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Lady Luck - 1976 Recel

By Hyperball91

2 years ago

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Lady Luck schematic sample.png
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Upload 8 - close-up of worn area (resized).jpg
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Upload 6 - underneath playfield.jpg
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#1 2 years ago

Hello all, and fellow EM enthusiasts. Look what I have in the back of my car.
I'm happy to say that I've finally rejoined the fold and bought myself a pin after about 27 years of not owning any.
So yeah, it's been a while. (I had 5 pins way back in the early 90's). I finally feel like a legit member of Pinside now.

I miss working on EM's and I saw this one come up locally so I went and had a look at it and it was in pretty good shape so I ended up buying it. The seller was great to deal with and I might have a new local pin friend hopefully.
The playfield is great and so is the back glass. The cabinet is pretty good too for its age. Even though it's chipboard. Terrible stuff.
132,990 plays on the meter.

The motor runs non-stop so there must be a stuck switch I'll have to track down, but everything seems to work okay.
Flippers, bumpers, targets, slings etc. Lights all work and the score reels turn over easily.
The schematic and service manual and parts list were all included with the pin. Very nice.
I'm looking forward to getting it inside and starting work on it.

~ Mal ~

Upload 2 - Lady Luck in the back of my Honda.jpgUpload 1 - Lady Luck in the back of my Honda (resized).jpgUpload 4 - Lady Luck in the back of my Honda.jpgUpload 3 - Lady Luck in the back of my Honda.jpg
#2 2 years ago

Welcome back to EM ownership. You were long overdue for a pin after helping people for a long time with their own.That’s going to clean up nice.

#3 2 years ago

Thank you Murph. Sure feels good to have a pin in my house again. I'll post some more photos in a sec.

#4 2 years ago

I was wondering how I was going to get it in the house as it's too heavy for me on my own, then my brother rocked up out of the blue, so he helped me get it out of the car and we put the legs back on. Then I gave it a good blow out with my air compressor and again it was fairly clean.
Then we carried it in to the house and bolted the head back on and I plugged in 3 jones plugs after cleaning them.

Then he left so I started cleaning up the playfield. It was quite clean really.
Then I found that all the vertical switch stacks in the back box were quite loose so I tightened all those up.
Cleaned stuff here and there and plugged in another small jones plug that I found laying in the bottom of the cabinet
buuuut the motor still keeps on spinning, so some more work is needed yet. Probably clean lots of contacts next.

~ Mal ~
Upload 5 - Lady Luck inside house (resized).jpgUpload 6 - underneath playfield.jpgUpload 7 - inside back box.jpg

#5 2 years ago

The four player machines are pretty heavy but I’ve learned to move a machine by myself after doing it so many times. I would check all the playfield switches and the coin door switches first to make sure they aren’t stuck and then work from there. It’s usually something simple. There are a whole bunch of threads on this machine. If you can’t find them directly on the website google the game name.

#6 2 years ago

this is on my want list. love recel games.

#7 2 years ago

In good original condition Mal you will bring it up in super condition. Good buy! Now for the next one-just worry about space when you get it home!

#8 2 years ago

Hello Mal,

What a beautiful machine. For that great number of games, it is in terrific condition.
That playfield treatment from Recel is really a blessing.

I am looking forward to seeing your rebuild.


#9 2 years ago

Thanks guys, yes the playfield and back glass are in great condition. I was surprised wshen I first saw it in person.
I don't really have any space for more pins Wayne so if it breeds I'm in trouble!
Thanks for the tip Murph. There are no coin mechs in it so no leaf switches on the coin door, so I'll go through all the switches on the underneath of the playfield and see if any are stuck. Haven't had a chance to do anything on it today as I've been busy but later on I'll get into it.

~ Mal ~

#10 2 years ago

That playfield is in amazing shape for 133K plays! Does it have a better clearcoat than the usual lacquer coat most EMs got?

#11 2 years ago

Hi metallik. It has some sort of plastic coat on top of it, so thanks to Recel it has lasted for ages and looks great.
It's not perfect by any means. Here's a pic I just took of the worst worn area where it gets plenty of ball traffic.
You can also see tiny air pockets here and there underneath the plastic protector.

~ Mal ~

Upload 8 - close-up of worn area (resized).jpg
#12 2 years ago
Quoted from metallik:

That playfield is in amazing shape for 133K plays! Does it have a better clearcoat than the usual lacquer coat most EMs got?

The Italian and Spanish games were ahead of their times. They made their games with a hardtop/laminate style playfield rather than painted playfields like their American counterparts. They also had sound so again, ahead of their time. Their biggest failure...particle board cabinets.

#13 2 years ago

Yes, Lady Luck having been designed in 1976 is sitting at the border of Electro-mechanical and Electronic pinball machines.
It is one of the rare machines to be still an EM and to use a solid state sound board. Bally on the other hand, went electronic and kept the mechanical/chime sound system in a few of its models.

