update to 1.12. I'd like to try 1.13 but it seems I would need to burn that myself. I don't have a rom burner, so that will have to wait.
6. Change the speakers.
7. Rebuild the flippers

Sorry for the long message. Pretty excited about the project though. Should be fun!

chickenscoop (resized).jpg

yellow-wire (resized).jpg

yellow-wire-1 (resized).jpg

#868 2 years ago


Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

2. Looks suspicious to me, I can check my cabling tomorrow if nobody else has a clue. But I see some electrical tape at your cn10 connector, so there might be some bad cable patch under that tape.

It's taped into a wire on the C10 connected, and it runs through the entire bottom of the playfield to the ball trough. It's definitely not part of the original design. The gauge is thinner, and it's outside of all of the cabling bundles.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

4. Do you mean shaker motor?

I meant the Lt. Dekker Spinner. I don't have a shaker motor, but I may leave that off for now. Until I fix all of the issues, I don't want it to shake anything else loose.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

6. Are you looking for better sound? The old DEs have some issues on the speaker buzzing. New speakers won't solve that. There has been multiple post about this. I have heard pinsound would solve it (but that is pricy), and just recently somebody discovered that a dedicated power supply helps (I am going to try that one actually)

The right side speaker is crackling, and the bigger woofer is wired goofy because one of the terminals broke off. So, it's just annoying to look at everytime I lift the playfield.

#873 2 years ago
Quoted from TheCapn:

Mother of god, what have they done to you Arnold?! lol. Your trough is gonna need a work through. Without a doubt. I have supplied photos for you to copy accordingly. Your chicken scoop is wired wrong. (the 'resistors' you speak of are actually 'diodes' and polarity is pertinent) Your A in the crane drop targets may need to be checked out too or your target is damaged from and not activating the switch. I have supplied a pic of that too for you to confirm.
First thing I would do is empty the balls out of the machine. Go into the switch edges test and check EVERY single switch on the game to deter what is and isnt working. Your multiball issue is more than likely due to your messed up wiring to the trough. Write down each switch that isnt being detected or if any are consistently being detected for that matter. Keep us posted, and welcome to the club.

Thanks! What amazing support in this forum.

For the chicken scoop, it seems like this is the correct switch:

But it's not available. I was thinking this switch and diode combo would work out.

The A drop target issue turned out to be the diode solder joint broke free. I was able to get it working by holding it together in the switch test mode. A bunch of the delicate wiring seemed to have come apart in the move. I taped them up just to get it working, but when I get parts in, I'll solder everything back together.

I'll have to take a closer look at the trough.

Quoted from jonh:

Hey fellow club members, I've had my LAH for a month or so now and the left flipper intermittently stops working mid game. In trouble shooting it I found the flipper solenoid was charging and if I manually move the flipper it starts working again. Any ideas?
****Never mind, found several threads with good information to get me started*****
I'm fairly new to this and want to learn how to repair and maintain my machine properly. Is there a good book I can pick up with basic maintenance and trouble shooting procedures?

I had a similar issue. It might not be the same issue for you, but for me, the flipper switch (EOS Switch) was not making solid contact. There are two switches for the flipper, one by the button, which is separated at a resting state, and one under the playfield, which is connected at a resting state. Not sure if that is helpful. I bent mine to make better connection and it solved the issue.

1 week later
#908 2 years ago

I rebuilt my flippers last night, and now i'm having a weird issue. Both flippers work if I press them individually, or at exactly the same time, but if I press the left flipper then the right, the right won't work. Vice versa as well. I'm really new to pinball, but have been trying to troubleshoot.

In diagnostic mode if I press a flipper button the EOS switch triggers, and I see the LED light up on the flipper board. If I hold that flipper and hit the other flipper the EOS switch triggers, but the LED on the flipper board doesn't like up.

I'm not sure what I did wrong when rebuilding. I reversed the EOS switch wires, but I don't think that should matter. I had a hard time getting the sleeve out of the right side coil, but doubt that would matter. I think I put the plunger assemblies on the wrong side (lock washer is facing out), but I can't imagine that would cause that issue. I'm guessing it's something electrical, but not sure where to look or test.

Other than that, it's been fun learning how to work on a pinball machine.

