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Laser Ball just because resto-mod

By Atari_Daze

6 months ago

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#1 6 months ago

I think this makes my 3rd FULL restore, however it was my first Williams and wide body. Got the machine and some cash in trade for a previously restored machine, so I figured why not, most of the parts / supplies I figured I already had so I thought this would be a good "budget" restore. In retrospect... there is no such thing. Well for me at least.
First of all, before pictures to document the BEFORE condition. 117 photos of "before".
So off we go.

20180522_224020 (resized).jpg20180523_060208 (resized).jpg20180728_203116 (resized).jpg20180904_180852 (resized).jpg
#2 6 months ago

The plan was to swap the old cupped inserts with starburst type, touch-up the playfield and BG then clear both.
Update the caps on the boards, install NVRAM.
Repaint the cab and clear it.
Install LEDs and nice new Titan rubbers.
Polish all metal.
Re-assemble and enjoy...

Let's see how the plan went!

#3 6 months ago

This machine was is EXCELLENT shape for its age, the plastics showed NO signs of nicotine stain, all mechs but one was working when I got it. No board alkaline damage, only minor backglass wear, cab was faded / scratched but sturdy, overall I would speculate this was an undocumented HOU pin or one that saw very little time on a route, nowhere during my disassembly did I ever find any vending stickers either.
Step one, update the caps, verify all lamp sockets work, repair any malfunctioning mechs prior to disassembly, this step reduces the amount of raising and lowing the pf in the cab once paint and clear is done. It's taken me 5 pins to finally figure that out.
Insert a little help from one of my furry felines.
So, first order from Digi-Key, Marco and Pinball Life... if you're playing the home game of how many orders does it take to get to the center, oh, wrong question.
Moving on.

20180813_191746 (resized).jpg20180828_181625 (resized).jpg20181008_193549 (resized).jpg
#4 6 months ago

Following...I love your threads and the games always come out great...

#5 6 months ago

Got the machine fully functioning so time to tear it down, this marks the beginning on 1 September, goal was one month... and since I'm just now posting this, I missed it by "this" much.

577 pictures of tear down, still not enough for my novice skill set...
Ooo, new inserts! ewe, Crappy lamp shrouds. Detail the Sh&! out of disassembly.

20180626_205000 (resized).jpg20180703_203052 (resized).jpg20180827_190125 (resized).jpg20180827_190945 (resized).jpg20180827_195533 (resized).jpg20180903_163525 (resized).jpg20180903_184140 (resized).jpg20180905_214717 (resized).jpg20180930_174932 (resized).jpg20180930_175012 (resized).jpg20181002_204225 (resized).jpg20181002_214349 (resized).jpg
#6 6 months ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

I love your threads and the games always come out great

Thank you Scott, likewise!

So, machine blown apart, time for the heavy lifting, in no particular order...
I started with cab repair since our winters can get rather damp, I made use of fair weather days to sand this OUTDOORS and I made sure to wear proper PPE since this was likely lead based paint. You know the drill, sand, repair, sand, repair, lather rinse repeat.
One short pause to deal with poor weather, came home and looked everywhere until I found the watch kitty. Take the TV, leave the pinball cab!
Cab repairs complete, move it into paint, make short work of it so it can get moved out and the PF in for God knows how long.
One step I failed to document on this restore was cutting my own stencils via the Silhouette Cameo. Before you ask, I used Oracal 813 stencil material that I had left over from Atlantis. Cab stencils are tricky since the Cameo can only cut 12" wide, one must make the stencil in sections.
Cab was finally cleared on 27 October.