The protection of the playfield with a sheet of mylar is fantastic and provides a very fast playing game for the enthusiasts. One issue though, is that sometimes dirt, metal shavings and black powder (from coils) will manage to get underneath, making it very difficult to clean.

As noted earlier, the big issue with these machines is the horrible particle boards used to build the cabinets. In the 70's European were raving about particle boards and all furniture and shelves were made of them. So it does not come too much as a surprise.

The other good thing about Recel is that some of the parts are common with Gottlieb EM machines, which helps when trying to find spares. However, their relays are specific to Recel and the mounting is not compatible with Gottlieb relays. The contacts are somewhat compatible and I have used Gottlieb contacts from the Pinball Resource, to fix with success the RECEL relays.


#14 2 years ago

Last night I was adjusting the leaf switches of the score reels as they're not right on mostly player one, and a wire I barely touched fell off, so a cold solder joint there, and a few other wires looked pretty dodgy, so I went looking for my soldering iron, and sure enough, can't seem to find it anywhere. Couldn't find my wire strippers either. Typical.
So off to buy some new ones instead. Now I can get to work fixing things.

~ Mal ~

Soldering tool kit (resized).jpg
#15 2 years ago

Well, you get what you pay for.....after soldering away for about an hour the iron got so hot the plastic housing got gooey and it all fell to bits. Unbelievable. Taking it back for another model tomorrow.
A screw fell out of it as I had it hanging on the front of the cab so I became aware of the problem when the screw hit the bottom of the cab. Of course it had to roll under the total play meter so it took me a while to find it.

On the bright side...if you can call it that, I found several wires with cold solder joints and one wire for the 3 or 5 balls jones plug had broken off. Fixed all of those problems then looked at the score motor to find 3 sets of yellow wires broken away from somewhere. That's when the soldering iron fell to bits, so the repairs will have to wait until tomorrow.
I pored over the schematics for a while but I haven't found where those wires go yet.
This seems to be turning into an EM tech thread now. Hmm

~ Mal ~

#16 2 years ago

You can also see tiny air pockets here and there underneath the plastic protector.
~ Mal ~[quoted image]

Looks like raised inserts to me.

#17 2 years ago

Really? okay, thanks. I'll check it out later.

#18 2 years ago

Using a dremel and a bench grinder I made this 'leaf switch adjuster' today out of an old screwdriver.
Turned out fairly well I thought. I gave it a quick test drive just now and it seems to work well.
It should make life much easier for adjusting all those switch stacks.
Picked up a heavy duty soldering iron to add to my tools as well.

~ Mal ~

Upload 11 - leaf switch adjuster (resized).jpg
#19 2 years ago

My latest update is that I've started scanning my schematic, huge job. Done about a third of it so far.
Then re-drawing it in Photoshop so I can read it as the original is a bit hard to read.
Here's a small sample of what I've done on it so far.

~ Mal ~

Lady Luck schematic sample.png
#20 2 years ago
Quoted from Hyperball91:

My latest update is that I've started scanning my schematic, huge job. Done about a third of it so far.
Then re-drawing it in Photoshop so I can read it as the original is a bit hard to read.
Here's a small sample of what I've done on it so far.
~ Mal ~[quoted image]

They are available new. Don’t kill yourself.

3 months later
#21 2 years ago

Hello my name is Peter
And I'm a big Recel fan.
I hope you've progressed with the restoration of the lady.
A little tip, reels often suffer from cold solder joints.
They look good but don't make contact.
The easiest way to check the wire is with tweezers.
Especially the Relai Bank is affected.
Sorry for my bad English, I'm a German guy
Greetings Pit

#22 2 years ago

Hi Peter, thanks for that. It's the first Recel I've owned. Hadn't actually seen one before. I've done a fair bit of soldering on it so far and you're right, I found lots of cold solder joints.
Funny, my eyes aren't so good so using tweezers to tug on the wires is how I've been checking them. I only found one very tucked away cold solder joint in the cabinet relay bank, but plenty on the 16 score reels.

It's missing its bell, but Arcane has kindly just sent me an ebay link to a 5" bell for it which I'll have to buy.

German hey? I've redrawn the schematic but some of it is in German and I need it translated to English, so if you're interested could I get you to translate it to pinball speak for me?

Cheers, Mal

2 months later
#23 2 years ago

Sorry I'm late,
I can take a look at the documents
I'm sure I have something in English.
If you give me an email address
Will I send you something
Greetings Pit

#24 2 years ago

For friends of Recel Pinballs
Search You Tube
Recel Fan
Greetings Pit

1 week later
#25 1 year ago

My Lady Luck after repair

WP_20190223_17_48_39_Pro (resized).jpg
#26 1 year ago

That looks great Peter. Sorry I haven't been on Pinside for a while as I've been busy with work, but I'll send you a pm soon about the schematic translation, or just upload it here. Cheers

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