#910 2 years ago
Quoted from caker137:

Is it possible you have the left eos switch connected to the wires for the right eos switch and vice versa?

Embarrassingly enough, that seems like what I did. I'm looking back at the pictures I took, and I definitely soldered the left wires to the right EOS and vice versa.

Thanks! I'll re-solder tonight or tomorrow and post back if it fixed it.

I took a lot of pics, but as I tear things down, I feel like I need to take even more pics. It really helps.

#912 2 years ago

Funny Phil. Wait until I "fix" the crane drop targets. You'll never play this game again.

#913 2 years ago
Quoted from caker137:

Is it possible you have the left eos switch connected to the wires for the right eos switch and vice versa?

I switch over the connections and this fixed the problem. Thanks again.

Today I took apart one slingshot, cleaned and put back together. Surprisingly easy. Definitely cleaned up the movement.

#914 2 years ago

Anybody have a scan of the Dekker face for the spinner? I added a new spinner, but it's just blank right now.

This is my first pinball machine and I've had it about 4 weeks. I took a good portion apart already. I couldn't help it. So far I've:
1. Removed batteries and added NVRAM
2. removed a good portion of the playfield for cleaning. Parts were really dirty.
3. Rebuilt the flippers
4. Cleaned about half of the coils and replaced the coil sleeves. On some of the coils it was very tough to get the sleeves out. I imagined they might have overheated. You can kind of see the yellowing where the ripper coil was, which I think was from heat, and I had to work the coil sleeve out with a screwdriver.
5. Changed out the broken chicken scoop switch with a new one.
6. Added a spinner (was missing)
7. Broke two screws (they are like putty), one on the flipper assembly and the other on the sling. I'm not happy about it. The flipper one won't be bad because it's on the metal bracket, but the sling is right into the wood. I'll try my best to extract and see how it goes.

I still have to finish cleaning and waxing the playfield, update the GI bulbs / flashers with LEDs (not purchased yet), clean and fix the CRANE dropdowns, clean the remaining coils, solder a few diodes and wires that came loose, the left m-ball advance and save danny lights aren't working (not bulb related), replace rubbers with Titan rings. Unfortunately, I bought 5/16 rings as suggested by the manual, and they don't fit the metal posts. So i'll have to place another order.

I'm leaving the playfield on the machine, so it's a bit tough as I get further back. I'm not quite sure how i'll do the VUK coil. Perhaps in the future i'll be brave enough to remove the playfield entirely, but considering i'm new to this, I figure going half way isn't a bad plan. I already miss playing as I don't have a backup pinball machine. Next year...

lah-playfield (resized).jpg

lah-playfield-1 (resized).jpg

#916 2 years ago
Quoted from PTHermes:

PM your email and I will see if I can find the file.

PM sent. If you can't find it, that's fine. I'm just going to put a sticker of my wife's face on it instead.

#920 2 years ago
Quoted from dahlman:

Thank's! For your reply!
I don't see the ball through #7 wiring...the last one being activated before the ball is kicked up to the shooter lane. (On the right side of the assembly)
Best regards Peter

Not from my machine, but is this what you are talking about:

A lot of good pictures on this blog thread.

#922 2 years ago
Quoted from dahlman:

Thank's a lot!
I don't see any diode on that switch. Is this correct?

It doesn't look like it from the pictures, and from my memory I just remember their being the three pink connectors, but I will let you know if about 3 hours when I get home if nobody else answers.


#923 2 years ago

There is an inline diode on one of the wires.

IMG_20170509_175639976 (resized).jpg

8 months later
#1054 1 year ago

Quick question, my magnet board just toasted. The transistors started falling out, and the fuses blew. I'm looking into buying a new board, but couldn't find the fuse type in the manual.

Anyone happen to know that?


#1057 1 year ago
Quoted from Bendit:

I don't have my manual handy, but the amp rating *should* be written on one of the fuse end caps.
Do you still have your old fuse?

Mine says 240v 5A. Didn't see any indication of slow blow or not.

#1064 1 year ago
Quoted from shirkle:

My playfield has no "ticket wear" (the scoops themselves do....getting Cliffies for those). Would it be wise to give it a good coat of wax and then a mylar patch over the area that the ball hits along the M-Ball insert and the ticket, where most have a wear spot?