20181012_175847 (resized).jpg20181013_151337 (resized).jpg20181013_151340 (resized).jpg20181018_053840 (resized).jpg20181018_053846 (resized).jpg20181020_202934 (resized).jpg20181020_202950 (resized).jpg20181022_182841 (resized).jpg20181022_183650 (resized).jpg20181023_212215 (resized).jpg20181027_095823 (resized).jpgpasted_image (resized).png
#7 6 months ago

looks great

#8 6 months ago

So for nearly two months waiting on the weather to cooperate, while fully disassembling the playfield, I was making a translite. Not being happy with the original BG condition, and not thinking I could repair it as "easily" as I did Silverball Mania, I spent countless hours (over 100) creating this...
And with the help of a very artistic pinsider, Pinstein, was able to get it made. Note that every 'critical' detail was measured, again and again.
20181012_142516 (resized).jpgLaser Ball fin (2) (resized).jpg

20180814_203732 (resized).jpg20180814_203834 (resized).jpg20180814_203621 (resized).jpg
#9 6 months ago

Next, pf goes into paint so it can cure while I do the cab work previously documented above, out of order, my apologies.

First, swap the inserts out.
Touch up the major paint issues with either Createx or waterslide decals.
Sand, touch up, clear.
Sand, touch up, clear.
These images were taken between 5 September and 7 October. No HEP here!

20180904_204922 (resized).jpg20180906_062059 (resized).jpg20180910_180944 (resized).jpg20180915_211511 (resized).jpg20180916_220121 (resized).jpg20180925_211351 (resized).jpg20180925_214305 (resized).jpg20181001_225011 (resized).jpg20181007_112835 (resized).jpg
#10 6 months ago

With the PF cured, after a couple more orders for parts, including very cool bright green Star Posts...
There is about $30 I did not HAVE to spend, but damn will look great.
The PF is about take shape.
All coils are re-wrapped with files from Peter, aka Inkochnito
Each coil receives a new diode and coil sleeve of course.
Drop banks rebuilt with boards from Hans, HHaase.
The underside is brought back to normalcy.
At the same time, cab is outfitted with all new ground braid, speaker and heavy duty leg bolt plates.
Brings us to 22 November. Damn the suspense is killing me.

20181029_203500 (resized).jpg20181113_211014 (resized).jpg20181122_113952 (resized).jpg20181122_114002 (resized).jpg20181122_183509 (resized).jpgpasted_image (resized).png
#11 6 months ago

New pop bodies with black skirts on mounted, the bright green star posts are installed and black Titans ore on... getting close now, but still on rotisserie.

All nylon parts dyed black to blend with the Titans.

New black Reese Rails go on, another option I COULD have left out? Box arrived in rough condition but @TayorVA packages his product very well and insures it, plus it's just wood. No harm no foul.

20181113_054503 (resized).jpg20181115_201145 (resized).jpg20181115_204135 (resized).jpg

20181120_134833_LI (resized).jpg
#12 6 months ago

Checked out the translite and decided to try and create a back masking layer similar to the original.
Cut it out of Cricut black vinyl.

20181114_205324 (resized).jpg20181114_214222 (resized).jpg
#13 6 months ago

Finally on Friday 25 November, this happened.

20181125_202634 (resized).jpg
#14 6 months ago

So, it was done almost two months late but better late than never!

I know I flew through much of this, feel free to throw any questions / comments on over!

Thanks for checking out this latest Atari_Daze adventure.

#15 6 months ago

You are a MASTER! Beautiful machine.

#16 6 months ago

I need to step my restoration game up on my next machine, this all looks amazing man!

#18 6 months ago

Thanks all, I will post more finished pictures tomorrow, I was just eager to get this out there since I was finally able to flip a few games this weekend.

#19 6 months ago

Dude, you have a sick set of skills George...amazing work...

#20 6 months ago

To summarize what was done on this machine, I'll put a little diddy up per photo/s... reminder I am NOT a pro, I do strive for perfection even though that is usually unobtanium... that said, constructive criticism is tolerated.

