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KRUZMAN monthly playfield thread

By kruzman

2 years ago

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Post #103 Kruzman Kit details. Posted by kruzman (2 years ago)

Post #551 Mirco IJ after Ron’s magic to it. Posted by kruzman (11 months ago)

Post #1196 How to care for a Kruzman clearcoated playfield. Posted by kruzman (3 months ago)

Post #1272 jjGnR: Cost and process of fixing Mirco's bad playfield clear Posted by kruzman (77 days ago)

Post #1277 jjGnR: Summary of Mirco playfield problems Posted by kruzman (77 days ago)

Post #1296 The reason Mirco/JJP clear is soft and tears, explained Posted by AMSNL (73 days ago)

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#402 1 year ago
Quoted from kruzman:

How much do NO fear games sell for now?

3k range.

2 months later
#586 11 months ago
Quoted from kruzman:

This is not pinball but its the compound where it all happens. Their mom got hit or shot. Bow season started on the first, so they love the attention from me. One is a button. I know very well that this will more than likely end sadly. One was plowed right at the end of my drive. the county wont pick them up any more, and another buck, he got basically liquefied but a kid down the road that likes to hear the sound of his 20 years old F150 with no exhaust. its all lifted, and his grill, plastic off the quarter panels, the blue oval were stretched almost 150 ft down the road. The next day he drove by at least 65, again. the trees here are cut back off the road, about 6 feet on the ground, but once you are about 3 or 4 ft high, all of the branches extend half way thru the shoulder to the pavement. so its totally assnine to drive 65 on a road like that unless you are a graduate from galesburg high school townie with a monster truck.
So of course when I had the dead one in my loader and was taking him to the back to get buried, the sister saw me and stared at me like I was the dick that killed him.
Too nice out this weekend to do pfs. gonna process firewood to heat the studio and shop all winter. I have these amazing wood burners in all fo the buildings. they are between 90 and 95% efficient, and are awesome[quoted image]

God bless all the animals

4 months later
#854 7 months ago
Quoted from kruzman:

One more. This is the only one dimpled of the 10 I have cleaned and photographed. dimpling is not a biggie, lately a majority of the nos pfs that come thru here need to be dimpled.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Hello kitty! What's your cats name?

1 month later
#951 6 months ago
Quoted from kruzman:

Louis is bored. He has been waiting for me to comeout side all day, but I am in here doing taxes. He is lost most his sight, or a lot of it, so he seems even more dumb that he actually is. I bmay go out to cut some firewood, and both of us can walk the trails get some exercise.
I had to pay to get the trees that were growing in the power lines cut last monday and one of the cherry trees had these 3 living in it. So since they are homeless we have been helping them out. cedar, popular, cherry
So if you havent been to my website it is kruzmanpinballplayfields.com. Its not about clearcoating. Its not about clearcoating, just pfs available.I think there are about 65-70 titles of new pfs on there.
Of that new batch of the NOS bally williams stuff I got a couple weeks ago, here is what is still available. Pics and prices are on the website
Scared stiff (on hold for one more day)
AFM on hold same
Demo man
DR who
World cup soccer
star wars
No fear
Theatre of magic
Star trek NG (on hold)
Jack bot
Plus another 45 other NOS/repro titles I have (they are on the website)[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Thank you for helping the animals!

1 month later
#1073 4 months ago
Quoted from kruzman:

Oh man! I just may have a great day just because of this post. Thank you. I have been very down lately, and its been hard to get out of bed and work.
My girlfriend decided she couldn't handle her less than 40 hour a week job and our relationship. It was one or the other and I lost. This all came to me via a text. That was it, 3.5 good years. She has the squirrels, so i guess they will live in the ghetto. It was not mentioned in the text. She may contact me to bring them to live here at the compound, but she is not much for talking... except about her work. sorry thats passive aggressive, but I got dumped what do you expect!!!
So its working out well for my customers because I know keeping busy helps. I also have half of the wood split and stacked! life at the compound.
since this post has nothing to do w pinball I want to mention, a turkey hen had a nest under the oak in my yard on the other side of the river. Her eggs hatched this week and there are about 10 peeps following her. Nothing more ugly than an adolescent turkey, except maybe an adult. These are at the cute age.
The same almost 2 acre patch has two canadian goose families with 5 littles each. They are getting big (about 10 in I guess) all fuz and no feathers yet.
we are one insane coyote or racoon from a bad thing. Yesterday the geezer blue harrin that stayed the winter here (paid no rent) has been tryin to grab him a turkey peep dinner, but I haven't seen him get one yet. The geese stay a family and they protect theirs at all cost, but the turkey hen is alone and its easy to separate the peeps. There are also fox here and a mink so who knows. I dont like to get involved because of the cruel nature of nature.
One morning I went out to the studio and I could smell it as soon as I opened the door. there was a dead fawn hiding in there and got locked in, and it was the one time in 15 years I was at my sisters or somewhere for the weekend. It was about 10-15 lbs and it frickin gutted me[quoted image]

So sorry to hear about the fawn . God bless all the animals.

4 months later
#1536 4 days ago
Quoted from kruzman:

so here is a nos I500. that I did the first prep before the first coats. I drilled and dimpled it, and sealed the back. I just need to paint almost all of the inserts because of hairline cracks, and also the big rectangle inserts that have the front of the indy car going in to the red. That insert is always bad looking in the red background. I may break out the airbrush and paint the whole red arch over the top, or I may experiment with ending my paint line under plastics or somewhere where it cant be seen. Its a bummer to repaint such a large area just for the 2 small spots at the end of each end, but as long as th eowner wants it and will pay, I will make it Perfect. This pf is in super condition, but most inserts have a hairline crack usually just ion the corners. I have found if I paint one, I should paint all of them in that lane or area. so I just wanted to document an almost before pic. Plenty of careful sanding!!!!!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'd love to own this! Although I can't imagine Indy 500 being any faster than what it already is.

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