If the scoops have gouges / divots, I would recommend filling them before putting on the cliffies. Mine weren't filled, and the cliffies are now bent into the divots making it difficult to hit the scoop shot. There is also a guy that sells a replacement ticket sticker, that you can put directly over that area. People seem to love it. I probably should get one myself. There is a thread on pinside about it.

2 weeks later
#1078 1 year ago
Quoted from shirkle:

Noticed a wire under the double scoops that’s not connected to anything. It’s a plain white wire.
Where does this go?

Look like the chicken scoop switch. Is that registering on your game?

15180556336521380386496 (resized).jpg

#1080 1 year ago

My right flipper just started to drop randomly, and sometimes not go up when I press the flipper. It's intermittent. I felt the coil after a game and it was pretty hot, and the left coil wasn't. Should I be looking at replacing the coil, or adjusted the EOS switch? I was too lazy to try anything out tonight. Flippers were rebuilt about 6 months ago. I have a rottendog flipper board in it.

#1083 1 year ago
Quoted from Antennaejim:

I posted a fix for the random dropping flipper issue and how to modify the original board to correct this issue.

I saw that the other day. I have an extra flipper board, but I'm pretty poor at soldering wires and have never soldered a board. I bought my soldering iron when I bought my pinball machine. I imagine I would just ruin it at this point.

#1085 1 year ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Try Firebird pinball. I believe he's in Phoenix. My brother had a very good experience with him and either sponsors or comes out to Zapcom.

Oh awesome. Yeah, I check his site often. Its good to hear posotive reviews. I have a few boards I need soldered, old magnet board, and a light board (Not sure what you call it). I was thinking about giving him a call. I fried my switch matrix over xmas, and mailed the board out. Afterwards I realized firebird did board repair. Would have saved me some trouble and shipping cost...

1 month later
#1129 1 year ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

What do you think the chances are that someone has a NIB LAH sitting around? You see it with other titles. PM me if you have one..Lol

I wonder what that would go for

5 months later
#1601 1 year ago
Quoted from bounoun:

What kind of screw do yo guys have to adjust the crane ? I have a feeling the screw in my crane was replaced.

I think it is hex (Allen key) bolt. Pretty small from what I remember. But dont know the exact size.

3 weeks later
#1745 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Sweet! Good for you! Lots of smart people here (not me) to help you!

Lol, I feel the same way. Reading the thread for the past few days like .

#1746 1 year ago
Quoted from jester523:

Lol, I feel the same way. Reading the thread for the past few days just completely lost

2 months later
#1784 11 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I picked up a LAH, needs all kind of help which it will get.
But no topper, anyone have a topper they can sell me or give me a lead on?

They are pretty hard to find. Unobtanium as they say.

2 months later
#1966 9 months ago

Any ideas on diagnosing a dropping right flipper? During play the right flipper will not hold up under weight. I did a flipper rebuild and it has a new flipper board. My guess is the EOS switches need to be adjusted? I haven't been able to get it resolved, and was wondering if there are other areas I need to look at. Kind of makes in unplayable.

I did get my sweet Dekker spinner decals though, so i'm ready to get my LAH back up and running well.

1 month later
#2018 8 months ago
Quoted from TheCapn:

Baam! He will be at TPF this weekend too.

Ok, that looks f-ing cool. My raggedy LAH is jealous.

1 month later
#2061 6 months ago
Quoted from caker137:

Maybe the Left EOS switch is wired to the right flipper and vice versa.

I did this by accident and had the same behavior.

#2062 6 months ago
Quoted from Albany_Chris:

Does anyone know how to do this? There have been a few posts asking about it but no answers to either. The button activation switch comes out of the middle fairly easily, but I can't figure out how to get the rest of the switch apart.

I've done this, but it was about a year ago. I'll lift the playfield later and see if it refreshes my memory.

3 weeks later
#2100 6 months ago
Quoted from freeplay3:

Need an opinion. Decided to put orange titans on the game. Was thinking of trading out the clear star post for blue. I am also doing blue rubber posts and should I go with orange or blue on the flippers.
[quoted image]

I have orange and yellow on my machine and I like it, but wish I went with something else. Yellow red or yellow blue.

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