In this one,
obviously cab paint and clear coat, then clear cab protectors
legs were merely soaked in Evaporust for two days then lightly polished, new levelers 'course
coin door had been dented where someone ran their head (more likely a knee) into it repeatedly - straightened that out
coin return door was cleaned after a one day soak in Evaporust
coin door and trim was re-grained
trim bolts finished off in black
new leg bolts, shooter and start button
custom made Free Play coin inserts, font matches that of the machine
PIN FEET will NOT be sold with machine, sorry folks

20181126_181943 (resized).jpg20181126_181955 (resized).jpg
#21 6 months ago

I took restorer license and adjusted the bb stencil slightly such the lock would be inside one of the laser balls. It might have been intended to be this way originally but at least on this machine it wasn't lined up quite that way. Sadly no before picture of that, I took far fewer photos of this machine than the last one. Any exposed metal (aside from lock and lift channel) was finished in black. Neck screen was replaced inside of the neck once paint was complete.

Lamp door was sanded and repainted
All light baffles were replaced
One display had completely died and two others had issues, a few new components on the master display board fixed the two that had probs, Pinsider RustyLizard helped with an original replacement (recall this was supposed to be a budget machine = NO new LED displays )
LEDs installed
Back of the light board didn't need any non budget minded work aside form fixing the resistor board for the flashers, however they STILL don't work - (separate thread pending)
As mentioned in previous post, caps were replaced and unit was fire-proofed per vid1900 thread. Fuse chart from inkochnito was updated accordingly and NVRAM from barakandl installed.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png20181126_182233 (resized).jpg20181126_182028 (resized).jpg20181126_182424 (resized).jpg20181126_182431 (resized).jpg20181126_182435 (resized).jpg20181126_182438 (resized).jpg20181126_182452 (resized).jpg
#22 6 months ago

Here is the original bg compared to the resto-mod translite front and back.
Original glass will go with the machine when ever it finds a new owner.

20181126_182311 (resized).jpg20181126_182327 (resized).jpg20181126_182349 (resized).jpg20181126_182402 (resized).jpg
#23 6 months ago

Now onto the interior of the cab;
Most notably the new speaker thanks to the thread by @KenLayton
new HD leg bolt brackets
ground braid from Third Coast, @Mk1Mod0
New flipper buttons and switches
lock bar receiver and coin door lock plate bathed in Evaporust then painted with simple metal color Rustoleum

I think that concludes the cab portion.

20181126_182728 (resized).jpg20181126_182740 (resized).jpg20181126_182750 (resized).jpg20181126_182929 (resized).jpg
#24 6 months ago

Pin Feet not included....I'm Out.

Nicely done as always George. This seems to becoming "easy" for you.

#25 6 months ago

Sorry there Jim, they were one of the last sets Bryan was selling.

Now onto some PF details.
Installed a translucent red eject shield, the original was busted anway so added a little color and then hacked in an adjustable Comet LED.
Put more adjustable Comet LEDs under the rollovers, they are super bright so I shielded them a bit with red condoms. I just don't like seeing white coming up from these.
Lots of new switches about, all the sling shot switches, flipper switches and a few more were replaced with new ones.
Of course all three flippers got rebuild kits.
A good shot of the clear lane guides with green Comet LEDs and the green star posts. One can see the red eject shield in the background. (note this image was taken prior to placement of laneguides where ball is "stuck")
An image where you can see the nice bright green star posts, wrapped in black Titan rubber. If you zoom in you can see the tiny rubber o-rings I put on my plastic support posts, this raises the plastics just a hair above the other screws which typically cause paint removal. Sourced from your local big box home improvement store in the plumbing section.
Oh and I mentioned it already but starburst inserts 'cause, why not. No purest here!
Think that pretty much covers it.

Thanks for looking and for all the compliments.
20181126_182122 (resized).jpg20181126_182140 (resized).jpg20181126_182206 (resized).jpg20181126_182215 (resized).jpg20181126_182757 (resized).jpg20181126_182808 (resized).jpg20181126_191701 (resized).jpg20181126_202924 (resized).jpg20181126_204847 (resized).jpg

pasted_image (resized).png
1 month later
#26 4 months ago

Great job and a cute cat.

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