Laserriffic - close for restructure of comapny?? any info?

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By Magicchiz

2 months ago


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    #1 68 days ago

    Hey I was going to order a topper last night and found the laserriffic website closed. It said to email and got a auto response email that it was due to restructuring of the company.

    Anybody have any insight. I really hope we haven't lost a great resource. I have quite a few of hit toppers.

    #3 68 days ago

    try to shop their site, says they are closed, looks like temporarily.

    #4 68 days ago
    Quoted from Magicchiz:

    It said to email and got a auto response email that it was due to restructuring of the company.

    Was that the exact wording? Because it might be as innocent as setting up a superior shopping cart experience, looks like Joe is switching to Shopify.

    #5 68 days ago

    Website notice says temporary, and "will be powered by Shopify." Nothing to worry about.

    LaserrificWebsite (resized).png

    #6 68 days ago

    Hello Everyone,

    I am fine the company is fine , it's just time to take a step back and take a good look at my business. There are several aspects of the business that were lacking and not where I wanted it to be. We have been so busy ( thanks to all of you ) that I could not find one moment to sit back and fix or work on anything that I wanted to do. I finally got to the point that I had to shut it down, being one person it was impossible to keep up. I filled all prior commitments, passed on a few and now I have all the time I need to fix everything.. New website, better shipping rates outsourcing many of the things we do in house to help speed the building process. I hired a business consulting company and they are guiding me along, how long will this take??? As long as needed, I have no date set to re open but when I do know that all is good and we are ready to go. The following company's carry most of my items and you can go to them in the interim.. PBL, Cointakers, Marco , PPS , BAA

    Thanks for the concern, It makes me feel like this will all be worth it.
    Take Care


    #7 67 days ago

    Look forward to the new site. Your products are awesome. I have them in most of my machines!!! Good Luck.

    #8 67 days ago

    The Company is simply "Closed for Remodeling"....

    #9 64 days ago

    Great news Joe
    Can't wait to see whats next
    Best regards

    #10 63 days ago

    Good luck Joe! Enjoyed stopping by and picking up a NGG topper several months ago, hopefully will be doing the same for another game soon!

    #11 57 days ago

    Thanks for everyone's patience. I will be re opening the store tomorrow morning , it's not 100% finished but it should take orders. We have USPS direct shipping now so hopefully things will be better.


    #12 55 days ago

    We had some major shipping issues but all have been fixed and we also have overseas shipping now.


    #13 55 days ago

    Feels good to be missed and needed doesn't it Joe. Keep up all the kick a$$ work and congrats on continuing to grow your business.

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